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Found 12 results

  1. Ever have it where you know you're going to get some sleep bonus from the hamsters going on strike? Or want to complete that journal entry and get the rewards? But - oh no! You already have full sleep bonus! I suggest that we could be able to bottle our sleep bonus to keep it for future use. We could use these bottled bonuses whenever we wanted, like sleep powders. But to avoid crashing the powder market, perhaps they could be untradable and undroppable. Then we could have a nice bank of bonus that would otherwise go to waste.
  2. Hi, Looking for some SB. At least 10 SB might need more. Message me In game "Arka" or here.
  3. Want to sell 15xSleep powders 1S each can deliver in xanadu.
  4. I would like to buy/earn sleep bonus powders. Buy 100x+ 60c each (60s for 100 powers) 50x-99x+ 70c each (35s for 50 powder) 25x-49x 80c each (20s for 25 powder) 10x-24x 90c each 1x-9x 1s each Earn Will also imp* Smithing/Leatherworking items to 75ql for 80c credit, 85ql for 90c credit, 90ql imp for 1s credit. if it's really difficult I might ask to readjust the credit for the imp (needle,anvil). *great way to get your armor re-imped If you have SB powders and want to trade or sell to me, and these suggested rates are confusing, PM me and we will work something out. Very Respectfully, Deathangel
  5. I'd love a (simple?) mod that lets us set the amount of SB gained per hour of sleeping, as well as the max sleep bonus that can be stored up from sleeping. Possibly even a setting for how much the skill gain multiplier gives when SB is activated.
  6. Pretty simple suggestion, just extend the sleep bonus cap for loyal players who want to go on long grinds or stuff. Something like 30 mins per 6 months of premium you have/had up to 1 hour of sleep bonus added to the cap (per year) if you were prem for 12 months in the past, or bought prem for 12 months. It won't imbalance the game, just help grinders (which is pretty much 90% of the wurm population anyway or so? ) and reward those who've been playing and paying for a while now. For example if you've paid for 36 months of prem in the past, your cap for SB would be at 8 hours. Would be nice for people who go on vacations and come back with more sleep bonus to get better skills in their adventures and so forth.
  7. Change the bar to bright orange. Right now, it is hard to tell if active by the slight change from grey to grey! When active make it bright orange, so it stands out among all the other bars.
  8. So, 1 sleep powder is 1 hour of sleep bonus. Sleep powders show to be made from wheat. My suggestion is... Let us store sleep bonus in self-made sleep powders. It would be a good trading asset but to prevent people from getting too rich or from making this exploitable, we could allow it after, for example, 25 soul skill or 30 mind skill or 30 favor or whatever you people would see fit. People don't max sleep bonus however. I never have to be honest. That's what would still make sleep powder something extraordinary, so no big impact on the economy.
  9. Remove the sleep bonus cap for premium. SB cap causes unfair sleep time rewards and promotes feelings of unfair compensation. 1. Remove the Sleep bonus cap. 2. Consider reducing the standard SB compensation/gift/apology/whatever-you-want-to-call-it allocation. Five hours might be a bit to high if the SB cap was removed. The one game balance issue regards free to play. It doesn't feel right that someone can make a f2p alt and log it out in a bed for 6 months (log in once a month to stop deletion). Then play with sb for weeks if not months. Why do I think this is a good idea? Well there are three indisputable facts that pretty much sum up why. 1. Sleeping in a bed penalizes anyone who happens to sleep in a bed for more then 5 days. First we address player A who doesn't play for 6 days out of the week and sleeps in a bed for the whole time. On Sunday the player puts in about 11 hours play session and sleeps in bed for the remainder of the day. Lets calculate total sleep time: [13 hours(Sunday) + (6 days x 24 hr)] x 60 min is 9420 min; This divided by 24 (24 rl min. sleep = 1 min sb) is 392.5 SB minuets. BUT, the player only gets 300 because 300 min is 5 hours or the cap on SB. Now we have player B who plays every day. Shim also plays a total of about 11 hours a week. If B plays for 69 minuets a day and sleeps for the rest it will be 1371 minuets sleeping. This is about 57 minuets of sleep bonus every day. B is able to use every minuet of sleep bonus and never gets limited by the cap. A and B both play for about 11 hours week and sleep the rest of the time. B get all and A is denied the benefit of an hour and half of sleep bonus time. note...if player A happens to have a strange schedule where say shim can only play for say 1 week out of month the fairness of SB allocation is even worse. 2. Next we have the good old situation where something undesirable happens and Wurm's leader, Rolf, caps out everyone's sleep bonus to 5 hours. There are many different angles we can look at this but I choose to focus on the facts. And that is, players with more SB stored up when Rolf does this are given less. 3. Removing the cap DOES NOT increase how fast people get SB. People with lots of SB would have that because they slept in a bed and saved it up.
  10. I am curious as to why we don't get sleep powder when we purchase premium time in game? I sold a heap of stuff to get 10s together to buy premium and got no sleep powder. Why? Can we please get an hour of sleep bonus if we purchase premium time in game? Thanks.
  11. For sale sleep powder x6 Price: 8s for all Location: Exodus Pick up only at x23 y31 Sandhill area.
  12. Hello, Its spring in Wurm again and time to cast RoS. Dadd has kindly promised to cast the spell and he will do it around 9pm gmt tomorrow 11.8. Pleas tell your friends! Estimated cast time: 11.8. 21:00 GMT If you don't know what is RoS: In case some priest needs help to burn current sb, i personally offer some help: http://forum.wurmonl...ems-x70-1524ql/ Thanks Dadd EDIT: Coundown link: http://www.timeandda...=Rite of Spring EDIT2: ROS is being postponed due to timer being reset by the restart. We try again next weekend about same time. I update this post & countdown timer later next week. Sorry for any trouble caused. EDIT3: New cast time: 18.8. 21:00 GMT This is still estimate, hopefully it will be possible by then. Countdown timer updated: http://www.timeandda...=Rite of Spring EDIT4: New cast time: 19.8. 20:00 GMT Countdown timer updated: http://www.timeandda...=Rite of Spring EDIT5: Succeed at [20:03:17] You feel enlightened. (gmt) Thanks Dadd! Can close this tread now.