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Found 19 results

  1. The sleep bonus pool should be shared between all servers in the Northern Isles cluster; Defiance, Harmony, and Melody. For example, if you have 3 hours of sleep bonus on one server, you have 3 hours on all the servers. If you use up 20 minutes on one server, you lose 20 minutes on all the servers. Seeing as account/character skills mostly cross between servers, it makes sense for the sleep bonus to cross too. This would stop people feeling like they're forced to play on any specific server in order to use up their sleep bonus, and instead give them the freedom to grind wherever they please.
  2. I'd love a (simple?) mod that lets us set the amount of SB gained per hour of sleeping, as well as the max sleep bonus that can be stored up from sleeping. Possibly even a setting for how much the skill gain multiplier gives when SB is activated.
  3. want to sell my set : 90e paypal 1e = 1.2 usd rate thank you
  4. Browsing the town square, I saw a topic regarding fatigue timer. A couple other people and I were looking into an idea that might not satisfy everyone affected, but could always help anyways. I know that the spell wisdom of vynora can take away some fatigue time in order to add sleep bonus is a thing and so there are people in that area who might be running into fatigue issues. Another understandable complaint is people talking about how long you have to wait in order to get full fatigue time back. I would say a proposed solution should be to implement the option for a rocking chair/recliner chair to allow one to recover fatigue vs sleep bonus or even allow some sort of half and half. I would think since you get 1 hour of fatigue every 3 hours irl, that the rate of recovery should be at x4 for fatigue so that you get 4 hours of fatigue a day vs the 1 hour you get of sleep bonus. In this way, you can have a full 12 hours of fatigue after a day(8 hours after 24 irl hours + 4 hours of fatigue bonus sleeping). This will make furniture useful somewhat. ______ Second idea would to make sitting at a table in a chair while eating also recover roughly 30-45 seconds of fatigue per 1% of food you recover when eating at a table. This would also give some use to these things in the game. ____ I know these suggestions are not perfect and I know not everyone will like them. This is only an attempt to try and give some reasonable solution that can probably be implemented much better than I am stating. Feel free to let me know what you think and even add your own ideas. I would also like to thank Pearjade and Seriphina for helping me with a back and forth on this.
  5. Hello, it seems the wiki doesn't have plenty of informations about Tosiek? ALL other gods have informations about bonus and passives, but not Tosiek. In case if someone knows and doesn't want to keep it a secret, could you share it? I would like to perhaps make my Tosiek follower-char a Tosiek priest, but i don't know about the passives for priest, nor follower bonus. Afaik spell list on wiki is complete. thanksalot for shared info!
  6. Just a sudden idea, On the yellow potions that allow shape change( I mean this respectively...though it would be nice to have the traits of the creature shape-changed into). Could we also offer bonuses from them? . Since its a bonus for paid accounts, could they be used as a chance to make a rarity chance pouring on an item to say add .05 chance or event bonus window to create rare or even a flat out 5% chance when poured over an item to create a "rare" item?(If this were the case they would undoubtedly sell for a silver each or less and the balance would be someone spending 10 silver for a chance to make a rare would limit what a person would want to spend). They are a gratuity for "paid accounts"(to/for which I say thank you) but why not even offer the following: add a quality or bonus to spell increase on item, have the effect of a supreme or fantastic sacrifice when quaffed(random effect to a skill gain), bonus to rarity window or similar effect as bonuses to settlements on deed tokens, or increase effectiveness/longevity of other potions or in creation of other potions made from/with the blood under the crafting window, (what about a chance(after "tasting") to be any one of the previous bonuses- yellow potion). Just a beginning idea for making the yellow potions more worthy of being sought after. What do you think? Would increase the desirability to purchase more account time too. Back to the game.
  7. So, 1 sleep powder is 1 hour of sleep bonus. Sleep powders show to be made from wheat. My suggestion is... Let us store sleep bonus in self-made sleep powders. It would be a good trading asset but to prevent people from getting too rich or from making this exploitable, we could allow it after, for example, 25 soul skill or 30 mind skill or 30 favor or whatever you people would see fit. People don't max sleep bonus however. I never have to be honest. That's what would still make sleep powder something extraordinary, so no big impact on the economy.
  8. I have 3 powder's that will give you 1day (24Hours) of sleep EACH. I dont have any use for this so i think i would sell them. i will sell them for 1s each!!! so what do you wait for!!! this is a realy REALY good deal.. it can be deliverd to ANY starter town on the map Xanadu! EDIT: just to clarify for the people that are to DAME lazy to read and look in to what is written 24 Hours of sleep (offline time) gives you 1 Hour of sleep bonus. Sleep powder gives you 1 hour of sleep bonus.. 24H of sleep gives you 1 hour of sleep bonus..
  9. Hello I have 4 units of sleeping powder I am wanting to sell in bulk for 4 silver, what does it do well. [16:11:59] This greyish powder, when consumed, will give 1 hour sleep bonus. what means you gain x3 in whatever skills you are doing. PM with offers in game.
  10. The notion is that priests get a little more from meditation than your average player. Some benefits are universal to all priests, some are faith specific. A few possible (just ideas to illustrate) examples are : Path of Knowledge (1) All priests gain a spell that allows them to divine the creator of an object (10 favor, 30 difficulty). Path of Knowledge (8) - Priest may convert favor into karma at a rate of 5 karma per favor. Path of Love (9) - All priests gain double the duration from "love effect". Fo priests get a buff to their charm spell (boosts loyalty up to 70 on a cast). Vyn gains a spell that allows sea creatures to be charmed. Mag gains a bonus to dominatoin duration. Lib priests can now tame without the need to corrupt. Path of Power (7) - All priests are able to enchant arrows at 1/20 of the cost. Path of Power (11) - All priests save fo gain a bonus to spell damage, fo priests get a bonus to buff duration. Path of Insanity (7) - Blink becomes a little more stable, preventing teleportation in a mob's aggro range and on tiles that will inflict damage. Path of Insanity (4) - Spells become more unstable, giving a larger range of results (higher chance of critical fails and critical successes). Path of Insanity (12) - Can, at the cost of 30 favor (60 difficulty), manifest a hallucination to attack a target (drawing aggro and disrupting animal "rage" level, but doing no damage) for a short time, will only work on mobs. The idea is to give priests 15 unique traits and abilities based on their meditation path to flesh out the link between enlightenment and faith. I would strongly suggest that these are all geared towards PvE and, possibly, not possible on PvP servers since I dislike hearing "baaaawww balance" as a reason to crush an idea Optional Extra : A similar system with sorcery would be very interesting, with priests gaining a lesser version of any spell they learn via sorcery that can be cast with faith. Perhaps even granting extra sorcery spells when a certain spell and meditation requirement are met.
  11. For sale sleep powder x6 Price: 8s for all Location: Exodus Pick up only at x23 y31 Sandhill area.
  12. Selling this chain set. Start bid: 7sIncrements:50cBuyout offers considered.No reserve.2 days run time, sniper protection of 30 minutes. It is a full set of 85ql chain enchanted with high aosp. The 70ql a84 helm is included for those that want the best head protection, as coifs are not high end by any means. edit; accepting private bids etc
  13. it's pretty much as the topic states, when for example my net drops and my priest has a reconnect my faith bonus is gone from spelleffects. and doesnt seem to want to activate after that either.
  14. I mainly have two questions regarding village bonuses, however, I am sure many others have lots more. I would like some clarification from a dev if possible regarding these bonuses and how they work. If you are not a dev but have done some experimentation of your own, please feel free to contribute and indicate that you have done some experiments. If you have an idea about how you think it should work based on logic I would prefer that you try your best to resist posting, however, if you must, please indicate that you have not done any experiments to validate your claim. My two questions are: If I am a villager of deed A and I go over to deed B and sacrifice items, which deed will get the village bonus? If I am a villager of deed A and I go over to deed B and enchant items (woa, coc, etc.), will i receive the village bonus of deed A or deed B? Once again, it would be great to get a definitive answer from a dev regarding these questions. Thank you in advance.
  15. Muspellsheimr Kastali will be doing an RoS cast this Sunday at 8PM London Time. Make sure to burn up your sleep bonus by then! Countdown: For anyone interested in joining us, we are located at (8x, 55y) on the Indepenence Community Map. It is easiest to get to us by boat, but there are roads around the coastline to us from Akhenaten and Phoenix Enterprises. We need two more high faith Vynora priests to join us in casting if anyone can help. Thanks!
  16. All Vynora followers that can be online saturday should empty all their sleep bonus because another 5 hours will be awarded when the spell is completed. Location: Marianople (x26,y5-6) Priests: Bathor(70F, 55C), Abarec(72F, 43C), WhyKillme(70F, 70C), Acaos(74F + 55F), Melaquinn(64F), Shindar(??Faith, ??Channelling) Time of cast: 9pm(gmt+2), 7pm (UK), 2pm (EST), 11am (PST) We need more able priests to attend the meeting. Please leave your reply if you are a true believer and wish to attend this ceremony and be bathed in Vynora's grace. EDIT: I hope all the listed priests will still attend.
  17. I had a thought, maybe give new players bedroll in the starter packs. Could let them gain very small sleep bonus till they get settled. Can only be used outside on ground or possibly in a tent if the ability to make one was added. Just an idea
  18. Id really like to see more added to Alchemy options added. Things that could be added are 1. Healing potions that heal a small amount of damage 2. Maybe buffs that give you short time bonus to fighting skills or any skills depending on what was used to make the potion or drink. 3. Poisons that could be used to coat weapons and last for one or 2 hits on a creatures. 4. Maybe speed potions they allow you to buff your own speed or your horses speed for a short time maybe per 20 tiles of movement or something just far enough for a pack of creatures to loose agro. 5. Flight a short flying Potion make it more like jump even or slow fall so if you run out of stamina climbing a massive hill you could then drink the potion and not take damage on the way down. Anything added to this skill would be amazing, at this stage just HC's is not enough... It would make for more interesting magical classes too maybe limit it to priests only. I would love to see something like this added cause right now it's lacking big time. P.s Leave your thoughts on good potions and poisons that "could" be added. How would they work? what benefits would they give? what damage would they do? lets get the ball rolling and try get some great additions to the Alchemy skill.
  19. I'm just wondering and I do sincerely apologize if this has been posted before, but How long does the newbie bonus last? 24 lifetime hours or 24 gameplay hours, or what?