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  1. WTS Cleanup Sale

    10 / 10, great comunication and instructions. Easy and painless, look forward to doing business with you again Thassadar.
  2. WTS Cleanup Sale


    Close please. Thank you.
  4. WTS 20 silver

  5. WTS x21 Sleeping Powder

    Yes they can, and I have sent 4 with a "bulk" price. [07:58:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you.
  6. WTS bulk goods and silver coins (dirt, mortar, bricks, planks, etc.)

    Fast, Fair, and Honest. 10/10 would do business again.
  7. WTS x21 Sleeping Powder

    RESERVED: Sleeping Powders for ntstlkr.
  8. WTS x21 Sleeping Powder

    Selling x21 Sleep Powders. 20s takes them all. Located D14 Xanadu. Also have x20 Yellow Potions for sale. Thank you.
  9. I have returned from a 3 month business trip to France. You will be seeing me Active again. Thank you for your patience with my departure. I look forward to strengthening our bonds.
  10. WTS 120s for 1€/s [Close pls]

    10/10, very fast and honest. Would trade with again. Thank you. +rep
  11. Thanks Yldrania, I'm now acquaintances with more people than I thought even existed on this giant island.
  12. Wind sounds in buildings

    Why is there not more activity on this ?
  13. Dagon Fel

    Deed now has a Bank/Storage System. Will be updating Photos soon. Also there is an **INCOMPLETE** Road System headed to Glass Hollow from the deed.
  14. WTS x17 Sleep Powder and x17 Yellow Potions

    For sale; x17 Yellow Potions x17 Sleeping Powders Located at D14, possible delivery. PM me ingame, @HeWhoHordesManyPillowsor reply here. Thanks for looking.
  15. Wind sounds in buildings

    +1 for immersion. The rain is culled when under a conopy/roof afair. Should be possible with the sound as well. It's implemented when entering a Cave, so a Building should also be possible.