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  1. +1 Idea for how to do this on Freedom, not applicable to Chaos or Epic since pvp makes things weird. Base Damage Repaired = 100*(Weight of repair item)/(Total weight of construction) and then effected by QL. EX: Plank = 2kg, shaft = 1kg, fence = 2+2+1+1 = 6kg Base Damage Repaired = 100*2/6= 33.3 damage repaired per plank before QL taken into consideration.
  2. I'm still dying to know more about the account system! You teased and left me hanging!
  3. +1 Makes sense that the hunger bar would be a set quantity of food regardless of QL, with CCFP and nutrition being the QL rewards.
  4. Ohh, cages! Will the caged animals need to be fed, or some other maintenance? Unrepairable decay?
  5. +1 for pve
  6. Over-skill: Musician Sub-skills: Lute, Drum, Flute, Harp, etc. Perform solo: Activate an instrument, right click the instrument, Perform -> Musical Solo Group performance: First, join a team. One team member starts performing a solo. Activate an instrument, right click a performer, Perform -> Join Performance Bystanders: Stand within 4 tiles (like a sermon) of any performer to passively gain a small number of Soul ticks. Performance lasts 2 minutes, 1 hour cool down. Similar to puppeteering. Performers can choose to perform a difficult song, which on success will give a buff to all performers and bystanders. Buff lasts for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on success. Success should be based on the best performers skills, with each additional performer passng a skill check to either boost the effect. Encourages group play since even low skill performers would not be detrimental.
  7. If the missions only looked at type of structure (any pylon, any temple, etc.) then it might render the need to invalidate on-deed structures superfluous. Many deeds have mission structures displayed openly as decorations, monopolization concerns (if ANY structure will do) might not be a significant concern anymore. Edit: Sure, having one of each structure would be convenient, but I've had mission targets (including traitors) practically throw themselves on my sword. That's pretty darn convenient! Maybe this could be delt with by increasing the number of people doing the ritual?
  8. +1 Pave it with wooden beams on dirt.
  9. With all the separate systems, features and completely split skills... honestly Epic feels like a completely separate game, and when I want to play another game I'll go play Cities Skylines or DOOM or something.
  10. +1
  11. Oh another note, Hurray for new fences! I have a project on pause waiting for them.
  12. What if, like starter towns, Freedomers just build public (no upkeep/owned by the game) mission deeds and all other mission items became decorative? It would be like when each server redid various starter towns, each server votes/selects strategic places for the mission deeds, builds them, and then never worries about loss of access. Edit: Or just add them to the starter towns if they already have multiple.
  13. Here's an idea for the process of book making. Start similar an almanac, 1 leather strips + string = a Blank Book. After that, every tile you want to add a chapter, use string on the book -> add chapter. Every time you want to add a new page (which holds 1 inscribed sheet) use string on the chapter it will be added to. And finally, to bind the book, use leather strip on the blank book. At this point any empty page slots vanish, and the book becomes a unique creation that is titled at that point. To copy a book, create a blank book, activate it, right click on the book you want to copy and select copy. This turns the blank book into "Copy of <book title> with stages equal to the number of pages the book had. Each stage is the same, you need the target book, paper and string in your inventory. Activate a reed pen filled with ink, right click on the copy and -> copy page. If you succeed the paper, string and ink are consumed and the stage is finished. When all stages are completed, you have an exact copy of the original.
  14. Oak trees are the right size, given that they clear out a space around them. They could use some tweaking so they are a bit more in the ground instead of almost floating above it.
  15. +1 I too have been using the bookshelf method, but would love proper secret doors.