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  1. Just thought i'd let you know that i'm on no man's sky now, As eyerobot61 on steam and the game.  We gave up wurm forever.  No way to make money ingame, Means no way i'm paying for this crappy game anymore.  But no man's sky is great.  So friend me if you want on steam.  eyerobot61

  2. Could a change or update in Java cause additional lag?
  3. could have a priest head to chaos and summon you
  4. Communication and transparency regarding future plans would definitely be an improvement to Wurm... along side many games I've seen. But for the size of WO and how long its been out, i do have to say (in my opinion) the staff has done a great job keeping it running.
  5. LoL another public QQ? ran myself outta popcorn with the last rant from that area
  6. All Gone!

    Can you cod the unenchaned horse shoes snd rare knife to ronanxx?
  7. I play on a 65" 4k tv, still very easy to read. Perhaps settings?
  8. Definitely drama for the sake of everyone's entertainment, why else bring such a pointless argument to a public forum?
  9. This thread makes me want to deed nearby too just to join in all the fun ?
  10. can hitch them, cant see why riding would be a prob. +1
  11. i'll try to pop in and lend a hand =D
  12. Barber

    Could use a hand mirror