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Found 30 results

  1. 20 Treasure Maps on Melody (692 Total QL - Starting Bid is about 5c per QL) Starting bid: 35s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  2. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted Will either arrange pickup or delivery with winner
  3. Starting bid: 10 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted Will either arrange pickup or delivery with winner
  4. I followed the instructions on the wiki for setting up multi server. I set up the map I made to be North in the travel. However when I attempted to travel north it wasn't letting me, and sending a message saying intrateleporting out of bounds. When I selected teleport north, I got a message saying <name of the map> was no longer available. If anyone could please provide insight or help I would greatly appreciate it. We really wanted to get the map I made in, and didn't really want to wipe progress on our world since we had left it open for others to come on.
  5. We all love DeedPlanner, Warlander's fantastic house and deed planning program. It is an awesome tool - definitely the best for creating and viewing maps of your current or future settlement in Wurm Online! Unfortunately, DeedPlanner is lacking a few functions that would be very nice to have. You cannot copy or move parts of a map, you cannot split maps into smaller parts or combine several maps into one. Also, you cannot store "templates" of your creations (buildings, structures, topology) as separate files. This is where DPMapAssist comes in! DPMapAssist is a little software tool for editing deed map files, made with DeedPlanner. ("DP" will be used as an abbreviation for DeedPlanner.) DPMapAssist offers some edit functions that the original DeedPlanner does not provide: · Select an area of a DP map and copy/paste it to another location in the current map · Export an area to a new DP map file · Import a DP map file and paste its contents to any location in the current map · Erase a selected area of the map · Save the edited map to a new DP map file. With these functional additions (and working together with the original DeedPlanner) it is possible to: · Clear large areas of a map · Copy or move parts of a map to another location of the map · Split a map into several smaller maps · Combine several maps into one larger map. (Please note: DPMapAssist does not replace DeedPlanner, nor does it make DeedPlanner obsolete. On the contrary - you will still need the original DeedPlanner to work with your maps! DPMapAssist only provides some additional functions you may have missed in DeedPlanner.) DPMapAssist was made for Microsoft Windows 10, but will also work with Windows 7/8. It requires the .NET Framework 4.5 (or any newer version), which already should be present on your computer if you are running Windows. Download DPMapAssist here: To install, just unpack the zip archive and copy the two files (DPMapAssist.exe and DPMapAssist.chm) to any folder you like. Double-click the exe file to run. The program comes with a help file (DPMapAssist.chm) describing how it works and what can be done! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock, WurmDate, WurmSkills , WurmStatus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updates: V 0.10 (19-Oct-2016): First beta release
  6. Desert Map

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone that knows the creation of maps could slap together a 4096x size that is all sand. with whatever kind of spawn of clays/peats/moss/tar. one big like least 2000 landmass in center with raised mountain in middle. deep sand like 200-300 to rock level. No grass/forests/steppe please. Would be used for solo use most likely so being public release would be fine with me. Can't find a comparable release like this.
  7. Hi Ya'll Not sure if this has been suggested before but I would like to suggest a new profession or feature to Wurm Online, dynamic map making (not a unique idea). The idea would be that an individual could create a small paper map that represents 1 single map tile, say N17. The paper map would get updated as the person journeys and travels within the N17 tile and would be based on view distance. As the person walks around the local area, the map would become more detailed showing the houses, roads and landscape. Locations far away within N17 would be less detailed until the person walks over. The single map tile could be duplicated, a copy feature, and traded to other individuals and joined together to create a huge detailed world map. Map makers all over the continent could trade, copy, maps with each other. The map could have restrictions where only if you have a higher map making skill then the original map maker could you update the map. If the map was made by a level 65 then only a level 65+ could add more detail to the map. This is to create an incentive for the map making skill and creates value for higher quality maps. The maps would then need to be updated by map makers as the landscape and towns evolve. This helps keep the profession "alive". Make mappers could add unique logos, lore history, town names, road names, and other map symbols to spice the map up. "Old maps" could have some historic value as they have updates/information that can no longer be created because of the landscape changes. Maps could be turned into villages to update a global map outside of the video game. This could be linked to or something. That way the community has an influence on updating the maps instead of devs creating a map (ruining the immersion).
  8. Hi Everyone! I deeply apologise for the late VI, the main reason being we've been able to get through huge chunks of long term projects such as project Frontier and Elevation reset. This means that news is light as the other works have been pacing along well! The delay allowed me to collect all the info on the Elevation update with the full locked in systems to share. So let's get to it! Save the date! The final details have been locked down for the Epic patch and Elevation reset! The date is set at going down some time on the 9th, and relaunching on the 11th with a new map. This will affect all of Epic so if you would like to play please do make sure to transfer your character to Freedom. We may even be able to organise something so Elevation goes out with some bangs! The locked in details are: We also have the ingame map that will be available. We'll be launching with a fog of war covering all of Elevation. Over time we may unveil certain areas, but for now everyone will be going in blind. Going native We're also working on a native launcher client to replace the jnlp client very soon. It will be entering team testing for any major issues then be available for all. This won't change anything beyond how the game is launched but will avoid any issues with getting wurm to launch with jnlp. Party time! Last week the 10th Anniversary for Independence event was launched, and it's been awesome. It's been tweaked based on feedback with some locations given a little more info and should be easier to find. I hope everyone enjoys the reward, because I personally think it's amazing! The event will run all July until the update on the 25th, so get to it! VEN streamer and well known drongo Emoo also went on this adventure across Independence, sharing some of his stories and memories, including this awesome glow up of dragonfang! Suggesting suggestive suggestions Another thing in the works is a guide for the suggestions forum detailing the purpose of the suggestions forum and how we as developers use it. Tips on how to post a good suggestion, how to support or counter a suggestion (hint: it's not a democracy with +1's and -1's deciding a winner) as well as answers to commonly suggested ideas. Expect to see this next week. Community stream Later today at 10pm GMT I will be streaming some adventures on another server (we may even have some goodies to give away) ! I haven't picked which server but I will let hint that we are looking for a place to found a developer deed, where we can play the game on stream while we talk (and show how bad we are at it). If you have any suggestions about which server we should check out leave a message below! In the future we'll be looking at streaming earlier in the evening for the Euro players, around 8pm GMT That's it from us this week, I'll see you all on stream today and we'll be working hard to get everything ready for the Epic update on the 9th. Until then though... Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  9. deed name removal

    Selfridge, Highclere, Hammer's Eye and Hidden Valley have been gone for several years........Please remove them, thanks (in middle of map by hammer lake)
  10. Hello fellow Wurmians, Since the addition of the archaeology skill I have had a wonderful time exploring the countryside searching for evidence of long fallen deeds. I've been keeping track of my findings, (no in-game journal until recently) and have plotted then on a current geography map of Indy. I have no idea if there is any interest for others in trying to put together something, so I wouldn't mind hearing from the community if you are interested in seeing where the popular deed spots were/are, where the extreme hermits used to live, and if there were many parts of Indy that haven't been settled. I have some collected data for about 200 deeds scattered across the lands. Below is a link to a small section that I have done in the area where I live; it has been popular with deeds, though from the number, they've probably been short lived. I've tried to put the deed names in the grid squares where I found them, using 2 different colours to try and keep the separate names obvious where multiple deeds existed. Skyefox Mayor Albia Estates
  11. Kraz Muze Isles

    (everything in a proper place repost) Here is a low rez heightmap (1grid = 32x32 tiles for 2k maps) of my terrain generation ideas. greyscale s colormapped +/-3km for visualization purposes, these are height colors not biome colors. Keep in mind I have a real job so my modding efforts usually end up being nothing more than a fun hobby in between playing games and I never release anything - but it can be fun to discuss and maybe others get ideas who have more time. I intend though to increase skilling so it takes weeks and months rather than years or even decades specifically so I can take modding breaks after maxing out so I can travel to new isles with increasingly bigger ships! This is a terrain generator prototype I wrote several years in Matlab for import into Unity 4 and never finished, though I worked on it more last summer when I was between jobs. Originally it was born out of frustration with how unrealistic Wurm terrain is. It is a multifractal terrain synthesis algorithm of my own invention using actual Earth roughness stats. I tweaked the algorithm to be Wurmlike with channels, lakes and outlying islands. In reality mountains have foothills and plains that lead to the beach, so my mountains are very unlike Wurm. Wurm mountains are just barrier cliff shapes painted on a map with an arbitrary brushing up the roughness near them and I never liked them, especially when they was cliffs right on the water with no beach to land on (drowned too many times). My thinking is attempting to be realistic isles will make more interior land livable yet still offer up more desirable coastlines. But maybe I am wrong and players like the challenge of carving up canals and mountains and falling down cliffs. I currently have no idea what the mountain and ocean height limits are (update +/-3km, 1dirt = 1dm), have an idea how to do dirt layering since I already do simple erosion. I have no idea if Wurm grows the ores, flora, and fauna per its own algorithms or if those are additional map layers I need to do. I also fear that realistically rougher terrain with multifractals will expose Wurm bugs that result from having a coarse 4m grid, having suffered too many ping pong suicide deaths at the bottom of digging pits in Wurm. Will terrain need to be smoothed to avoid stuck issues making realism pointless?
  12. I'm sure that I am not the only one who has thought this, and probably not the first or last to post it here. But can we please have interactive maps? It makes it so much easier to tell where you are and where you are going. If you want to get realistic with it. Then make the maps so they have to be made and only fill in when you visit those areas, but please have the maps he interactive!
  13. Here are 3 new creative maps for everyone getting board with the default creative map have fun. steps to do. Attention Code Club feel free to use these maps if you like for official wurm unlimited. 1) Create a new creativemap with a new name. 2) Copy the 5 .map files from the jar to your new creative map replacing the 5 .map files there. 3) open the sql folder and use the rebuild.bat 4) Once rebuilt update the server with the update button. 5) launch and have fun. In this jar are 3 folders with 3 new maps all with png's of each map ore topo etc.... Ireland Okland Portside
  14. the old link on page section "Release", first link "Release Community Map" shows map.png correct actual link is map.png?dl=0
  15. Hey Pristine Folks, I added your maps to the fold over at Currently, the maps are no frills, i.e. no deeds or canals/tunnels. (I added Blossom.) You will, however, have the ability to zoom, pan and cycle through terrain, topographical, and isometric views. You can cycle the view from the "C" button on the left hand side. (Some other controls are there for 'legacy', but don't do much.) The Pristine map dump (like all map dumps) is square grid of map tiles, each pixel equaling one tile. Previous and future map dumps will use the same X-Y coordinate, so we can do cool stuff like this: Hope you find these maps useful! Best, Jackjones
  16. I'm having trouble figuring out how to display a map in my offline game. I know how to view the built in map but I want to be able to display the map like the ones other servers display online. I want to maybe try doing some gm stuff eventually. I just need to change the player setting to 5 i think. I tried downloading map viewer but seems I got the wrong program to unpack the jar file. I used win opener but it seems to unpack it wrong. or maybe I just don't understand how it works. I just want to display a map as I develop more in my game. so I can see where everything is in the world map. any help with this is appreciated.
  17. I am having this issue with a custom height map hand drawn. I have even ripped free maps off the net and get the same minecraft stepping pyramid effect. Am I missing a step or something? Pulling my hair out. Any explanation would help, thank you. No idea where to put this thread, feel free to move it mods.
  18. Given the number of custom maps being produced by all and sundry, I have a request. Can someone please produce a handy tool that will inject the custom server map into the client jar? I have about as much coding ability as the average harvest mouse, otherwise I'd attempt something. I know how to do this by hand, but not everyone is happy about rooting around in .jar files, so a more automated process would be appreciated, even a CLI tool would be a good start.
  19. just a basic simple map playing around to learn this map generator features and controls like controlled biomes example having tundra in the mountain regions marches in low water areas etc
  20. Hey all! Work has continued on a number of things this week, including the almost-ready first batch of updates to the Permissions system, and more work on Unlimited. Once again dependent on final bugfixing, we'd like to release said permissions update next week. We also have a new map API for Wurm Unlimited to announce this week, that ought to be released early next week in its first version. Once complete, it will help WU players to create their own maps. More below! Also, if you're still unsure about anything to do with Unlimited and how it will (but mostly won't) affect Online, then we released an FAQ last week that includes some helpful information. The Week in Patch Notes There were a few minor fixes this week. With any luck, this segment will be full of permissions news by next week! 23/09/15:Reinforced cave floors will no longer result in dying to suffocation.Fixed dispelling imbuements. Imbuements will now be properly removed when they are dispelled.Fixed applying masonry ointments. The ointment should now work like other imbuements. Wurm Unlimited Mapmaker Warlander has been working on an API for maps (Application Program Interface - aka it lets you make and edit maps) for Wurm Unlimited. He's planning an initial release next week, and in time he hopes to include things like a full feature suite for creating maps and the ability to make mapdumps. Long-term, this will mean that you'll be able to make, edit and dump your own maps to use with Unlimited. Screenshot of the Week This week's foggy deed was snapped by Kristof of the deed Peaceful Harbour on Celebration. Fog is good at looking rather mystical! Thanks to PandyLynn for sharing this on the forums. That concludes this week's news. It's still a little quiet while work continues on Unlimited - we'll have more to show over the coming weeks though!
  21. Just something nice for the maps, the ability to edit annotations and change the symbol. IT would make keeping a map up to date a lot easier and should not be too big of a change.
  22. For those that don't know, cartography is the study and practice of making maps. If you have an area of land you want mapped out, I'm your man! With the upcoming changes to the enclosure rule, many people will be watching their undeeded sections of land quite closely. If you'd like a detailed map of this land, I can do just that for you! I can use a flat 2D program like Excel or a 3D program like the Deedplanner to map out anything you choose. Things I can map and detail for you: Deed and Perimeter Off-deed areas you use close to your village Lands that exist amongst your alliance Hunting grounds Mines you have access to Trade routes for easier travel to other villages So whether you're wanting to help out your new villagers or alliance members with a map of the local area, trying to keep an eye on the progress and changes to off-deed land you use, or would like a detailed layout of your cave systems or hunting grounds; I'm the man to hire! Since I have no precedent with this kind of hired work I wouldn't begin to know what to charge for the size and detail of a job. With that being said I have a special offer for the first 2 customers who want a map created for them (one map must be 2D and the other must be 3D). For the first 2 customers I'm willing to map an area at 1s each. After these experiences I'll have a better idea of what I'd like to charge for such a service. I'm located on Independence in the Freedom Cluster and I am willing to travel anywhere on Independence to map an area for you. I look forward to your responses and thank you in advance for any business you send my way! EDIT: A 3D map and a 2D map have both been ordered and completed, so now the price will rise based upon the project desired and can be negotiated.
  23. I'm thinking it would be nice to add a new skill in called "exploration" that has to do with maps and also (finally) a way to guess your rough position. It would be nice to pair it with tracking in some way (maybe have tracking as a subskill or the other way around?) The following changes are proposed to maps : Allowing the editing of markers (both shape and label), also whether it is visible to village/alliance. A new action with a compass, used on a deed token it creates a marker for the token on the map, grants a small amount of exploration exp. The base timer being about 5 mins, reduced by skill and compass QL. A new action with a compass, right clicking on it and using "get bearings" puts a circular overlay on the map with your rough position. The radius of the circle reduces with higher skill/compass QL. This, again, gives some skillgain. Timer for skill use starts at 2 mins (must be stood still) and is reduced by compass QL and skill level. At higher levels of exploration an additional map zoom level is unlocked (at 50 and 70?) allowing for more detailed marking.
  24. Newbies need maps to get un-lost and find their way from deed to deed. The new maps absolutely wont help with either. To get unlost, you find a deed you're in or whose perimeter you're in, locate it on a map and then you know where you are. New maps have no deeds, so no good. Oldbies will take one look, think "oh that's pretty" and go straight back to the player made maps which have all of the deeds. So... who are the new maps for, and for what are they intended to be used? Regards, Shiraek
  25. Many new updates are coming, but servers are very badly connect. I think, we have two size of servers and better places to connect them: