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Found 2 results

  1. Nameable Roads

    I feel like it would be a lot easier to find one's way around, and not get lost, if we had the option to name roads. No one really wants to put up multiple signs at every crossroads and the ability to simply name a road would be so helpful. "Oh your in the Howl and need to get to Freedom market? Just head north." Sure something like that works but a newbie, myself included, can get lost if they have to go somewhere like the Grand Steppe for the first time or need to find a specific deed somewhere without major landmarks nearby. And it's not like I'm advocating for naming every road tile, just the first/last tile that connects to a crossroad, that way players aren't left wandering around for hours, always close to their destination, but unable to actually figure out which of the 20+ dead end roads to take... Am I the only one that is always getting lost unless I already know every twist and turn to take? Some people might say it's part of the fun of exploring, but getting lost and exploring are two different things. I've died multiple times because I've gotten turned around or confused about which road to take to get home. Just a thought I felt like sharing is all, feel free to agree or disagree though.
  2. Useful Flora

    One of my favourite things to do in wurm is hunt flowers and mushrooms, white dotted flowers and QL90 black mushrooms are especially prized. But what if there was more out there? The idea here are for some new items that use existing spawn mechanics (the flower and placed shroom mechs) to reward explorers with something useful. Give them a high rarity on spawns (same as white dotted flowers or even a little less?) If one attempts to take these items to a PvP server some items (marked in bold italics) will convert to an inert form (instantly) that cannot be used on the PvP server (for balance reasons). All items can be crafted on PvP servers but those with an inert form are created inert. These items will restore to normal function once taken off a PvP server (takes 1 hour to prevent abuse). Just to restate these items cannot be found by forage/botanize, they can only be found spawned naturally on tiles (flowers) or placed on tiles (mushrooms), so they are not farmable in any way or form. Fo's Balm - Flower, weight 0.05 Healing cover Ingredient Str 5. When mixed with high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 60, QL50 wine minimum) provides a potion of "cure light wounds". When mixed with a healing cover gives an "infection drawing poultice" (natural substances difficulty 40, speeds up disease recovery when applied to body). Standing on a patch of these flowers gives a minor (same as a str1 healing cover) recovery bonus. Magranon's Treasure - Mushroom, weight 1 QL goes up over time left unpicked, once picked QL will not go up but this shroom does not decay in an inventory or container High nutrition food (= meal of same QL). When mixed with high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 70, QL50 minimum) gives a potion of "mole sense". When used on flint (natural substances difficulty 30) gives a lightstone. Emits a small amount of blue light when underground. Vynora's Breath - Flower , weight 0.01 When used on a gem (natural substances difficulty 80, QL50 minimum) gives a "stone of winds" (apply to a boat to give stone QL mins of gale wind travel in any direction, enchant dispels instantly if one enters a PvP server). When mixed with high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 50, QL50 wine minimum) gives a potion of "Vynora's Wisdom". Flower always animates as if a gale were present. Grants a small (non-stackable) movement speed while carried Libila's Shroud - Mushroom, weight 0.1 QL goes up over time left unpicked, once picked QL will not go up but this shroom does not decay in an inventory or container If eaten inflicts a poison wound on the consumer's torso (severity based on QL, higher QL = higher damage) and grants a reasonable amount of sleep bonus based on the size of the wound. When mixed with any high QL wine (natural substances difficulty 70, QL50 wine minimum) produces a "potion of hell strength". When mixed with high QL lye (natural substances difficulty 90, QL70 lye minimum) gives an "elixir of rebirth" (acts like the rebirth spell when used on a corpse). Emits a small amount of purple light when on mycellium. Optional Extra : Being a follower of the god the plant is named for gives a slight bonus (-5 difficulty) to crafting, that bonus is increased (-10 difficulty) for priests.