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  1. Flying.... Blimps..... Blimps that you can upgrade to a solid 3-story 5x9 building as the cabin area..... THESE =p
  2. The bulk of the WU community begs to differ on this one. Even on WU, the channeling grind is bad enough that you get very few commercial casters so the market is there. Difference is you can collapse your own mine tiles, wild growth your own sprouts, get your personal Vynora sleep bonus machine without having to make someone go halfway across the server for a 20c favor burn. If anything, we need more crafting spells =P
  3. This thread is heresy... learn your doctrines! VIII. Lowly casuals who tend to their jobs and families are lazy for not playing Wurm at least 8 hours a day and should be penalized accordingly. XIII. All QoL should be nerfed to keep the lazy casuals away, and be clearly and numerically explained by the devs. XIV: If some people want a QoL improvement and I don't, they shouldn't be allowed to interfere with my gameplay.  XVI: A Faithful Wurmian cherishes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  4. +1 ..... and it's about time we got a badass drake scale helm. Arr!
  5. More like discourages posting in the first place. Take rift schedule vs rl schedules..... some form of instancing or temporary servers kind of like Challenge may be the key but try mentioning that on a suggestion post.... the "i" word would lead to rage about this not being WoW, any mention of a new island will cause rage about what was it... "the market"? You get the idea...
  6. We'd need moderators to start cracking down on the LOUD LOUD LOUD dozen or so that'll derail suggestion thread after thread because: - It vaguely reminds them of some other game. (Instanced content for example) - Are uncomfortable with change and would like to see the game kept at 2006 code ("Now every time I pass over to Freedom, it's like I don't recognize the game anymore!!") - Want exclusivity/RMT privilege on certain items groups. - Etc.... to keep it uncontroversial-ish. The suggestions' section can be quite an annoying experience to the point that it's way better to let the modders add it to WU instead.
  7. I'd restrict them to on-deed on PvE for all the obvious reasons... at least erupt and maybe even freeze.... Otherwise, +1 for sure
  8. Edit: And a Fo PoL well-armoured priest meme...
  9. Krusty? Flour Hero? Endoughed?
  10. I have to agree with Gary on that one. And if you have to stop playing a few months, unlike most other mmo's... most... you do risk losing everything you've built if you don't keep paying while inactive (and once again, 1s a month deeds don't get you that far, that's at least $5 a month for any decent amt of land to get far in the game... room for mines etc.... ). One huge edge that Unlimited servers have. On the larger ones at least, if you gotta go inactive a while, you can PM staff to keep your stuff alive or login every certain period of time to reset the timer.
  11. They're lucky that they recently recruited a few newbies for terraforming and mob fodder, there seems to be a sheep spawner in the area. Will they survive the rise of this ultimate evil?
  12. Bet he didn't even try the "fry it all" trick -.-
  13. As I said before, when making meals, fry the ingredients separately first. 1 meat and about 5 veg should do the trick. CCFP doesn't take so much the nature of the ingredients into account as it does the amount of steps involved in cooking. And affinities aren't random, there are even a couple of sites to zero in on the right affinity when cooking.
  14. +1 Cocoa+Fennel =P
  15. What java? Tried 10 and 11 a while back on Win 8.1 (of all things) and improved performance. Ditto on linux and i have a shoddy gpu. Also gave it more RAM on both platforms despite everyone saying to leave it alone, did help.
  16. The old system could be rescued as a newbie thing, similar to what archery and weap skills off trees have: a cap. Have the old system autocatch small stuff with a fish and string, not even fish for bait.... frying pan fodder, and help level fishing to ... 20. Won't level after that, same as cutting trees with a huge axe or archery on a target etc etc... but you still get your newbie sardines to mix into a bowl with that foraged veg. Honestly, times are a'changing, I'd go as far as to add a frying pan to the newbie kit, and a "cooking knife" aka knifeknife aka "knife".
  17. Fill per bite was lowered for the purpose of stacking affinities, imho. Also, CCFP is where it's REALLY at when you look at what combining the effects can do for your skilling. That's where I say "fry everything before mixing into a meal". Doesn't hurt the nutrition either. A 6x6 where you can keep 9 different crops (2x2's) and any half-decent source of meat can keep you quite well-fed and if you have one of each crop and meat, you can even make your own affinities with that fried meat+vegs combo.
  18. +1 .......... wouldn't add it to pvp though...... drop 50 mirrors, lag them out! XD
  19. For meals, chop/dice the ingredients first, and fry them separately ... when all are "fried" then mix into a meal. Should give way better results.
  20. They knew too much (sorry, I just had to).
  21. Write your local WO dev for waxing foods as decoration.