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  1. Either prevent things in the feeder box from rotting or allow us to remove things from the box without having to unload the chickens.
  2. Exactly. I play Wurm less now since there's nothing I can while semi-idle. Games need a range of engagement levels, especially ones like Wurm.
  3. Sadly, after experimenting with fishing, I don't think I'll ever fish again. It's now dramatically more work for almost no skill gain and the same miserable rewards.
  4. I have the goal "Improve an item beyond your knowledge at quality level 30+" and a skill of carpentry skill of 27.29. I have imped a spindle to 31.1 quality, but the goal has not registered as completed.
  5. New menu item. Right click on a boat, Crows Nest -> Use Moves the camera to the top of the sail, like your character climbed up to take a look around. You can look around freely, it doesn't move your actual character. Lasts for a minute before automatically ending.
  6. I wish the witches hat could be imped, it would look great as part of a leather armor set!
  7. Water! Hedges! ❤️ Will we be able to pick the growth height, or are we still limited to camellia for medium height hedges?
  8. My priest needs to get a slap in to finish off her personal goals.
  9. I was under the impression that new information just kept getting added to same same entry as long as it was the same deed and you had the journal in your inventory? I haven't been watching too closely but I could have sworn that was what happened. Entries that only had the name of the deed now have lots more info as I rework the same area (I gather fruit, sprouts, botanize, forage and investigate each tile in my orchard when its the right season).
  10. Idea: Archeology Library Shelf. Bookshelf that acts as a container exclusively for archeology journals. Stored journals never take decay ticks while effective QL of the Library Shelf is 10 or more Archeology Journals: Changed behavior, they now check all journals in all library shelves in the archeologist's village on that server. If the Journal Entry already exists, a new one is not made in any journal currently carried. If the entry is not found in any Library Shelf then a new entry is made normally.
  11. The best way to allow priests to do anything but also not have every single character be a priest is have other classes. Add knights, wizard, warlocks, peasants, footmen, etc. All with their own powers that make them comparable to priests, and thus valid options.
  12. Non-priests can't exactly cast spells or enchantments, so it's actually fairly balanced that way.
  13. Just a random thought, but currently all (that I know of) healing is immediate effects. Maybe some magic effects should be shifted to a Heal over Time design? The current resistance design seems to be trying to do that in a somewhat awkward way.
  14. If that's too graphically difficult, maybe just a huge bonus to tracking skill?
  15. Combat is, for the most part, very dull, unrewarding and massively over abundant (in PvE). LT cuts down on the down time caused by most of the wildlife being homicidal maniacs. I'd want any LT change to come with changes to the general PvE combat environment. Targeted PvP changes are another matter, but as I don't PvP I have no idea what they would be.