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  1. A strong economy is a feature of many games. Lacking it does not "break" the game, but it also means that the stress of player attention and desires will press even harder on the remaining features. A strong economy is one where participation is meaningful at all levels. A economy where the only activity is the top selling to the bottom is not strong.
  2. The Wurm Economy Problem

    The Wurm economy, like a lot of MMO economies, isn't built on a solid foundation. Rather, it's built on a sinkhole. This isn't their fault, it was and still is a common design. Other MMOs get round this by having expansions where the new stuff completely replaces the old stuff, thus hitting the restart button on the economy. There are ways this could be fixed without resorting to the reset button, but the changes to parts of the game people are heavily invested in would be so great I don't think the game would survive.
  3. Hedge Model Updates

    +1 Plant Naturally -> Short/Medium/Tall Hedge
  4. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    I generally consider it to be more honest to compare game type to game type, with the Freedom/Chaos/Epic split being 278/52/19 or 80%/15%/5%. Still, having 20% of your player base interested in PvP is nothing to sneeze at, and fits with my experience with games where there is the option to play the same game with or without pvp.
  5. Put them on a no-deed hunting server and let the devs go wild!
  6. Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon

    Why? I play Freedom exclusively but I don't get this position. I'd like for Freedom Kingdoms/Duchies but I don't see ho this would get us any closer.
  7. Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon

    I'd say both, have a "Kingdom Balloon" and a "patchwork balloon" pattern. First one matches the kingdom of the maker, the second makes a bold but non-kingdom pattern that can be made distinct with multiple colors.
  8. Up Up and away in my beautiful balloon

    +1 cause its amusing to think of people getting shot out of the sky on pvp servers. XD
  9. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    With all this new multicolored armor, we need proper armor stands that show off what is on them!
  10. Patch Notes 08/MAR/18

    I look forward to getting my new tools, but along with many other's I'd like clarification on what some of those stats mean.
  11. Valrei International. 052 - BREAKING NEWS EDITION

    Place function is great! But it doesn't work placing things on rugs, the "shadow" vanishes and it can't be placed.
  12. How about a subscription fee and no deed upkeep? Want to get skills above 20 and have a deed, hand over the money. This smells like the suggestion of someone who doesn't own a deed trying to sneakily ask for free premium by offloading the cost to others.
  13. I buy 1 year of premium once per year,2 minutes and done. if it expires, meh, just premium again and I've lost 2 minutes of gameplay because thats how long it takes to get it back even if it's expired for weeks. I check upkeep frequently, at least once a week (even though I have months of time), because if it expires ALL MY STUFF DECAYS AND GETS STOLEN.