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Found 4 results

  1. Update Issued at 2021-04-25 @ 16:00 GMT (UTC) Greeting fellow Wurmians, After two and half years as Keeper of the Indy Community Map, Archead had been promoted to Wurm's Public Relations Department and he has stepped down as Keeper of the Map. Our congrats on the promotion and best wishes to him in his new position. So once again the torch has been passed. As of July 5th, 2016 the Albia Roads Map of Indy has taken over from the retiring Indy Community Map. To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Roads Map of Indy please go to... We are hosting it on Google Drives, which lets you "zoom in" right there on line, as well as downloading it if you wish to use a picture viewer to enjoy it in Hi-Rez. Adding Villages or Submitting Road Changes... If you want anything to be added, post your request in here, with the X-Y map coordinates, and if possible a little image to show exactly where you want it to be placed. (You can use an image host such as imgur.) Only a Mayor can make a request to have their deed put on the map and it has to made here in this forum. So all you hermits out there, your secret location is safe! BTW, we do NOT reveal any "off Map" places we come across during our road and geography surveys or add them to the map. BTW ... If a Mayor wants their deed removed, send me (Skyefox) a private forum message and I will remove it. Although we make every effort add what is submitted.. how much information we can display in a given area is sometimes is restricted due to font size limitations, amount of local roads a name would obstruct or we may be aware of lots of new deeds in an area and adding a road or feature name may not be possible as it would prevent adding those new deeds when they apply to be on the map. So there are times when we will say No to a submission and if we say No, it is Final and we will not enter into debate on our decision. Finally, a big thank you to those who have helped with the old Indy Map in the past, including Darkmalice, Mystecore, Mammadarkness, Maximusi, Huserx, Wraithglow and of course Archaed. A special thanks to Maximusi for hosting the old Map download site for the past few years. Indy is a lovely world with a great road system awaiting tourists. We hope this makes your travels and adventures safer and more enjoyable. Best wishes! Skyefox and Hughmongus Co-leaders of the Albia Consortium Co-Administrators of The Albia Roads Map of Indy New Features and further information about how the Albia Roads Map of Indy was created. Back in October of 2012 we started work on the Albia Roads Map of Indy. Initially we did it as a private resource, when we found it was easy to get disoriented or lost using the old Indy map, when we were out exploring. The map was created from a compilation of the original Community map by DarkMalice, Project FRAM data from the early years of Wurm, Rolf's map dumps and actual travelling of the roads by Hughmongus and myself. It took Hugh a year in his spare time to intergrate all the geography data. Then we started tile counting the roads and highways in October of 2013 with the North East Praires and north coast. Any road that can be travelled on by foot or horse and cart is on the map. When we encounter roads that were behind locked gates/gatehouses we indicate what roads we can see. Where we were permitted access to map a settlement's roads, Gates and Gatehouses are indicated by a pixel gap in the road or side road. Where time allows, we are constanting updating the terrain and adjusting the coastlines, though in Wurm the landscape can change very quickly, so don't be surprised if some of it isn't exactly right. Thus, We do not guarantee accuracy due to the ever changing nature of a sandbox world. You will notice a few extra items on our map as well as some changes to icons, such as the new Tar icon, a smaller version of the Guard Tower and Mailbox icon's. The new Markers for Shrines, Temples, Obelisks and Pillars that were added in May of 2016 with more to come. The hollow Orange outline boxes surrounding the Guard Tower icons indicate the calling range for the guards - get the mob inside the boxed area and guards will respond to your call of "help" in Local Chat. Towers without the orange box we do not have an accurate position for yet, so only the GT icon is placed in an approximate location. The legend on the top left has all the information. Enjoy! Skyefox Co-Administrator of The Albia Roads Map of Indy Co-Leader of the Albia Consortium Mayor Albia Estates, Indy
  2. Update Issued at 2021-04-25 16:00 GMT (UTC) To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy please go to... Greetings fellow Wurmians, Why a separate map for Cats Eyes Highways? Since mid year of 2017, the Wurmians of Indy have been asking us, "How about adding the new Cats Eyes Highways to the Albia Roads Map of Indy?". After some careful thought and consideration, we concluded that it would "over clutter" the current map. So after some experimenting, we determined the best way to show the Cats Eye Highways would on a map of its own. To keep it simple, we removed Mission Markers, Guard Towers, Mail Boxes, Deed Markers, Tar Markers, Trader Markers and faded the current roads network down to 40% of normal, making it a back ground shadow. Then we conducted driving surveys of all the CEH's (Cats Eye Highways) that were made know to us. Similar to the Albia Roads Map, the privacy of Hermits and those who wish to have their villages remain anonymous is being protected. This Map is a direct Descendant of The Albia Roads Map Indy which means..... .... IF we do not have room for something on The Albia Roads Map of Indy.... .... It will NOT appear on the CE Highway as we have no intentions of maintaining two map databases. The convention for having your deed added to the Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy. All Albia Maps are Opt-In. Only a Mayor can make a request to have their Deed or Wagoneer put on an Alba map. IF you put your deed on the Albia Roads Map of Indy AND, you have "Allow Routing" enabled, space permitting, you will be added to the Cats Eyes Hwy map. Even though a Mayor may have elected to "Allow Routing", IF their village is not on the Albia Roads Map of Indy, then they will Not be visible on the Cats Eye Highway Map. So all those Mayors and Hermits out there who allowed a highway to pass through their village, but who wish to remain private, your privacy has been respected, and we thank for you community mindedness in allowing a Cats Eye Highway pass through your deed. Initial Release Issued at 2017-12-25 @ 06:00am GMT (UTC) This is a New Map. It will always be a work in progress as the worlds of Wurm are always changing, and we welcome input from the Indy Community. Thus we release this, on the morning of Christmas Day 2017, The Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy, our Christmas present to the Wurmian community on Independence. To view or download the Latest Version of Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy please go to... Just like the Albia Roads Map, we are hosting it on Google Drives, which lets you "zoom in" right there on line, as well as downloading it if you wish to use a picture viewer to enjoy it in Hi-Rez. Colour Code Update: The Colour Code for Cats Eyes Highways through Tunnels changed to a shade of Purple. This has been done as there are cases now of CE Highways on the surface passing over CE Highways in tunnels directly below. We ask for your patience as we add to and improve this new map and tweak it to make it better. We hope this makes your travels and adventures safer and more enjoyable. Best wishes! Hughmongus and Skyefox Co-leaders of the Albia Consortium Co-Administrators of the Albia Roads Map of Indy Co-Creators and Co-Administrators of the Albia Cats Eyes Highway Map of Indy
  3. Gud'day folks, April 11th, 2014 @ 23:58 UTC For the record, this is an Unofficial Preview. Myself and Skyefox are NOT on the payroll of Club Code AB. Like our geography updates to the Indy map, this is a volunteer effort. 1st and foremost.......a big THANK YOU to Rolf, for the aerial tour he did while many of us were waiting for test server version of Xanadu to download. What we saw was a world of unspoilt beauty, just waiting for our shovels and axes!! After recovering from the visual shock and awe of this new world, in the time left before the test ended, Skyefox and myself did some exploring. It is unfortunate the sun had set by the time we got online and started our adventure, but we captured panoramic screenies from what Respawns we could visit before time ran out. Today I edited them in to seamless panoramas that we would like to share with our fellow Wurmian's... ....both those who were able to join us during the test.... .... and those who could not make it on because in RL time, it was the middle of the work and school day in North America. I am posting these as links to their Lightshot location, as including them in here would create a Hughmongus message.... ... so these are max width of 1900 pixels, made from from 6000 to 8000 pixel wide originals.... Hope you Enjoy them!! Kindest regards! Hughmongus and Skyefox (cartographer contributors to the Indy Map). 2014-04-11 @ 23:38 UTC Mega Spawn 01 Left Side 160 degree Panoramic View 2014-04-11 @ 23:42 UTC Mega Spawn 03 - 180 degree Panoramic View (Advisory Note: ... for these shots below, the Night Time Previews, Please Save to Disc then View Off Line, where you can Zoom In and enjoy the detail that shows when magnified). 2014-04-11 @ 23:48 UTC Mega Spawn 06 - 360 degree Panoramic View 2014-04-11 @ 23:50 UTC Mega Spawn 06 - 140 degree Panoramic Close Up of Angel Avatar 2014-04-11 @ 23:52 UTC Mega Spawn 10 - 360 degree Panoramic View - end of Xanadu Test 01 previews - Enjoy!!!
  4. It seems there is an issue with the kill zone around the oak trees. In this picture, the Old olive tree is sitting on the next tile (Diagonally) to the Overaged oak. According to the wurmpedia, it should have been killed when it tried to grow into the old state.