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  1. Regarding the boat loading, this was addressed. Is there still a problem with it? See here for more info and if there are still issues, please comment there: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/126123-make-load-cargo-area-bigger-for-ships-at-least/page-2
  2. Thanks for sharing! Did you try foraging for iron to make nails?
  3. i think there are two ways of doing it, either providing a "crack" in the tile system covered by the wall, or using one tile for the actuall vertical wall, like it is today with max steep dirt walls only allow variations (and vertical) walls of different types instead of dirt. Either way, its not trivial...
  4. Newbie Rope?

    Hmm so what you say is only the newbie sword should be droppable in pvp death, not the rest?
  5. Sounds like two bugs here - The plan shouldn't inherit the damage when the floor/opening is destroyed. - The fence should not prevent the replacement/removal of the plan. How did you destroy the floor? What was the messages you got in the event tab when you tried to replace the plan? Which side of the tile was the fence located (e,w,n or south)?
  6. Do you get any messages at the same time, in the console or the event tab?
  7. Dirt walls was certainly not something that was designed from the start as a pvp fortification, it sort-of just happened and became the defacto standard as people evolved the way they fortify their deeds. It's also the point with a sandbox, to use the features to your advantage (within rules and regulatory requirements of course).
  8. Hi, I've been to a few raids but not recently. I remember how tedious and complex loading and firing catapults was but at the same time I have also been on the other end. There is some balance in that complexity I guess. So if we make it easier to shoot / aim we have to make it so each shot is weaker I guess. It would be really helpful with a list of improvements that would improve gameplay and fun-factor while not tipping the balancing scale signficantly. /Andreas
  9. Which boat type and what seats are trouble for loading crates?
  10. Not sure how it would work practically with the current grid based terrain. Care to elaborate abit on how this would work more in detail? /Andreas
  11. Haven't tested that but I will do. There is different ranges depending on type of ship to suit the model size though so row smaller boat has shorter unload distance than large boats.
  12. No worries! Oooh there was a patch note that wasn't written about how larger boats should now be easier to load from a few tiles away, and a bug was fixed also which range check when unloading crates.... :-)