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Found 2 results

  1. ----------PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND---------- THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR RUNESCAPE WHETHER IT BE OLD SCHOOL OR RS3. THIS IS STRICTLY A RECRUITMENT AD FOR A SETTLEMENT IN WURM ONLINE!!!!!! Are you a runescape fan? well come join the lands of Gielinor today and help build the kingdoms of asgarnia , mithalin , kandarin, and more! kings will be appointed to the different lands of gielinor once built. we reside in the north western part of deliverance. Message Guthansthewretched ingame to find out more or message me here. ( better chance of reaching me ingame type command /tell guthansthewretched ---message here--- ) Food , Water , and Shelter, and Beds will be provided for FREE! (to villiagers and workmen/women) Free pickup and transportation to the settlement will be provided if required. CURRENT POPULATION : 6 NEW PLAYERS MORE THAN WELCOME! one on one training and help will be provided ---people of professions needed --- Diplomats Miners Masons Tailors Hunters Farmers -1 position left- Armed Guards (weapons and armour provided) -2 positions left- Animal Husbands (to milk shear and overall care for our animals) -1 position left- Butchers Leather workers Explorers ----All SKILL LEVELS APPLICABLE----
  2. -RP Server Hello peeps, I bring this up because I'm new to the game and one thing I was hoping to find is a good RP server where the players are moderate to hard core roleplayers, the first thread I found on here about this is "Freedom Roleplaying Server" now archived. I don't agree that there needs to be policing or players voting people off. I just think that a server should be made and clearly designated RP server, if a player comes in and is disruptive of the experience there should be a feature in place to report them with a screenshot clearly showing the players offense. Which would ban that player from that server. I think this is a pretty simple idea and a potentially very enjoyable one for the RP community. Personally I find the variety of jobs a person can take begs people to come and enjoy a great RP experience. - Stores Since I am new I'm not sure how the store system works. If I become a blacksmith am I able to set up a shop that players can access and do I need to remain there to have the shop open? If creating shops requires a player to stay in his shop then I would also like to recommend hiring employees. Where you would have to purchase or find materials and your employees can create items and sell them from your shop, this could be offline PCs or hired NPCs. For the role playing experience having part of your character's story working a part time job would be very nice in my opinion.