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Found 5 results

  1. Supreme pickaxe, iron!

    Looking to sell this supreme pickaxe, hot off the press! [17:51:14] A tool for mining. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The pickaxe needs to be sharpened with a whetstone. [17:51:14] A single bronze rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will gather resources at a higher quality level (10%) [17:51:14] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [94] Looking for 50s obo! Open to decent trades or euro via paypal.
  2. PC Beautiful Token

    Found on the shores of our deed. Please post here, or PM me.
  3. Closed

    Ever been out in the woods, skilling your woodcutting and sawing like mad, then getting so tired you just needed to do some meditation to recover? Well, here is the package for you. Skiller steel hatchet with awesome CoC, nice little saw with 89 Woa, plus beautiful, fluffy meditation rug for relaxation after downing those trees. Items for sale: Post or Pm on forums or Pm in game, to Fairyshine 1. Beautiful Meditation Rug, Coc 90, Ql 40.55, Price 4 silver 2. Beautiful Meditation Rug, Coc 88, Ql 58.77, Price 3.5 silver 3. Steel Hatchet, Coc 97, Ql 1, Price 5 silver 4 silver 4. Iron Saw, Woa 89, Ql 80.69, Price 3 silver 2 silver Come on, you know you want them! Buyer pays CoD.
  4. Isnt Deliverance Beautiful ?

    So, recently I decided to travel a bit. I have been in Deliverance for almost an year, and I have only done some trips to Chaos, back in the days when it was just 20 players online on Chaos. So I grabbed a backpack with some very basic tools, my Fo stattuete, some rope, the always indispensable carving knife, and some other assorted crap I had laying around and set off to the big island, Independence. As I reached independence from the south shore, I was impressed with the geography, even the first sights looked promising. As I reached the shore, there was a customs office!! I couldnt belive it, I thought to myself "People here are really well organiced." And then I started travelling inland, on foot. Oh, my friends, I started to miss Deliverance inmediately, I found the place littered with tiny serpenting roads that would just die halfway up a mountain, great extensions of poop coloured tundra, and eventually a central market that makes Puzzle Plaza look like a golden palace!!!! I didnt bother going all the way to the north coast, there were no icnredible constructions, just huge dirt terraces, dirt terraces everywhere. I rushed back to deliverance on the second day, even going back to the south coast was a hassle, the only way to find the right path was ignoring all roads and going cross country. I return to Deliverance with a new love for my homeland! The infrastucture, the well placed tunnels, well signaled roads, how all the important places are linked in a cohesive way... and the soft hills of the south-west, the beautiful soft hills of the south west!! TL:DR: Deliverance is beautiful!.
  5. Basic information. The deed is located at 36y 15x, or Silverton on the map. The deed is called Smokey hollow and the upkeep will last for another 43 days from 8/20/13. (The settlement has 3 silver, 35 copper and 12 iron in its coffers.) (The monthly cost is 2 silver, 17 copper and 80 iron.) This is located on the Deliverance server The deed comes with a trader placed inside of the keep building. The location of this deed is good, it is in a central area of Deliverance with nice social neighbors and has a highway running through it (can't KOS people in this deed.) There are a couple of very strong, social, and pleasant alliances in the area, with three very very gorgeous deeds just south along the highway. This deed is relatively close to Puzzle Plaza market and Greendog and has a good range of quick access to central Deliverance. Some functionality of the deed includes lots of Lavender plants for harvesting and is completely flat, farm ready, or anything else you would like to build here. Mailbox: [12:38:34] Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [71] - Also has a 50ql Gaurd tower on deed - Has a VERY large mine with lots of iron veins Daytime pictures: (Better than the album below),IXUHTsU,TnJKgwK,GaFJCsv Pictures: (album - I apologize for not editing out my toolbar and such.),UAs4p7c,96G6l7a,BVnqGdY,a0O7mA8,XVlWlqG,q8ZNoYg,fB6zhLy,oBSJ5i6#0 Village info: Auction: Starting bid: 50s (Hidden reserve) Minimum increments of 1s (whole number bids only please) Buy out: 63s Sniper protection: 3 hours // Cost of trader = 40s, Cost of planting deed = 23s, That's my buy out. This isn't including the functional 3s+ upkeep or the keep which took 2.8k Bricks/mortar. (and the other building, or the lavender plantations, etc. All the beautification materials/deed work)