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Found 23 results

  1. Right now, the meditation ability Erupt/Freeze only works on tiles in your kingdom, and not in a non-Magranon domain. Why?? The kingdom restriction should be sufficient for PvP purposes, and on PvE, restricting a meditation ability based on religion is pointless and frustrating. Right now, I have a Fo character I'll be priesting who is on Path of Power, so using Erupt/Freeze on anything is a total pain since she can't actually use it in Fo's domain. Is there a reason for the religious restriction on this? I certainly don't see one, or a downside to removing it.
  2. So a game mechanic that is being abused for more sleep bonus from rites/rituals is to change religions prior to a rite to obtain sleep bonuses from said religion. This has recently caused an issue during an impalong held at Cadence where due to the amount of favor that has been gained from the priests doing their work allowing for a the rite of spring to be conducted, but because of a loud minority of "religion-switchers", the rite was requested to be held off by the organiser so that this minority could gain from their abuse of a game mechanic. This causes other people who are non-switchers, and are part of the worship of vynoria, not to receive that much needed 5 hour sleep bonus during their time at the impalong, and the organiser being caught in the middle having to make a decision between two groups to appease. I am suggesting that this game mechanic should have heavier penalities, maybe not being allowed to change religions for the next 6 months to a year, or something similar to discourage the abuse of such a mechanic, so that this sort of behaviour can cease to exist, and disrupt others from enjoying the game as it should.
  3. Path of powers eruption/freeze abilities are heavily tied into faith despite being from a skill that otherwise is completely independent of faith. I suggest the removal of the faith conditions and make all meditation paths "neutral" to all kingdoms. The current faith limitations are... ERUPT: Can't be used on a tile too close (less than 2 tiles) to a Magranon altar. Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity. FREEZE: Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity.
  4. Willing to travel just looking for someone to help me out with priesting up my Alt. account. PM me here on the forums or in game @Crystallee Thank you in advance
  5. Currently, sacrificing an animal gets you 7 favor, maximum, possibly getting you less depending on the age of the animal. This is really bad. Animals aren't exactly in infinite supply, so why not increase the amount of favor you get from sacrificing one? 1-7 favor is so low it's hardly worth doing except in case of emergency. Multiplying the current values by 4 or 5 would actually give people an incentive to do it.
  6. The game lacks information about its various aspects, such as being a priest. Of course, we are used to searching the forums, Wiki, asking allies, friends, CA, Freedom, GL, IRC... But here's what would make priests' lifes better: 1. "Get favour" Currently there's a "get price" option which is generally used for calculating how much favour an item can be sacrificed for. However, it is not the case for animal parts or chopped vegetables. What i propose is a new right-click option on items in your inventory that would tell you how much favour your deity will give you for it: first way would be the client calculating the favour value basing on you faith, item's name and quality and telling you in the event log; another way is to make it return two lines: first being the "base" favour value grabbed from the server, which wouldn't take your deity bonuses and specifics into account, the second telling you to read the altar inscriptions for more specific information. 2. Altar inscriptions Currently there's one "informational" option about priesting available in game, which is the spell list, accessible from altars. As an addition to that, i propose a new right-click option on altars (available to all or just priests) that would spawn a window with brief information regarding faith the altar is blessed to or also priesting in general. What it could include: general information on what priests are, few words about their lore and the player deities; restrictions for followers/priests/champions; information about deity-specific favour items and corresponding modfiers (for instance, Alice sacrifices a garlic, gets 6 favour and tells Bob about it; Bob uses "get favour" on his garlic, sees the line about 6 favour and another one telling him to read altar inscriptions; Bob reads in the altar inscriptions that his god doesn't like the smell of garlic and won't give him favour for it); a short FAQ of some kind, including information about double faiths or something like that.
  7. With the recent update to altars and domains I would like to see the addition of shrines. A shrine is broadly defined as a place dedicated to a religion or figure and can be as simple as a building or marker but I am thinking along the lines of this: This shrine contains items which are likely associated with the diety as well as decorations. A shrine in Wurm would require a completed altar to a specific diety to start. A shrine to Vynora for example would require: Wooden altar trellis tapestry amphora few other Vyn type items After starting, the altar would become part of the shrine and could be used again as an altar once completed. This would be a non improvable item and would therefor benefit from high ql materials. Once completed the shrines would act as an altar and provide diety bonus as usual. Shrine would have additional range and benefits though. For example: provide boost in ql, skill gain, or yield of diety specific resources within the area of influence provide boost to stats provide boost to sermons or just look really cool
  8. I am looking for help choosing a god for my priest. My current village has other priests, so none are particularly necessary, but I'd like to be a little less dependent upon their schedules. From my research, I've come up with the following. Fo has good heals, I'm not into pvp, and don't do that much fighting so not my style. Magranon seems to be eclipsed by Nahjo. Nahjo has strongwall and WoA and courier. Can both cut wood and mine. Vynora has WoA and CoC. Can cut wood and farm. I have another character to make/imp stuff, so sacrificing isn't really a big deal. I will do my best to prepare him so not lacking any skills. What I'm wondering is if I'm missing some benefits I'm not seeing. Nahjo seems far more useful than the 3 original white gods, maybe a little too much so. I made this spreadsheet to help me decide, but I don't really know most of the other spells.
  9. Was thinking the oak stump would make a cool altar base. So lets say you plant a oak tree where you want your altar, let it grow to Very old or overaged (overaged pref) then cut it down. Then you could activate a bowl and use it on the stump to get the option to create an "Oaken altar" or something. Mats could be : Stump, bowl, 26 Tar, some manual carving work. Maybe more, whatever would be needed to balance it. Good idea/dumb idea?
  10. Cheers, as you might or might not already know, Nathan has ascended to god status, and we have a new religion on our hands that only few things are known about. If you have gathered any information about the new religion that you'd like to share with everyone, please feel free to add it to this thread. It will also help us greatly to update the Wurmpedia with information! Thank you ~Ulvi
  11. Playing as a Vynora follower on Xanadu with about 50 Masonry. I tried completing a Magranon foundation pillar mission. The conditions were: SW in Freedom Isles (I'm on Newspring Island... can't get much more SW than that) In a cave (yes) Not on a settlement (the tile I tried to build it on wasn't even on perimeter) On a flat surface (yes; I have enough mining skill to be sure of this) With sufficient ceiling height (I mined the ceiling as much as possible and lowered the floor as well) I tried it in two different caves, each satisfying those conditions, but each time I would get a message similar to "Now is not the time to build this". I asked around, and people are saying that it's possible the quadrant is displayed incorrectly, and that this has happened before. I spoke to a GM about it, but they couldn't do much since the mission had expired by the time we spoke, so they suggested I post here about it instead. I also got confirmation that my religion shouldn't matter for this, since I'm on a Freedom server.
  12. I propose in addition to current statuettes we should be able to make statuettes out of other materials such as rocks shards when used with a stone chisel. Also these could be made out of logs when used with a a carving knife.
  13. I have a Magranon priest, with 90+faith, 50+channeling and 100 alignment. What will happen in the following cases: 1. If i sail to chaos and join a PMK, will i be still a Magranon priest with the same skills? 2. What happen if i sail to chaos, join a PMK and change my religion? I guess my alignment and faith goes to zero, but the channeling skill stay as it was? What happen if i go back to freedom, will i get back my freedomer religion, faith and alignement? 3. What will happen if i join another religion and priest up on chaos and later i come back to Freedom? Please, i need answers and not just guesses, thank you
  14. I know its not a thread but a poll...... We keep getting these requests to add this, remove that, spread the other and it almost ALWAYS incorporates the battle of the religions in the forums. AFAIK the only thing that was universally agreed on was locate soul for Libila. Anyway, its clear, for me at least, that the current system has too many shortcomings, the lore (cough) and the framework in which religion has been implemented has been found to be lacking. Rather than try and go into detail about what a religion 2.0 might be which would take too long and soon bog down on technicalities and drag from the old system I'd rather see what people think about it at the high level, the framework in which religion would be implemented, hence the poll. The options : Leave it alone - keep the current system Self explanatory, we keep modding/patching what we already have until it either breaks or gets a lot better. 3 WL and 3 BL gods, spread the BL spells 3 into 1 does not go. We've seen it here quite clearly as soon as something changes the Libila priests end up falling behind or being too strong. In this scenario only Libila is affected and her spells spread across two other gods to make equivalent but still different priests compared to the WL ones. This way changes can be to one or other of the BL priests and not have such a big impact. Any god for any kingdom, Total player choice In this one the kingdom restraints on which priesthood to follow are lifted and it becomes purely player choice. The four priests are kept unique and the necessity for kingdom balance when making religion changes is removed. None - take it out Another self explanatory one. Some might feel that magic in any form is too much or wrong for Wurm and its removal might be a good thing. Other There are many other possible frameworks for religion, if you have one you think is a good fit for Wurm then post it. Remember, the aim of this poll is more to get a discussion about what religion in Wurm is about rather than details.
  15. I was thinking yesterday and had forgotten to write this down- What if there was a new spell that worked to heat up items, like how their put in the forge It could be only for magranon, or just for all the religions, and could be a starter spell (like goat shape, opulence, the shield spells, etc) at around 30-35 faith and 20 favor The power of the spell could determine how hot the item would get- say a 1 power cast would just get it very warm, while a 100 cast would keep it glowing hot for several minutes Just an idea as i know when i'm in the mine, its a pain to go light the forge and heat up my meals for nutrition
  16. Hello fellow Wurmians! I wanted to let you on Xanadu know in advance, that I (Smilingcat) will come to visit the starter city of Glass Hollow, which is in the north west part of the map, with one Fo and one Vynora priest the first day the borders open up. Planned services: - Bringing pre-ordered ropes of all sorts. - Conversion to Fo and Vynora follower in Glass Hollow and around. - Altar blessings in that region and possible further along the coasts etc depending on infrastructure - Courier casts for a small tip (no guarantee on cast strength though as my Fo priest is still weak! This is just to help start out Xanadu a bit) - Will bring prepared skiller and speed tools (COC and WOA mainly), if you want anything special, please post specs here and I will do my best to get things repared. - pre-orders accepted already, will make a list and bring things on a first-come-first-served base, up to 55 item ql for blacksmithing items, up to 30 ql on weaponsmithing items, up to 91 cast strength for COC and WOA spells. Pricing will be as follows: - Cordage & Mooring Ropes = 10 c each, Thick Ropes 15 c each, normal ropes = 5c. - 50+ ql blacksmithing item = 30 c - 30+ ql weaponsmithing item = 20 c - WOA & COC cast strength each spell 70-74 = 60 c, 75-79 = 70 c 80-84 = 1s, 85-89 = 1.5s 90+ = 5s (yeah those are rare and most unlikely to get if you are trying for it so thats why the price hike here compared to the lower strength casts) - Courier casts ( tips only, as no cast strength can be guaranteed) - Conversions, prayer circle and alter blessings = FREE ( altar has to be ready built. best to make a silver or gold altar which can be done without religion, Wurmians to be converted need 1 alignment at least, just so you can prepare yourself) - (more to be added) Only coins or low ql (below 10) gems accepted as payment. Gems for 2c/ql, but as said, only below 10 ql ones.
  17. Currently, any alignment gains within 30 minutes from a sermon mean that you do not count as a listener, whether your alignment is already +/- 100 or not. This feels kinda counterproductive, since managing to gather a large enough herd of listeners is already a challenge on it's own. I say remove the invisible alignment gains if you already got it maxed out, instead of hoping that people has been afk for the last 30 minutes EDIT: the 30 minute cooldown for listeners should obviously stay in for balancing reasons, I just want to remove the penalty that comes with gaining alignment, even if you are already at 100.
  18. After going through the 5 easy things for PvP thread and seeing the BL need PMK suggestions I took a step back and realised that this was one of the few hard coded things we cannot change as players. I'm always against hard coding where possible and of course that led to this suggestion. It comes in several parts The first is the splitting of the white light, one light for each god. Splitting means a Green Light of Fo, a Blue Light of Vynora, a Red Light of Magranon and of course the Black Light for Libila. Each god gets to be represented as an individual. This will offer up some tactical decisions for kingdoms as outlined below. The second is that religion becomes an individuals choice totally unrelated to to the kingdom you are a part of. When creating the kingdom the whole template thing is dropped. You just make a kingdom and then make of it what you will. This means that each kingdom can legitimately have priests/followers of all four gods. Things like Libila's mycelium influence still stands and her followers can still leech the stuff for sustenance. The third is that the lights are more "involved" with each religion. No building or terra-forming would be allowed within the influence of any of the lights but priests of the appropriate faith within a kingdom could pray and sacrifice to their god at the primary altars. Sufficient effort here grants some small bonuses to those of that faith within the kingdom. It could be as simple as all casts come out +1 power or no shatters. There could be different effects for different gods. The prayer and sacrificing has to be sustained over time to keep the benefits. Efforts from the same faith of another kingdom can wipe those benefits out and they can then try and gain them for themselves. Any kingdom can have a champion of any faith, they simply need a good enough priest to step up. Alternatively if the kingdom template still enforced a "primary" god as part of the kingdoms character, then only priests of that primary god could champion. To then create a "BL" PMK the majority of the population simply choose to be Libila followers. All kingdoms already keep opposing priests for casts, stuck in caves outside of their kingdoms this removes that artificial get around and the priests can be full members of their kingdom. Caveat : - With all spells available within a single kingdom it might be necessary to review some with a mind to balance. - The rules for mycellium spread may have to change. - Other? there is always an other......
  19. Well, that's it. Any offers? starting bid ONE IRON ...did i post this in the wrong section?
  20. Hey everyone, I am gonna start doing Sermons every Sunday at 1200 CEST Time. Please let me know thru this forum if you will be attending. Also suggestions are appreciated on the best time for the Sermon to be held as I know not every1 lives in the same time zone. The location is Rincon Boricua in eminence island.
  21. Hello. I love the game but I find the religious aspect to be a little underplayed. If w elive in a society with many gods why is there not a pantheon to worship instead of just being a follower of one? Maybe even sub-deities would be a good idea, or a kind of hero worship. I feel that priests should be the only ones who really have to choose a particular god to follow. I think that praying to the gods should give different bonuses instead. My favourite religion model in a game was the one in an old sandbox mmo called Roma Victor. Given that it was lacking in many subjects of the game, religion is something i liked the most. You could pray to the gods, and the word was that it might do something, but the reality of it was almost purely based on the players and how they viewed it. It created a whole religious culture in the games that included sacrifices and justifications for other actions. I was reminded when I first saw in my event box that "I feel the presence of ____" of sacred groves. I wish I could see more religious significance in these areas. Unfortunately with the current build of religion in the game, I don't see a lot of ways to achieve this, which is partly why I would love to see what you all have to say! EDIT: Also I'm not sure if there are religious centers besides the white/black light... but there should be one for each god, no?
  22. I'm looking to purchase bulk materials for the sacrifice of our Vynora priest, Vynt. Materials must be delivered to the First Church of Wurm in the city of Ultimarus, Independence. Please send a private message with the Material Type, Material Quantity, and Price. I'll look forward to doing business with you. Sincerely, Soniczap
  23. Well I thought I might as well throw up a poll here to see how many of us wurmians follow a in-game God! I just wanted to get a feeling on the number of people following each God across the lands of wurm! enjoy!