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Found 13 results

  1. Looking for work, finances are tight and need silvers to pay for deed so i will do pretty much anything just tell me what you need and offer a payment for it. i am flexible but also a full time husband and father and going to school so itll be something i do in spare time thank you!
  2. I'm running out of interesting things to watch while playing Wurm and figured this would be a great place to ask for recommendations. I'd even be willing to listen to podcasts as well if they are good. No need to ask me what I'm into, just throw down what you think is a quality movie/show/podcast, what service it's on and Country (if we need a VPN to watch it).
  3. Who enjoys the look of marble and slate craftables? For a much fancier lifestyle why not surround yourself with premium white or shadow black built from your very hands and tools? Now we have a few choices for each such as floor plans, marble statues, and bridges, but i believe we can do so much more with what we already have as well! Everyone likes the new and improved so lets expand our options here and live the high life!!;) Maybe even a new cart or wagon plan 6 animal hitch to cover weight difference i petition for more craftables with Marble and Slate similar to the options of stone, what say you my fellow wurmians?
  4. Vend a Horse!! Where you can get all your horse's needs. Where are located south of Lormere at Q 15 We deliver. Delivery cost may vary. Our prices are: All animals are 5 speeds with no negative traits Aged and younger Horses that come in White, Gold, Black and Brown for 50 copper each. Bison at 75 copper each. Hell horses at 1 silver each. Wagons at 50QL for 1 silver Horse shoes 40 copper a set of 4 of 50ql Large Crates 10 copper each
  5. Food and delicious nectar of the gods. If you need another possible usage ingame:
  6. WTS supreme toolbelt 90ql, <tho the ql doesnt matter past 80. [11:28:42] An ingenious system of pockets, pouches, hooks and holes designed to keep a wide array of common tools. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. A mallet must be used on the toolbelt in order to smooth out a quirk. [11:28:42] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Redbearing'. looking to get 30s. may take offers. thanks.
  7. All Wurmians Welcome! Andurlung Various Tools & Misc. Items & Etc. Location: Black Dog Canal In-Game Map: H15 (PICK-UP Location too) Better Directions? PM Acoustic or Witoc Payment Methods: Silver Is Only Accepted Thank you! Delivery: At The Moment Just around Independence Until I get a ship! Delivery Price Is negotiable. Contact: Forum Posts Are Welcomed Private PMs Are Welcomed In-game PMs Are Welcomed To Acoustic or Witoc What We Offer To You! Blacksmithing Tools: Leave a post/pm of what you want and offer me a price! If it seems reasonable - Will make and send! Quality: 1-62 (Until I get better Ore) Planks: 1.5s/1k QL Will Range Bricks: 2s/1k QL Will Range Ropes (Includes All Types): Rope - 1c 50+ QL Mooring - 5c 50+ QL Cordage - 10c 50+ QL Thick - 15c 50+ QL Mortar: 2.5s/1k 1k Pumpkins: 90c/1k 1k Potatoes: 90c/1k We Will Also Make & Deliver The Following Bulk Storage Bin, Food Storage Bin, Barrels, Forges, & Ovens Leave A Post Of What You Want Along With An Offer Thanks For Your Service & Come AGAIN!
  8. Do you need logs to be sawn, nails to be made, pans to be loaded, stone to be chiseled? I'll do anything! I've got experience in digging, so I am no stranger to that. Got my own (mostly chanted) tools, but food and water could be nice! Respond either here or PM me ingame ( Haraldost ). Edit: I am premium now, so I've got my skills back up to a decent level!
  9. Hello All, I am wanting to get my BlackSmithing up to 90 and ATM it is at 71. I will create anything that has to DEAL with BlackSmithing, and i can IMP them to 55 QL because i can't get high enough Iron. If you want you can bring me some iron to IMP them and i will reduce the price a bit, I will MAIL the Items, Might Deliver them for a small Price, but if you want to come and Pick them up, I live next to Greendog. I live on the server Deliverence. PM Ingame: Acoustic OR Leave PM on forums
  10. So... I'm just curious to know really if anyone else has had some problems with running accounts etc, since the lag was fixed and whatnot i've had a few problems where my game would randomly close and I would have to relaunch, without an error message, happens sometimes when loading in and also when running other accounts at same time. So just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this? Wasn't really sure where to put it, but thought i'd get more of a response here