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Found 19 results

  1. would like to raise the linton spaw point so its not a crater, who or how would i make that happen?? Someone has started linton market area and just left it..... Incomplete and no way to change it or improve it. Id say there is very few people living in this area and we are here everyday and Id love to make the area nice and attractive to other players to place merchants, build a homestead etc, If there is a concern as to my building/teraforming skills feel free to visit norhaven, I have also built the 3 lane highway leaving linton market to the south. SuperFly
  2. Selling a corbita 3s 25ql located in Norhaven South of Linton SuperFly
  3. Looking to sell some dirt. South of linton market, Norhaven SuperFly
  4. Starting our Equestrian endeavors here in Norhaven and we are looking for some horses, if you have any available please contact Superfly in game or reply. Thanks! Superfly
  5. Cooking Cauldron + Cooking Stove should = A Nice Fit Not sure of the logic behind Cooking Cauldrons NOT fitting inside a Cooking Stove, But It is terrible for me to have to cook this nice Maple Sap in a dirty Ole' Forge. Thanks SuperFly P.S. maybe even a thought to have the Fireplace hold cauldrons.... That would make my little winery look quite nice.
  6. My suggestion, after a year of building a Winery... Can we give some value to Wine? Beverages in General??? I'm so disappointed to find there is little to no demand for wine. SuperFly Be great to see them compliment a meal, or casserole or some food item.
  7. We have had great success with our program to offer Temporary Housing and help to new players, we recently had a couple people move on from Norhaven, and we have a couple open Cabins to offer anyone looking for a place to rest your head, store your stuff, eat well and have great conversation. We love to offer help and assistance to any weary travelers. Norhaven is located south of the Linton spawn, head toward the giant pyramid up the hill until you see a fountain, your there! Just a Short couple minute walk. SuperFly
  8. Ok well not sure how difficult this would be, but I use 3 21inch monitors and cant full screen wurm to cross all 3 never have been able to causes a instant crash, but it would be really cool to be able to drag my wurm windows i.e. inventory crafting etc. to my desktop to free up view-able space.
  9. We have a couple houses still available and offer anyone in need of a roof, to escape the elements, a nice cottage, furnished with the necessary items to help you get a great start, we only ask you contribute to Norhaven any way you are comfortable, we are always in need of help. We are logged in and working on Norhaven Every Day, and would love for you to visit us. We are located just South of Linton Spawn, at L10 on your in game map. Thanks! SuperFly and Clementine
  10. Ok well just have another idea to share, wouldn't it be nice to open a table, put an item in and it appear sitting on the table?? I would love to dress up the tables by placing tools, flower pots or whatever on top. SuperFly
  11. I've asked this before to no avail, can someone please tell me how I can develop the Linton market area? we would like to build up the market area that is just south of linton spawn point but its all under linton perimeter and we cannot make any changes or build there? How do we go about doing this/?? Any help would be appreciated. We have contacted the owner of linton deed but i assume this is a wurm account, we got no answer from that account. SuperFly
  12. Currently have: 41.38 Woodcutting 62.20 Carpentry 41.00 Fine Carpentry Looking for any orders I can fill for planks, hull boards etc. Can deliver if near Linton. Or you can pickup PM Me in game or reply here. Thanks! SuperFly
  13. Currently have: 41.38 Woodcutting 62.20 Carpentry Looking for any orders I can fill for planks, hull boards etc. Can deliver if near Linton. Or you can pickup PM Me in game or reply here. Thanks! SuperFly
  14. Linton Market

    Anyone have any idea who started Linton Market?? We would love to continue work on this project but Im not sure who to contact.
  15. I have 2 wagons/18 crates of dirt to sell and they can be picked up at Linton on Xanadu. I will take 3s per wagon (crates included) or 2s and you swap out the crates (9 crates=2700 dirt) you will need to pick them up at Linton.
  16. 4 Sleep powers in total 3 Sleep Powder = 3 thousand cotton (Quality doesn't matter) 1 Sleep Powder = 1 thousand wemp (Quality doesn't matter) Prefer close to linton
  17. Xanadu VERY close to Linton. Multiple farms, 4 houses, Furnished. Starting at 1s minimum increase of 50c. -- Buyout 5s Mine comes with 3 iron veins. > -- Video of walking to Settlement from Linton plus Showing of settlement. 3 minutes.
  18. Delivery available to EASY land access areas around Linton. Or can be hauled to a waterfront for a ship pickup. Otherwise you may pickup just south of linton. Must have large crates to trade out to make the delivery run quickly. Price is 1.5s
  19. Finished, close please