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Found 10 results

  1. The 1st Annual Cadence Derby and Sparring Attention wurmians Castael n I are hosting a sparring and a horse race event here on Cadence,715 on 3/18-3/28. there will be markets, food/drinks, sermon groups n other fun stuff to do. We will be doing the Lib RoS aswell We are looking for 5 food/drink vendors, there will be market stalls set up please contact me (Mrwickster) ingame or Castael/Bastael ingame or Elarael on forums with questions. time 12pm CST
  2. There is a much bemoaned problem concerning merchants, particularly isolated single ones - many potential customers don't have easy access to coin while out travelling. Please let NPC merchants offer banking facilities like a token - at least let players withdraw coins at these NPC locations, so that customers can then make a purchase. Currently 10% of the money received by the NPC merchant goes into the 'King's coffers' as a cash sink. Please let NPC merchants accept treasure hunt deed upkeep credits in exchange for up to 10% of the total purchase price - the money goes to the King's pot anyway. This should encourage a healthy marketplace economy.
  3. Status: Open This is just our Landing Page, For a full TDM experience please visit our Homepage. Located just one minute from Tap Dance on Celebration, and easily accessible through the Kami Canal, the Northmere Canal or the main waterway from northern Celebration. Click on the map for link to a map of celebration! Tap Dance Market is proud to announce it is currently accepting new merchants. Please Contact Blacklotus if you have questions or Nomadikhan for setting up a building or space beyond placing a merchant in a stall. We have stalls available and some building spaces upon request. A mailbox is available as well as a Trader and Token access for your shopping ease! This is just our Landing Page, For a full TDM experience please visit our Homepage. We value all of our customers and hope to see you soon! How this page is laid out: All of our merchant information is now located at our Homepage. Special Events Thanks to all who attended our Spring Market Days. More events will be announced here as they become a thing. Happy Wurming! Merchant Directory We're transitioning everything to our Virtual Market Experience. Please Visit our website : Here A few notes: A big thanks goes out to Nomadikhan for allowing me to setup this thread and for hosting Tap Dance Market, as well as a thank you to all of our merchants and finally to you, our customers.
  4. Just a heads up for anyone running a market. I had the 'Drop' items checkbox ticked for non citizens. Someone innocently thought they should build their own market stall, rather than ask for a vacant one, and so they dropped an unfinished stall. Because they themselves dropped it, they were able to finish it with a single plank. Unfortunately it was not in a suitable place, so the merchant has to be moved, and I am having to bash the stall - which takes a good long while. Just wanted to bring it up, in case any market owner has this 'Drop' Items permission checked at their market, and prefers to choose the market stalls layout themselves. As for the suggestion, it would be great to have a special checkbox for market stalls, so that it is not possible to complete them on someone else's deed without express permission, as they do require a LOT of bashing when they are in an inconvenient place.
  5. Massively overdue update If anyone has anything to add to the list, let me know. If theres interest I'll also look at putting sermon group info on here. Map Link: Forum: Markets Market, Region, Map Locale(Grid) Contacts, Forum thread Glasshollow Public Market & Harbour, Glasshollow, North West (C11) Paulofdune, Hollow Springs Market, Linton, Central West (J11/12) Ascorbic, Amish Sanctuary Market, Summerholt, North East (G24) Aniceset, Esteron Market, Esteron, South East (Q25/R25) Jotun or Araninco Black Forest Bazaar, Lormere, South West (Q13) Fraeya, Rag and Bone Market, Esteron, South East (P22) Stargrace, Yetian or Vannin, Canals Canal, Location, Construction Phase Contact, Forum thread FogShore Canal, J12/J13, Complete Gurkin, Ageless Canal, E20/E21, Complete Dredbanger Ankh Canal/MK Canal(?), i19/J19, Complete Toth Darq Canal, J16/J18, Knarr passable Barricade Kings Landing Canal, P23, Complete MagicMike Maes Knoll Twin Canals(?), G17/G18, Complete Qdlaty Remember, post or pm me(ingame: Trooperau) so I can build this list up.
  6. Esteron Market is Rebuilt and Once Again Open! Come place your merchant today at the newly re-opened Esteron Market! Esteron Market is once again open to the public. Still a bit of a work-in-progress, so please don't mind the mess. But we have rebuilt and are opening the doors to new merchants who wish to set up shop in our corner of Xanadu. The Market is located directly East of the Esteron starter town in SE Xanadu. As a hub of activity in the area, there are always things going on, folks about and coin to be spent! Feel free to come and place a merchant in one of our open spots. Let us know if you are interested in selling horses or other animals. As well as if you might be interested in our upcoming bulk sales building. Just get in touch at all if you are in the Esteron area and want to be involved with the Market or our Kingdom of Esteron alliance. Message Araninco, Beastwolf, Cambriaa, Polojordan or Treadwell for more information. Currently 57 open merchant spots Mailbox (courier 86) Accommodations for 2 additional horse (or other animal) merchants Guard Tower protection on each end of the deed Easy highway access to East, West and South Ships can be docked along Esteron East coast and/or Southern Comfort with efficient Lakeside Highway access In the works Bulk sales building Inn with rentable beds Starter housing plots Chapel dedicated to white light gods Public crafting area Monument to those who helped out rebuilding the Market Market Pictures
  7. There is a tradeoff between the difficulty in creating/crafting certain types of goods, and the market for those types of goods. Obviously people would prefer things to be easier, but at the same time people want those same things to keep their value. Over the 5+ years I have been here, I have seen this game become far easier and less demanding, while at the same time seeing the value of many things fall. Of course, some fall in value is due to the silver coin to Euro exchange rate change, but some of the overall decline in item value is simply due to the fact they are easier to create. Take boats for example. Many of you will remember the time when materials were lost on item creation failure. This meant to build a boat, you not only needed ship building skill but also real good cloth tailoring and rope making, not to mention a good sized resource farm. Making a boat bigger than a sailboat was not a good idea for most people. However, making a boat was more rewarding due to the sheer difficulty of the task. This created a market for boats, and people wanting to buy boats were creating other markets so they could afford boats. The question to the player base is this: Are we better off with more self sustainability and less need for specialization and economic interaction? Some players get enjoyment from relying on no one (was still possible a while back, just couldn't have everything), while others enjoy the economic interactions or others still who preferred local gift economies (villages). Over the last 5 years it seems to me the game has tilted towards the self sufficient lone mayor type, at the expense of the other preferred play styles. Some other points to consider: Has the mailbox killed the local marketplace? The effect of BSB on the market for bulk goods? Material loss on creation failure: other market consequences? I am hoping to get a real discussion going on these and other issues. Which direction should wurm take and why? add in: I should note I am using the term 'economy' in the traditional sense, meaning the volume of silver coins exchanged for goods and services over a time period.
  8. After spending hours and hours looking for good deals in Freedom Market and even opening empty merchants (and resetting their timer and so not letting them to leave their stalls) I thought that it would be a good idea to either make an NPC or add an extra option for traders to avoid similar problems in the future. The NPC would allow the following: 1. Having merchants on the same deed sharing info about their inventory with him. 2. Providing searching and sorting functions to possible customers. 3. Providing directions to the location of a merchant having a specific item (like 5 tiles north, 3 tiles west from here). 4. Giving basic info to the mayor about the activity of the linked merchants (like when it sold something for the last time) Possible problems: 1. The NPC will need to be able to talk to multiple persons simultaneously which is different to the way that most dialogues with NPCs work now. The good news is that as far as the market NPCs don't allow transactions to be carried out through them and give directions to the merchants instead their implementation will be easier and their function safer. 2. Some players may not want their merchant to be giving info. There is an easy way to fix this: Make linking optional and have every player with a merchant placed within the deed going to the NPC with the contract activated and selecting "link to market index" or a something like that to enable this.
  9. So you can build a market inside a large building. I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed?
  10. From's_law_of_retail_gravitation: Put succinctly, "People generally patronize the largest market in the area" This has good implications for the markets on Celebration, if properly applied. It means, roughly, that the distance that people are willing to travel to get to a certain market is directly related to the size, diversity, quality, reliability, and ease of accessing that market compared to the next closest one. The farther away your customer, and the more impediments to travel, the less likely they are to patronize your market in general. But another way reading of the law reveals that, in the absence of a close, easily accessible market selling what they need, people will often just build their own tools and goods, or go without. So, larger markets OR smaller regional markets that are closer to population clusters both increase trade. It also means that a server with a large number of well run, high quality markets that are situated near the player community can attract more players, crafters, merchants, and so forth from nearby servers. The competition between the various markets on Cele has led to certain innovations in quality and convenience, not only for the customers (in terms of proximity to their settlements, for example), but also for the player merchants, which are the limiting factor in market growth. Amenities for crafters such as a secure, private workshop on site, seafront distribution for bulk merchants, and free advertising from the market owners are the new minimum offering on Celebration, and in order to compete for the best crafters and crofters, market owners are under pressure to offer them. And other innovations are on the way that will fundamentally reshape the playing field between the different markets. More markets leads to more innovation, and closer proximity to population centers. Private markets leads to flexibility, adaptability, and experimentation. The crafters, marketeers, and other players who stuck through the bursting of Cele's "new-server-bubble" are now ideally situated for the new phase of population growth and expansion we're going through. Emerging markets and continuous improvements to highway and harbor infrastructure help to enable the new phase of population growth throughout the server.