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  1. Set structure decay en-mass

    so as a GM if I build a building will it have no decay for ever regardless of who the owner is set to or would it have to be owned by a GM player? Also, if I disable the mod at a later date, would existing GM made stuff keep its never decay stat while new GM made stuff will not have it? Also, - will it apply to things I have already build or just stuff going forward?
  2. Set structure decay en-mass

    cheers - its in the right direction but I want player stuff to decay as normal
  3. Set structure decay en-mass

    yea it would def need a toggle. Atm I am just building the server so I dont have any players
  4. Build Range

    Had a look around and couldnt see anything like this - would be very nice to have something that removes build range restriction or at least makes it as far as possible so you don't have to be standing right next tot he thing your building.
  5. Set structure decay en-mass

    Would reeeally appreciate some method to set the no decay option on items in bulk. Either set all items currently on server to no decay or all items in a configurable range of tiles etc. Then either a way to have everything built by GM wand to automatically have this setting set.
  6. lol, that was it! Been a while since I've done any of this and this is the only client mod i use so I was just putting it in the server folder : / working now - thanks for the help
  7. is the modlauncher and patcher supposed to go in the mod folder? I wouldn't have thought it would launch the game properly in there, plus it seems to work where it is. Or are you talking about a different patcher?
  8. i shut ti all down and ran it, and when I ran the .bat the cmd window said it was already done
  9. yup - action.jar in a action folder in the mod folder in the same place as the other mods that are working. properties file in the mod file with the other ones. Mod launcher in the right place and working (other mods are working)
  10. hmm, still not working - typing "act_show on" (tried with and without quotes) never recognizes the command (all my other mods are working fine so i dont think its the mod launcher or anything) - am i typing the wrong command?
  11. does the entire lot from source zip go into the mod folder or just the stuff in the mod sub folder? Does the src folder etc go in the main Wurm root folder? Also, in the download list theres a with a Jar file - am I supped to do something with that?
  12. does the custom action mode still work after the latest Wurm version update? Doesnt seem to be for me
  13. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    this sounds amazing, cant wait to test! Can they be set so that they are sat at a table? Id like to make my taverns a bit more lived in.