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  1. Think about how big a bear is, and how little meat you get from one. At that rate we'd be lucky to get 1 fillet per catfish!
  2. Wurm is a bit weird, economically speaking. Our big movers of wealth, rent (deed upkeep) and income (foraging or the store) are invisible and require no other players. Its easy to become a self sufficient hermit. Economic activity happens across a gradient, and Wurm is extremely flat.
  3. Silver converted into real money still goes to someone who presumably spends it. The concern would be people who get silver (by any means), but don't spend it.
  4. I am curious as to what vampire hunting gear is in wurm. Garlic, pointy sticks and big leather hats?
  5. Why not unify the skill gain system and not waste time with one time bonuses and other complicated nonsense?
  6. I store catfish in crates rather than FSBs. They are HUGE compared to other types of fish. the FSB on my docks is stuffed with thousands of catches and not even half full, but cant even hold 70 or so catfish.
  7. I'll pick up WU when I get home tonight I think. Not as my main game, but to visit interesting servers like the Ultima Nostalgia project.
  8. On Epic (I think?) stuff already drops out of your inventory on log out under certain conditions, so the code for making chained tools leave your inventory on log out already exists.
  9. I imagine the talk function being like minor NPCs in the RPGs I grew up with like Baldur's Gate. Select NPC -> Talk (box similar to meditation question pops up) Might be good for Player or GM made quests too.
  10. Minor function ideas Peasant Has a talk function where they can give short responses to a limited number of questions, chosen from a menue. All questions and responses are designated by their owner. Farmhand Alerts you when a tile on your deed is ripe or has gone to weeds when you log in, no more than one alert per hour to prevent spam. Forester Alerts you when a tree on your deed is overaged or has shriveled when you log in, no more than one alert per hour to prevent spam. Innkeeper Tells you how many beds in that building are available and their prices. Talk function like the peasant
  11. That requires new players. Saw one this year, he left the game after a week because I was the only person he'd seen the entire time. The player base density is critically low, and short of hiring people to play NPCs would at least give an illusion of life and maybe retain a few new ones.
  12. I think you have the choice of empty deeds or robots. I don't think anything short of condensing the entire Wurm playerbase to a single 16x16 server will have any noticeable player density.
  13. Anything that allows more player interaction without having to trust them not to walk away with your stuff or log off with it when they decide Wurm is not for them is a good thing, Retro. Of course, if you want me to tell a new player "Here's a full set of 50QL tools. Now get off my deed, go make your own, I don't trust you." Well, thats exactly what the current system creates so mission accomplished. Or did you forget a few thousand dollars worth of fraud that happened not so long ago?
  14. Had a similar idea once for tools that were chained to a spot. While you had the tool in your inventory you couldn't move or teleport. Good for a specific work area.
  15. Wandering around my orchard, I can pass through the young trees I had, mostly fruit trees. Maybe this is a bug/incorrect collision box?