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Found 12 results

  1. Ashfall is a broken land. A war broke out between two factions the gods had to intervene. For life to persist, the Gods had to destroy almost all the life that was there before. A big volcano erupting blew tons of dust over the world covering it in ash and snow for hundreds of years to put it to sleep. Some survivors got put into stasis by the gods to return later. Survivors began to call the world Ashfall. The Ash being imbued with godly magic turned the surviving people sick. Over time humanity developed a certain resistance against the magic fallout but people were still prone to Ashpest. Their bodies skin heavily reacting to the poisonous waters developing pustules that cause slimey smeary stinky pus to form. After the Flask of vynora was found those poisonous waters turned back into clear rivers. (more Lore can be found here) Settings: TLDR: As close to WO as possible with QOL and not THAT long timers. RP - PVE mixed with PVP. The 4 Starter Kingdoms are PVE-Enforced Zones no player can hurt you there, but beware of the guards. Either sneak around them or become allies with the other kingdom! The Center Area is marked as PVP and can be conquered by your kingdom. (Check out the Livemap to see the zones!) custom map, with regional ores, ressources and regional flora! 1x Skill Gain 1x Fighting Boost 2x Action Timer Deeding costs (twice WO price to disincentivise 1 Person deeds (which are still possible)) Upkeep (twice WO price to disincentivise 1 Person deeds (which are still possible)) No priest restrictions. 5 Prayers per Day Characteristics start at 7 Skills start at 1 NO STARTING GEAR - With the exception of a crude knife and some rock shards...(spawn comes with a free guard tower for protection) bounties 18 hour growth timer. (does not reset on server reboot) Plants need to be Watered to grow (trees still grow but grow faster with watering) Plants and trees can be Fertilized to bear fruit once more. Alchemy to bring spells and enchantments into a bottle! 50,000 mobs – 50% aggressive : endgame mobs do spawn heavily modded: 1 char per player 1 deed founded per SteamId No Voting Rewards - Daily salary of 5 copper if you are active in chat. NO MAP RESET- If the resources run out you can use alchemy to transmute iron or events to get veins Global German and English Channels as well as Help Channel is linked to discord Custom (and wacky - expect kelp on mountains :P) map – 2048×2048 livemap: QOL Settings: Housing: Houses can now be 1.9 times bigger than in vanilla (up to 62 tiles wide on 1x62!) Salary: You will receive a basic Salary of 35 coppers per week. Partaking in public building contracts will reward you some extra cash too! Traders: Every 5 Citizens (and when founding a deed and having atleast 2 citizens) you get a new trader, who will visit your town every week with rotating stock. You have to build a market stall or house for them to arrive! Placing traders otherwise is not allowed, except for buyer and seller merchants. (Other vanilla Trader contracts wont work) You can choose from a seller or a buyer when you reach 40 in any item creating skill and the other trader when reaching 70. This map concept together with mods is the one where we feel like we hit what we wanted 100% A total custom map, with custom ores, and custom flora! Of course the Players can always move or trade ressources, or bushes, or trees or even transform tiles to whats needed. Alchemy plays a heavy role in this duty so, welcome fellow alchemist, you will be needed! The Players have the choice between 4 kingdoms to start, each with their own ressources ( listed below). Tower chaining is required to conquer the kingdom and make use of its ressources and space. The Kingdoms are guard protected PVE-Zones. The central area of the map has all the ressources + Adamantium/Glimmersteel (same % as wo ( so ada = rare and glimmer = extremely rare)). Kingdoms can towerchain into here to claim land and contest for it. So this is the central PVP Zone. The Western Wilds - Domain of Fo: Wilds with dense forests and large amounts of Moss, Grasslands, steppes and peat pits, The humidity allows for jungle-like forest growth. The land is fertile and creatures thrive. The generally good soil supports growth of herbs and flower bushes. Fo's spirit - The symbol of life yet to come - is prevalent in the form of nuts. Trees: Oak, Chestnut, Walnut, Bushes: Hazelnut, Rose, Camilla Resources: Iron, Marble, Zinc, Peat ------------------------------- The Eastern Swamps of Dusk - Domain of Libila: Murky ground with heavy marshes and tarpits. Steppes and deserts as the constantly poisonous waters allow for not much foliage overall which results in less dense but larger spread out forests with resistant tree types . Libilas spirit - the necessary death that follows life as shadow to light - is prevalent in the form of Myzelium which spreads and "corrupts" the lands. Making it easier for the magic life powers to dissolve. Trees: Pine, Birch, Olive, Bushes: Thorn, Blueberry, Oleander, Resources: Iron, Slate, Lead, Tar ---------------------------------- The Southern Shores of Wisdom - Domain of Vynora: Salty sea air doesn't allow for dense tree population. The wet ground has marshy areas but is surprisingly arid but fertile on the main land. Foliage is specialized for Wet climate and nutritious but dry soils. Wet areas support the enrichment of the soil with clay. Vynoras spirit - wisdom and knowledge - come in form of flexible well adapted plants as well as medicinal herbs and silver. Trees: Willow, Linden, Apple, Cherry Bushes: Blue Grapes, Raspberry, Lavender Resources: Iron, Tin, Silver, Clay ---------------------- The Northern Mountains of Want - Domain of Magranon: The mountainous and cold northern regions do not allow for much foliage, so forests are dense but small to defend against cold winds. The climate allows for large tundras and steppes but most of the land is just snowy soil. Magranons spirit which stands for self-improvement and inner fire, the will to change is prevalent in all things. The warmth of molten gold, berries for spirits and maple treas for mead! A Dwarven Paradise. Trees: Fir, Cedar, Maple Bushes: Lingon Berry, White Grapes, Resources: Iron, Copper, Gold, Snow -------------------------- The Melting Pot. - PVP! While the deities are in constant fight for this domain, and balance resides - for the moment - nature gets to grow. The soil as the rock is rich and filled with power. All kinds of plants can grow in this area while all kinds of Ore can be found underground. The magically enriched rock even spouts forth Moon Metals like adamantium and glimmersteel. You will need to contest this area for your Kingdom. You will need to tower chain into it and it is always free for all. Taste your success. While you can. ------------------------------- Already played on Ashfall? Your character is preserved and so are your characteristics. For fairness reasons skills will get a reset however. If you want to start a new char under the same name shoot the GMs a message. Or open a /support ticket. New to Wurm? Dont worry, our helpful community is always eager to show you the ropes! Questions? Shoot straight away! Or Check out the Discord: Release this Saturday at 9:30 PM CEST
  2. Some quality of life improvements for kingdom mechanics: 1) Colour coded local list Other kingdoms and villages that have been declared war upon appear with red names in the local tab aswell as local chat. Thus showing green for allies, red for enemies and white for neutral kingdom members. Removes the need to mailbox check, etc... which is currently just a very odd, clunky and slow workaround that pvpers use to achieve the same result. With this its easier for the newbs and more intuitive. 2) New modifiers dictate the likelyhood of becomming king. 1% is the base chance regardless what the kingdoms size is. +0.1% chance per 100 battlerank above 1000. +0.01% chance per FS level. 3) New mechanic to the duel ring feature For those unaware of how the duel ring works then read the spoiler below. In addition to the current abdication mechanics a player can announce himself as a contender for the rulership. If a ruler remain for the 30 min they keep the rulership. If the ruler fails and there is no contender who has spent 30 min in the ring, then the ruler abdicate. If the ruler fails and there is contenders who have spent 30 min in the ring, then the contender with the highest ammount of time in the ring gets rulership. All contenders can be listed by checking the dueling stone. 4) Village alliances can be made at a distance Similar to how we got /vinvite i suggest the implementation of remote alliance formations using /ainvite. Requires both persons to have the diplomatic role, otherwise a basic "You need the diplomatic role to invite a village to the alliance." or "The person doesn't have the diplomatic role and can't form alliances" is displayed.
  3. ----------PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND---------- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Are you a runescape fan? well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of asgarnia , mithalin , kandarin, and more! kings will be appointed to the different lands of gielinor once built. we reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched ingame to find out more or message me here. ( better chance of reaching me ingame type command /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- ) Food , Water , and Shelter, and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villiagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. CURRENT POPULATION : 6 NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! one on one training and help will be provided ---people of professions needed --- Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Farmers -1 position left- Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) -2 positions left- Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) -1 position left- Butchers Leather workers Explorers ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  4. THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Hello! Im looking for villagers to help assist me in rebuilding the Lands of Gielinor! (RuneScape) Are you a runescape fan? well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of asgarnia , mithalin , kandarin, and more! kings will be appointed to the different lands of Gielinor once built. we reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched ingame to find out more or message me here. ( better chance of reaching me ingame type command /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- ) Food , Water , and Shelter, and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! one on one training and help will be provided for new players CURRENT POPULATION : 8 ---people of professions needed --- Carpenters Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Blacksmiths Farmers Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) Explorers Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) Butchers Chefs Traders ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  5. I suggest the kingdom title equivalent of Court Smith actually help improvement rates so that kingdom smith toon can imp gear to pvp standards at faster rate. I am not sure what % increase in imping would be appropriate, but remember most PMKs have a single shared smithing account that handles most of the kingdom smithing gear demand. Would be nice to see the title help improvement rates a substantial amount. DA
  6. Could someone please tell me how to put freedom as a kingdom to choose on top of the list when joining the server. EXAMPLE :
  7. Hello, I recently setup a server with a custom map. I have sucessfully setup 4 starter towns for each kingdom : JK, MR, HotS, and Freedom. However I noticed an issue upon selecting MR or HotS kingdom players are teleported to the Freedom starter deed, then upon being murdered by spirit guards can properly spawn at the MR or HotS starter town. Has anyone had this issue? Also, how can I remedy this issue? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello Wurmians, I read of many people talking about wanting a PvP server that has 1x Skill timers and 1x Action timers, so I went a head and created one! The map is a 4k x 4k custom map I created and called Wildlands, it has spawns for 4 kingdoms : JK, MR, HotS, and Freedom. The server has officially been up since 11/7 and will be up indefinitely. Currently I want to keep the server pretty vanilla, however I have installed the following mods : - Bounties Mod ( Get money for killing creatures for your deed cost and upkeep. ) - Spell Mod ( No Priest Restrictions, You still are restricted to cast spells from only the god you choose to follow. ) - Announcer Mod ( So you can see when people login. ) - Dig to Ground Mod ( Makes digging a little easier on everyone. ) - Working on getting ServerPacks Mod installation completed soon for ingame map. The link to the map is here : Server IP & Port : Currently having some issues with initial kingdom spawns, but hope to have that resolved as soon as possible! Hope to see you in game, Ronbuan
  9. I've been very interested lately in creating more lore for Wurm. Although it would be fanfiction since the developers would have the final say on official lore, I believe flushing out some temporary lore would be quite fun. I would greatly appreciate some help doing this. The lore and real-time storylines would be quite immersive and lengthy. If you are interested in creative writing and would like to help, listed below are the areas where I could use help: Creating characters Filling in existing back-story Ideas on story direction and plot points (this would be a great opportunity for those who enjoy creative writing to explore pacing and twists) Editing Peer Evaluation Wurm is a wide open slate perfect for story telling and creation. What better world to create history and a compelling story than one of the most intricate life-like games on the market. Serious inquiries only please! Leave your in-game name (if not on Independence please state so and I'll contact you on here) Time frame you'll be able to be reached (including time zone) What area of the process you'd like to be involved in (character creation, plot points, back-story, etc) *All credit will be given where credit is due
  10. Currently 2 servers with 1 more in development/testing. Interactive maps, cluster info and a tutorial on how to install the maps for our servers in to your client can be found with this link. We've been running VWT Home since 23rd of October 2015. VWT Home - 2048x2048, landing server, 8000 creatures (30% hostile), altars VWT South - 4096x4096, 16000 creatures - will be increased once population rises (25% hostile), has a couple of no-PvP zones, altars All new players have the option of 3 kingdoms to join: Freedom Isles (Freedom), Dragonsteel Militia (Mol Rehan based PMK) or Tenebrous Exiles (HotS based PMK) all with their associated newbie villages which have most newbie resources close by. We're currently looking for more active players to join Tenebrous Exiles and Dragonsteel Militia so as to balance the three kingdoms. There is even a spot for an active player to become the King/Queen of Dragonsteel Militia as we already have a King for Tenebrous Exiles. Game mechanic settings: PvP - yes Skillgain - 1x Characteristics start at 20 Fighting starts at 5 All other skills start at 1 Combat rating - 1x Action timers - 1.4x (subject to change) Upkeep is enabled Free deeds are disabled Minimum mining actions - 40 Breeding modifier - 1x Field growth - 8 hours Tree spread - 1x More active players are also needed to become priests and meditation leaders. We're hosting events every month (with prizes or loot) which are decided by polls so the players get to choose what we do that month. Silver (and gold) coins can be made available along with skill dumps from your Wurm Online character should people find playing on our servers enjoyable and wish to donate to the running costs of the servers. If you didn't check out the cluster info link above: to connect to the servers search for "VWT Home" in the server list. The Violent Isles waits for you...
  11. After going through the 5 easy things for PvP thread and seeing the BL need PMK suggestions I took a step back and realised that this was one of the few hard coded things we cannot change as players. I'm always against hard coding where possible and of course that led to this suggestion. It comes in several parts The first is the splitting of the white light, one light for each god. Splitting means a Green Light of Fo, a Blue Light of Vynora, a Red Light of Magranon and of course the Black Light for Libila. Each god gets to be represented as an individual. This will offer up some tactical decisions for kingdoms as outlined below. The second is that religion becomes an individuals choice totally unrelated to to the kingdom you are a part of. When creating the kingdom the whole template thing is dropped. You just make a kingdom and then make of it what you will. This means that each kingdom can legitimately have priests/followers of all four gods. Things like Libila's mycelium influence still stands and her followers can still leech the stuff for sustenance. The third is that the lights are more "involved" with each religion. No building or terra-forming would be allowed within the influence of any of the lights but priests of the appropriate faith within a kingdom could pray and sacrifice to their god at the primary altars. Sufficient effort here grants some small bonuses to those of that faith within the kingdom. It could be as simple as all casts come out +1 power or no shatters. There could be different effects for different gods. The prayer and sacrificing has to be sustained over time to keep the benefits. Efforts from the same faith of another kingdom can wipe those benefits out and they can then try and gain them for themselves. Any kingdom can have a champion of any faith, they simply need a good enough priest to step up. Alternatively if the kingdom template still enforced a "primary" god as part of the kingdoms character, then only priests of that primary god could champion. To then create a "BL" PMK the majority of the population simply choose to be Libila followers. All kingdoms already keep opposing priests for casts, stuck in caves outside of their kingdoms this removes that artificial get around and the priests can be full members of their kingdom. Caveat : - With all spells available within a single kingdom it might be necessary to review some with a mind to balance. - The rules for mycellium spread may have to change. - Other? there is always an other......