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Found 7 results

  1. I'm proud to announce that O21-O23 canal reached it's max depth and is fit for all the ships now. Enjoy sailing
  2. Salve Fellow Cadenceiens, Perdurabia is looking to recruit. Part of and founder of the Small Steppes alliance. We require the following roles Leather worker Forager Forestier Hunters Ship builder Rope worker Newcomers are welcome, the above roles are not acceptance defining, If you want to come and help out at an established settlement we can offer things to do. Regular hunting roams are available. We are surrounded by at least 5 spawn locations. Good quality and rare metals in the surrounding area Plenty of resources. Come, join a focused settlement looking to expand, We have Canal access and Highway access, access to mailboxes. We also supply weapons tools and armour to those who need it, according to profession. Planning on building 4 colossi and a grand auction house to take over the Auction system with a discord already setup to handle 50+ daily auctions.
  3. Massively overdue update If anyone has anything to add to the list, let me know. If theres interest I'll also look at putting sermon group info on here. Map Link: Forum: Markets Market, Region, Map Locale(Grid) Contacts, Forum thread Glasshollow Public Market & Harbour, Glasshollow, North West (C11) Paulofdune, Hollow Springs Market, Linton, Central West (J11/12) Ascorbic, Amish Sanctuary Market, Summerholt, North East (G24) Aniceset, Esteron Market, Esteron, South East (Q25/R25) Jotun or Araninco Black Forest Bazaar, Lormere, South West (Q13) Fraeya, Rag and Bone Market, Esteron, South East (P22) Stargrace, Yetian or Vannin, Canals Canal, Location, Construction Phase Contact, Forum thread FogShore Canal, J12/J13, Complete Gurkin, Ageless Canal, E20/E21, Complete Dredbanger Ankh Canal/MK Canal(?), i19/J19, Complete Toth Darq Canal, J16/J18, Knarr passable Barricade Kings Landing Canal, P23, Complete MagicMike Maes Knoll Twin Canals(?), G17/G18, Complete Qdlaty Remember, post or pm me(ingame: Trooperau) so I can build this list up.
  4. So just caught this thread: We've mentioned buoys before, but I suppose I can see where coding a non-rideable boat to anchor in the water may turn out strange.... would still rock if it's in the plan that said. But for the meantime, how 'bout lamps that work up to 30 deep water and DON'T work on land, cost more materials..... a separate graphic would rock but I'm sure we'd all also be more than happy with the regular iron lantern graphic. Heck, let's make them physics-friendly... ish.... with... magic.... they need courier cast on them, colors depend on where you enchanted, same as turrets. Blue, green, and red for fancier canal entrance and actual canal decorating, marking paths through shallows without raising silly islands...... Pleeeeease?
  5. I am located at q23 on Xanadu. Just deeded a place called Highwind Harbor. The goal is to build ships and ship materials, and eventually sail the seas delivering various goods. I am part of an alliance that is currently connecting the canal systems in the area, so we will be helping out with that on top of building our little shipyard. Veterans are welcome as well, but I would really like to show a new guy the ropes and skill up together, since my skills are fairly low at this point as well. send me a tell in game (to Grimkjell) or respond here if you are interested!
  6. So after doing a lot of work terraforming and creating a boat mine I am left with an entry that will not look cosmetically fine. Why is there no way to pave tiles that enter the water? In most cases this is solved by filling in and raising the depth, paving then digging it all back out. On my boat mine entrance the northwest corner of the corner tile meets the cave in the water and I have been told there is no way to pave this, as the water is in the way. Can't fill it as the dirt just flows into the cave, and surprisingly does vanish. Creating this harbor has tried my patience, especially when I found out that surface mining will go deeper than you are actually able to mine, oh the joys finding someone to collapse my mine entrance. In the above you can see the offending tile that can not be finished. (originally wanted to do the bridge 3tiles wide, but you can not place a bridge directly in front of a mine entrance, if if its high above) Now my next test will be to see if you can build a colossus straddling a mine entrance.
  7. Hi, We have rules regarding how to handle highways. Is there a possibility to apply similar rules to canals as well? Because cattles can't swim, and boats can't go across a canal above a certain water level but they still can be pulled/pushed, seems the conflict with carts and boats not solved with the changes. I led cattles to Esert from and can't pass at a canal with the cows because the depth of water stopped them. There was no way to fix it because the canal has been deeded, the owner away for some weeks and no digging allowed even for their citizens to fix it. Please don't take this offensive, I know how good is to sail, I am building and use boats too, but I think the blocking of animal transport inside server may be against other people's fun too and has negative effect on game economy. I would like to suggest to add a rule for canals: if they are deeded, that they must have at least one tile width way where people can go across with cattles, but deep enough on other places to go with small sailing boats or knarrs at least. This has some similarity with the goal of the highway rules: deeds cannot block the traffic on important areas. Is there any possibility to do this? Of courese this problem may be solved easier if cattles can be packed to boat or can swim. Regards, Heroic