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  1. isnt there a way to prevent trees propagation? like enclosing a place with a 3 tiles wide border? I know Ive seen odd patches of grassland on deed ruins, where everything is overun by trees, except the parts where buildings used to be, surrounded by paving.
  2. I was refering to the player fauna but yes, theres other mobs too.
  3. No need to add new models, just wait for the Epic merge.
  4. Definitely nerf the easy-mode accounts from Epic. Im sure the devs know the exact math to what a fair skill modification would be, I just hope the transfer is done in a fair fashion to the freedom hosts who will have to house all the refugees.
  5. +1 Banning account sales would definitely be a step in the right direction.
  6. -1 to a half assed measure that avoids the big issue.
  7. No, perhaps you havent heard, but bird has been the word for long time, as shown in this documentary..
  8. -1 to all of those.
  9. They have a function as proposed by the OP, to be used as decorative items. That is the main function of all decorative items.
  10. No one would force you to use them. +1 for cosmethic NPCs
  11. When I dont agree with a suggestion I -1 it, if I think some imput could help the suggestion, I try to give it, and when I like a suggestion as is, I +1. For me this suggestion is completely barking at the wrong tree, thus -1 In fact it should be moved to the bugs section since its not even a suggestion but a request for a bandaid to a bug
  12. There is no downhill from water sources in Wurm.
  13. yes, and a permanently repair too, im tired of fixing things up. -1