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  1. Another Release type server

    iv been a gamer for a very long time, a member of many many large gaming communities and generally led a life surrounded by gamers and nerds. No one I have EVER spoken to in rl or anywhere online has EVER heard of Wurm (Online or Unlimited). Also, people "tend" to only ready first page of search results? Most people only read the first half of the first page, the % of people that go on to other pages is tiny. If they dont see what they want on that first page they are far more likely to alter their search term than to go onto the next page of results.
  2. [RELEASED] Improved Improve for Ago's mod loader (client)

    doh! - i use so many server mods and basically never use client mods that I just run on autopilot
  3. How many people think the interior walls under a roof look stupid? Would it be very difficult to be able to build a ceiling on top of walls? That way you can choose whether or not you want to see the underside of the floor above AND whether or not you can see the roof in the top floor.
  4. Latest Raspberry Pi Cluster server?

    well thats the thing - for a small server 2 or 3 of these would do RAM wise - would the processing power be enough? If so thats a £150 server - I would most definitely call that cheap. And the power consumption is a huge bonus, they pull something like 5W each? - It would cost me £50 a month to run my PC 24/7 - a cost I cant afford whereas a cluster of these would be far more doable
  5. [RELEASED] Improved Improve for Ago's mod loader (client)

    mmm would be nice - atm its crashing my server
  6. Ceiling mod Request!

    was just going to make a new thread requesting this lol - would REALLY love the option to have roof sections have a lower ceiling so that the top floor doesnt have to be exposed to the roof if you dont want. (looks silly having a gap between the top of the walls and the roof)
  7. Just seen the spec for the upcoming Raspberry Pi 4. Now each one can have up to 4Gb RAM! I wonder if a cluster of them would be able to run a modest server happily? I dont really know how Wurm would run on cluster - does it support multi-threading? Raspberry Pi 4 specs SoC: Broadcom BCM2711B0 quad-core A72 (ARMv8-A) 64-bit @ 1.5GHz GPU: Broadcom VideoCore VI Networking: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless LAN RAM: 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) GPIO: 40-pin GPIO header, populated Storage: microSD Ports: 2 × micro-HDMI 2.0, 3.5 mm analogue audio-video jack, 2 × USB 2.0, 2 × USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Serial Interface (CSI), Display Serial Interface (DSI) Dimensions: 88 mm × 58 mm × 19.5 mm, 46 g
  8. DONE! - Multiple Deeds, Same Player

    worth pointing out that its only multiple deeds for GMs - normal players cant do it
  9. not that im aware of but would be very interested if there was
  10. yea, im getting a message everytime i log on so ill just get my GM char to create a mailbox for now EDIT he doesnt seem to want to imp large anvils at all he just mails them back in the same state.
  11. More random maps 4096x

    114 added
  12. New and couple of questions

    wow - were better off without him by the look of it
  13. also - been playing with the crafter....i put a lot of items on one at once at I got a notice later saying the items were waiting to be picked up in mail even though that option was not selected. There isnt a single mailbox on the server - do those items exist anymore? EDIT The problem seems to be with large anvils - i think i must have given him three now and cant cant anything back because he wants to mail it and i dont have a mailbox
  14. Would it be possible to add a sell limit per player to the buyer npc? So an individual player can only receive a set amount of money in a given week? I know someone could just make additional accounts but it would still help a little. I want to use some of these in my newb starter area to buy basic mats like planks or bricks so new players can earn a bit of money to buy and imp basic stuff from other npcs (it will also add to the RP feel having an npc blacksmith in his forge looking to buy metal etc) but I'm afraid someone will just abuse it to make loads of money.