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  1. IIm starting in Deliverance, since thats where my character was, but Ill make sure to check Release as soon as I am able to sail. thanks all for the input
  2. I left Wurm years ago, I dont even remember how many, I do remember that Xanadu was kinda the new thing, but there were reports of too much lag, that bled into all kinds of issues, so at that time I stayed in Deli, because lets face it, Deliverance is beautiful (and I had a ton of work invested in the place I built). So my question is, is Xanadu still a mess, is Deliverance still awesome? If you were in my shoes, would you settle in Deliverance or try luck on a different server? Or any advice about the current socio-geogphical state of Deliverance compared to the other servers would be most welcome. Also Im not premium so this is a Q20 post at most.
  3. I think a video game forum is not really the place, and knowing video game forums your OP was an invitation to trolling, I am amazed (in a good way) how polite and understanding the community has been with this thread, or how much they have managed to ignore it at least. Im also amazed in a bad way, because its always entretaining to see a trainwreck.
  4. No, Im just saying that your justification for supporting the server was absolute BS, I have very diferent reasons for giving this suggestion a -1 everytime it crops up. Mainly, we have too many servers already for the ammount of population, and once a server goes online, its IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of it.
  5. It doesnt work like that, vets will have one of their high end accounts on the hunting server, and keep other accounts on their home servers. "Vets wont go from server to server killing uniques, they will be busy killing the uniques on their home server" right? The idea that vets will leave ANY stone unturned is ridiculous and its not supported by what we already see in game now.
  6. Dead wrong, it would definitely help the game in the long run. And in the short term, yes, maybe some of the people who try to make a living by playing Wurm will rush, or quit, or try to sell their accounts illegaly. I might be alone in this, but I dont mind those folk leaving. And if in leaving, along with their accounts, it means that newer players get to be in the spotlight, then its a double win.
  7. +1 I absolutely agree, however, I wouldnt block selection, but instead just offer profuse warnings about the issues with the two conflicting parts of wurm. Xanadu for being laggy and too big and Epic for being a test server that ofently is deserted. I disagree with you, a new player has no practical knowledge of the size of a server, and most likely wont be able to asses its size untill he has means of mobility, at wich point, he can move to other servers. What new players DO know, is lag and frustration, and they are predominant features in Xanadu.
  8. Good, and.... what else, would this stuff have diferent textures, confer some kind of bonuses?
  9. -1, adding stuff just because, is not a positive addition to the game. Other than a new model, what do this new, nondescript creatures would bring to the game?
  10. +1 , I dont have an issue with it, but if there is a phobia mode... why wouldnt it work during halloween? Its not like people with crippling fear of spiders will suddenly be okay with spiders, "because halloween".
  11. Yes it is, maybe you dont know what immersion is, or maybe you are so immerse in the game, that you cant tell how every aspect of the game is focused on immersion. Either way, you are wrong.