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Found 76 results

  1. Wall of house is lifted since update, part is poking through the roof and there is a space now at the bottom I can see through to the grass since my wall is up. another bug may be in regards to item placement, thinking it is inside building when it is infact outside. Case in point, I had pickup perms on a neighborr deed. I could pick up items from Pile of... boxes, say meat in this case. This box was not near a wall or fence/gate. The box near a wall kept saying I didn't have perms, while having perms. And another is I couldn't brush my horse hitched to a hitching post because "the gate's in the way" that is obviously not in the way, as I just literally brushed the other horse also hitched to the same post. Possible bug: You can add same player multiple times to settle roles despite them already on the roles. Also, log off by sleep in the normal bed apparently is having issues logging me off. Sorry, no pics/vids!
  2. The sleep bonus pool should be shared between all servers in the Northern Isles cluster; Defiance, Harmony, and Melody. For example, if you have 3 hours of sleep bonus on one server, you have 3 hours on all the servers. If you use up 20 minutes on one server, you lose 20 minutes on all the servers. Seeing as account/character skills mostly cross between servers, it makes sense for the sleep bonus to cross too. This would stop people feeling like they're forced to play on any specific server in order to use up their sleep bonus, and instead give them the freedom to grind wherever they please.
  3. WTS

    WTS Sleep powder x22 1 silver each or 20 silver for all. Lorewood Gardens Xanadu S/E of Summerholt ( at 6810, 2449) Feel free to contact me here, or in game on saraie
  4. Want to sell 10 sleep powder 1s each or buy all 10 for 8s
  5. I am sure I've mentioned this before, but could not find in a forum search, so here goes again: Please make the sleep status bar on/off two very different colors. Light grey and lighter grey are so hard to recognize as on or off, unless you just watched it change.
  6. A bed that sleeps two would be helpful.
  7. Hey throwing a suggestion up to hopefully get feedback and a fix to what seems a little simple to be implemented but annoying to not have. In regards to Quality of Life i believe having a change to how we receive our bonuses mainly when we pay our premium and depending on the amount of months paid for we are given sleep powder as a added incentive to using the store. I was unfortunate to take a loss on this bonus being on epic when the payment went through and no action could be done to simply transfer the 2x powders to freedom as i have the highest skills and benefit grinding on freedom with the new skill transfer to epic being available i have no need for it elsewhere. The friend would sometimes request a sleep powder in exchange for paying for it and i reminded him before going to bed while i was out away from a portal. TLDR: Change how we receive sleep powder from just getting it to your inventory but giving your account the amount so when and wherever you want to withdraw while choosing however many you have available, similar to the rarely used reimbursement option at tokens.
  8. SOLD

    Looking to sell 28 sleep powders. I will gladly deliver them to your coastal PvE deed or port a character to your inland Xanadu deed to deliver them for free. Pricing as usual, 1 Silver per powder. Preferably I'd like to sell all at once, so: 28 Sleep Powders for 25 Silvers, Free Delivery Included!
  9. Sold

    Please close. Items have been sold. I have 20 sleep powders available for sale, 1s each. PM Alendhor, Cordon, or Liam in game or post message here.
  10. I suspect the reason favor only recovers while online has to do with PvP? If so, can we readdress it and possibly enable favor recovery while sleeping or logged out? I am cheap and don't sacrifice veggies for favor. I just leave my priests online to recover over time. This seems like a poor use of our personal computers as well as the servers they run on. Is there any reason a priest should NOT recover favor while logged out or asleep in bed? If it is just never going to happen in WO, please move this to the WU "mod request" page
  11. I'd love a (simple?) mod that lets us set the amount of SB gained per hour of sleeping, as well as the max sleep bonus that can be stored up from sleeping. Possibly even a setting for how much the skill gain multiplier gives when SB is activated.
  12. Hi I have 50 30 sleep powders for sale. 1s each Pickup: any amount hells Harbour -> Crystal lake->indi (just south of hells forge witch is on hw system) Delevery: min 20 pcs on a pve coast near you. Send PM here or contact deathlemming or godzildarella ingame
  13. I'd like to sell 2x Sleep Powder (1s per bag). I can deliver to buyer on Xanadu, my actual location i11.
  14. Want to Sell 6 sleep powder. 1s/each Location: Xanadu Newspring island, but can deliver if you buy all of them.
  15. WTS (all items are on deli) Rare Willow Longbow 40ql - 4s Sold Rare Maple Ropetool 40ql - 3.5s Rare Mortar 27.60ql - 20c Sleep Powder x 10 - 1s each Seryll Lump 92.07ql 0.27 kg - 3s Star Diamond 13.74ql - 3s Black Opal 25.00ql - 3s I also have 3k silver ore for sale mostly ql ranging 15 - 22, some are 50-70ql message me if you are interested in working out a deal for it.
  16. Currently selling 5x Sleep Powders, located on Indy for only 4.5s! I can deliver them to any deed or Freedom Market, whichever is easiest. I do no currently have a boat, so can not deliver to other servers, sorry!
  17. Change the bar to bright orange. Right now, it is hard to tell if active by the slight change from grey to grey! When active make it bright orange, so it stands out among all the other bars.
  18. pm me, only buying from sellers with reputation and previous trades.. will be able to reply around midnight CST thanks!
  19. WTS 6xSleep powder/1s each delivery to any starter deed on xanadu IGN: Argush
  20. For sale; x17 Yellow Potions x17 Sleeping Powders Located at D14, possible delivery. PM me ingame, @HeWhoHordesManyPillowsor reply here. Thanks for looking.
  21. WTS 8 sleep powder for 8s. Location: Xanadu S8.
  22. 4s for 4 powders, this price includes free delivery anywhere on Freedom Isles. Thanks!
  23. Hi im selling +9000 ql gems 90S 28 sleep powder 25S Bump - never caught the guy So all items are still for sale
  24. Hello there, For the second night in a row, I have had the same problem. I have a second floor room on Elizarya's deed - Saint Absy's Cathedral on Release. Her room is the first floor. There is a stairway in the hall outside the 3x3 room. When I go to sleep in the canopy bed in the center of the room, I wake up the next day in her room. Since I don't have perms to the doors to her room, I end up locked inside. While this leads to some opportunities for friendly teasing, it is definitely inconvenient if she doesn't happen to be logged on when I show up. Obviously, if I weren't a friend she could trust this could be pretty serious. My involved character is Kyleshandra. I hope this helps. On the suggestion of the CA, I will try pushing the bed as far as possible away from the doors and the stairway to see if proximity to floor openings makes a difference. If you have any further questions, please contact me here, in game, or at Thank you