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  1. Please Delete.

    If you need a Game Master during the GMT & +1 time zone. I'm all up for it. Also, have a decent PMK name, concept- and strategy in mind. Might look cool! Here's a teaser of banner design: BANNER TEST
  2. I'd go with only one city-state that allows safe traders. Or outcasts- & new players to build. Preferably a WL one. Skill gain is recommended in PMK worlds to stay around 6-8, otherwise it's too fast forward, atleast for me.
  3. They need to be put in client, then be available for others to download and placed in their folders. Hopefully a better way to implement such changes will come in the future so you can directly upload it via the server. Have you tried modding the guard towers? Believe it's the same there.
  4. Q: How about PMK on privatized servers? Will they happen and if so, how? Implementing own banners and new kingdoms could be something?
  5. Chaos server sucks more than vaccums. PvE is for people who finds Paint interesting.
  6. Why u no implemented yet?
  7. People who play Wurm just for the PvE content might be the ones who find it fun using Paint. I would love to see wurm becoming PvP only orientated and that's where the PMK should be at.
  8. PMK. No other games does that, which is a shame that Wurm does not expand such feature more vertically.
  9. So this is how you create threads, huh?
  10. If a pmk can change/add own symbols on it. Yes please.
  11. Rough start? Last time I checked this operation had it's own forums, clear goals and tasks and interested people. If their original leader go inactive then I see no more chance of this getting it done, they're leaving their own members hanging with no clear information of the future. Besides there are two current PMK out there right now with content I'd rather join. It's sort of lacking.
  12. +1 Another great idea to make pmk and non-tk interesting.
  13. An old idea made new. Sort of.