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Found 47 results

  1. Greeting fellow citizens of Wurm! Come, come from far and wide and buy our best goods for a reasonable prices! Here are some examples of what you can get in our shop: Some fine tools, that will help you in your hard work! Some gems for jewels or favor! You always can order bulk items like stone (sandstone,marble) shards,dirt,sand,peat etc. We also provide landscape and construction works, check it out here! All prices are negotiable, you always can leave a message here, or contact me ingame typing in chat "/tell DaaDaaa" without quotes. Cheers 0/
  2. Prices are listed next to each other in the pic. Also selling x17 Sleeping powder = 1s each. Pick up is from Deli F9 on the coast at Mottistone Shores.
  3. My dad and I just came back from taking a year break and we're looking to sell our sleeping powders in order to pay for a deed. We will travel or you can travel to us, we're located at T-14 T-13 ish on Celebration. 25 sleeping powders need to be sold! 1s per sleeping powder. Message Xyla or Xack in game or leave a reply here and we will get back to you.
  4. Sold thanks. I'm currently located on Inde. Asking 6.4s for referral and 95 copper per sleeping powder (6 total). PM if interested. For the sleeping powder I will deliver if desired since it can be traded. In both cases, I will expect payment upfront if using mail. Someone told me asking more than 6s for referral is greedy, but: 1) Paying 10 silver in-game for 30 days premium does NOT grant sleeping bonus; referrals grant 1 hour SB 2) Paying RL money in the shop for 30 days premium grants 1x sleeping powder (worth 1 hour sleeping bonus) 3) 20 days / 30 days = 0.666~ and 0.666~ * 10 silver = 6.666~ silver. 4) Using the in-game mailing system with COD will cost the buyer 1 copper (6.41 silver total) So you're paying 6.41 silver for what's worth 6.666 silver plus the FREE 1 hour sleeping bonus. If I sold these regularly, and assuming the points above are correct, which I believe they're, I would sell these at least for 6.666 silver because of the SB. EDIT: Ensure you have less than 4 hours sleeping bonus if buying referral. If it goes over 5 hours then you won't gain any SB if you sleep until it's below 5 again. Note you'll still get the 1 hour SB from the referral regardless.
  5. I have to sell a Bulk of Sleeping Powders each 1 Silver. If you buy all you get it for 18 Silver. NO delivery - you can grab it in Celebration on Whitewolf Watch - send PM if interested
  6. As the title say WTS, send me an price in-game or private message her on the forum. Ingame: name Nachtiti or Voorheezz Black drake Leather armor QL80 with Cap SOLD If you wonder how it looks, i send a link from wurmpedia hole set is Black Drake Hide jacket , Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Cap, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather Ql 80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Pants, Leather QL80 Fantastic Knapsack Tin SOLD rare Knapsack cherrywood SOLD 3X Spyglass 17x Sleeping powder SOLD to platinumteef 49x Yellow Potion rare Large Padlock, Iron Ql 16.41 SOLD Rare Twenty Coin, copper QL70
  7. Hello everyone I am looking to acquire 50x sleeping powders! Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this
  8. Trying to sell 8 sleeping powder for 8s in the Glasshollow Coastal area. Pm on the forums or ingame Sold Please Close
  9. Selling 60 sleep powders that can be picked up from any Xanadu starter deed. 1.2s each or 70s for all of them.
  10. Selling 12 sleeping powders for 12 silver. I can deliver in the region around square n13 or at any Xanadu starter town.
  11. Hello, I would like to sell: Veggies (1k=1s) Barley 65QL (1k) Onions 57QL (1k) Wheat 59QL (1k) Corn 66QL (1k) Potatoes 67QL (1k) Wemp 58QL (1k) Cotton 55QL (1k) 2k Stone Bricks 20QL, 2s/1k 2l Source Liquid 98QL (1s/l) Delivery to coast for all PVE servers.
  12. buyer pays C.O.D or pick up an L8 ingame map xanadu 8 sleeping powder 1s each can be delivered at any starter city at xanadu SOLD
  13. *11x sleep powder - - 1.25s each *1 kg seryll 80 ql - - 3s *Rare Unfinished small barrel - - 2s *Sprouts:Maple 260 --- 85c/100 Grape 150 ----90c/100Camelia 370 ----1s/100 I can deliver everywhere on Exodus, or if you want to pick up: I live far south Exodus T22.I do also deliver to coast at Celebration and Deliverance for free. I can deliver to Independence and SE Xanadu and up to where I can cross server to deli for 1s Pm here or ingame, same name ingame
  14. WTS 4 sleeping powders - 1s each Pick up at south of esteron R 25
  15. 16 Sleeping Powders for sale as a group 16s total I will deliver anywhere in West Xanadu for free Contact me for delivery options to other servers
  16. Selling the following items (buyer pays COD) Seryll lumps x4 80ql - 2s each Sleeping Powder x19 - 1s each Fireworks x4 - 1s each Snow Lantern x2 - 2s each Yellow Potions (varied QL) x18 - make offer Great Helm Seryll 30ql - 3s Chain Coif Seryll ql 90 - 2.5s Chain Sleeve Seryll ql90 - 2.5s Chain Jacket Seryll Ql 30 - 2.5s Chain Boot Seryll Ql 30 - 2.5s Soft Cap (Santa Hat) x2 2s each JUST ADDED: Gems to be sold as a bulk deal, 1936.96 Total Ql 39x Source Crystal 693.53 Ql 17x Emeralds 410.77 Ql 9x Ruby 152.28 Ql 7x Opal 149.04 Ql 14x Diamonds 273.10Ql 13x Sapphire 258.24 Ql Asking price 19s Rare Auctions posting this weekend for 2 Rare Ql 85+ Forges, 2 Long Willow Bows, Fruit Press and more!
  17. SHIPS current available and ready to go = 1 Olivewood Knarr ql 64+ incl. mooring anchor and lock 14 Silver 1 Cherrywood Corbita ql 56+ incl mooring anchor and lock 5 Silver 1 Cherrywood Cog ql 60+ incl. mooring anchor and lock 7 Silver Large Crates 5.5 C each all sorts of CROPS and veggies 1.5 K Rice ql 65 + Cotton and Wemp diff ql up to 75+ plz ask Miscellaneous 15 Yellow Potions ql 16 to 100 2 Snow Lanterns 1 Horde of the Summond Kingdom Banner SEND PM if interested or leave a message here I am also IG Syrann and Illmur delivery Celebration and Exodus is free other Servers plz contact us in game about arrangements no delivery to Xanadu beside Cod's
  18. I have 12 sleeping Powder I wish to sell for 16 silver can deliver from Celebration to anywhere except chaos Wont deliver to east or mid Xanadu since its too far for me but west coast is fine, same for other servers keep in mind the distance from Celebration
  19. I have 2 Sleeping Powder For Sale in the C/19 C/20 area in xanadu. PM Me if interested 1.3S
  20. Sleeping powders 1.5 silver each, this includes delivery. If you would like to pick it up yourself or negotiate price please send me a pm over the forums.
  21. Sold already. Sleep powder x 11. Start bid 10s, 20c increments. Buyout 15s. Pick up at J11 on Xanadu.
  22. Selling referral: 6s Selling sleeping powder: 1 for 2s or both for 3s Buy it all for 8s I am located on Xanadu server P14 (Valley of the damned) Sold, thread can be closed!
  23. Sold both referrals and saving the powder.