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Found 5 results

  1. Current Problem Rift Participation Points should be awarded based on effort put in. Currently the system doesn't care about your skill or however much effort you put into fighting. The BEST way for someone to gain participation points is to go around spam targeting mobs in melee range in order to get a "tag". Then when the mob dies with your tag on it you get points. Imagine being an elite fighter around 90 fighting skill killing mob by mob and getting less points than someone who just started the game and isn't actually helping take on the rift. It's even worse for those that thought defensive fighting would be useful. Proposed Point System Points would instead be based upon the combination of Damage Dealt, Damage Healed, and Damage Mitigated. This benefits all forms of fighters and encourages more participation towards actually closing the rift and becoming a better fighter. All fighters who put work in will walk out with more reward and feel more achieved. Also, with damage mitigated providing points it would encourage tanks use their skills like taunting which would now have a major benefit. Additional thoughts These are some other things that might benefit from having points, but are not the main focus of this thread. Sacrificing hearts (I've heard it's currently 1), Butchering, and Burying. These would encourage ending waves quicker, and cleaning up the field. Potentially something good for those not too skilled in fighting. For those that wish to help this post grow and get more discussion PLEASE spread it to others. If you want change to happen in this game we need to band together and create a louder voice. Also, PLEASE provide reasoning as to why you support or oppose this idea.
  2. With all the quirky, annoying and some time’s realy counterintuitive features in Wurm what you would like to see reworked or at least in some form revisit the most? Her is the reason I chose this points of cours you can always chose the “other” option if you don´t feel represented and I will try to include more points that are good argued why it need a rework (jsut a "I don´t like it so it must be bad and reworked" is not a good argument!). You can also say you are happy the way it is and only starve for new content if you think its fine the way it is. Don't forgett taht this are my resoning for a rework you don´t have to agree but if you still agree on the subjekt or overall topic that a feture need a rework share your version of why you want to see this to be lookt again by the Devs. Religion: In general it’s a great concept and could be a great premise. But the execution has a lot of flaws. The A-Symmetrical designapproache is great but hard to balance currently leading to a overpopulation of a single deity or in case of PvP only have one to choose. Or better say not to choose since atheism is no real option. For real who would left back free bonus without a cost? The cut out of the whole imping part of craftsmanship and some other restrictions for priest is a often pointed out reason for people playing Alts. The power for less freedom exchange is mostly liked by the community it seems but the execution lacks. Permission system: Need an overhaul, can´t expand the Village to a House that is owned by one of your Villagers to incorporate it in the Deed because the Mayor is not the owner? Multiple level for different roles beside of Input every Citizens or Allianz member alone if you want to make separate areas for different people? Like a high Value storage for the people that come beyond the fresh joined status you have to add this player you want to watch a week to every door individual instate of just update there role. And don´t get me started on the permission screen of a Deed this is horrible to look at and confusing. Oh and approximate ownership is a thing to that is quite annoying if its on deed. As some one who handles a warehouse I can’t say it enough how hard this Is to get this all going in a good way. Skillgain: Ok this is maybe controversial but the skill system is...well wired. You do something to good you don’t get skill. I get why this is a concept but also lead to gaming the system for better rates. Like mining with a horrible pickaxe getting mediocre results but more skill gain for better results late. Want to finish the tunnel? Well do it fast and gain less or do is slower with more skill gain (general not skill to time comperison). I understand why this is a concept to say that things that are TO easy give less often skill compare to things that are hard, but would be a system that increase and decrees tick size not better then static ticks that sometimes just don’t appear? Just an example. Oh and creation give less skill then imping because of what exact reason? Because it is “easier”? I don’t get this decision at all. Yes instate of 100 times imping on 10 swords you then could create 1000 swords for the same benefit. But for real who need so many swords low QL and not 10 with better QL and who have the mass on material that is needed for it? In special with the harder creation difficulty manipulation compare Imping were you can hold easy on the most efficient difficulty spot something that is way harder for creation. Raritysystem: To be honest I like the novelty a small chance of something to become a rare version of an item that give slight bonus. It is a interesting system and great even for new players because a rare pick will sell no matter the QL because it will keep the rare status over the time. But the randomness, unreliability is also a problem. You got the 10 Rare clay out of digging but on imping for 6h you don’t have a rare moment you feel a bit cheated out and then when you got it it don’t turn rare because imping success is treated other than creation success for some reason. This lead to a lot of more or less “useless” rare that are not good for anything and can´t be sorted or stored for later use in a good way. The Raritysystem in its current state is a neat idea but create more frustration then joy in my view what make it in the need for a closer look again. Other: I know I had more on the list but I forget them currently so they don´t bother me TO much I guess but I will give the option and hopefully can expand the pole later. I also keep fighting out. Not only I have not a real problem with how fighting work we also have the announcement for a rework already in the making so no reason to cry about something that is confirmed to change SoonTM Edit1 17.10.2020 Petsystem: Added becous a teamer is not realy playble in the current system. Behavior and controll of pets is godawfull and yes they are not usless ther is a reason they are used in PvP were you try to get every edge you can but for the avrage player if he could equip stuff without taming it would change nerly nothing if its removed waht is sad that its have so bad functionalety that it is only used for this. Edit2 20.10.2020 Meditation: Rewards are tiny for the huge time investment. The problem with the limit skill gain is a problem with the skill system in general but over all not real effective grind able and the execution could need a lot more flavor and benefit in some regards (but mostly flavor in spacial with PvP is too much benefit a problem in my opinion) Mailing system: More feed back and emphasis on the cost would be great. General more information in this regard for the sender and receiver. Did my massage be excepted or is it still waiting? Is it Still on the way? The usability is also a bit lacking is suppose its functional like mos things in Wurm but like most things in Wurm miss a sense of intuitiveness.
  3. The Case of the Black Bear's Hatchet Recently in my endeavors, I came across a black bear in the mines underneath an inactive (but deeded) settlement. I engaged in combat with the bear, and during my fight, I somehow activated ranged combat by accident. Some backstory: before entering the mine, I was felling some nuisance trees which had grown in front of the mine entrance (it was long abandoned) and the hatchet (rare, 92ql, 90 enchants - a very nice hatchet) was still active. So whenever I engaged in ranged combat, the hatchet, of course, was first to be thrown. The hatchet struck the bear square in the shoulder! A few more wacks from my steel staff, and the bear was dead. It was then I noticed that my hatchet was no longer on my toolbelt and I realized my mistake. I looked around, and sure enough, the hatchet was square inside the black bears corpse. So I went to grab it and be on my way, but nope. "That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server". So I looked around and I assumed the problem was the fact that the bear I had just killed was on a player owned deed, and since I threw the hatchet, the player who owned the deed now owned my treasured rare hatchet. This assumption was later found incorrect. Queue me calling in the GM's via support ticket, and panicking about the possibility of me never seeing my precious hatchet again. Alas, after a long 30 minutes, the fabled Enki showed up. He explained that the hatchet no longer belonged to me, and it was not owned by the deed holder, but in fact, became the black bears hatchet! The bear was dead, how is that possible? But it was true. Enki grabbed the hatchet right from the bears now stiff paws and handed it back to me. But the whole encounter got me thinking. If this is the case in this accidental scenario, how would anyone actually use ranged combat on purpose if things like this come up. In my opinion, it would deter me if I was throwing weapons on purpose. You could theoretically use a thrown weapon (think throwing daggers) with the caveat that you would never receive the weapons back again. They become the creatures possession, yes, even after death, which defeats the purpose entirely. My suggestion: Allow thrown weapons to retain ownership to the thrower, and not be transferred to the victim. It makes logical sense (A dead bear cant possess much of anything) and it enables a new style of combat - ranged fighting without the use of a bow. Alternative suggestion: Disable the option of throwing items. Using a bow is one thing, but the throwing of previously selected hatchets is simply not feasible in a combat scenario, even if it was by accident. What does the Wurm community think? ~Lei
  4. right now the amount of dye items need makes no sense for example a sailboat needs 5,4kgs of dye a large cart 25kgs and a bulk storage bin 128kg, and most items people wants to dye depends on an item that was never meant to exist (the fountain containers). so there is no doubt that it could be much better,and i think now that wood textures are going away would be a good time to rethink the amount of dye items need maybe even allow painting directly from containers using the crafting gui or something.that would solve the problem not having containers that are meant to paint big objects.
  5. After going through the 5 easy things for PvP thread and seeing the BL need PMK suggestions I took a step back and realised that this was one of the few hard coded things we cannot change as players. I'm always against hard coding where possible and of course that led to this suggestion. It comes in several parts The first is the splitting of the white light, one light for each god. Splitting means a Green Light of Fo, a Blue Light of Vynora, a Red Light of Magranon and of course the Black Light for Libila. Each god gets to be represented as an individual. This will offer up some tactical decisions for kingdoms as outlined below. The second is that religion becomes an individuals choice totally unrelated to to the kingdom you are a part of. When creating the kingdom the whole template thing is dropped. You just make a kingdom and then make of it what you will. This means that each kingdom can legitimately have priests/followers of all four gods. Things like Libila's mycelium influence still stands and her followers can still leech the stuff for sustenance. The third is that the lights are more "involved" with each religion. No building or terra-forming would be allowed within the influence of any of the lights but priests of the appropriate faith within a kingdom could pray and sacrifice to their god at the primary altars. Sufficient effort here grants some small bonuses to those of that faith within the kingdom. It could be as simple as all casts come out +1 power or no shatters. There could be different effects for different gods. The prayer and sacrificing has to be sustained over time to keep the benefits. Efforts from the same faith of another kingdom can wipe those benefits out and they can then try and gain them for themselves. Any kingdom can have a champion of any faith, they simply need a good enough priest to step up. Alternatively if the kingdom template still enforced a "primary" god as part of the kingdoms character, then only priests of that primary god could champion. To then create a "BL" PMK the majority of the population simply choose to be Libila followers. All kingdoms already keep opposing priests for casts, stuck in caves outside of their kingdoms this removes that artificial get around and the priests can be full members of their kingdom. Caveat : - With all spells available within a single kingdom it might be necessary to review some with a mind to balance. - The rules for mycellium spread may have to change. - Other? there is always an other......