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  1. Like how FSB and BSB have a new model for then they are half full, when a Huge Tub is half full it should look like it's full of water.
  2. The area to the north of Bear Lake and quite a bit of the lake coast is now vacant. Some neighbors but not crowded.
  3. Precise Mending Similar to Mend, a successful cast of the spell repairs exactly 1 damage but has zero QL loss. Failure causes 0.5 damage and cannot shatter. Channeling required: 70 Favor required: 100 Intended for items that can be damaged but cannot be improved, not to replace normal repair and improving.
  4. I like the idea of having 2 separate systems, one for PvP and one for PvE. Affinities (10% per level, max 5, more dramatic swings in power) and Inclinations (5% per level, max 10, more slow and grindy), maybe. They only work in their own domain and have appropriate ways of gaining them.
  5. Do runes like gathering QL work on beehives? What runes do work on hives?
  6. Early glass windows weren't even clear, they let in light but you couldn't really see out them so no new code for transparent objects, just new art.
  7. I propose adding plaques to the game. They would function similar to signs, with the same limits for off-deed planting, but have a much, much higher character limit to allow more detailed messages that can be read with a "Read" option that brings up a new window. Created with: 1 metal plate + 5 Bricks. Improves like masonry items. Description would be along the lines of "It's a <metal type> plate attached to a <rock type> base. It has a message you can read." This would allow both a short name to be placed on it and a much longer message, great for museums, memorials, town squares or anywhere else you can come up with. This picture would have the name "Plaque, Sandstone (White County Freedom Park)" and when you used the Read option you'd see the rest of the text pop up in a new window.
  8. Build a bridge over the clay section, Steve.
  9. Add a "macro" tab to the hotkeys menu. As long as the no automation rule is followed its still just filling your queue with fewer presses. Fancy keyboards would add more macro slots/special buttons, but that's hardly anything to write home about as far as advantages. +1
  10. Allow the placement of sealed containers, such as sealed crates, on merchants. If a merchant is on a deed on the highway system, allow players to buy items from them remotely and have them delivered to their deed or chosen drop off point. Using either a new NPC, item, or waystone get a list of all available merchants, and their inventories. This would require some changes to the merchant interface, don't want items being snatched up before you can adjust the prices.
  11. If supreme handles and whatnot are an issue due to concerns of rare moonmetal stuff, then have it require the moonmetal blade be rare to get the 1/3 chance.
  12. Currently is you are creating a item from 2 parts (ex blade + handle) the rarity of any part is ignored. If the item has 3 or more parts, it's chance of passing on the rarity of any part is 1/# of parts. Make the chance for rarity being passed on for 2 part items 1/3. It feels wrong that when I get a rare blade, it's only value is as sac fodder.