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  1. WTB High end priest

    Bump still looking
  2. 45 Degree Wall/Fence

    Precisely why it's there. I had to ensure you understood the suggestion.
  3. Team Map (in-game)

  4. 45 Degree Wall/Fence

    Bump for my favorite old suggestion, possibly could be looked at with new viewpoints
  5. +1 I want to run like the wind!
  6. Climbing Gear! Every wurmians must have There's so many different directions you could run with this but simply my suggestion is the addition of a tool like a climbing pick or gear like climbing boots to assist climbing. Even if its as simple as a stam loss reduction at the expense of needing to maintain the gear as it damages quickly from use. Any other ideas on what type of gear would fit into Wurms environment? Help me climb Xanadu!
  7. WTB High end priest

  8. WTB High end priest

  9. Plaque

  10. WTB High end priest

  11. What has made you hate Wurm?

    Account selling is also one of the small details that also shows how much some enjoy the game. People wouldn't invest the amount they do into characters if wurm wasn't the game it is. There's none other like it and im doubtful there will be another. You can pull bad points like lag out of any game, games released last month by top devs still experience lag Graphics definitely need some tlc but the core of the game is second to none imho