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Found 36 results

  1. Please add an option flag to the current console "dump skills" one or both of the options below: -c : Outptuts in CSV Format -j: Outputs in JSON Format . Reason: Allow output to be more "parsable" by for ex, csv can be used to to stats in some spreadsheet program, or JSON can be easily imported into many different programming language libraries. So more of us that do that kind of thing can more easily put up tools n such. Note: please read this. Request is NOT to remove old format, just add 1 or 2 extra ones. More or less just a QoL suggestion for us nerds
  2. Hello I always enjoyed XP trackers in Oldschool Runescape in 3rd party client Runelite. I would love to have in game trackers like estimated hourly level gain and be able to set a custom goal, e.g. 70 smithing and see how long it would take to reach that level at current rate. It's more motivating to set tiny goals rather than trying to conquer 100 in a skill all at once and doing manual skill gain estimations gets tiresome. I'd much rather play the game than polish my Wurm excel spread sheets. Here's a link to the Runelite XP Tracker plugin: I am aware of Wurm Assistant and I was able to write bash script that reads skill update logs. But it would be nicer to have these built into the client.
  3. the titles says it all, right now we can only use "WTS ,WTB,WTT,PC or @" to start messages on trade chat, it would be nice to allow the use or WTA for auction links.
  4. Please can you show the 'You have gained the title...' event messages in a different colour. I often miss these messages. Sometimes I don't realise I've passed one of these milestones until I next look at my skills tab, skills tracker or skills window. The other day I saw a Wurm Online Twitch streamer miss their 50 title. Their viewers had to tell the streamer about it, and so the streamer then had to rack up their event messages to find it.
  5. Please allow selling to token whilst mounted or driving a vehicle. Hardly anyone I know hunts on foot (save a few hardcore people) and when I go to sell the corpses and bits at the token the majority of the time I'm on horseback or in the cart. Not everyone buries after butchering and sometimes it would be nice to sell to token from the cart without having to dismount and sell the items. Absolutely every other function available at the token can be accessed whilst mounted, all except Sell: [05:33:42] You need to be on solid ground to do that. Why? I know this has come up before, but I could not find a thread specifically for it.
  6. Please remove the ability to get affinities on skills that aren't affected by them, I.e. Body, Mind, Soul, Fighting, etc. Also if you have an affinity on a certain skill but it's never used, change it to a random affinity on another skill within 2-3 months. This should also be implemented with Mark store affinities, which would increase their worth imo.
  7. Can we please have a separate, sort-able column for item number (ie, stack count). I would like this added to all applicable container & storage menus. Sometimes I want to sort from heaviest to lightest, or most damaged to least damaged... but sometimes I only need to know what thing I have the most of, or the least of. For example: sometimes when I'm just cooking for hunger bar and I need "a meat" or "a vegetable" - I don't care what meat or veg I use from A to Z, or what volume it has. I just want a meat and a veg from whatever stack currently has the most to spare! Are there any supplies that I'm running low on? Well, I dunno - let me just dig through this bsb checking out numbers inside parentheses. I need more nails! Oh wait, I'm forgetful... was it small nails or large nails that had the fewest? . . . insert examples ad nauseam. This topic was mentioned once before, here, and got no replies or activity. I don't know why. I also don't know why a basic "# of items" column isn't already a thing.
  8. Currently if I have a meal/pizza/cookie/whatever.. giving me 10hours of axes affinity.. and I bite once.. I get the 10 hours; * BUT if I have several minutes left on that affinity and I bite once.. I get insignificant few minutes added to the timer, forcing me to eat whole meal and probably still not reaching same aff timer like from first bite before having the buff (issue) - as it is.. it forces players to stay and wait a timer to go away completely.. to rebuff / boring, time consuming, just annoying to be a thing../ Could next bite reset the timer to max like initial 1st bite? Just as with beverages... once we reach the cap of the hunger bar.. we're unable to eat more, buff up etc.. Could we have the alcohol override - letting us buff up on affinity foods we have and want to use for a grind, even if hunger bar is full?
  9. Currently the material requirement for sleeping bag is so insane that it is only ever useful as a decoration. it takes like over 200 materials to make one. early game its too difficult to aquire that much wool easier to make a bed. late game you probablay already have a place to sleep or max sleep bonus or a place to go home. - Sleeping bag should be an alternative before you can make a bed. (this is how it is in most games and makes sense) - another option would be to add a "primitive bedroll" that gives low sleep bonus like 30% but is easy to make like 20-30 items. (does not require loom , spinning wheel fleet of sheep)
  10. Some quality of life improvements for kingdom mechanics: 1) Colour coded local list Other kingdoms and villages that have been declared war upon appear with red names in the local tab aswell as local chat. Thus showing green for allies, red for enemies and white for neutral kingdom members. Removes the need to mailbox check, etc... which is currently just a very odd, clunky and slow workaround that pvpers use to achieve the same result. With this its easier for the newbs and more intuitive. 2) New modifiers dictate the likelyhood of becomming king. 1% is the base chance regardless what the kingdoms size is. +0.1% chance per 100 battlerank above 1000. +0.01% chance per FS level. 3) New mechanic to the duel ring feature For those unaware of how the duel ring works then read the spoiler below. In addition to the current abdication mechanics a player can announce himself as a contender for the rulership. If a ruler remain for the 30 min they keep the rulership. If the ruler fails and there is no contender who has spent 30 min in the ring, then the ruler abdicate. If the ruler fails and there is contenders who have spent 30 min in the ring, then the contender with the highest ammount of time in the ring gets rulership. All contenders can be listed by checking the dueling stone. 4) Village alliances can be made at a distance Similar to how we got /vinvite i suggest the implementation of remote alliance formations using /ainvite. Requires both persons to have the diplomatic role, otherwise a basic "You need the diplomatic role to invite a village to the alliance." or "The person doesn't have the diplomatic role and can't form alliances" is displayed.
  11. This is Quality of Life (QOL) request, is not urgent, and can go on the back burner so to speak. I am currently clearing some dirt away from the underlying rock to redesign my orchard. As a result I frequently have to remove a tree (or bush) because I am unable to dig one or more corners. With the shovel active, and mousing over the tree tile, I can not see if the tree has a sprout (or indeed any fruit) unless I activate either my sickle or my hatchet - as it says "A shovel just won't do" It's very frustrating for me, because, if I then activate my sickle ready to sprout the tree, a large percentage of the time the tree doesn't even have a sprout, OR if I activate my hatchet instead, you can bet the tree has one. It's like tossing a coin every time! I guess I should have gone through the whole area sprouting and harvesting beforehand, but projects tend to evolve this way... So, I am wondering if it would be possible to fix it sometime, so that I can activate ANY item, mouse over the tree tile and then be able see whether or not the tree has a sprout or fruit. It seems petty, but it would allow players to immediately pick out the correct tool after using a shovel, saving a few clicks - especially if like me, they left their tool belt at home. Please at least allow me to see if a tree is harvest-able with my shovel activated, so I know which tool to use next! Thanks!
  12. With the discussion of Quality of Life improvements, I've started to think about the things that made my start in Wurm difficult. I'm thinking specifically of the first few hours or days. So... What are the things that made Wurm difficult or discouraging for you at first?
  13. Basic rights of the PvE priest People have different reasons for their choice of priest, but I believe that whichever priest type you choose, (at least on PvE) you should get some spells as standard. These spells are essential for Quality of Life on PvE. It makes every priest useful on deed, makes them more useful to the community and can give every priest a means of earning a basic income. The spells I propose are: Courier - everyone should be able to send and receive mail. Why this has to be a priest spell I don't know, because it is so essential to everyone's day to day life, and vital for trade. I believe this should be a basic right, not an option. Genesis - nearly everyone on PVE keeps animals, and it's tragic to see people struggling with generations of poor traited animals just for want of this simple utility spell. Basic QoL. Strongwall - Unless we live on a completely flat island, we will need to mine. The chances of finding a completely pristine area to mine are unlikely in most areas, and so there will be drop-shafts and an expensive fix. These are the travelling utility spells that people can offer as a service, as well as use on their own deeds. I think everyone who goes to the trouble to prem a priest of any kind should have an automatic right to these 3 spells. I apologise if this does not fit with some archaic 'lore' or some role-playing ideas attached to the Gods, but I am talking about quality of life, play-ability and getting the most use out of a priest if you can afford to keep one premmed. Not everyone can afford 2 or 3 priests, and it's time these basic PvE needs were addressed. Further to:
  14. Ok, a couple ideas about fighting. Hopefully nothing radical. 1. Fighting at low skill: It seems to me that even poor leather armor and a sharpened stick would allow me at least even odds to take on a wildcat or mountain lion. If I've got plate or chain and a halfway decent sword, any normal animal should be a piece of cake (giant scorpions and spiders should be harder, and to a new player they look harder). I suggest a rebalance of fighting in general, making the starting point in skill much more effective and maybe the skill improvements less important. 2. Fighting in general: As fight skill and weapon skill improve, I should gain additional skills usable during battle. Maybe not having shield bash until skill 10, and gaining additional skills to use as my skill goes up. I don't really have much incentive or notice much difference from the skill increase as it is, except that eventually bears aren't a problem. JS
  15. The things that always frustrated me whenever i came back to this game is being unable to ride horses, command carts, and destroying a wall that i misplaced. Stuff that might not seem important to others make the whole game for some. most of you said to me and any new players that joined "just get premium, or call someone to destroy your walls", yeah all that is sound and proof, but for some people contacting others to do something for them might be a barrier, maybe a language one, maybe anxiety problems, maybe they just want to be solo, and getting premium for some is just not financially possible, (for me) the time i can have in the game because of work and other chores is limited, as well the cost of premium takes a good chunk of my pay (whilst i did buy premium, but others may not be able). being able to get your characteristics(and possibly skills) to at least 21 would hugely improve the willingness of new players to stay and even consider getting premium later on. 2s for the first month of premium is not much i know, it's obtainable actually pretty easy, but for new players needing to grind just to get that premium time, is no enjoyment, we just want to explore the game, get to know it, find out how stuff works and have fun, being limited on such simple things is a big turnoff i would like you to be honest to me on this post, thank you all in advance
  16. That one's pretty simple. It would be nice to be able to access the right-click menu of containers from their inventory window (right-clicking on the title seems pretty intuitive, I just tried it and was disappointed that it didn't work). I can mostly see it being useful for furnaces, so you can examine to see how hot it's burning when your screen is full of open windows and it's hard to actually right-click on the object.
  17. Either prevent things in the feeder box from rotting or allow us to remove things from the box without having to unload the chickens.
  18. I'd like to see the introduction of a new action that supplements the current harvesting action: HARVEST_TO_BACKPACK. The action would result in the harvested goods directly being placed inside an equipped backpack. While considering ways to make an action that would be able to accommodate both harvesting actions that do not require a tool as well as those that do, this seemed to be the best solution I could come up with. It would allow both cases to do their respective actions without the need to introduce some strange way to try and introduce a second 'active' container as the specified output. So which benefits would this offer? - it would be able to be used by both harvesting actions, those with and those without tools - it would offer a QoL advantage over having the harvest end up in your inventory and having to move it into the right containers - you would no longer have to make sure to drop everything in your inventory before starting to harvest or end up only being able to harvest a handful of tiles before your inventory overflows - it would not confuse players by having to activate an item (container) and the active item not affecting the action with runes of enchants it might have on it - it would somewhat put it in line with harvesting sap, which already allows us to harvest into a container, although I could imagine the ability to strap large barrels to our backs for this purpose would be kind of amazing aswell On a last note, I would like to see it implemented in a way that would not need the step of first having to add it to the inventory, effectively allowing it to base all actions only on the backpack instead of the players inventory, which would mean we would no longer need to make sure that we have sufficient empty spaces when going out harvesting. That would be A M A Z I N G. Thanks for reading. If you feel like the suggestion could be improved in any way, please let me know.
  19. I would like to suggest that the cooking system get changed so that recipes/cooking work based on proportions/weight instead of item count. I know that somethings do already work like this such as moonshine and other beverages, but it would be nice and a HUGE QoL improvement if other things worked this way such as cooked rice. I definitely think this should be something to consider, if it is not already, for down the road after more important/need changes.
  20. Well, as the title says, allow us to lower the mine ceiling with concrete instead of raising the floor (as it's actually doing). Having to collapse a few tiles to get the ceiling at the right height for our cave dwellings is bordering insanity after a while.
  21. Ok since personal goals will be fixed they might be some upcomming sales on them so i was thinking about QoL change for buyers and sellers. As the title say instead of making it one item with 3 charges make be 3 items with one charge. That will make life much easier for people that want to use them in proper order and for people who want to bid on just one charge. I don't see the reason or logic of having it as charges in one item tbh
  22. This isn't actually a biggie, I could just reconsider how I handle my crops, but... Most of the time I just want to directly replant my crops; helps at maintaining dedicated tiles for certain produce. And for most vegetables, that means: Expand stack, pick seeds on the first item, collapse stack, plant seed. At pretty much every crop that has seeds. To avoid this tedium, I could just harvest everything and pick seeds "in bulk" after having stored the produce, then come back with seeds, pondering what I used to have there and how many seeds I need to bring back as crops aren't always harvestable at the same time. Still a bit annoying, but far better than the click fest. for an action that doesn't even have any other "requirement" But seeing as picking seeds has no timer and is in fact not even depending on Mind logic (you can pick seeds of a whole stack of items in an instant), I don't really see why farming this way has to be made that tedious. Especially when most seeds cannot even be pressed to oil. In short, it would be much nicer if cabbages, lettuce, etc. could be planted directly, without having to manually pick the seeds first. EDIT: Alternatively, an additional farming skill for a "harvest and replant" action unlocked at some moderate level for which one has farmed quite a bit. This would obviously subtract 1 item from the yield and have a timer at least as long as hrvest and sowing would have requried individually.
  23. Another day, another task in Wurm and many suggestions coming from it. Some have been mentionned in others threads, raised by others or even myself, but lets go through them again and lets hope they will get some traction. Flattening : Currently flattening only allow to flatten a tile toward the lowest point. Sometimes you want to instead use the higher one. So dual option for both flatten higher / flatten lower. Ceiling levelling: Currently, you cannot level a ceiling down, it can only be up (and currently bugged as well). Lets use some concrete for that task shall we. Ceiling flattening: Same as the floor flattening suggestion. Ceiling lowering: Well, with cave buildings, the land shapping of the ceiling is almost as important as the land shapping of the floors. We have options to raise them. Why are we still unable to lower them with concrete. Mining and random directions change: When you mine forward on a flat tile... why does it go up and down randomly specially when your skill is above 90... one can understand that you might mistake your feet for a rock when mining at low skill and weirdly change the slope... but at high one, those silly mistakes shouldn't happen. Lets change that and allow our mines to be straight. Side mention: Concrete. Most needed tools for our mine smoothness and more painfull one to obtain. Not only the fail rate is horrible, but the ash creation is the worst part of it. Most of our fire sources do not create ash, though, that by-product is still highly needed. Ash trays for all forges, ovens, smelters and others kilns, allowing the fuel we use to be transformed into ash over time.
  24. When crossing the server border on a ship, we get thrown in the water more often than not. It's been like this for years, so apparently it's a feature, a bug would surely be addressed by this time. The suggestion is to remove this feature, because it serves no purpose.
  25. Tapestries, rugs, carpets, coffins... All kinds of decorations should be plantable/securable, i think. Huge progress was made in this department lately, but we could go further!