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  1. Just passing through and its nice to see somethings never change. This is totallynadroj and much approve. Looking at that first post date though.... surely the descent was years earlier!
  2. I agree with the OWFL system even though I've lost more than I've gained from it as it helps give the combat more meaning and thus causes a lot more adrenaline to flow. I also disagree with it because of the effort required from someone, somewhere to create that loot to drop, it is significant. If it took an hour or two to gear up acceptably and get into the fight then no problem but a full quality armour set, shield, weapons takes how long? especially as things like weapon skill gain is so relatively slow. Add other bits like enchants or runes and ouch.... The more committed someone is to try and compete at the high end of PvP, the greater the sheer number of hours that has been invested in their gear. From a couple of comments above, the PvP is not limited to the map, the objectives and the battles, over the years there has been full on psychological warfare, disinformation, misinformation, outright lies aimed from all sides, sometimes used to try to influence the game staff. This was something I always found distasteful in the extreme and hats off to the GMS for even considering dealing with it. It was one of the things that contributed to me walking away from chaos. Wurm has always been big on time commitment and its PvP is no different, this makes a jump in casual experience pretty much non-existent. Even if you buy some cheap "good enough" gear and hope to improve it through acquisitions by your group winning engagements, its still incredibly slow or was when I last did it. Travelling, sieges and such are not a 30 minute dip in and have fun but back to being that big commitment. TL;DR most games enable jump in, fight, have fun, be done in under 30 minutes, rinse ,repeat. Wurm, 100.00% the opposite.
  3. Alpha Map 3 for me, pretty much the first thing I saw in chat was Horton recruiting for Whosville [22:02:24] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Tears, week 3 of the starfall of Diamonds, 980. That's 4036 days, 7 hours and 26 minutes ago. Been prem ever since the option was there, even when I took breaks. I refuse to admit what my actual play time is though........
  4. Never saw an issue with this, the no name change aspect that is. You are your reputation and your name is your identifier. Do bad, get bad rep, do good, get good rep. Part of the whole point of a persistent world. As account sales are not part of CC's services and happen outside of their control then when you buy an account, you buy its reputation as well. So if it has a crappy rep, well its worth less. If the buyer wanted to get top $$$ for it, should have behaved differently in game. If the buyer really doesn't want a toon with a bad rep, don't buy it. Simples.
  5. The thing about fences is they sort of shout "keep out" and are saying "We are concerned about your safety" Not the vibe I'd be looking for, I did say this was an artistic endeavour. On that score, bridges are very nice in a Venice sort of way but I'd give sooooooo much for a working drawbridge.
  6. Its not hard to put a moat around a deed which is what I'm currently doing, placing some bridges for access and its starting to look how I'd like it. But. I do have a serious problem in that I cannot think of any way to ensure crocodiles stay in it. They are needed for the ambience which also means no fences otherwise how can I enjoy it when unsuspecting peons fall in? I'd go with piranha at a pinch if they were in game but sadly they are not. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this artistic dilemma?
  7. Remember that saccing involves a square function against get price so the gains are better than linear. at about 90 IIRc the median point was approximately 40ish ql, if this raises to 60ish (guess) then the sac value is about 2.5x more on average. If you don't BSB the cordage or use a number of BSB to minimise QL loss then you'll see somewhat better gains still.
  8. Really can't see the issue here. I did the grind to 90+ mostly while priested and as far as I can see the only two differences are you need a lower QL ropetool for skilling and when making sac material, you get better sac material for a given skill level. Only issue with increasing rope get price is it would make it easier to loot the traders of any nice stuff.
  9. +1 its embarrassing being a path leader for hate.
  10. A little ammo for you. The level 11 ability is too easily negated as it only works for targeted spells so it is far too situational The logic here is that it is easy to know who is on the path and what level they've reached. So while you are in combat if there is a priest amongst the enemy if they decide that using a targeted spell is better than using an AoE if they don't know you have the immunity then they might pick you to cast it on. If no priest amongst the enemies - irrelevant if they prefer the AoE spells - irrelevant If they know you have immunity - irrelevant as they just cast it on anyone else who doesn't have immunity. About the only time I can imagine it really being useful is if you are being chased by boat and there are priests on following one. Did I say it was far too situational?
  11. wear shield, activate bow and then do a slow action like track. enemy see you with bow in hand and send you free arrows.
  12. Fake MR Forum

    I've deliberated over this but decided that the risk to other players warranted making this post. In the PvP arena most are aware that the MR forums were breached, meta gamers gained access to an admin account and through that caused serious damage to the kingdom. Many PvE players may not be aware, nor care. However, The account also had the ability to take an emergency backup which the individuals of course did. This backup has been restored on what sounds like an official Wurm Online server but is not. I will not give out its URL simply because leading people to it is counter-productive. If anyone gives you a URL to the Mol-Rehan forums which is not for then it is fake and likely dangerous. I do say dangerous as the copy still has hooks back to the official MR forums including into login details, so this may well be set up for password phishing. As a precaution we have temporarily closed our official forums to ensure any hook backs will fail while we look at our options.
  13. Would anyone like to share the actual mechanism of chopped veggies? I'm guessing it uses a butchers knife but you know ... .Wurm...... Is it one veggie -> one chopped veggie or is it one to multiple? if the latter do different items give different quantities, like garlic may give 2 and pumpkins 10? Hard for me to argue either way when I don't know anything about the new mechanism (not on wiki)
  14. Sorry to see you go! Good luck with all your future endeavours.
  15. It is still the case as priests may still be played in that exact manner should the player choose to do so and does not want to spend extra on alts. That someone can have a pet priest is actually irrelevant. Whether they choose to outlay extra cash on a priest alt is a personal choice that they can make to remain antisocial. Totally up to them and the concern of no one else. Also if it is a casting only alt then it doesn't actually need anything else, the non priest main will cover that. The core of a priest is that trade off, you get magic instead of most crafting. Its an up front choice and made very very clear. If it were not reversible I might agree with the extra abilities brigade more but the fact is, going priest is and always has been an option you can revoke. There is even a mechanism for quicker faith recovery, sermons. Given that, priests really are fine as they are.