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Found 30 results

  1. My dad and I just came back from taking a year break and we're looking to sell our sleeping powders in order to pay for a deed. We will travel or you can travel to us, we're located at T-14 T-13 ish on Celebration. 25 sleeping powders need to be sold! 1s per sleeping powder. Message Xyla or Xack in game or leave a reply here and we will get back to you.
  2. Want to Sell 6 Sleep Powder SOLD

    Want to Sell 6 sleep powder. 1s/each Location: Xanadu Newspring island, but can deliver if you buy all of them.
  3. WTS x17 Sleep Powder and x17 Yellow Potions

    For sale; x17 Yellow Potions x17 Sleeping Powders Located at D14, possible delivery. PM me ingame, @HeWhoHordesManyPillowsor reply here. Thanks for looking.
  4. WTS Sleep Powder, I currently have 8 of them. 1SP=1s Located in Xanadu, Willing to travel to Vrock Landing ~ or ~ G-8 West Coast (not inland)
  5. WTB Sleep Powder

    Looking for SP. Preferably larger quantities but I'll still travel for a small handful
  6. Welcome ladies and gents, today we have for sale 40x Sleep Powders This is a no reserve, private buyout accepted auction Details Starting Bid: 40s Minimum increment: 1s Buyout: 60s 50s Sniper protection: 1 hour Delivery is included to all freedom servers (excluding chaos) up to the closest ocean coast Gems under 10ql are accepted at a rate of 1c/ql as well - I will pick them up at delivery Good luck and may the Wurm Gods cast good fortunes on your skillgains!
  7. Storing sleep bonus

    So, 1 sleep powder is 1 hour of sleep bonus. Sleep powders show to be made from wheat. My suggestion is... Let us store sleep bonus in self-made sleep powders. It would be a good trading asset but to prevent people from getting too rich or from making this exploitable, we could allow it after, for example, 25 soul skill or 30 mind skill or 30 favor or whatever you people would see fit. People don't max sleep bonus however. I never have to be honest. That's what would still make sleep powder something extraordinary, so no big impact on the economy.
  8. I have 14 sleep powders for sale for 13s i can deliver at any starter town at xanadu!
  9. It's time to clear out some of the stuff cluttering up the place. Where items can be mailed, buyer pays CoD, otherwise collection from Southern Release. I'm happy to deliver on Release if you're buying at least 1s worth of stuff. Misc. rares: 2.5s each for the lamps (and I'll imp them to 60QL) rocks, mortars, brick and hull plank 30c each rare door lock 50c If you're interested in any of the above, post here or PM me. Sold Stuff 4x sleep powders - 1.25s each or 4.5s for the lot Crops: 3k strawberries (73QL) 2.5k barley (62QL) 1k oats (54QL) 1k rye (53QL) 10k onions (68QL) + 4k (84QL) 2k garlic (85QL) All crops 80c / k, happy to deliver to a coastal location on Release (we're based at Feral Dustbunnies, X23 Y36 / P15). Lanterns: All dyed white-ish: [21:33:12] A small iron box with wicker and a cannister for oil. It is glowing from the heat. Colors: R=204, G=204, B=204. You need to temper the lantern by dipping it in water while it's hot. Ql: 80.09026, Dam: 0.0. 50c each.
  10. batch of 40. One lump sale, for 52s (my standard 1.3/each rate). You may find them for less, but who wants to make 40 trips between servers to gather it all? Pickup on Xanadu at Greymead area.
  11. 1.25s each. or 15s for the lot. Can meet for delivery at any starter town on Xanadu. Send forum message to purchase. Thanks!

    WTT 3SP to 3k Cotton (Ql doesnt matter) 1SP to 1k wemp (ql doesnt matter) Near Linton Please
  13. 4 Sleep powers in total 3 Sleep Powder = 3 thousand cotton (Quality doesn't matter) 1 Sleep Powder = 1 thousand wemp (Quality doesn't matter) Prefer close to linton
  14. 16 Sleeping Powders for sale as a group 16s total I will deliver anywhere in West Xanadu for free Contact me for delivery options to other servers
  15. WTB Sleep Powder @ 1s/euro per

    I'll take as many as you got. I am looking to buy ~100. Please let me know if you have any amount and I'll take it all!
  16. WTS special stuff

    Hello, i got for sale this nice set of things! Items are on Deli. Offer on the items! SP - 1,5s each Merchant contract 7s each Sold Garden Gnome 5s Snow laterx2 offer Seryll offer Rare pickaxe - 13s Soft cap -1s Yellow potions - offer for 6 Fireworks - offer per Oh yeah, first come, first served!
  17. Some non-craftable items for sale

    Selling a few non-craftable items: Potions, yellow potions - offer (even on a per item basis) Armour smith potions - 3s 2.5s/ea Source crystals (got 550 source salts for up to 1k karma if wanted) - offer Soft caps - 1s/ea Sleep powders - 1.5s/ea Can COD at buyers expense or pickup HERE (Xanadu Q11) PM's welcome as well Thanks, Thor

    Hello, AS title says, would like to sell: 2x SP - 3s Knarr 12s Rare forge - 9s Pm me with details! (Deli) Argustin Edit: Lowered Knarr price to 12s! CLOSE PLEASE!
  19. Sleep powder x 11

    Sold already. Sleep powder x 11. Start bid 10s, 20c increments. Buyout 15s. Pick up at J11 on Xanadu.
  20. WTS sleeping powder -12 available

    Feed your white powdery addiction!!! 12 Sleeping powders available 1.5s/each Located on central-south Independence
  21. "HoneyWell Trading"

    For a complete inventory and price list, follow the link in the upper image! For contact and order placement , send a message via the logo below or in game "Kagdish" Delivery Fees: Release NW free Release SW, NE, SE free for orders over 5S Pristine not available atm
  22. SP + Jewels + Delivery

    Heey everybody, here are some items: SP: 1S 8 Jewels totalizing 100ql: 70C Supreme ore, Iron: 15C Rowing boat (offer? xD) I'm from Chaos, I can either use CoD (Freedom isles) or contact me if you want me to deliver it.. we can talk (: Thanks! Ingame name: Panquecca