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Found 18 results

  1. Never really saw the point of the restriction. Even if it means disabling NPC like the wagoner, can we have the use of waystones and catseyes on chaos. Given the nature of most deeds on chaos, we know where each of the other kingdoms deeds are already and they know where ours are. Not really any point in disabling this feature entirely.
  2. On this photo can see red photo i wanna to add there new part of highway in mounatins i start rebuild week ago and road is so close to bunker hill
  3. Hey there! I'm Aerthok of Tavernia over at [875,2118] and we'd like to talk highways! We've been laying down the highway backbone around us in collaboration with our neighbours, as I'm sure a lot of you are doing, and we're now looking to pave the way to Sonata and the settlements along the way. To ensure we're all connected, and don't end up with a load of highways all running the same way but never actually connecting, we'd like to get everyone sharing their local highway plans so we can all coordinate joining routes. Here's our local highway work, including work by @NekojinEastwards from Azure Dreams. You can see we're situated in a natural crossroads of sorts, so we've run with that to create an East <-> West and North <-> South main highway. If you live along that route, we'd like to see your highway plans so we can coordinate the connections as we make our way towards Sonata! Let's use this thread to share plans and coordinate connections to other Settlements and Sonata/Encore! Once your highway is up and running, I encourage you to post the coordinates in the map thread below to be added to the community map. Community Map: Map Thread:
  4. Salve Fellow Cadenceiens, Perdurabia is looking to recruit. Part of and founder of the Small Steppes alliance. We require the following roles Leather worker Forager Forestier Hunters Ship builder Rope worker Newcomers are welcome, the above roles are not acceptance defining, If you want to come and help out at an established settlement we can offer things to do. Regular hunting roams are available. We are surrounded by at least 5 spawn locations. Good quality and rare metals in the surrounding area Plenty of resources. Come, join a focused settlement looking to expand, We have Canal access and Highway access, access to mailboxes. We also supply weapons tools and armour to those who need it, according to profession. Planning on building 4 colossi and a grand auction house to take over the Auction system with a discord already setup to handle 50+ daily auctions.
  5. Four years ago, when the old highway rules were removed and the new Cats Eyes Highway rule came in... .... the owner of Soylent Green refused to allow Cats Eyes through his deed and promptly ripped up Great South Mountain Road where it passed through his deed of Soylent Green. ... and out to about 50 tiles to either side north south. So some community minded folks came up and surface mined in a by pass on the west side so that a Cat Eyes link to the southern part of Great South Mountain Road could be put in. Recently Soylent Green went down due to expired Upkeep and some folks approached me and others about restoring Great South Mountain Road. That work is now completed and to make the road safer it also has three Guard Towers now providing protection from the junction with the West Coast Hwy thru to the colossus at the Nightmare at the top of the hill south of Soylent Green. Here are some screenies of the work. New Guard Twr at the junction of GSMR and West Coast Hwy Great South Mtn Road direct Cats Eyes run installed The 2nd Guard Tower going in north of the old Soylent Green site Leveling up some 285 dirts the stand for the 3rd GT the 3rd Guard Twr going in south of the old Soylent Green site 3rd Guard Tower Completed Enjoy! Cheers, Hughmongus Cartographer of Indy
  6. Today I noticed that we have (at least) one major gap in central Deli's highway network - a short connection is missing between Puzzle Plaza and the east/southeast network: The missing part ist shown in purple. I noticed this gap today when I sent out for GD's public wagoner to collect some crates on the SE peninsula, and saw her drive all the way down (almost) to the south coast and back north again, before being able to turn east. Apart from that, we have a very nasty "zig-zag line" of catseyes in the area marked in red - being a real problem for the wagoner, as described in this thread: I would like to tackle both problems. Wouldn't that be a great community project for the wonderful people of Deliverance? What do you think? Any ideas or suggestions? As to the missing highway link: there are three deeds on the way: Happy Dreamers Highway Protection East Pilgrim's Gate So we would have to contact their mayors first. Who has more information about the owners? (I know Happy Dreamers is MrCoolMan's deed.)
  7. Massively overdue update If anyone has anything to add to the list, let me know. If theres interest I'll also look at putting sermon group info on here. Map Link: Forum: Markets Market, Region, Map Locale(Grid) Contacts, Forum thread Glasshollow Public Market & Harbour, Glasshollow, North West (C11) Paulofdune, Hollow Springs Market, Linton, Central West (J11/12) Ascorbic, Amish Sanctuary Market, Summerholt, North East (G24) Aniceset, Esteron Market, Esteron, South East (Q25/R25) Jotun or Araninco Black Forest Bazaar, Lormere, South West (Q13) Fraeya, Rag and Bone Market, Esteron, South East (P22) Stargrace, Yetian or Vannin, Canals Canal, Location, Construction Phase Contact, Forum thread FogShore Canal, J12/J13, Complete Gurkin, Ageless Canal, E20/E21, Complete Dredbanger Ankh Canal/MK Canal(?), i19/J19, Complete Toth Darq Canal, J16/J18, Knarr passable Barricade Kings Landing Canal, P23, Complete MagicMike Maes Knoll Twin Canals(?), G17/G18, Complete Qdlaty Remember, post or pm me(ingame: Trooperau) so I can build this list up.
  8. Initially reported via Support as Ticket #55463, so a GM could come and Inspect the decay damaged waystones before I repaired them, was instructed by a CM that the GM's said, make a forum report. What is Supposed To Happen:.... Way Stones - Cats Eyes for 'activated' highway' are supposed to be Decay Free... What is Really Happening... Discovered 3 waystones on a completed (village to village) and activated highway just North West of FM with up to 19% damage each. [22:55:00] A marker to designate a junction in a highway. The waystone has been firmly secured to the ground by Zorako. Ql: 44.1895, Dam: 19.759846. Between Freedom Market and Albia Heights just North west of FM, I found two waystones showing 19% damage, where there is a 5 tile side branch like to village waystone at Tribute. On the far side of Albia Heights about 7 tiles to the North West the end of road waystone is also showing 19% damage. I have repaired the two waystones outside of Tribute village so that the highway does not "go down". I have left the one on the NW side of Albia Heights as decayed, so a Dev can come down and inspect it. All waystones and cats eyes show Green. Respectfully submitted, Hughmongus Co-Adminstrator, The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  9. as title says catseyes needed at glasshollow market 1k, deliver to glasshollow market harbor. pm me with offers i hope you got stock already
  10. San Fazenda, Deliverance - Kriet A short news this week as we prepare for the next update, expected to land this Thursday, 17th of August. Which will see the release of the new highway system to the live servers! Unfortunately the animal crates won't be in this update, as we're still working out all the issues with crossing borders, but crate racks will be in so get ready to store! Highway testing and learning If you'd like to get a better understanding of the highway system the test server is open to all players, and a GM or dev will happily help with resources or tools if you require, just jump in IRC and ask! During this week we'll also be handing out deed settlement forms for building and connecting highways, so if you want to understand the system, now's the time! Map dumps This introduction will have a huge impact on travelling in Wurm, and we also said to time with this update we'll also be releasing map dumps, which will be coming out on the same day or by the weekend. During testing we used a special map dump to map out highways on the test server, and we'll be looking at the possibility of including a dump like this in our regular map dumps, showing an overlay of highways and how they map across the server! (the deeds would not be shown) Blossom rebuild We've had a whopping four entrants to the blossom rebuild proposals, making it one of the most popular ones (if not THE most popular). We'll be organising it for a vote some time next week. Whitefay didn't get any proposals, but that's okay! We'll revisit the contest down the line and see if there's any takers then. Community Content This weeks community content is the latest Factional fight video, where they discuss their thoughts and ideas about what we have coming to Wurm, what do you think about their ideas? How would you like to see the proposed works come into the game? That's it from us this week! Of course, with the highway system out we begin to look at the other projects we have underway and will be looking at sharing more with you on this in the near future, until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & The Wurm team.
  11. So just caught this thread: We've mentioned buoys before, but I suppose I can see where coding a non-rideable boat to anchor in the water may turn out strange.... would still rock if it's in the plan that said. But for the meantime, how 'bout lamps that work up to 30 deep water and DON'T work on land, cost more materials..... a separate graphic would rock but I'm sure we'd all also be more than happy with the regular iron lantern graphic. Heck, let's make them physics-friendly... ish.... with... magic.... they need courier cast on them, colors depend on where you enchanted, same as turrets. Blue, green, and red for fancier canal entrance and actual canal decorating, marking paths through shallows without raising silly islands...... Pleeeeease?
  12. From this week's Valrei International: So there are quite a few long standing highways which do not meet this definition, and will need to be rebuilt/fixed. If it's helpful, I think we should list them here. I'll start: East Crystal Highway - from the Grand Steppe to Oak Harbor - single tile path with sand on each border. Crystal Mtn Highway - south of Lakes End all the way up the hill to the tunnel
  13. I would like to suggest that blessed lamps on highways and in tunnels be made extinguishable by the planter only to prevent them being put out by passers-by. This may not be a big issue, but maybe we can make sure it doesn't become one.
  14. So in a recent thread I made about having a mega project several community members chimed in with interest for a bridge connecting Newspring to the mainland. A few others chimed in for improved highway connections between the starter towns on Xanadu. Those two ideas pretty much took over that thread. lol In fairness of that I figured a new project proposal was in order. So which would you prefer if you had to choose: a bridge connecting Newspring to the mainland, or improved highways on the mainland connecting starter towns? Let me know what you think. If you're excited to help with either project ASSUMING we can get it off the ground without ruffling too many feathers then please chime in! Either of these projects will require great digging skills. The bridge will require more dirt than probably exists (who knows?), as well as 29803 tons of bricks. Sounds fun right!? lol Anyhow, leave a comment below.
  15. Ok, lets say you code in so that a player can purchase tiles for 1c each as a highway tile. Right click ground, purchase highway, charges 1c from their bank. That player then owns the tile for highway purposes. Nobody can modify the tile without that owners permission (no digging, no unpaving, no building etc). However this tile CAN be deeded over, but the deed owner can also not modify the tile. The deed over purpose is to allow for people to build their deeds around a highway system. Most people will not spend 1c per tile to use as a griefing tool, however if it is being used as a griefing tool a GM could rule on it, and the player lose that tile with no refund. This mostly hardcodes highways without GM intervention. Only intervention would come with griefing/herassment policies. Some additional coding that may be needed to ensure its used for the intended purpose. Not even the owner of the highway tile can build a structure on it. The tile must connect to at least 3 other highway tiles touching the edges unless it is on a deed.(This way you can terminate it and do not keep going forever). It must connect this way within 24 hours or be reverted to a normal tile with no refund. The purpose of this one is to help ensure people do not dot the land with tiles, and continue to work on their highway until it terminates on both ends at deeds. Highway tiles can not be purchased on a deed or permiter that you do not own. (This one helps keep highways a collaborative effort and people having them that want them. Since it has to terminate within a time frame both deed owners on the terminating ends or connected between must be in agreement for the highway to continue). This idea may need some tweaking and I look for feedback. I will edit the post as the community adds some good suggestions to go along with this.
  16. Not too long ago I mapped a few-square-kilometers area of land that my Alliance inhabits, and in the process I stumbled upon unfinished highways that were consistent with the community map. Since then I've been periodically editing portions of the Community Map that are outdated; including highways, deeds, mailboxes and guard tower icons, and continually submit the changes to be included in the Independence Map. What I propose is more involvement from the community itself. I know many people do not vouch for the community map, and use the dump instead, however it would still be nice to have a more accurate travel system, especially for new players. Not only is this about proper mapping, but this is also about proper highway creations and road systems. In my mapping and editing I've seen many areas where highways twist around through the woods and take travelers a good half kilometer to a kilometer out of their way just to connect them to another highway stretch that is random or unfinished/decayed. With GM approval of course, we could start fixing up these unnecessary highway segments and finishing existing ones or even creating new ones that could replace the old ones. This is a simple, yet useful community project for anyone who is interested in helping out. Mapping and highway restructuring projects are both listed here, however highway reconstruction appears to be more prominent and useful at the moment. Help Wraithglow by documenting your regions as accurately as possible; making note of which highways, mailboxes, guard towers, and merchants are no longer in existence or have been added as new additions. Copying the community map and making the necessary adjustments in color and uploading the finished image seems to work much better than a text explanation of where things are or are-not anymore. Also keep in mind that only your own deed will be added to the map if requested, and not the deeds of others. Along your travels, take note of any highways that are unfinished or unnecessarily routed in odd ways, and proceed to finish them or correct them, or ask people in the area if they'd like to help out. If you find an extensive, important, or complicated highway that you'd like to work on, please message a GM first for approval. Please DO NOT start working on a highway and leave the project unfinished. Make sure you speak to your neighbors in the area before you start a building project that could interfere with their plot of land or deed. I find that most neighbors are alright with some new tidy roads if you just ask nicely! Thank you for your interest in this project; happy paving!
  17. While reviewing code for Paving i came across the fact it takes just 1 brick to pave an entire tile directly on dirt. I think it is too easy to make this high end road that give max travel bonus. A recipe adjustment could look like this: Speed +: Gravel Made from crushed (?) stone shard + packed dirt Speed ++ Sanded Gravel Made from some sand on Gravel Speed +++ (Any of the following) 1 stone slab + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Slab stone road 1 slate slab + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Slate stone road (new!) 1 marble slab + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Marble road (new!) 4 cobblestone + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Cobble stone road (new item "cobblestone") 4 pottery cobblestone + 4 sand on Gravel tile -> Pottery brick road (new roadtype, new item "pottery cobblestone") Removed: 1 stone brick on packed dirt Important: Don't forget difficulty considerations when destroying pavements. Increase difficulty with pavement complexity. Important: Building is not about big recipies its about progressively improving the road as described in the post here by yarnevk. Important: Make sure the design choice is separated from the speed maximum for total flexibility. Question: What to do with all existing cobblestone roads made from 1 stone brick + packed dirt? Idea: Make some way of material reuse (potential problem with griefing/stealing then. require high paving skill?) Idea: Make slope restrictions abit less harsh. Idea: Remove water restriction for water passage ways (not sure about this one, bridges will solve this later on) Idea: Make carts and horses affected by pavement (less stamina drain?) Edit: Restructured with thoughts of speed and removed mortar as a requirement (everyone hates mortar) and use sand instead. Also added concept of separating design from speed. /Andreas @zcul
  18. Ok i make that topic to inform all mayors of deeds near new planed highways. We make them for long time now... so here i will inform everyone about projects we make and new highways done.. Goblin HIGHWAY FINISHED from x24 y46 to x14 y42 in week 3 of the starfall of the Saw in the year of 1028. Cedar Highway FINISHED from x27 y44 to x31 y44 in week 4 of the starfall of Dancers in the year of 1027. SOUTH Highway FINISHED from x21 y25 to x25 y49 in the year of 1027. Gold Highway Work in progress, road need inprove... Example how is looks when is done Sure like always u can feel free to comment, if u have some problems with that plans and roads just PM here or ingame... we found way to fix everything