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  1. PC - Theino the Fletcher

    Awesome, thanks for the response! I didn't market him as INCREDIBLE CHARACTER MUST SEE MUST BUY NOW. I literally called him a Fletcher, as that's what he is.
  2. PC - Theino the Fletcher

    Everyone hates Fletchers?
  3. PC - Theino the Fletcher

    bump Also, WTS
  4. PC - Theino the Fletcher

    Can I have a PC on Theino please? No premium time Prayer Affinity idk what gear he has, but probably not valuable, so not worth considering. Probably still has tools/toolbelt. Fletching 95.378555 10th Overall Carpentry 87.880325 257th Overall Hammer 64.565640 499th Overall Archery 33.595093 493rd Overall Pickaxe 27.827335 Mining 26.300177 Body Control 24.382430 Mind Logic 24.009083 Miscellaneous Items 23.722322 Long Bow 22.219400 Thanks!
  5. Ebonaura's welcome back to Wurm.

    Teamspeak is a requirement to play with us insignificant folk.
  6. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

  7. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    Daily bump
  8. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    Daily bump!
  9. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    After weekend bump
  10. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    Daily bump
  11. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    Nooooo!! lol... I see what you did there though I have a Low weight butchering knife that I'd like to supreme up if possible.
  12. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    I'd be willing to spend a little more for one. What do you think I'm trying to create? If you actually guess it, I'll answer truthfully!
  13. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    Thank you for the information! Can you sell me one?
  14. WTB Rare or Supreme Bone

    I don't know how much a Supreme Bone sells for, but I have the moneys for one. Rare also accepted, but supreme preferable.
  15. WTS Rares/Supremes/Misc

    I'm interested in the Rare Stone Chisel. Can you CoD it to a freedom alt, from a freedom alt? If so, please send it to "ProgressiveHouse"? Thanks!