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  1. I have moved permanently to Defiance. My loss is your gain. Just want to concentrate on Defi char. ALL OFFERS ACCEPTED !!! Dagon Fel is located on D14 on Anvil Lake. It is just above the water, with water rights on deeded area. It is accessible by ship through boat tunnel from the coast. Sale will include all Bulk Items, Merchant (accessible to public), Storage, Carts, Horses, Meditation rugs, Tapestries, Forges, Larder, Loom, etc everything. Comes with a deep mine down to water. Iron, Lead, etc. a 2 story downstairs bulk storage and upstairs bank vault style with individual rooms. A 4 story workshop below and living quarters above with penthouse. 99% of this place was the work of 1 person over 3-4 years, it has been crafted with love. It’s carved into a mountain and only needs a few stone wall built to be completely walled in. I had started a road to glass hollow through the mountain as well but life did not let me continue much further. The entire hidden walkway on the shoreline was also done by said person. the sail ship and more have a deep area with private boat launch and dock on deeded water rights. Will come with some horses, large cart, small sail ship, items, a merchant and stall, and everything involved.
  2. Hello, could go for 12s thanks.
  3. I could go for 12S if you are wiling =].
  4. When there is few sounds playing, the game is not so stuttering, but when there is lots of sounds like riding a Cart with 2 horses, multiple enemies walking, etc, the game starts to crawl and stutter much more frequently. Still stutters but much less, if you just walk vs taking a horse or cart with 2 horses.
  5. After some testing, I am fairly sure this stuttering is due to in-game audio. Can someone look into this please ?
  6. I get these Micro Stutters as well now. They used to exist but were fixed for the longest time until this new launcher came about. Now it's a constant micro stutter every few seconds .... Hard to enjoy it like this. i7 6700k @ 4.6ghz GTX 1080 64GB DDR4 RAM Wurm on SSD
  7. 10 / 10, great comunication and instructions. Easy and painless, look forward to doing business with you again Thassadar.
  8. Yes they can, and I have sent 4 with a "bulk" price. [07:58:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you.
  9. Selling x21 Sleep Powders. 20s takes them all. Located D14 Xanadu. Also have x20 Yellow Potions for sale. Thank you.