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  1. Sniper protection added
  2. WTA: Fantastic Glimmersteel Lump, 85.40ql, 0.34kg [16:12:59] A heavy lump of faintly sparkling white metal. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality Starting at 5s Minimum Increments of 50c No buyouts, no reserves Will be sent to winner CoD Sniper Protection: 1h
  3. I would like to buy: 80.12ql needle, 70 CoC 87.32ql awl, 91 CoC, 64 WoA Please CoD to Xyla
  4. Echo Harbor is now located at 33x 14y. Picture: https://imgur.com/XtaBVrA
  5. CoD to Xyla rake 88ql (w68 c57) shovel 90ql (w67) hatchet 88ql (c59) pickaxe 89ql (w66 c77)
  6. My dad and I just came back from taking a year break and we're looking to sell our sleeping powders in order to pay for a deed. We will travel or you can travel to us, we're located at T-14 T-13 ish on Celebration. 25 sleeping powders need to be sold! 1s per sleeping powder. Message Xyla or Xack in game or leave a reply here and we will get back to you.
  7. Celebration Map

    Pixie Bay, X18, Y47 disbanded, we deeded over it, and is now called Southwind Port. Thank you! (Also remove the trader icon, as we don't have one anymore.)
  8. We sure will take good care of it. Thank you for building the canal! I remember admiring it when I first started playing Wurm in 2010, I couldn't imagine all the work it must've took, and I never thought I would take part in the development of the first canal on the server.
  9. Greetings fellow Wurmians! Darkenstone Canal is a historic locale and has been in need of an upgrade. After getting our own Cog stuck at Darkenstone, Xack and I decided to speak to the leader of our alliance, who owns Darkenstone Canal, and we requested permission to work on the canal. Most of the canal was large boat accessible, except for the once-was land bridge on the south side, where a stone brick bridge was created, superseding the land bridge. We went to work on the canal dredging the south side, and after completion we brought our own Cog to test it out. We hope that with Darkenstone Canal allowing access to larger boats, it will alleviate the difficulties of bridging the Inner Sea to the Samling Fjord and increase ship travel in the area. We are proud to announce that Darkenstone Canal is now big-boat accessible! http://imgur.com/6tWR6RU (A screenie of Xack driving the cog through Darkenstone)