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Found 2 results

  1. Some quality of life improvements for kingdom mechanics: 1) Colour coded local list Other kingdoms and villages that have been declared war upon appear with red names in the local tab aswell as local chat. Thus showing green for allies, red for enemies and white for neutral kingdom members. Removes the need to mailbox check, etc... which is currently just a very odd, clunky and slow workaround that pvpers use to achieve the same result. With this its easier for the newbs and more intuitive. 2) New modifiers dictate the likelyhood of becomming king. 1% is the base chance regardless what the kingdoms size is. +0.1% chance per 100 battlerank above 1000. +0.01% chance per FS level. 3) New mechanic to the duel ring feature For those unaware of how the duel ring works then read the spoiler below. In addition to the current abdication mechanics a player can announce himself as a contender for the rulership. If a ruler remain for the 30 min they keep the rulership. If the ruler fails and there is no contender who has spent 30 min in the ring, then the ruler abdicate. If the ruler fails and there is contenders who have spent 30 min in the ring, then the contender with the highest ammount of time in the ring gets rulership. All contenders can be listed by checking the dueling stone. 4) Village alliances can be made at a distance Similar to how we got /vinvite i suggest the implementation of remote alliance formations using /ainvite. Requires both persons to have the diplomatic role, otherwise a basic "You need the diplomatic role to invite a village to the alliance." or "The person doesn't have the diplomatic role and can't form alliances" is displayed.
  2. Hello everyone, I've been playing around with the Mission Ruler a bit this week as I wanted my server to have a little extra content. I've managed to come up with a few things and I'm starting to get a grasp of what it can do. As the Mission Ruler appears to have very little information about it I thought I'd share a couple video tutorials in hopes more people begin to figure out everything this tool can do. I've put everything into a playlist and will continue to add to it as I have more ideas and learn new things. Hope someone finds it useful! Regards, Lord Dan