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  1. Mind if I snag that rare frying pan too? CoD to Undine plz.
  2. 2kg of 90ql black dye, Cod to Undine plz.
  3. Any chance I can get the Rare Small Anvil and the Rare Mallet CoD to Undine as well?
  4. Any chance you could COD these items to me? In game name is Undine. Picture #8: Rare Trowel Rare Saw Rare Pickaxe
  5. It takes the spear type from the type of staff used to make it. I'll take it, CoD to Undine plz and thank you.
  6. Is the 61ql steel spear steel tipped, or made with a steel staff? If it's made with a steel staff, CoD to Undine.
  7. Nvm. It seems my card is once again not compatible with Xsolla for the time being.
  8. I'll take the seryll halberd. I need a decent weapon for my alt. CoD to Undine.
  9. I'll take all 4 hanging lamps and both of your small barrels. CoD to Undine.
  10. If only I had the money right now, and blue is even my favorite color.
  11. 90ql toolbelt and one of the rare rope tools. CoD to Undine.
  12. Rares

    CoD rare chisel and rare trowel to Undine plz.
  13. QL 95 Rare Needle w96 c72 (7.4s) Rare Spatula Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) Rare Clay Shaper Oakenwood - Blank (2.5s) QL 95 Gold pickaxe w87 c75 (4.3s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold Shovel (2.8s) [semi unique] QL 95 Gold hatchet w73 (3.1s) [semi unique] QL 80 Willow Fine fishing rod c71 (57c) I'll also take 4 military tents if you have them. CoD everything to Undine. Thx
  14. 12s for the rug. CoD to Undine. Is the drake set no longer for sale or are you planning to auction it? I'm defiantly interested.