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  1. Auctioning my last beauty ♥ Rare exquisite meditation rug - 64QL - Clean Starting bid: 5s Increment: 50c Buyout: 10s Snipe protection: 1h And thanks very much!
  2. [10:24:04] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  3. At this moment we can only Dye some parts of some cloth equipments, which seems strange considering the number of metal and leather we can actually Paint the whole amor. Full houses and ships, and even giant colossus statues can be painted. So as a Tailor, and lover of the Cloth armor, could we get a way to paint Cloth sleeves and Jacket too? (but specially the red jacket) I bet a lot of Priests, archers and Fashion lovers will love this Tyvm! Edit: I mean for the color to actually be displayed, because we already can paint it (and Im pretty sure my settings are ok)
  4. Its time to auction my little beauty for you all to keep my deed up Rare Exquisite meditation rug - 83 QL (You can decrease QL in a forge if needed) Perfect for trying to CoC it, getting some easy answers, or decreasing QL for better gains! Starting bid: 6s Increment: 1s Snipe protection: 1h Buyout: 12s One day and a half to make sure everybody sees it Gl and happy wurming!
  5. Amazing pizzas! Fast deliver and incredibly 8h20m buff Tyvm for that! Will order more as soon as mine is over
  6. Hey, its you Galigan I'll try pming you to check if you have the cloth affinity