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Found 4 results

  1. What the title says really! We have an almost unprecedented population of players on Harmony, all searching for livestock to keep and mobs to practice fs on. As a result, apart from high level creatures like lava spiders, hell scorpions and crocodiles, the number of animals found in the wild is extremely low. Players like me looking for livestock are having to go on huge trips to perhaps find a single cow that's been lucky enough to survive the players skilling fs. This also puts new players coming in at a disadvantage, as they'd be extremely lucky to find anything to pull their carts. I also know of some people who had a locked off deed pen broken into and all their livestock killed, presumably by someone skilling. So please, please can we have upped spawn rates on Harmony? Even if it's just for a while it would be very useful for breeders, skillers and new players. Pretty please?
  2. Hello, I recently setup a server with a custom map. I have sucessfully setup 4 starter towns for each kingdom : JK, MR, HotS, and Freedom. However I noticed an issue upon selecting MR or HotS kingdom players are teleported to the Freedom starter deed, then upon being murdered by spirit guards can properly spawn at the MR or HotS starter town. Has anyone had this issue? Also, how can I remedy this issue? Thanks in advance!
  3. I've been searching for months, I've been on all the forums, talked to Wurm Online officials, and still I can't find a single unicorn on Chaos. From everything I've heard, they're pretty much extinct there, though I gather they are around on other servers. I don't know what's stopped their spawning (or reduced it so low that hardly anyone remembers seeing one) - I've heard lots of theories - but I'd like to put in a request for them to be brought back. They don't even have to be common, but it would be nice to be able to find one after searching for hours. It would be such a pity for such a wonderful magical creature to disappear completely. We have trolls, goblins, dragons and other mythical creatures, but unicorns are the only peaceful ones that don't attack on sight. I see a day when Chaos players will come across unicorns walking in the forest, even if only once in a while, which adds to the magic and beauty of the game, not to mention variety in mounts, the properties of unicorn horns, and many other benefits. Wurm is an all round amazing game, but one of the things I love most about it is the fantasy elements - from the mythical animals to the magic to the special powers you can get from praying or meditating. Unicorns represent purity and goodness, showing magic at its best and brightest. Please help bring the magic back to Chaos - bring back the unicorns!
  4. Mostly curiosity on this one. Have the Valrei spawns been coded so that they always appear near someone or some town? I ask this because Chaos is one of the large servers but having spawns appear on top of me on three separate occasions is stretching credulity too far for it to be just random placement. Also HoM is a big deed but we get near daily incursions by Valrei creatures again suggesting that the placement is not random. If it was done this way then why? I really pity any starter town on Chaos if it becomes a target for nogumps. It also severely discourages players being able to just wander around the server. Again new players, probably without mounts caught in this situation are guaranteed to be dead meat. I like having the Valrei creatures on Chaos but I'm in an established deed with a lot of resources available to me.