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Found 20 results

  1. While trying to discover new recipes I came across what appears to be a bug. Here is what I did. - put a piece of dough in a fry pan and click on lore * game suggesst adding corn - put a piece of corn in the fry pan and click on lore * game suggests adding some raw raspberries - put in some raspberries (1 piece) and click on lore * game suggests adding a fried meat - fry up a piece of meat (tried unnamed and also named meat), add that to the pan then click on lore * game tells me that the items inside do not make any known recipe. I have tried adding items in different orders but once the fried meat is added the whole thing comes to a grinding halt. Thanks, Skyefox
  2. Share all the stories you can of times where you were helped, helped others, etc. Things that count as player made lore such as the Great Loom push from deli! I wanna hear and see them if you have any pictures as well!
  3. Echoes of the Veil "It's time.." These eerie words echoed in his mind as he opened his eyes waking from the season long slumber. The voice was familiar and comforting yet shrouded in an aura of dread long past; It had been 132 years (or 1584 starfalls) since Vogar first emerged from the portal. As far back as he could recall, the horde, no.. Libila.. was all that he knew. The chill that followed her breath as she whispered those words into his mind's eye soothed every nerve within his body leaving only the sear of the scar surrounding his brand remaining as a painful reminder of the sacrifices he once made in her name. The room had four walls and yet seemed to provide no shelter from the reverberating words ricocheting around his mind. Flashbacks of the carnage of war, the death and un-death of countless that stood both at the end of his blade or stood at his side strobed through his vision like a flaming arrow ripping through a haystack. Shaking the visions clear from his mind Vogar sat up from his bed and donned his wool shirt and the leather hat masterfully crafted to keep the sun from bombarding his ashen complexion. His finger tips calloused from years of perfecting the art of rendering the hides of animals and unwilling volunteers into their new purpose of protecting the zealots of Libila have long since accepted retirement. Reclusing himself to his homestead within the vibrant and sun-filled forests of Xanadu crafting saddles and toolbelts for local artisans and discarding any acknowledgment of his past felt like a welcome retirement from the horrors of war, betrayal of the horde, and abandonment from Libila. "Become my tool and my weapon. Let me sharpen you, and let me run you through the heart of my enemies. For this, I will reward you greatly. You will be given powers beyond normal mortal possibilities." - the words telepathically implanted in his brain by the deity as he took his vow at the Altar of Three still clearly in his mind as he scoffed at the notion "The only reward that follows is that of dread." he muttered under his breath before pausing; holding the latch to his chamber door he allowed a wandering thought "What is worse than dread? Mediocrity..." Dislodging his nightmare from his consciousness by pulling his hat down by the brim and stepping through the threshold of his hearth into the new day, his heart sank. The gravel path that he paved from the egress of his cabin was replaced by dark slate brick. Peering up from under the shield of his mantle to find not the comforting, safe woods of Xanadu but the bloodstained streets of Citadel. Thick crimson smoke blotted out the sun and the screeches of pain and sorrow filled his ears, all anxiety and fear was muted by the solace and peace found in feeling the warmth of the blood-quenched fibers of mycelium embracing his toes. The feeling of tranquility overwhelmed him only to be cut short by the thunderous crash of the door latching shut behind him. Jolting around to face the sound, his hand naturally navigating to where his blade once rested. Vogar found himself immediately paralyzed now face to face with the apparition of Libila as she clasped her claws around the back of his head caressing his chin within her palms. Her skin squirmed like a paper thin sheet containing a host of writhing worms pushing against the surface on the cusp of breaking through. Her touch pulled all warmth from his being, all light from existence was extinguished and what remained was a dark menacing fog surrounding him and the glowing eyes of the dark goddess's corrupted smile as she whispered to him, "It's Time."
  4. Version with pictures, click here: [img] The battle is over, the enemy has been vanquished and their town is looted and burned. Our fort is still here -- it serves as a reminder to the enemy just how much we value exerting influence over these territories on Wild. The Kingdom needs the fort to prevent the enemy from coming this way ever again; thus, the fort needs a caretaker. That's why I'm here. I'm the Caretaker. [img] The fort was a work of the best masons and miners in the entire Kingdom. They were here, working in secret for days before the Enemy even knew we were here. Just outside the local area of the unsuspecting enemy village, our craftsmen toiled while warriors stood ready to defend should the Enemy discover this refuge before it was ready. It was as much good luck as good planning that the warriors weren't called into action until the fort was ready for action. There wasn't much of a fight. Most of the enemy villagers saw us coming and had already gathered their belongings to slip away long before the actual attack came. The end was an anti-climax after all the preparation. [img width=400 ] Since then, the fort has been pretty lonely. Occationally, one of the warriors drops by to go loot the abandoned enemy village. Mostly I've been left to tend the walls and keep the stock of repair bricks from decaying. No one expects the enemy to return; but if they do, I'll be able to hold the walls from collapsing long enough for our warriors to arrive. That's what caretakers do: keep walls from falling whilst warriors are riding in on horseback to deal with unwanted visitors. [img width=400] So I spend time making a few bricks, then cook some barely edible meals that even the local wild dogs won't eat. At sunrise, I'll go out back and rip away some of that wretched mycellium, then plant fresh grass and flowers. When the mycellium fungus gets into the trees they must be cut down and burned to cleanse the land of the vile odour. So I spend more time cutting, then cleaning the soil and am rewarded by birdsong and the return of green grass and healthy fruit trees. [img width=400] The warriors and craftsmen are already working on their next project. One day, this fort may soon no longer matter to the Kingdom and I'll get posted to another place. Who knows if my work here will matter? Will the grassland grow or will the fungus return? Will the fort eventually decay or will another caretaker be sent to keep it ready for another battle? Such are the deep thoughts of a Caretaker. [img width=400 ]
  5. Idea: Item description field, however many characters is limited to a tweet, functions similar to rename function, but more letters. Better idea: Using some tool from the list of imping tools for said item, based on skill for letter amount available for input. Additional: throw in this suggestion so we don't have to examine the item for enchants or list them in the rename field like some kinda mouthbreather. [You see an inscription on the blade: "I asked for the sword of Rambo, I was not dissapointed"] Maybe ql/damage would hide letters similar to a creator tag.
  6. The recipe, stew (meat) with dumplings NOT Meat Stew with Dumplings, show this when using lore: [13:09:59] The items inside do not make any known recipe. This recipe is right under meat stew w/ dumplings.when you search for dump. I placed it in a sauce pan like the recipe called for just in case and popped it into the oven. No go failed to cook as expected. I tried 2 kinds of meat, snake and plain meat, 3 veggies, onion, pea and pumpkin all chopped. and barley Dough take'n the dough out, makes meat stew
  7. Once a mighty empire the land of Lashar has become a hard and unforgiving place to live. With their population constantly growing the Empire has become too large to sustain its population. With resources scarce the people of Lashar have become prey to the many creatures they once hunted. Without the wood needed to build houses, and the iron to forge weapons and armour, they stand no chance of survival. Desperate to find a solution to their problem before they all die the priests of Lashar have begun to make greater sacrifices to their gods in hopes of salvation. Finally their prayers are answered by the great goddess Vynora. Visiting each of her priests in a dream Vynora reveals to them a land of riches and glory. Warning them the journey will be perilous she promises to aid those brave enough to try. Gathering the best and bravest of their people the emperor send them to find this land of promise. Fighting through hordes of monsters and terrible weather nearly half of these explorers die before arriving in the land of promise. Massive forests of the best wood and tons of easy to kill game give the people hope. Digging down to the depths of the earth the pioneers discover vast quantities of minerals and ores of the utmost quality. Before long the people have built a city and even a few surrounding villages. However the peace was not to last. As always greed grew in the hearts of men, and fights began to occur between the various groups. Some of them wanted to send the resources back to Lashar to save their people and rebuild their mighty empire. Other wanted all the resources for themselves, declaring only those strong enough to take them should have them. As the skirmishes grew in intensity the villages began to run low on fighters and sent requests back home for reinforcement. Arriving in droves the warriors of Lashar arrived and joined the spreading conflict. With unlimited resources and a steady supply of warriors the battles grew larger and fiercer with no end in sight. Now several years later the conflict continues to rage with nobody willing to concede defeat. As a new adventurer how will you influence the conflict? Will you stay in Lashar and help create the weapons of war needed to continue the struggle for resources? Will you travel to this war torn land and fight for glory and riches, or will you carve out a path of your own? The choice is your and the opportunities endless. How will you be remembered?
  8. I've noticed more and more people asking "What did you cook this with?" and was wondering how complicated it would be to remember all this stuff after you make it the first time.. and I'm sure many would agree that a reverse lore option for cooked foods would be amazing to have, of course there should be a downside to it also, maybe food taking damage or getting destroyed would both be fine imo. I'd like to see what others think about this
  9. A friend found this... there's alot of lore in it, it's a year old article but covers much WO history from 2006.
  10. So just kind of a question that leads to a suggestion. What's up with Jackel and Rifts? What does the King do in PvE? Is there a King? What's new in the kingdom? The servers? The reason for these questions is simple. Am I playing farmville, where 99% of my actions really don't matter? I'm cool with gaining trophies, and getting new skills, but my question is will there be any change in the world be cause I have these skills or a lack there of? I think what I'm asking for (and others) is something a little external. Yes, things in wurm can still be player driven, but isn't there supposedly 4 kingdoms? Don't they fight each other? Must cost materials, food, weapons, such. This could be the basis for PvE world quests? Perhaps the King needs goods donated to maintain the armies, food, bandages, armor, weapons. This could be a quest, that helps improve or maintain the costs of tower guards spawning. Just something to tie in all the loose ends. As far as the jackel is concerned, Shouldn't there be a message from the king stating the need for aid? I mean I'd love to get some in game letters about this stuff. I really hate having to look in the change logs, or dev blogs, or town hall FORUMS. for things that are IN GAME. Am I ranting by myself, or are there others who have similar questions?
  11. I've been very interested lately in creating more lore for Wurm. Although it would be fanfiction since the developers would have the final say on official lore, I believe flushing out some temporary lore would be quite fun. I would greatly appreciate some help doing this. The lore and real-time storylines would be quite immersive and lengthy. If you are interested in creative writing and would like to help, listed below are the areas where I could use help: Creating characters Filling in existing back-story Ideas on story direction and plot points (this would be a great opportunity for those who enjoy creative writing to explore pacing and twists) Editing Peer Evaluation Wurm is a wide open slate perfect for story telling and creation. What better world to create history and a compelling story than one of the most intricate life-like games on the market. Serious inquiries only please! Leave your in-game name (if not on Independence please state so and I'll contact you on here) Time frame you'll be able to be reached (including time zone) What area of the process you'd like to be involved in (character creation, plot points, back-story, etc) *All credit will be given where credit is due
  12. Are you someone who enjoys reading lore? Do you appreciate the fictional history of video games, and have an interest in helping to build such history through story telling and gameplay? Hopefully someone out there has answered yes to at least one of those questions! Or am I all alone in this boat? Cutting to the point; I enjoy creative writing. I won't say I'm great at it or that it's my day job because it certainly isn't, HOWEVER, I do enjoy a bit of fiction and history. I've been tinkering around with writing some fictional lore for various Wurm Online related things, and I had a wonderful -hopefully- idea. Let me write lore for you about your village. It's as simple as it sounds. I'd like to write lore for your village/settlement. If you love your village and are interested in the idea of having written lore to accompany it, please do inquire here or by pm. I will charge you nothing for creating fictional lore for you, and if you don't like the lore provided I won't post it here either for others to read. If you do like the lore and you'd like to pay me for it, pay me with in-game currency in whatever amount you feel is deserved. Again, I repeat, there is no required cost, I'd just like to flesh out the fictional history of Wurm a bit and I might as well do it for other players who enjoy lore as well. Don't be shy, leave a comment or pm me and I'll get back to you quickly.
  13. First of all - this is a starting point for a debate, not a specific suggestion set in stone. I'm sure the specifics can be improved - this is just to get the ball rolling and to give our devs an alternative to simply nerfing Nahjo priests. This is also the reason I'm posting it here and not in the suggestions forum, but the mods are of course welcome to move it. The reason for this post is because the devs have stated they are considering nerfing Nahjo priests. Core Assumption: Nahjo priests should not be nerfed too much. There was a good time to balance Nahjo to make it fit the balance of the old priests, but that time was 5 months ago. Since then people have re-grinded faith to high levels, some have bought/sold characters and some casual players have started a priest which they otherwise wouldn't have. Instead of nerfing Nahjo give the other priests a boost in PvE. Assumption: Nahjo hasn't broken PvP balance (as far as I know), so this balancing will focus on PvE abilities. Hopefully the changes can work on both PvE and PvP servers. Assumption: It is ok to "hardcode" some priest abilities even if this doesn't fit entirely within the player god framework. Assumption: It is acceptable to add a bit more overlap between the priest abilities since this has already happened with the player gods (especially Najho). 1 - Make sure the roles of the gods are clearly defined. No big changes here, just some small tweaks. Nahjo: Good at everything, but master of none. Difficulty: casual Fo: Master of nature and healing. Difficulty: casual Magnaron: Mastery of the body and combat. Difficulty: medium Vynora: Master of the arcane. Difficulty: hard 2 - Allow the old gods more abilities to bring them in line with Nahjo having both mining and woodcutting. Magnaron: Add digging since this fits with the body domain. They could possibly even get woodcutting and paving as well since they are body skills and Magnaron's PvE relevance is somewhat limited. Fo: Add woodcutting since this relates to nature (perhaps limit it to very old and overaged trees to fit the lore). Vynora: Add alchemy and natural substances since mixing potions fits with arcane abilities. They could get mining or digging as well, but that doesn't seem to fit the lore that well (and I am not sure they need as big a boost as Mag and Fo). Nahjo: No changes. 3 - Boost favor from sacrificing for the old gods. First of all double the core price of the current "double" favor items (to the level of cordage ropes). That way people who already grinded the relevant skills won't get nerfed and existing items in stock will still be as useful as before. Secondly make their new sacrifice items something that fits the lore and require skills that don't take improving to raise efficiently (which makes little sense when they're not allowed to improve). Fo: Make vegetables (HC items) their favor item like Nahjo (unless this breaks healing in PvP). It fits the lore and I have a hard time seeing how it would make them unbalanced for PvE. They'd be able to mass produce sprouts, but that's about it. Vynora: Some alchemy or natural substances item. Healing covers or healing salves would work, but perhaps not the most lore appropriate. Healing salves would give a use for all the animal fat sitting in our bsbs. Magnaron: Door locks still works fine since locksmithing doesn't take improving to skill up. If the core price of door locks is doubled they'd still see a nice boost (unless this breaks pvp). An alternative could be metallurgy lumps since this would fit the lore better than door locks. Nahjo: No changes to favor item. Optional nerf: I think most people will agree that sacrificing vegetables is currently extremely powerful. If the favor gain from this was reduced by 50% it would still be really good, so I think that could be an option (but it's a significant nerf). 4 - Spell tweaks This is going to be controversial, so please don't take it for more than an initial suggestion that is open for debate. It includes a bit of nerfing of Nahjo, but this could be omitted. Vynora: Since they are masters of enchanting it would make sense they get Life Transfer since it's by far the best enchant for that slot. Magnaron: Add Frostbrand since it's a damage dealing enchant. Improving Mole Sense to be more useful would be nice, but that's another discussion (making it work like "analyze" above ground would be awesome). Fo: Give them some more utility spells. Oppulence, Light Token and Reveal Creatures/Settlements would fit well with the lore. Dominate and True Hit are also possibilities. Nahjo: Optionally remove some of the enchanting spells that aren't top tier. Possible enchants to remove could be the Demise spells, Lurker in the Dark and maybe Aura of Shared Pain. Do not remove Wind of Ages, Courier or Lifetransfer since these were major selling points for the people picking the class. More changes could probably be made to PvP spells, but I don't know enough about that to make any suggestions there. (Apologies if I made any mistakes about current priest abilities, some of it is quoted from memory)
  14. Gather around. I ask that you take a brief moment to hear my words. Young and old. Wise and Uneducated. It is time you learned of another. The lands of Wurm are ancient. This we know. They tumble and war. Shifting in shape and size as gods that are above in Valeria fight for power. --- Fo! His creation around you. To create. To love. All Stolen. Warped, the true purpose of which lost within the annuals of time. Vynora,many secrets has she gathered. Many secrets abused. What lies in the darkness of the void? Vynora knows well and she would fight to keep it hidden Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day. And weep. For the fighting he has spread and the chaos it has brought. Libila, her followers. Dark and full of deceit. They can be considered victims. Not victors as the world will decay if they are brought the power they so seek. The demigods. Pretenders. Usurpers. They have risen within the lands. Stealing shards of power that they believed would save them. Alas, soon to be to no avail. --- I beesech you to listen to the truth. For this I know. My words are as truth as the visions have came to me within my sleep. The great elder Wurm stirs. The lands have been under the command of the others for too long, and the great creator will return. And take back what is rightfully its. It was the beginning, and without rightful worship it shall be the end. Pay attention and believe as its word will follow soon. - First Prophet Rexxian. The laws of the Elder Wurm are few and far in between. What we instead receive are tales of his brilliance. Or indeed tales that will guide and assist in your travels through the land of Wurm. The Elder Wurm asks no tribute. No real worship. Only that you believe, for that belief is his power. Your actions are your own.
  15. I've been toying with some ideas of late as to making a small comic out of Wurm Online. Are there any artists out there interested in this concept and wouldn't mind exploring it further? This is just a for-fun project, so no hassle or anything like that. Hit me up if you're interested, or if you have artistic experience and would enjoy creating a comic.
  16. I've always liked the lore of this game, its very interesting and Well thought out, but, the lore is not fleshed out and I think there should be some hints at the lore like an actual holiday for Wilem Benth on the Starfall of Omens, and stories and such about the founding of certain deeds like The Shroud and Greendog
  17. The Lore

    For any that do not actually know it, here is the official game lore Impressive? No. Considering that many players, especially when trying to argue on PvP quote "The Lore" are actually referencing this, it makes me want to laugh, when I don't want to cry. What they are actually referring to is the players in game perceptions of what "The Lore" might be. While at times most people agree on certain basics every single understanding of that lore is subjective. It is that individuals interpretation of something that has no formal agreement or even an actual form. This is also a reason why so many balancing suggestions make things worse. Balancing suggestions made from different arbitrary base lines is never going to end well. This is half rant and half plea. What we have now sucks badly and that is being nice about it, its a place-holder and nothing else. Replace it with something that has some character and meat to it. If the lore is player created it must be vetted and passed by the Dev team as suitable.
  18. Exhausted and racked with pain, Axykarius collapsed on the hillside while a devastating storm raged on. As he lay in the mud struggling to breath, rain washed the blood from his wounds and the battlefield around him. Even though he couldn’t muster the strength to move, he still clenched his fateful mighty maul tightly in hand; for Axykarius was weary of the stone giant still. Stone giants were known to be awfully resilient and terribly strong, able to crush a man to death in its grasp and throw trees as far as a catapult could throw stone. This stone giant though, was clearly dead; its head smashed to gravel. It had once stood as tall as a four-story building, with arms as thick as men, a chest fused with gems and granite, and legs maintaining an eight foot walking stride. In open field such a creature could have outran any prized horse, and nearly keep up with Farwalker, the legendary wild stallion. On this particular night, however, this stone giant was outwitted if not out-lucked by Axykarius and his soldiers. As Axykarius plummeted towards unconsciousness, he couldn’t help but feel grief for his fallen Lieutenants, Keeno and Tarsten, who miraculously saved his life before the stone giant could crush him to death. The mighty maul that Axykarius held, rightly named Shatterstrike, had indeed shattered the massive head of the stone giant, but only after Keeno and Tarsten felled a massive oak tree in an attempt to crush the giant in its descent. When the stone giant was struck by the falling tree, he crumpled to the ground, letting go of Axykarius who struggled in his clutches. In an immediate rage the giant flung the tree off of himself, hurling it toward the brave Lieutenants who were too shocked to escape its over-looming shadow. Axykarius watched in horror as his best officers, and lifelong friends perished. Gripping his giant maul in two hands, he leapt towards the weakened monstrosity. The giant, still kneeling, turned in a roar to confront his fateful foe with a granite fist, but was too late as Shatterstrike met his skull with relentless force. The stone giant was defeated, at the cost of a company of eighteen soldiers, two Lieutenants, and soon to be one captain. Only two soldiers remained: Joysith and Slikyte. Two men training to become officers of the Jenn-Kellon navy, found themselves alone with their dying captain. Originally sent through a mysterious portal decades earlier, the Jenn-Kellon navy was commissioned by council to explore this new realm and set up colonies if habitable. When the navy arrived on the other side of the portal, they commenced Project Independence by setting up the first base, Howling Wolf; on the coast of a lake they called Freedom Lake. In recent years the lake was renamed to Crystal Lake, due to its crystal clear waters and incredible depths. One morning when the weather was fair, a ship was sent out to find the northern border of Crystal Lake, and to explore its shores for habitable living area. When the crew returned from their mission amidst a brewing storm, they spoke of immense forests and mountain ranges, littered with plenty of hunting game as well as enormous “monsters.†The crew went on to give a detailed list of some of the animals, ranging from deer and wolves to menacingly giant spiders and oversized rats. Some records described a rock-like creature of great stature that could rip trees out of the ground with ease and hurl them great distances. According to these findings the Jenn-Kellon navy saw fit to continue the mission using a small military regiment to establish a settlement in the woods due north of the coast. This second mission contained 2nd Freedom Company, led by Captain Axykarius. The lake waters were rough as a storm overhead raged with immense winds and booming thunder. Despite difficulties sailing, Axykarius and his men made shore without casualties or ship damage. This would all change however, when the team was ambushed by a fearsome stone creature lurking in the forest. Joysith and Slikyte knelt next to their brave Captain as he gave them final instructions. The two men were charged with burying their fallen comrades to keep the creatures of the forest from ravaging the bodies before another military expedition could be sent to retrieve the corpses. Their second task was to bury the Captain as well, once he had passed. The final task set to them before Axykarius died was to deliver his letters of recommendation and warning. The Captain’s letters, written during their voyage on the vast lake, detailed the service of the two soldiers as exemplary over the past two years, and recommended them for promotion. His final letter was to be written by Slikyte on the voyage back to the naval encampment. This letter gave a vote of approval to move forward with the colonization of the hillside forest, with a warning of danger from the local creatures. Although the stone giant they encountered was alone, Axykarius suggested there may be others in the region, since the first exploration crew had recorded multiple sightings. At the end of his exasperated instructions, Captain Axykarius murmured four words to Joysith and Slikyte; the same four words that had been their company motto: Ours is the Fury. With his final words Axykarius perished. The terrible storm died with him as the rain stopped and the clouds dissipated. Much like the fallen Captain, ‘this was the storms end’, thought Slikyte. Upon returning to the Howling Wolf encampment and delivering the letters, the two soldiers were promoted to officers. The Jenn-Kellon navy heeded the words of Axykarius, and proceeded with the colonization cautiously. Joysith and Slikyte were given command of a small company to take back to the hillside forest, and build a fortified encampment for future settlement plans. The two officers chose to remain in the new village with the consent of their naval commander. Soon after the high stone walls were built around the encampment, settlers were moved in to populate the area, with Joysith and Slikyte leading them. They never forgot the final words of Axykarius, and how he died heroically with the storms end.
  19. The Treasure Of The Ageless PART I: The Four Kings At the dawn of civilization, when the World Of The Wurm was still young, in an ancient era long before humans arrived in the lands now known as the Freedom Isles, four mighty kings gathered in the grand hall of the Library of Sorrow. They were the true rulers of the four kingdoms of the Ageless, enthroned in the ancient time by the Four Gods themselves. Although the kings were immune to the passing of time, they felt that the era of the Ageless was coming to an end. In response to their prayers the Four Gods had revealed the future to every one of them, and it was clear that all complaints and appeals to Fo, Magranon, Vynora and Libila would be in vain. "This world of ours will soon belong to a new race", they said. "Even the Keepers of the Truth, our mighty army, will not impede the inevitable, as the gods foresee it." And they sat together for a long time, bemoaning their fate, their spirit changing from angry to sad and helpless. Finally, one of them rose and spoke: "So, the Golden Valley will soon see many new creatures, and the World Of The Wurm will finally belong to the Humans. If this is the will of the Four Gods, so be it! But, before we have to vanish, let us each create something very special, a unique item as a gift to the new race of Humans, to help them in their effort to become the owners of our beautiful world!" And so they agreed to create four powerful and unique tools, made from the purest of silver. They returned to their kingdoms and summoned the most skillful of their blacksmiths to forge the best tools they could make from the best silver they could find. One year later the four kings gathered again in the Library of Sorrow and they presented what had been created in their kingdoms. "The Silver Sickle will help them to plant and cultivate vast forests, so they will always have wood to make fire and build sheds", the first king said. "The Silver Knife will be priceless as a tool to produce meat, furs, hides and material, so they will never be hungry or cold", the second king continued. The third king produced a Silver Hammer and said: "The hammer will be their tool to build houses and make their own tools from iron", and the fourth king continued: "This is the Silver Trowel used for erecting the great human temples and palaces." So they laid down the four unique tools of pure silver before them and were satisfied with what they had created. Suddenly a strong gust of wind arose and with a mighty roaring sound Libila herself appeared amongst them, filling the air with the strong odor of the Dark Realms. "So you decided to give your help to the feeble humans?", she rumbled in her mighty voice of thunder. "A sickle, a knife, a hammer and a trowel to settle and live in a peaceful world of rocks, trees and flowers? Heh! You fools!" Her laughter filled the grand hall and reverberated from the walls of the Library, making the kings tremble with fear. "How long do you believe those humans would survive in a world swarming with hostile creatures without a true weapon?", the Goddess asked. "Do you see them killing a lava fiend with a sickle? Would they attack a troll with their silver knife? What good would a hammer and a trowel do against a hell scorpious?" With these words the dark goddess disappeared. The four ageless kings looked at each other and realized that in their grief and sorrow they had forgotten to create the most important of all tools: a powerful weapon! Embarrassed they knelt down at the altars and prayed to the Four, asking for a unique and divine weapon to give as a present to the human race. And then, finally, the most noble and powerful sword appeared in front of the altars: a large two handed sword made of pure hardened silver! There they lay: the Silver Sickle, the Silver Knife, the Silver Hammer, the Silver Trowel and, as a gift of the gods themselves, the Silver Sword! The four kings agreed to hide this treasure of invaluable unique items in a secure place, to make sure that only the boldest and worthiest of the human race would be able to retrieve them. So they sent out seven of their winged Scouts of Truth to explore the seven continents that were to become the home of the human race. The Seven searched for a long time, until one of them finally found a forgotten cave built by the extinct race of the Gnomes deep below a high, almost inaccessible mountain in a remote spot at the edge of one of the seven islands. So the Treasure of the Ageless was hidden in the underground halls of the ancient Gnome people, sealed from the light of Sol by rock and soil, guarded by fierce creatures that roamed the tunnels leading to the treasure chamber. And the millennia passed...
  20. So what I'd propose is a chain of new statues that players gifted in Masonry could erect. Perhaps statues depicting historical events or figures from the lore of Wurm itself. Such as the Collapse of Wilem Benth after he slain his fellow Ageless, complete with his Prophetic Illiad upon inspection. Statues of the Deities, White and Black Light both. And a Dragon Statue, thought not the same as the HotA statue, as I believe there was one that was draconic. Perhaps open up a competition with statues that players can submit either drawings or 3D Models/Renders of for the team to vote over, with some kind of prize sent to the winner's account?