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Found 87 results

  1. WTB gems, 20i per QL, 5s minimum. I will come get them. I don't like haggling, please don't try to negotiate with me. I thank you gem seller
  2. Hi there have some gems of varying qualities.. etc.. opal- 47.00, 19.08ql diamonds- 50.43, 24.88, 22.96, 5.43, 1.00ql emeralds- 14.80, 6.95, 46.73, 24.00, 51.78, 88.57, 44.62, 28.07, 0.97, 58.42, 84.95ql saphire- 40.00. 30.00, 62.67, 42.00ql total at 10ql and above = 942,55 4 silver total less than 10ql = 14,35 so 20 copper ... total of both 4.2 silver or best offer... spatula oak 89coc 20 ql best offer.. gems sold pending delivery sorry for not updating sooner..
  3. I have some gem in a chest I would like to sell.
  4. As title says: I'm selling 13.4k of total ql in gems @50iron/ql, minimum order ql amount is 1000ql Drop a pm on the forums or pm me ingame. Macoofer
  5. closed

    900QL in gems and a few source crystalls. 5.5s
  6. What you are bidding on are a bundle of gems. Starting bid: 25s Min. Increase: 1s Sniper: protection: 30min Buyout: 40s Buyer pays cod. Auction ended. Gems bought at buyout price.
  7. wts star emerald 35ql - - 3s
  8. The current gems, or roughs, can keep their current usages. Perhaps a subskill under masonry, akin to stonecutting. Use same chisel or multiple tools? Chisel, pelt, water, .... Gem cutting would serve the purpose of enhancing the roughs gems in their ql, base value, and etc. Successful attempt on say a diamond creates a faceted (different term?) diamond with higher stats. The exact boosts from a success would be skill dependent, hence higher skill means a better chance at high boosts. I'll leave exact numbers, formulas, and caps to the devs for balance reasons. A fail could range from slight damage and a loss in actual gem ql to the gem being destroyed. Gem powder? Thoughts. Comments.
  9. Hello guys! Prices: Less than 10 = 2c/ql More than 10 = 1c/ql Will cod as soon as possible IGN: Panquecca
  10. Asking for 18 Silvers. Pick up North Exodus C18 igm - or delivery can be arranged for an extra Silver (no delivery to Xanado, nor Chaos).
  11. auctioning 83.40 ql Supreme Emerald Starting Bid - 10 s Bid Increments- 50 c No Reserve 1 hour Sniper
  12. PM OblongNoodle in game with offers.
  13. Looking to sell items below, please PM me with offers: *Note* All items must be picked up from Xanadu B18 or mailed. 10% discount offered for gem purchases in euros instead of coin. 3 Gold Coins Left White Dragon Skull Red Dragon Skull Supreme Hatchet 90ql 77CoC 93WoA 100Imbue - 60s or best offer Supreme Horseshoe 90ql 90WoA Rare Horseshoe 90ql 87WoA Rare Huge Axe 71ql 76MS 80CoC 93LT 80Nim Animal Demise Rare Needle 74CoC 73WoA Rare Hammer 90ql 91CoC Rare Stone Chisel 81ql 76CoC 81WoA Rare Awl 81ql 96CoC Rare Willow Longbow 80ql 80CoC 75Nim Rare Leather Knife 81ql 88CoC Rare Sickle 79ql 81MS 92CoC 85LT 79Nim Animal Demise Meditation Rug 1ql 103CoC Spyglass 15 LW Potions AVG 71ql 7 SC Potions AVG 79ql - 1s per or best offer 10 WS Potions AVG 92ql 15 WC Pitions AVG 84ql 5 WC Potions AVG 71ql - 2s per 10,000ql+ of Gems under 10ql - 1.5c per ql or 1.25c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) Hundreds of Gems over 10ql - 0.5c per ql or .3c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) *Note* All accounts are out of premium Accounts for sale: Bunnybaby Male Vynora Priest - 100Faith 57Prayer (Enchant Grass Ability, works while nonprem too) - 35e Vyncake Female Vynora Priest - 82Faith - 15e Magbagel Male Magranon Priest - 72Faith - 20e MexicanPotatoNahjo Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoCrunch Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoSauce Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e Also accepting offers on the two accounts below: Female Vynora Priest - Enchant Grass Male - Lvl 12 Path of Knowledge (Best offer 330USD)
  14. As title 45200ql of gems all of them 10+ql pm me I'm thinking 1.5g or 150e takes all or we can do it per ql at 35i per ql.
  15. Hi im selling +9000 ql gems 90S 28 sleep powder 25S Bump - never caught the guy So all items are still for sale
  16. sold

    50ql Star Sapphire - 2s
  17. As the title states I have a LOT of gems to sell and a few left over Rare and Supreme tools! PM me here or leave a comment with your offers! No set prices for the tools, Gems are 1c/ql can be sold in 3 lots (each bowl) or 70s for ALL the gems.
  18. It would be really cool if we could link with gems that are vesseled as well as other priests. (Maybe at the same time? Maybe not?) This would provide more functionality to gems and make vesseling more useful, and provide an alternative to vesseling gems specifically for xp. I don't believe it would be overpowered because the more favor you vessel for linking, the faster your gems will be eaten up(Using current vesseling functionality). Thoughts?
  19. WTB Gems Bulk delivered to Xanadu K18 Paying 0.5c/q.
  20. wtb gem staff with enchantments Diamond staff Emerald staff Opal staff Ruby staff Sapphire staff
  21. Rares! 1#Rare Pointing sign - 2s ​2#Rare forge - 5s only (pick up) ​3#Rare longsword 77ql 79N 84coc - 8s 4# Rare ropetool 83woa 77coc - 8s 5# 10x rare cordage ropes (cod or pick up) Gifts! 6# Fireworks 239ql (3x) - 1s 7#Spyglass - 3s (only pick up) 8#Spyglass - 3s only pick up) 9#Garden Gnome - 4s 10#Yule Goat - 2s 11# Snow Lantern -1s 12# Snow Lantern -1s 13#Valentines - 1s 14#Valentines - 1s 15#Valentines - 1s 16# Soft Cap - 1s 17# Source 5.57 (5570 Karma) - 5s Gems 18#Star Diamond - 1.5s 19#Gems 494ql - 3s only pick up) Weapons: 20#Small axe 61 nimb - 20c 21#Small Maul 94RT 18N 55C - 2s 22#Large Axe 80nimb 70FB - 1s 23#Longbow 90nimb - 2s only pick up) Tools: 24#rake 75coc -30c 25#Sickle 89coc - 2s 26#Carving knife botd81 -1s 27#Oakenwood ropetool 79woa 50coc - 80c 28#Butchering knife 81woa 82coc - 1.5s 29#Stone chisel 85coc - 1s 30# (45.00) WIne 76ql - 4s Only pick up 31# (31.38) Wine 76ql - 3s Only pick up
  22. Paying 0.5c/q. I might be able to pick up if in Xan.
  23. Iam now returing to the game after some time off.. and i need to get silver to my prem so i need to sell some of my items.. 540,99QL (21gems 10QL<). 7,5S 185,26 (43gems 10QL>). 2,5S marchant contract. 9s gnome (1QL). 3,5s Sold Buy all 20S Located on Xanadu