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Found 9 results

  1. “Wurm Online will be a community-centric fantasy MMORPG fully developed in java. Gameplay will be free at first, but when you wish to develop your character beyond basic skills, you're going to have to pay a monthly fee. The world will have a real economy with a fixed pool of money and resources, and almost all items in the world will be created by other players. When the game is first launched, it will pretty much just only be a huge forest, and it will be up to the players to build the towns and create the items needed for both everyday use and more exotic practices. Wurm Online will neither have levels nor hitpoints. Instead, you have a set of skills that define your character, and a list of any unhealed wounds the character has. Gameplay is expected to be very down to earth and community-based for most players, with each town serving as a small community. Towns will also remain safe as long as the computer controlled guards are alive. You won't be able to attack other players or perform any other illegal activity inside the town without first killing all the guards. Outside the towns, however, you can do anything you want, but performing illegal activities will lower your status in the nearby villages.†Wurm Online Overview January 31st 2004 *** Table of Contents: 1. The Horde and Hammerfell 2. The Long War 3. The First Kings 4. A Golden Age 5. Sowing Wild Oats 6. Lion Rampant 7. Mercurial Fates 8. Ashes of the Phoenix 9. The Eye of the Storm 10. Order unto Chaos 11. A Fortress of Freedom 12. The Fall of Sparta *** Why do we play Wurm? It is something different to each of us, and different parts of it inspire each of us to add to the whole. I knew that Wurm Online was the game that I wanted to play, even before I knew it existed. A game where I could make my mark on the world without being a master craftsman or top-tier fighter. Running across a wooden post, flattened dirt and a simple hand-cart told the story of the pioneer who had arrived ahead of you. This, and sights like these, made Wurm come to life. In tranquil Golden Valley I watched new faces come and go, homes and fenced farmland sprung up from felled trees before their owners moved on and the land returned to the forest. I prowled through old abandoned deeds across Independence, guessing at the purpose of long gone structures and wondering about the people that had moved on from those places. When Deliverance opened, I moved there and lived as a lonely hermit for a long time, watching new deeds rise and fall. I had heard of the Wild server and the idea of open world player versus player combat intrigued me with the stories it could inspire. But looking at my collection of tools that I had created from scratch, improving them up from nothing with no skills had taken such a long time and I felt a sense of achievement and attachment to them, I couldn’t bear the thought of placing that at risk and having to do it all again if some bandit decided they didn’t like the look of me. For the first time I settled in a village on Deliverance, coming to enjoy the company and industry that provided. And over time my interest in the ‘other’ side of Wurm peaked again. But I still felt that I could never compete or contribute amongst the veterans of Wild, as outmatched in both skills and gear as I was. I decided that trying out the Epic servers would be my best bet at getting a feel for this whole ‘PvP’ thing. All my old gear would still be safe on freedom, my skill gains would be faster, and if I didn’t like it I could always just go back without any harm done to my character. What was meant to be a short stay to test the waters turned into several months before I realised it, partly because of the history and dramatic events that interested me, but mostly because of the very close communities that where surprisingly welcoming. I'd seen more suspicion, angst and outright hostility towards strangers on Freedom than I've ever seen in PvP and that included meeting enemy kingdoms. After a long hiatus I returned to Wurm and decided to finally join the long running Chaos server. Where I began to collect and research any and all information I could find to create this document. *** I used as many sources of information as I could find, but being as new to Chaos as I am all my information is second hand at best. The Wurmpedia was the obvious place to start my search; Player stories, town histories, the revision history of each page and some imagination to tie it all together allowed me to put together a long and detailed timeline that spanned 5000+ words in bullet point form alone. My next stop was the Wurm Forums; greatly detailed and many of the most dramatic moments had several threads to them. But unfortunately I found that nothing before 2008 existed anymore because of a change in forums that had happened around that time. Thankfully use of the Way Back Time machine for exploring archived webpages proved very helpful and I was able to uncover old stories and screenshots from before 2008. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video is worth a novel. I was surprised by the number of YouTube channels hosting old recordings of Wurm. Though some were less useful than others, they really helped to set the mood and provide context for many of the major events of Wurm’s history. *** To cover the whole of Mol-Rehan history I needed to have the context in which it was framed, to this end I will follow the many stories , battles, raids and history that led up to its creation. But note that I'm writing this from an acknowledge point of bias, as hinted by the title, towards a sort-of faux nationalism for the sake of a story and a narrative to follow. And as a result it may contain a high concentration of artistic license and an interpretive reading of past events. If anyone feels that I’m not portraying events fairly or even factually, I’m more than willing to listen to your side of the story and make corrections and changes where appropriate. *** When can the kingdom of Mol-Rehan be truly said to have begun? By the lore of Wurm it is one of the oldest kingdoms, founded by Johen King after the fall of the Ageless. In reality the first implementation of the Mol-Rehan kingdom takes place in 2008, long after the original kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and the Horde of the Summoned which appeared in 2005. But can it be so separated from context and history that came before it only to appear as a simple date on paper? I think not, indeed I believe Mol-Rehan was a natural and organic formation emerging directly from the histories that preceded it and now forever entwined with history still to come. And if that is true then it could even be said that the kingdom of Mol-Rehan had already begun, in the metaphorical sense, as far back as the year 2003. Eventually culminating with those that would come to form Libilian Outlawz. Both famous and infamous, Liblian Outlawz in all its incarnations held tremendous influence in shaping the political landscape. Until The Great Cataclysm of April 2007 that saw an unrecoverable server crash, and all the progress of the past lost. Libilian Outlawz remained united and strong, re- establishing themselves once again in new lands and converting to the newly created kingdom of Mol-Rehan, but later suffering a devastating blow after they were caught up in a mass ban that struck many veteran players. Severly weakened, Mol-Rehan fought for many months to regain their foothold on the Wild server, eventually finding their former glory before outside events once again conspired to send them into decay. But in time they recovered, and players both new and old arrived in their numbers to the newly renamed Chaos server, where the now Empire of Mol-Rehan stands dominant. Her full tale to be told in the coming chapters. Next Chapter: The Horde and Hammerfell
  2. Echoes of the Veil "It's time.." These eerie words echoed in his mind as he opened his eyes waking from the season long slumber. The voice was familiar and comforting yet shrouded in an aura of dread long past; It had been 132 years (or 1584 starfalls) since Vogar first emerged from the portal. As far back as he could recall, the horde, no.. Libila.. was all that he knew. The chill that followed her breath as she whispered those words into his mind's eye soothed every nerve within his body leaving only the sear of the scar surrounding his brand remaining as a painful reminder of the sacrifices he once made in her name. The room had four walls and yet seemed to provide no shelter from the reverberating words ricocheting around his mind. Flashbacks of the carnage of war, the death and un-death of countless that stood both at the end of his blade or stood at his side strobed through his vision like a flaming arrow ripping through a haystack. Shaking the visions clear from his mind Vogar sat up from his bed and donned his wool shirt and the leather hat masterfully crafted to keep the sun from bombarding his ashen complexion. His finger tips calloused from years of perfecting the art of rendering the hides of animals and unwilling volunteers into their new purpose of protecting the zealots of Libila have long since accepted retirement. Reclusing himself to his homestead within the vibrant and sun-filled forests of Xanadu crafting saddles and toolbelts for local artisans and discarding any acknowledgment of his past felt like a welcome retirement from the horrors of war, betrayal of the horde, and abandonment from Libila. "Become my tool and my weapon. Let me sharpen you, and let me run you through the heart of my enemies. For this, I will reward you greatly. You will be given powers beyond normal mortal possibilities." - the words telepathically implanted in his brain by the deity as he took his vow at the Altar of Three still clearly in his mind as he scoffed at the notion "The only reward that follows is that of dread." he muttered under his breath before pausing; holding the latch to his chamber door he allowed a wandering thought "What is worse than dread? Mediocrity..." Dislodging his nightmare from his consciousness by pulling his hat down by the brim and stepping through the threshold of his hearth into the new day, his heart sank. The gravel path that he paved from the egress of his cabin was replaced by dark slate brick. Peering up from under the shield of his mantle to find not the comforting, safe woods of Xanadu but the bloodstained streets of Citadel. Thick crimson smoke blotted out the sun and the screeches of pain and sorrow filled his ears, all anxiety and fear was muted by the solace and peace found in feeling the warmth of the blood-quenched fibers of mycelium embracing his toes. The feeling of tranquility overwhelmed him only to be cut short by the thunderous crash of the door latching shut behind him. Jolting around to face the sound, his hand naturally navigating to where his blade once rested. Vogar found himself immediately paralyzed now face to face with the apparition of Libila as she clasped her claws around the back of his head caressing his chin within her palms. Her skin squirmed like a paper thin sheet containing a host of writhing worms pushing against the surface on the cusp of breaking through. Her touch pulled all warmth from his being, all light from existence was extinguished and what remained was a dark menacing fog surrounding him and the glowing eyes of the dark goddess's corrupted smile as she whispered to him, "It's Time."
  3. @Chakron mentioned in another thread Rolf once turned on PvP and draining on PvE isles, then went home for the week-end. I was not around back then, but I remember hearing of it after joining. Being reminded now made me laugh, particularly "going home for the week-end." I can only imagine Rolf was pretty upset with the PvE folks that day In any case, this thread is intended to be a general call for first-hand accounts of this event in Wurm's long history. If you were playing when this happened, I'd love to hear some stories of how it went for you. I can only imagine it would have been a momentous occasion, not to mention mayhem. Thanks ahead for any contributions. Look forward to reading if anyone has the experience and time to share. **only intended for entertainment purposes, not to be interpreted as a suggestion, admonition, recognition or anything other than history and humor. Failure to comply will result in a brief though extreme electrostatic shock delivered through your mouse. Carry on.
  4. I would like to request an addition to the creator tag system- We got the history of who made an item, and these days we can take over ownership in random occasions. I would like to see a creation DATE, on items. Like rings, weapons, armors, tools, anything. Even boats and carts. It can be something as simple as "This item was created X (RL)days ago." What do you think?
  5. So not keeping old player stories and what little history (timeline and William Benth (spelling?)) the devs premade in wiki anymore?
  6. I've been very interested lately in creating more lore for Wurm. Although it would be fanfiction since the developers would have the final say on official lore, I believe flushing out some temporary lore would be quite fun. I would greatly appreciate some help doing this. The lore and real-time storylines would be quite immersive and lengthy. If you are interested in creative writing and would like to help, listed below are the areas where I could use help: Creating characters Filling in existing back-story Ideas on story direction and plot points (this would be a great opportunity for those who enjoy creative writing to explore pacing and twists) Editing Peer Evaluation Wurm is a wide open slate perfect for story telling and creation. What better world to create history and a compelling story than one of the most intricate life-like games on the market. Serious inquiries only please! Leave your in-game name (if not on Independence please state so and I'll contact you on here) Time frame you'll be able to be reached (including time zone) What area of the process you'd like to be involved in (character creation, plot points, back-story, etc) *All credit will be given where credit is due
  7. Are you someone who enjoys reading lore? Do you appreciate the fictional history of video games, and have an interest in helping to build such history through story telling and gameplay? Hopefully someone out there has answered yes to at least one of those questions! Or am I all alone in this boat? Cutting to the point; I enjoy creative writing. I won't say I'm great at it or that it's my day job because it certainly isn't, HOWEVER, I do enjoy a bit of fiction and history. I've been tinkering around with writing some fictional lore for various Wurm Online related things, and I had a wonderful -hopefully- idea. Let me write lore for you about your village. It's as simple as it sounds. I'd like to write lore for your village/settlement. If you love your village and are interested in the idea of having written lore to accompany it, please do inquire here or by pm. I will charge you nothing for creating fictional lore for you, and if you don't like the lore provided I won't post it here either for others to read. If you do like the lore and you'd like to pay me for it, pay me with in-game currency in whatever amount you feel is deserved. Again, I repeat, there is no required cost, I'd just like to flesh out the fictional history of Wurm a bit and I might as well do it for other players who enjoy lore as well. Don't be shy, leave a comment or pm me and I'll get back to you quickly.
  8. We, are like the humble hermit crab. We out grew our home, so we sought out another. Our village. Back on the rainbow mountains. She was a hard place, dangerous to even walk. We were secluded, cut off from the world, and had little room to grow. I, and others, knew we could not long survive nor prosper in the lands, so we decided to leave. There was a division between the villagers. Those of us that wished to stay, and those who wanted to leave. We suffered a division and lost family and friend alike, the day we set sail. We did not know what we were looking for when we left, but when we found it, we could not deny our hearts. It seemed like months, traveling the seas and exploring the islands. We were running low on supplies, and morale was becoming low, but right when we thought our quest was for bought, we found the promised land in the oldest part of the world. An ancient ruin, which caused our breath to halt. An old city, long abandoned. Only a shadow of it's former glory. A small whisper, in the wood. We couldn't help but feel that this was our destination, our goal, our new home. Looking back now, I know it is what had called us all that time. Beckoning, pleading, begging for us to reclaim her and breath new life into the land. Finding home was only a small part of our journey, however. As we explored the ruined city and delved into the old mines and dungeons it became apparent that the hated enemy had reached it's invading hand into this part of the world. The old beasts. The ancient Fomorians. The monsters. They make this land dangerous as well, but we know we can't allow them to scare us off. Not now. We fight them off, defend ourselves with the rich resources we pull from the earth. Weapons and fire and walls, all built for our survival. We are strong, and so shall prove it. Our flag will stay where it stands and grow more powerful with each passing day! Our enemies and any threat shall fall before our wake, and bow as our city rises to outgrow the horizon. No hardship will, nor can, stop us. The whispers in the wood, shall be loud, once more. __________________ Case anyone was curious, this is the back story for the new settlement of Whisperwood. It's a new village on the independence server and this story is true :3
  9. 1 - The last stand of LO - violetann Rivers of blood flowed and dusty rubble cover everything in this eerie landscape of a town of fallen heroes. After the passing of most of LO members the artifacts which had been kept secure for so long in their vaults were inaccessible to all those whom remained. An estimated 40-45 Jenn-Kellon were standing outside Lo’s walls against a handful of MR fighters. From LO: chromega, Shweet, Kabill, klaa and dragonspawn who mostly killed himself. From Whosville: Chancellor Horton, Myself, maximustehgreat, Goldfishmoo, tonygreen, zarmazarma. The Jenn-Kellon began making themselves a mini fort and catapults. This was going to be a long siege from the start. When they got there not even a handful of LO remained, But they underestimated what less than a handful of MR can do. The horde of JK was held off by as little as 7 mr long into the night and Pedro the JK prince was slain before they breached LO. In a gorilla warfare style we did what we could chasing each other around in the depths of the Lo catacombs. The mines of LO held yet another secret. During Goldfishmoo’s endeavor to supply rocks for repairing he mined a Star diamond later named “heart of Loâ€. Even the Jenn-Kellon could not pick the lock on the artifact chests. They had to resort to pushing the chest containing 4 of them into lava off the deed. While they pushed we managed to refortify LO to secure the remaining 3 artifacts. The Sword of magraron, orb of doom and the ear of vynora were kept secure by MR against all odds. All the bravery of this city’s past, those citizens whom remained and allies from afar who fort so valiantly to protect the city and it’s artifacts deeds shall be remembered not just in the bloody spilt or carved in to the ruins of the now ghost city; but in the hearts and minds of all Mol-Rehan LOL cat version: RIVERS OV BLOOD FLOWD AN DUSTY RUBBLE COVR EVRYTHIN IN DIS EERIE LANDSCAPE OV TOWN OV FALLEN HEROEZ. AFTR TEH PASIN OV MOST OV LO MEMBERS TEH ARTIFACTS WHICH HAD BEEN KEPT SECURE 4 SO LONG IN THEIR VAULTS WUZ INACCESIBLE 2 ALL DOSE WHOM REMAIND. AN ESTIMATD 40-45 JENN-KELLON WUZ STANDIN OUTSIDE LO’S WALLS AGAINST HANDFUL OV MISTAH FIGHTERS. FRUM LO: CHROMEGA, SHWEET, KABILL, KLAA AN DRAGONSPAWN HOO MOSTLY KILLD HIM. FRUM WHOSVILLE: CHANCELLOR HORTON, MYSELF, MAXIMUSTEHGREAT, GOLDFISHMOO, TONYGREEN, ZARMAZARMA. TEH JENN-KELLON BEGAN MAKIN THEMSELVEZ MINI FORT AN KATAPULTS. DIS WUZ GOIN 2 BE LONG SIEGE FRUM TEH START. WHEN THEY GOT THAR NOT EVEN HANDFUL OV LO REMAIND, BUT THEY UNDERESTIMATD WUT LES THAN HANDFUL OV MISTAH CAN DO. TEH HORDE OV JK WUZ HELD OFF BY AS LIL AS 7 MISTAH LONG INTO TEH NITE AN PEDRO TEH JK PRINCE WUZ SLAIN BEFORE THEY BREACHD LO. IN GORILLA WARFARE STYLE WE DID WUT WE CUD CHASIN EACH OTHR AROUND IN DA DEPTHS OV TEH LO KATACOMBS. TEH MINEZ OV LO HELD YET ANOTHR SEEKRET. DURIN GOLDFISHMOO’S ENDEAVOR 2 SUPPLY ROCKZ 4 REPAIRIN HE MIND STAR DIAMOND LATR NAMD “HART OV LOâ€. EVEN TEH JENN-KELLON CUD NOT PICK TEH LOCK ON TEH ARTIFACT CHESTS. THEY HAD 2 RESORT 2 PUSHIN TEH CHEST CONTAININ 4 OV THEM INTO LAVA OFF DA DED. WHILE THEY PUSHD WE MANAGD 2 REFORTIFY LO 2 SECURE TEH REMAININ 3 ARTIFACTS. TEH SWORD OV MAGRARON, ORB OV DOOM AN TEH EAR OV VYNORA WUZ KEPT SECURE BY MISTAH AGAINST ALL ODDZ. ALL TEH BRAVERY OV DIS CITY’S PAST, DOSE CITIZENS WHOM REMAIND AN ALLIEZ FRUM AFAR HOO FORT SO VALIANTLY 2 PROTECT TEH CITY AN IT’S ARTIFACTS DEEDZ SHALL BE REMEMBERD NOT JUS IN DA BLOODY SPILT OR CARVD IN 2 TEH RUINS OV TEH NAO GHOST CITY; BUT IN DA HEARTS AN MINDZ OV ALL MOL-REHAN