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Found 14 results

  1. Currently when a Valrei mission expires or is completed, any Valrei creatures that spawned due to the mission are left behind roaming the server. This leads to large amounts of drake spirits, eagle spirits and even the dreaded "avenger of the light" wandering around the server, often clumping up near server borders. This server border hugging is especially bad when combined with the instability issues people often experience when interacting with the border themselves; with people crashing, dropping out of boats and just generally getting stuck. This is annoying enough without being hounded by 20+ eagle spirits whilst it's happening. The biggest issue however, is it makes for a very poor experience for new players. It's one thing avoiding bears and wolves in the forest as a newer player, but it is a game breaking experience running into a near unkillable, faster than a horse, kill you in 2 hits, Avenger. This sort of creature would be fine if it was a rarity, as with uniques, but they are in fact extremely common. Upon the mission ending, I would suggest: Making all Valrei spawned creatures automatically despawn or Increasing their aging by a large multiple.
  2. Adjusted fireplace height so there's no z-fighting with floor above Added LOD for trellises, fireplace, large/small crates, bsb, fsb, large chest, oven, shard/ore piles, banners, flags, bee hive, still Added creature LODs: Deer, Stag, Pig Added winter textures for new pavement types Added unique seasonal textures for orange tree Fixed male player zombie eyes introduced in this update
  3. We had the burger king crown... Can we at least get the burger king "Noble King Theatrical Quality Adult Costume"
  4. I recently received a potion of water walking from a Valrei mob, and talking to other players and mods, it seems it is pretty rare but not working as intended. There is no way to use this item! Thanks.
  5. Recently acquired a Potion of Water Walking from a Valrei mob.. Anyone know what it is? It doesn't appear you can use it yet, and there is not much info on it. Thanks.
  6. Unlike the crown and finger, the hover over message for the rod just says 'Rod of beguiling effect'. There is no solid information stating what it does and why its worth carrying an extra 5kg about. There has been rumors of 10% more damage, increased hit chance and all sorts... but no solid confirmation... More details please!
  7. WTB Bag of Keeping or mBoK. PM offers
  8. PoK's Get Info ability should work on non-aggressive animals as well as you can only use it once per day.
  9. So, from what I've seen, the last cast of RoS in celebration was a few months ago. Seems like it should be ready to cast again, or close to it at least. Are there any current plans for the next cast?
  10. I am looking to buy a few/bundle of HOTS banners, will negotiate price on them and such. hoping to get them asap >
  12. Like the title says I have two BoK's for sale. They are 99.00 ql, which is how they came. They have 2.85 dmg, and 2.7 dmg. These BoK's are located on Independence at the Freedom Market. For people who may not know these bags are great for storing small trinkets you may need, but don't want to have to worry about such as the keys to your chests. They also can hold things like first aid kits to go hunting with, or to help keep the rot of your meals when out traveling. Here is a picture of both bags. The spyglass in the picture is not included in the sale. You can get one for 60E or both for 110E.
  13. I just got 15 meditating and would like to join the path of knowledge. The wiki, and some players said to make a flat sand tile next to water and meditate on it, but that isn't working for me. Any suggestions? Screenshot of the tile I made: