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Found 29 results

  1. Have the free players simply gain skill slower so they can still get there but have to work harder. And make it easier to earn silver. That way, hard work has as much influence as money and free players could be as valuable a addition to any group as premium players. Have the free players gain skill slower instead of the hard cap at 20, so that skill and time have as much influence as money. Alternatively, have the skills stay the same when off-Premium, instead of decaying towards 20 when you don’t have premium. That way, people would be enticed to buy at least one premium and another when they need it, rather than being forced into it because otherwise they might lose all their hard work and time. In addition, I would suggest making silver easier to earn in-game. I understand that to maintain a game like this, money is necessary, but I really think it can be more balanced without the makers losing out on money. It’s a great game, I really enjoy it, this is just a suggestion.
  2. So in the process of making alcohol in real life most beer comes from a process called Malting which ferments grains before being used to make beer. What I suggest is that Wurm take up this process in addition to it's current recipes and here is how it might work: You would add in the item to be malted. Common ingredients to be malted would include: Barley, Rye, Oat, Wheat Pumpkin, Corn, Potato, Rice Any Starchy Veggie. Depending on the ingredient it could be treated in one of several ways to produce one of three new kinds of malt, for our examples we'll use grain but that could be replaced by any of the items listed above. Base malt. - Would appear as 'Grain, base malt' - Made by using normal ingredients as themselves. Fermented in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 with water for about 3 ingame days. Caramel Malt - 'Grain, Caramel Malt' These Malts are created by the same process as above but also including sugar in the barrel. Crystal Malt - 'Grain, Crystal Malt' Crystal Malts are created in a similar process as above, These are roasted wet with a 2 - 1 ratio of malt to water before being sealed in a barrel to ferment. Toasted Malt - 'Grain, Toasted Malt' Using unfermented malt in a baking stone to 'dry' them before fermenting them in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. Roasted Malt - 'Grain, Roasted Malt' Made by first roasting the unfermented malts in a roasting dish dry then fermenting in a barrel with a ratio of 1 - 1 water and malt for 3 ingame days. The process to make one of these unfermented malts would be as follows: Player would activate press or fruit press and 'crush' the item to be malted. This powder or Unfermented Malt would be used in the next step of the brewing process. Once malted, you would begin the process of making beer. First by mashing your chosen Malt, then boiling it with sugar and water to create the intermediary type of alcohol to be fermented in the normal way. Assuming we only use the 8 directly listed ingredients, and each malt could be made from any of those ingredients it gives a possibility for about 800 different affinity possibilities using the 20 known kinds of wood scrap. - This is if we assume only the existing system. I would suggest that beverages be slightly different. It's all about brewing after all. My system is as follows. There would be 8 new recipes, Lager, Ale, Stout, Porter, Pilsner, Bitter, Beer and Sour. The ingredients chosen from among the malts, would look something like this: Cooker: Oven Container: Cauldron, Sauce Pan Must have: Malt (any of the malt types) (one or more) Sugar (one or more) Herb ( Exactly one ) (this would determine which recipe is produced.) Optional (zero or one) Fruit (zero or one) Berry (zero or one) (This would give an added affinity list possibility but is not necessary) Finally, when the recipe has 'cooked' into it's unfermented alcohol, it's color will be determined based on which malt had the most influence on it. So you could get: Pale, black, brown, blonde, golden, clear... (for example) It would need to be sealed in a barrel for 3-5 days with a woodscrap. I really wish the booze remembered the ingredients through fermenting to the affinity wasn't tied to the woodscrap used but there are so many possibilities. Why this suggestion? The problem with the current beverages alcohol system is that the final product lacks any complexity in it's recipes with the exception of moonshine. The end result is that no matter how good or bad you may be at the skill, you're limited to how useful the beverage is because the timers just don't go above 1-2 hours maximum. I feel this is a way to begin fixing that problem by adding in complexity to the recipes without needing to rework the entire system. Please, give me your honest thoughts and opinions towards this idea. What do you like, what doesn't make sense, what seems broken. Would you start doing beverages skill if it was implemented? Thanks for reading.
  3. 1. Rugs that can be dyed. 2. The ability to dye canopy beds 3. Option to relocate deed token (Freedom only, long cooldown, must be within bounds of existing deed) 4. More slots/capacity on bookshelves (You can't fit very many books on them as it is now) 5. New statues of the gods, craftable with stonecutting (smaller than the arch statues, can substitute as an altar over QL 30) 6. More flower types. (And fuller-looking flowers in pots and planters, they look like sad dying stems.) 7. Better options for dye storage (The alchemist's cabinet is okay, but very limited and the decor on top is repetitive if you have several) 8. Dresses. (Not just for female toons. Let the guys rock a dress and let that chest hair really get it's moment in the spotlight!) 9. Wall decor - tapestries are cool, but there's not enough of them. This is where taxidermy would be awesome. 10. Tall kingdom banners that can be dyed (base freedom model) 11. Glass-making: Windows, glass bottles, wall mirrors 12. New healing cover made from honey+square of cloth (honey is antimicrobial, and these dressing are used in hospitals even now) 13. Recall to tower: Interaction with guard tower that teleports guards not active in combat back to the guard tower. This would remove guards from caves and bridges where they get stuck. 14. Diagonal fences for those less boxy edges. 15. Wagons with plain white cover that can be dyed. 16. Use dyes on clay pottery before firing to create a glaze for more decorative pottery pieces, such as those below. Maybe we can even stick a flower out of it (like those roses and lavender) 17. Now that we have some new critters running around, I'd like to suggest allowing them to be tamed. I'd love some gorillas to take care of. 18. Create spawns on former deed sites, especially where there are still fences and broken down buildings. I'd love to run into a skeleton or a ghost (whatever they're called) while doing some archaeology because it makes sense in those areas.
  4. Hi Everyone! I deeply apologise for the late VI, the main reason being we've been able to get through huge chunks of long term projects such as project Frontier and Elevation reset. This means that news is light as the other works have been pacing along well! The delay allowed me to collect all the info on the Elevation update with the full locked in systems to share. So let's get to it! Save the date! The final details have been locked down for the Epic patch and Elevation reset! The date is set at going down some time on the 9th, and relaunching on the 11th with a new map. This will affect all of Epic so if you would like to play please do make sure to transfer your character to Freedom. We may even be able to organise something so Elevation goes out with some bangs! The locked in details are: We also have the ingame map that will be available. We'll be launching with a fog of war covering all of Elevation. Over time we may unveil certain areas, but for now everyone will be going in blind. Going native We're also working on a native launcher client to replace the jnlp client very soon. It will be entering team testing for any major issues then be available for all. This won't change anything beyond how the game is launched but will avoid any issues with getting wurm to launch with jnlp. Party time! Last week the 10th Anniversary for Independence event was launched, and it's been awesome. It's been tweaked based on feedback with some locations given a little more info and should be easier to find. I hope everyone enjoys the reward, because I personally think it's amazing! The event will run all July until the update on the 25th, so get to it! VEN streamer and well known drongo Emoo also went on this adventure across Independence, sharing some of his stories and memories, including this awesome glow up of dragonfang! Suggesting suggestive suggestions Another thing in the works is a guide for the suggestions forum detailing the purpose of the suggestions forum and how we as developers use it. Tips on how to post a good suggestion, how to support or counter a suggestion (hint: it's not a democracy with +1's and -1's deciding a winner) as well as answers to commonly suggested ideas. Expect to see this next week. Community stream Later today at 10pm GMT I will be streaming some adventures on another server (we may even have some goodies to give away) ! I haven't picked which server but I will let hint that we are looking for a place to found a developer deed, where we can play the game on stream while we talk (and show how bad we are at it). If you have any suggestions about which server we should check out leave a message below! In the future we'll be looking at streaming earlier in the evening for the Euro players, around 8pm GMT That's it from us this week, I'll see you all on stream today and we'll be working hard to get everything ready for the Epic update on the 9th. Until then though... Keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  5. Hello! I'm coming by with a suggestion for Cocoa Trees. How would they grow? Speed of growth- Subjective to debate Growth height: small tree, medium branch spread Harvest: Subjective time, harvest tool; Machete, result, cocoa nut -> hammer, cocoa beans. Location- Southern regions Space- 1 tile Additional traits: Can only be planted near a taller tree. can survive the outer kill zone of a grown willow/oak, does not spread.
  6. The Epic cluster was created with the idea of being easier to jump in and play competitively, fast, for players with no interest to grind, build, and grow animal farms. Yet for years, tweak after tweak, it failed to be anything special but a playground of grief. I was one of the players that considered Serenity my home. Never a hardcore PvPer, never well known or competitive. My only wish was to have the ability to a more "real" life, being able to kill someone who wronged me, an unwanted neighbor, a guy who comes right next to your deed and cuts that nice forest down that you considered your lovely landscape view. I wanted to have the option to do what I want. Do I want to steal a ship? Sure. Attack a merchant? Why not. Be a helpful and kind protector of my realm? Yes sir! Not PvP for the sake of the fight, just the choice a sandbox game should give me. It worked for a bit, but then Kingdoms got the wrong ideas and it all went wrong. By mechanics, there weren't any safeguards on raiding a Kingdom's homeland. On any other game with NPC Kingdoms, the King would have guards protecting his citizens. On Epic our King was the one attacking us. JKE (Elevation) was soon just a different Kingdom than JKH (home) -and Home was left without hardcore PvPers to defend them. Home had no super-fortress deeds constantly defended by 20 high geared, highly skilled and vastly experienced guys. It was the target of them all. (Still, the kingdom's coffers filled from our transactions). Soon, many of us tried to join Elevation, wishing to join the 'strong ones' and keep progressing ourselves. -Only to be treated as 2nd rate carebears from a Home server. Spend our time mine-hoping, building stuff for the deed, grind up certain skills on demand to be "useful". Living behind walls for months on end because "we were too weak to roam outside" and be excluded from HOTA rewards or Kingdom titles. How is that any fun? How is that a semblance of a virtual life? Why wouldn't we move to Freedom? Why would players from Freedom join Epic? However, the Epic cluster has cool landmasses, beautiful home servers, and offers the option to BE anything you want -instead pretend it. I mean, you can paint your caravel black, but it doesn't make you a Pirate. Assaulting other ships and harbors does And I Do still hold a special feeling in my heart for Epic, so I'll try a few proposals to Game devs and the community as a whole. Ascension to Epic Epic shouldn't be a set of islands with different rules within the game. It should be considered the EXPANSION of Freedom Isles. The higher ground, where more seasoned players go to have fun and get rewards. I consider Ascension the proper word for it, even though in Wurm it means becoming a Deity in Valrei. The ways it can become a thrilling and challenging place are several: 1. Higher hunting grounds. The relatively recent ability to teleport back and forth Epic -Freedom Isles has a -yet- unrealized potential. Hunting on empty servers. If only the skill gains can transfer, step 1 is done. Step 2 would be to upgrade all Epic mobs with their "conditioned" versions. How often some Freedom player roams the land looking for mobs able to give him a sliver of FS gain? I bet that guy prays to all gods to happen on a secret greenish troll spawn amongst the trees or a couple of Fiends in a cave. Why not make all Epic a hunting ground with harder versions of the mobs? I'm sure the Epic residents won't mind either They surely don't need so many pigs, or cows or seals -am I wrong? With a proper spawn tweak, the cluster becomes a heaven for adventuring hunters. Before anything else, we need those first. Then maybe some of them decide to setup a hunting camp to stay over on their trips and slowly, share their time spent on both clusters. Even if not, the hunters in Epic lands on any given day will surely be a welcomed population rise and maybe some other 'hunters' get to work... (plays Def Leppard -Die Hard the Hunter) No, really, it's a rather safe hunt (you'll know why further down). I should also point out here that the old disbanded deeds on Serenity alone could grind your Archeology in GODLY levels. ^^ 2. Proper Missions for the Gods A 'proper' mission should have a demand, a reward, and a followup. If the followup also has a better reward or a penalty, it becomes an epic quest -of sorts. Lemme try an example: Mission: Your God asks you to rid the land of the Sons of Nogump that (enemy faction deity) has spawned. I go out and find the Nogumps (12 -not 700!) within a 100 tile area. I kill them and get reward a moonmetal and a shoulder pad. -Mission now changes. The enemy Deity decides to conjure a Spawn of Utacha (tweaked, we can solo those easily and they're too big to spawn in numbers). The Utacha moves to attack the nearest settlement and break walls and fences. If I join that settlements villagers and help kill it, I get rewarded another moonmetal and a Potion of Carpentry (for example). I have a timer to attack the Utacha. If I don't, I am considered a traitor by my God and Eaglespirits spawn to hunt me wherever I go, until I return to Freedom or enter Kingdom's capital. Now, I sneaked in something nasty to unsuspecting settlers, right? Well, having a village on Epic, they should be with friends in the first place and not leave their village undefended. But they also get moonmetal drops from the Utacha, and the situation forces everyone involved to work together. It's also NOT a common scenario to happen too often, but a possible one. The succession could be also Deathcrawlers looking for me. Or to kill a Sol Demon. As missions progress, my chances to receive a Tome increase. Meanwhile, once I took up a mission (and killed the 1st Nogump) the Mission changes for everyone else and only 'I' have that mission. If there are available missions like this on any given moment for a player or a group of players to pursue, things start getting interesting. Missions on Epic should be about Gods fighting each other and they do this by using as pawns Valrei creatures and players. So maybe another player on another mission can become the last thing I need to kill. The champion of 'this' god against the champion of 'that' god. Some could also be reconnaissance missions, like sail to Elevation and check (examine) X tower. I'm really just thinking aloud and coming up with examples, but you get my point I think. Rewards for missions are the same I could get in a Rift participation, except I can do this alone and anytime I want. The difficulty is the same really -if not harder- as killing Rift mobs with 20 other people. 3. Hunt of the Ancients -literally. HOTA is a really boring "capture the flag" game. Basically, every 36h various pillars spawn in a designated area and the first kingdom to conquer four of them wins. Then HOTA statues filled with moonmetals and jewelry spawn at the token of that kingdom's capital for the King, Mayor and their "pals" to split among themselves. Why would anyone from Freedom take part in that? If it's a reward meant for the few that inhabit those lands, then that's what they'll be -a few inhabitants. Sorry guys, gotta give some to get some. What if Freedom players could join a Kingdom temporarily as mercenaries by using a choice menu when HOTA starts? What if -instead- this thing was in the middle of HOTA area? (A Portal locked for use only by the Kingdom that won HOTA) The Kingdom that conquers the pillars gains access to the lost city of the Ancients. Then that Kingdom (and the mercenary allies) can teleport to an underground dungeon that leads to the Sunken City of the Ancients. The Ancients are really the Rift mobs and a Champion Battlemaster (randomly named) is their leader. The City is basically a shiny marble fort inside a huge cave, that we must lay siege on (nothing too complex as designs go). As we crawl the dungeon and prepare our engines, the Ancients send waves of mobs to stop us. Once inside we have to kill the Champion Battlemaster and sacrifice his heart on the altar to win the event. Participation points work just like Rifts but King gets some bonus points. The top scorer gets an Ancient Artifact item (weapon or armor), named after the Battlemaster who died. (Great Sword of Bazool -for example). The rest all get similar rewards as Rifts and 3 HOTA statues are given randomly to participants (appear in inventory with lowered weight until dropped on ground for 1st time). Also, for the duration till the next HOTA, that Kingdom can use the Ancient portal at any time as a safe hideout, and the next Rift (that supposedly sends Ancients to avenge their defeat) spawns within Kingdom territory. This allows for safer Rift hunts within familiar and protected land within the Kingdom. The Rift will still be open to all, but obviously, the Kingdom that won HOTA has an advantage of playfield. The same Portal can also be used to send everyone back to their homes after the event is over. Mercenaries end their "contract to a Kingdom" once they teleport out of HOTA area. This way HOTA becomes a major event (maybe turn it weekly) that involves a lot more people, way better rewards (you didn't forget the named Ancient Artifact, right?), and is way more "epic" and fun. A worthy event to cross over and take part in. 4. Kingdom Vs Kingdom -Resources and Favor, a prestige that can be earned and shared. Throughout Elevation there are 2 Special mines. The only 2 mines that have Utmost veins of metals. All other Utmost veins are removed. Each mine is secured by 6 Spirit Guards and 10 tower guards (what any small deed could have). In the center of the camp is a Kingdom flag. The Kingdom that destroys the last flag and plants their own controls the mine. They can mine the best Q ores with quantity bonuses X2 and either trade with other Kingdoms or starve them from resources. Another Kingdom may have stored large amounts of these resources to last them a while, but eventually, they will deplete. Besides, control of these mines is a sure proof of Prestige. It's no longer "I killed you" -"Yes, but I killed you last week" trash talk. We Own the mines -period. Deal with it and pay up if you need imping ores. (I don't have to mention the need that will arise with the new metal's properties coming to game) Likewise, 2 Shrines guarded by 10 spirit guards offer favor bonuses to priests of the kingdom. Controlling one shrine enhances Favor regeneration. Controlling both gives bonus to all priests similar to the King's Priest (no need for linking for difficult spells). Effort and reward. Reasons to fight for. Consequences. Team play. Do your best with it. If you grab a group and go out, you will do something. Be it PvP or a camp conquest. Or both. 5. Server Raids and the Watchers. No matter how it sounds, Home servers should be somehow protected. They are supposed to be governed by a milder PvP ruleset, one that involves going hunted if you kill another member of the same Kingdom and where your home can't be randomly raided overnight and razed to the ground by enemies you can't defend against. At least not without a warning. It's also supposed to be a hunting ground for all kinds of players. And they have the need to -at least- know when to bail out. So in order for any Kingdom to raid a Home server, they need 1st to attack the 2 HarborMaster towers (Archery towers) at the shores of Elevation before crossing that border. The towers give out server wide warnings to both Elevation and the Home server, so that citizens can mount up defense forces or go into hiding. Furthermore, all guard towers in the land act as Watchers. If an enemy comes within 80 tiles of a tower, it gives off a server-wide msg "Enemy forces are spotted near..." So name your towers properly. Naming a tower by map grid is a nice way to locate enemy presence. Similarly, a raiding force cannot just sail next to Strongbox undetected and start bashing down walls or stealing ships so easy. They have to plan ahead, scout, plot a course and maybe even prepare a hideout in case the Kingdom's citizens give chase. A raid on wildlands is supposed to be quite different than raiding the capital of a Kingdom. If there's a semblance of reality in this, Home servers become rational frontier lands. Calculated risk and reward. This isn't the wild west. Elevation is. And you can't expect people to start over or move to epic without some safety measures any organized Kingdom would have. Furthermore... isn't JK on elevation supposed to be the same Kingdom as JK Serenity? If not, with all the PMKs going on, then a new King is supposed to be appointed at Home. And a new JK area must be assigned around HOTA. Right? Because that part became confusing for a time... If JKE players attack JKH they must become hunted enemies of the Kingdom, can't be both JK and JK-PMK. (setting an old record straight) 6. The Night of Enki -the Lich King Once a month, on a full Jackal (so to speak), the night fills with terrors. Worgs, Liches, Skeletons and Fog Spiders replace normal creatures of the land. (wolves, crocodiles, trolls, and spiders respectively). Every other aggressive monster is replaced with its undead version. That's just an event night, enhanced FS can be gained by killing those mobs, but GMs can also run competitions on that night. I truly believe an event like this is reason enough for people to hop over and join the killing spree- err the fun >.> 7. A new Epic player born. New accounts that decide to just start on Epic cluster and accelerate their PvP oriented game, should get 50 skill upon Prem on all the following: Fight Skill Longsword Shields Archery Bow and 30 skill on all Body Stats. No more skills crossing on 1st time for anyone, ever. They get this boost just to play on Epic. If they choose to move to Freedom, they can do so after 1 month of playing on Epic and 10 points are removed from all the above skills. This will help players that just want to PvP as soon as possible, reach that point faster, but not imbalance anything else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are just a few ideas that can work individually or combined. (maybe the HOTA dungeon is filled with utmost veins and for a week the winning Kingdom can mine in them) and we don't need the Mine Camps or Shrines (4th suggestion). But they are ideas that elevate the whole cluster into an end-game playground. A theme park of adventure. And I feel that players from all over would love to -at least- visit it once, if not move to live there. I see no reason why we should leave the old things as they were and try find ways to "send new meat" to Epic. It shouldn't be about this. It should be an advanced demanding land that anything can happen. A frontier that we can visit whenever we want (or move there) and find something to do for every taste. That's my opinion anyway, I'll monitor for opinions of the community. I will provide clarifications if needed on ideas, but I must disclaim, these are all rough ideas. None of them is something I been thinking for days. I will not engage in debates and arguments about them. Just hear you all out and see what you think of the OVERAL concept. PS. (sorry for typos and bad formatting. I'll be trying to remedy, but my browser doesn't work well with post editing and I lost 2 very large posts already. Expect editing)
  7. my feelings and thoughts tell me this would be better. also expressive if we only got to change it once in a very long while. once a year? once every couple of years? both great options. yay or nay? ty
  8. (To Mods: If this isn't the correct section for this type of post, please move it to the correct one. I didn't know where I should post it. Thanks) Hey everyone. Due to events I just don't wish to live again, I feel I must redesign my deed.. somehow, to remove past bad memories in it. Yet I'm horrible when it comes to deed planning. And the deed needs a good redesign. What I'm looking for, is that "in the woods, but in the mountains" feel (as my deed is both). I would like a complete redesign of my main house. I'll even go with Stone instead of Wood, though I've never worked with Mortar in my Wurm life. The horse pen can be moved, and so can the cart storage. Please be good (or at least decent) in DeedPlanner (what I've been using). But even with that, I can't come up with any real good ideas. Just want a complete redesign that will blow me away, and in ways.. celebrate 2017's arrival. By the way, I have three horses. I'm looking to give them a proper pen (and have someone get Enchanted Grass under them to prevent more of those damn trees growing in the pen). Also note that there are three people living here (me, my alt, and a friend of mine). My friend does deserve his own place on my deed, but I don't know where to put it. I'll even pay if I need to, for the service. Though I don't have much silver. Here's my deed (tried to upload it to my website in MAP form, but it wouldn't show as a download). If you can help me, that would be fantastic. The deed is 'Oceanside Retreat', NW side of Indy (so I have ocean/boat access). Thanks in advance;
  9. i got to thinking about some things and i thought ot myself wh would we want to loot a corpse of a unique mob when when it decays over time why cant we have a taxadermy skill or have the ability to stuff corpses instead of bury them just saying this would be pretty awesome
  10. So, one issue we are having is the ability to move to a player. I'm positive it is possible but have forgotten how. Any tips on how to Teleport to a player? We are having players and staff (without abilities) make our spawn and am wondering how we can give those speific people Sleep Bonus (and any other item) without being next to them? Are we able to give every player items who are online now a certain item?
  11. Change weaponless fighting, with hand to hand fighting or just some hand style gear to do some extra dmg. A small list of hand to hand fighting year for hands. Brass knuckles Gloves weapons for hand to hand combat not to be confused with armour. Thorned gloves Bear clawed gloves Barbed chitin hand wraps Other types of hand wraps, iron,cloth,steel wraps etc Random claws, Crooks Ulaks Tonfas Spiked ringed gloves or rings Bear tooth spiked gloves Chuck Noris red drake hide wraps. Lol
  12. This is suggestion list of creatures that would bring a new experience to the game. As you can see these creatures can lead to more crafting, farming, and provide even pvp fun. In addition I also suggested these creatures traits, spawning area's, and ect. for us to be able to indulge in our imaginations a little. Military Macaw or some type of a Macaw (Spawns in Forest)(Strength approx of large rat?) (Produces Small weight of meat and colored feathers) (Can be Tamed) (Non Aggressive) (Reasons + could lead to: a bird cage, pet retrieving small items, messenger birds, decorative feathers, first actual flying birds besides spirits) Emu or Ostrich (Spawns in Steppe or grass area's)(Approx strength of a wolf) (Can be tamed) (Can mate) (Aggressive Creature) (Produces eggs while living, butchering = large weight of meat, fat, leather, claws for alchemy) (Reasons: Egg for different meal type, Another type of farm animal, another avian type of animal) Polar bear (Spawns in tundra and grass lands?) (Slightly stronger then crocodile) (Produces large weight of fur and meat, also claws and teeth for alchemy) (Can be tamed but hard to tame) (Mountable) (Aggressive Creature) (Reasons: Allows for a different fur type, adds to variety of bears, useful as a pvp pet due to strength) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Cave Lion (Spawns in forest, steppe, marsh lands and mines)(Approx same strength as Hyena) (Produces meat, teeth of alchemy, fat, and fur) (Can not be tamed to aggressive) (Not Mountable) (Aggressive creature) (Reasons: More cats , dedicated to spawning in mines and marsh lands, produces different fur type) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Poison dart frog (Spawns in forest and marsh)(smaller in size but strength of a chicken) (Can not be tame) (Produces Poison, and frog legs for alchemy) (Can not mount) (Not aggressive) (Reasons: New type of creature, can come in variety of colors, good for pvp due to poison) (Could Lead to: blow dart weapon, poison tip spears, poison tip arrows, pet container for small animals) More Animal Barding types: Type: Leather and cloth Animal types: Bears, Bulls, and Bison (Reasons: Another item for crafting, provides protection of animals that could be used in pvp events) (Could also lead to: Different type of bridles and saddles for Bears, Bulls, and Bison) Please support if you like any of these creature ideas, I love to see one or two of them make the game! Kind Regards, Kernel Leonessar The Ubuntu Guy! P.S. Excuse my grammar and spelling please! XD
  13. Optional and ideal to serve as first-floor ovens. They could emit a small amount of smoke in their immediate vicinity or through a backward facing stovepipe. The point is to avoid having to cover up a smokestack on the second floor.
  14. Ok, most people know of the deed, if not then it is located just down the hill from the howl. I have owned the deed for awhile now. When I bought the deed it was to keep it from decaying away. Back when I first started playing I got many of my resources from that area and it became a locating point for me. I am still at a loss as to what to do with the place, so what do the people of indy think should be done with this iconic landmark. Tldr Looking for suggestions about what to do with freedom docks.
  15. Post deleted. People did not want me to create a thread as a place for people to post ideas about medieval technologies that could be incorporated into the game. Therefore, no point in continuing this thread.
  16. Sheep do not swim - for those who wish to know They produce about 0.05kg wool when sheared with scissors of varying ql, depending on your AH skill. We need: - pretty spinning wheels to spin the wool, - knitting needles to knit jumpers for winter And huge quantities of spun wool could be used on looms to make blankets, maybe instead of furs ?
  17. There is a close association with Source Salt to the dangerous real life drug, known as bath salts. This drug has claimed the lives of many, and I am sad to see that Wurm encourages the ingestion of "magic salt" to provide powers. The game claims to fight against the use of all drugs (apparently regardless of regional legality), and yet there is clear association here. I also ask that all use of alcohol be removed, as it encourages underage drinking, and is a leading cause of death in most countries in the world. Also, public displays of drunkenness should be warned/banned, just as publicly claiming you are "high" is. Those under the influence of alcohol in chat are much more likely to break rules, and cause general disorder. This post is semi-satirical, however I feel that if one "drug association" is warm/mute/ban worthy, so should all be treated with the same rules. Honorable Mentions For Other Drug Associations To Ingame Items: The cooking or refinement of Source into usable salts. Wemp, obliviously Sleep Powders ----- For those reading just the OP, the root of this suggestion is all or none. The idea that one drug association is any more or less dangerous than another is simply ridiculous to me. Because there is obvious confusion here, let me restate in the OP, that this is satirical in nature. This is the only way I can feasibly get my point across without breaking forums rules. My issue is that one suggestive material is favored over others, and certain regionally legal medications are still worthy of a warn/mute/ban while others that are clearly illegal in the originating country of the game servers, are not.
  18. as we are to have sheep someday in game i'd like to see tapestries for walls and new clothes n curtains perhaps. even more than that i'd like saddle bags for horses..that you can use like pack mules...lead 3 with packs on..can move faster across land..carry more than a back pack but less than a cart naturally. put them on bulls too for that matter..really really needed idea in game IMO. I'd also like hand mirrors to be made some how so we can alter our appearance more than once in new hair or beard or none.... spinning wheel for wool, carding brushes to clean wool.
  19. I've looked at the wiki pages of often-requested items, and it doesn't seem to reflect the posts I currently see in the suggestions thread, where the veterans of the game reply that this has been suggested many times before. This includes topics that are so old they've been archived, or that do not include the topic tags required to check for existing threads on an idea. So could these veterans please post a summary of what suggestions they hear most often, including links to the best of any non-archived threads where possible, without too much repetition of each other, as a reference for the rest of the suggestion thread community, please ? Also, links to any active voting for a long-standing suggestion.
  20. How about a new Fo spell that would complement opulance. Spell Name: Preserve (pickel) Faith level: 30 Spell Cost: 10 favor Spell cast time: 10 seconds Difficulty 10-20 Spell Effect: Prevents Decay on food Items while spell Has Power. Spell loses power at rate of 1 power per hour (alternat spell decay is damage from decay is taken off of spell power first then any left over for item) Castable Items: Any Food Item same as opulance This would give Fo Priests a low-mid level channel grinding spell like opulance for Vyn and Light Token for Mag. Spell would help keep fish longer. Up to just over 4 days for a 100power spell.
  21. What should be balanced. Archery - I used hunting arrows & willow bow on a pig, (both of above 20ql) and scored 2,5-3,4 DMG changing to war arrows(>20ql) made dmg 3,0-3,5. Shouldynt it be more damaging ? Morover when i used longspear 18ql i scored 6,2 dmg minimal. It seems that bows / arrows are cute addition but rather useless, especially that "shooting" time takes as long as 10s compared to 4s of atack timer of spear. Fences - Crude fence takes same amount of planks shafts and nails, only differnce is visual apearance, make it craftable with pegs instead of nails. add new fence - low palisade use logs instead of felled trees, since palisade vary in height from 5-15feet. Craftable logs, shafts and pegs. Roundpole fence both low and high roundpole uses same amount of materials...strange. Houses - it was mentioned before, a log cabin would be nice to see. It can be made like a palisade. & crude lock made of peg, and holes.(visual effect). Trash bin - make it fuctional not only to get rid of stuff. While filled with organic material it should yled fertilizer (yup mentioned before). Rare tools - should yeld a rare chance apart from increased QL Yet therefore QL raise should be equal to 1+ 1/10 of rare tool ql. (to make it more balanced - less skill gain while using rare tools) supreme 2+1/10(t ql) legendary 3+1/10(t QL) Other - New trees Walnut - nuts and good amount of decent wood. Chestnut - nuts and yet therefore best wood for fishing rods and bows. (yes... willow is a fragile wood due to short wood fibres - i studied landscape architecture and actually never slept on dendrology classes. Lindenwood - linden flower tea (harvestable) soft and easy to carve wood + it would require wood sculpting (totems and statues and other decorations attachable to walls /altars and so on. Fir tree - good construction wood, and fir cones - sprout replacment and fuel especially good for ovens. Moss - Moss instead of marsh should expand quickly. Marsh should apear onlny on tiles partially sumbergeged (unattended reed farrms) Moreover peat shoud also player made, dropping dirt on moss, it should turn to peat after some time. Affinity - i must admit i got worst affinity ever - gardening. It would be nice to have affinity allow f2p players extend their skill above 20. let say 10 points per one star(yet therefore only one star of affinity should be avaiable per skill).
  22. Ok I cant speak for any other server I don't know if they are having the same problem. I own a deed on the Independence server. The area I live (the eastern side of the map) is supposed to be the most dangerous area on the map. Before I moved everyone was telling me to be careful. I have been talking to a lot of people who own deeds around the eastern plains and the grand steppe and they all tell me stories about how those areas used to be hunting areas and full of hostile animals. Now it is barely a place to hunt and is worse when one person is trying to raise their fighting skill because there is nothing left for anyone else. Now if you go into the eastern plains there are some spiders, some hell horses, and maybe some cats or bears and wolves. If you go into the grand steppe there may be a few trolls and scorpions. A lot of people from the western/middle side of the map say they used to come to these places for a hunting area. If you have a deed on the western/middle side you can walk around for hours and see no hostile animals. I was a villager around dragon fang mountain for almost a month exploring and didn't see one hostile animal at all. Then apparently if you make a deed it slows the spawn rate which makes sense considering there is a deed everywhere west of me lol. Also I have been working on my fighting skill and I have been told by multiple people once I hit 70 it is best to go to pvp servers for skill gain because there aren't enough higher level hostiles on that server and skill gain is horrible. And what happens with this new bred in captivity rule where you get no FS if someone breeds a bunch of hostile animals and sets them free? My suggestions are Take out the part about deeds lowering spawn rates. Maybe make respawn for hostile animals faster or more of them. Either make different types of hostile animals that are harder or release more of the harder ones for skill gain above 70 fighting skill. (I would love to see some different types of hostile animals and so would a lot of people I have talked to) Take the bred in captivity trait out before it even gets in there lol. Also there are some people wanting to find things like pigs, chickens, deer, and pheasants but there aren't any because people have too many animals. I love having animals on this game but there maybe should be a limit on how many deer you can have or how many chickens or pigs (excluding horses since your horse can die in combat). I have explored a lot and have never seen any of these animals in the wild or cows. I think being a brand new person it would really help them to find things like that. One more thing, the deeds. As a deed owner I have found that a lot of free time is gone. I can't explore as much as I would like anymore. Now don't get me wrong I love having a deed, but the chores of repairing the walls and FSB's and grass/crops for the grazing animals are a lot to handle. People pay real money to have their deeds and yet owning a deed is a job all in itself and takes up a lot of free time. So I was thinking slower decay on deeded areas. I am not saying to take decay out I'm just saying slow it down. One of the rules to this game is theft is prohibited if you have to bash something to get to what you want. Well people want to fence in their deeds to prevent stealing. It takes up a lot of time repairing the walls all the time and leaves you with little free time. These are just some of my OPINIONS. I hope someone will read this and take some of the things into consideration.
  23. So I have been playing around with paint a little bit and it is very difficult to get a color that you want because of the quality issue of the ingredients. Also, it is difficult to repeat a desired color. So it got me thinking about how to accomplish this. Suggestion: As your Alchemy/Natural Substances Skill increases, you should get a color pallet slider tool that allows you to pick the desired color that you want, from the type of ingredients you are working with. So say at 20 Alchemy the slider is available but your color spectrum range is very narrow. As your skill increase, the color scale widens so you have a broader range to choose. Any thoughts on this? I think it would make the Wurm world like a lot nicer, and also make Paint a better market product to sell as well. Shunt
  24. Hello everyone, First at all i want to give my respects to the developers of Wurm . Being a programmer myself i know Java is a pain in the *** in performance, but from what i can see u took good effort to keep a good balance between good graphics, performance, gameplay mechanics and AI. I know that developing a big project like this can make it hard to add new things and some may ,even if the idea is good, be too hard to implement since u would have to change a hell lot of code for a minimal gameplay plus. Since i dont know how u implemented everything i cant say what is possible to implement easily and what might need a huge ammount of effort ,so I will just list (and edit if i find more) everything I would love to have in the game. For that I will list them in Categories so its easier to read (or scrolled over ). Animals: Chickens: Chickens in RL eat seeds and worms, so it would be cool if chickens would eat for them self if they are on a tile wich has some plants grown on it wich give seeds. These plants would be destroyed after a couple of days leaving a dirt tile ,since the chickens ate all plants. Another cool thing would be that spilling water on a dirt tile would make it a moister dirt tile wich will affect the chickens to be able to eat worms. The Tile may just stay moist for one wurmday. The same effect may would be there if it rains. This way chicken might be a good food suply and can be farmed more efficient - for reducing big laggs cause of massive chicken farms , chicken might die very fast ( fast aging curve) Worms: As mentioned before I would like chickens to be able to eat worms from moist grounds. But worms could have an other use as well ... if u dig on a moist dirt tile u have a chance (maybe 10%) of getting a worm wich ,if attached to a fishing rod could give it a greater chance on fishing bigger fish. Worms would decay very fast unless u put them in a barrel with dirt and some water in it. Birds: To improve the use of bows it would be cool if u could try to shoot birds , some birds (bigger ones) will however attack u and may even be as strong as a troll - but will give a significant bigger amount of meat. Lowlifes: For easier gain in fighting skill for newbees and for more atmosphere it would be cool to have lowlifes wich will give a tiny ammount of skill gain (0.00001 on skill lvl 20?!) if killed. such lowlifes could be easily killed with one blow and do close to non dmg. lowlifes could be small mice (bricksize and easy to oversee) and might be more likly to spawn at farms and mines Building: Cavehouses: I know it has been widly asked and I like the idea as well of being able to build a house or at least some walls in mines - though i saw that the mine system is completly diffrent to the outer world system since u dont have tile borders there so this might be one of the things wich are too much to change. Multi-Floor-Housing-Bugs: I gladly see the Multi-Floor-Housing update working just fine but some things may have to be changed - for example should a camin of an oven or forge go until the roof, or if no roof exists to the uppest floor. Food Storage bins have feet going through the tile and showing in the lower floor , the feet may have to be shortend or ajusted weather they are in a house or not (small ones for a house , long ones outside). Other thing with multistorage housing what would be cool if u could build a shiphouse so: have the middle 3 tiles lower and a building arround it in an u shape with a roof going all over the thing. Decoration: Though many pvp-players may curse me now , I like everything to look very nice and good, this way i would love to have some possibilities to decorate a room a bit more . For that reason i made a list of some decorational items wich would be cool: Sword and shield wall pampet Paintings (maybe of player char in the moment of creation or uploaded ones) Mirrows Wardrobe (maybe more than one model) Bookshelfs (wall-high and halfwall high as a containers for books and scrolls wich are player written and have to be crafted with paper and leather - uses bookmaking-skill wich is a subskill of leatherwork, scrolls may even have a onetime magical effect?!) Wooden benches old looking couches?! Plantpots - u could plant some flowers and bushes in them (diffrent sizes) !!! Beer-Barrel (of cause filled with beer - im german and i need beer ^^) !!! <- very important! ... (the more the better ^^) Walls: I love the arched walls but i can barly use them in one of the upper floor since i risk falling so it would be cool to have the ability to build a fence in a arched wall or have a fenced arched wall (what ever is easier to implement ^^). And somehow normal doors will make a roof even if they are covered in a walkthrou - this should be removed. Bridges: For making some areas pasable for carts and boats it would be cool to be able to build bridges. The size may vary on the height and the carpentry/masory skill. they could be between 2 buildings, created in the upperfloor, wich will bring me to the next point: Stairs: I know its planed but want to post it anyway the ladders are ok but stairs would look far better , stairs should be 2 versions of them : straight stairs wich will be used just like terrain (so u can go on them without clicking them) and will cover 2 tiles (not walkthrough) spindle stairs wich will just take one tile but will need u to click on them (similar to ladders but better look) Statues: Statues should be able to be mirrowed - so have 2 dogs look the same direction for instance Boatdocks: I dont like the drop-dirt-boat-docks so much and would rather have wooden and stone ones build with pilars. they may be planed just like a house (or exactly the same giving the opotunity to build a house on top) and may need more materials if build in deeper areas and may even need u to be on a boat Housepillars: Similar to boatdocks it would be nice to be able to build houses on pillars having small stairs going on top of them , pilars may be build on uneven grounds making it possible to build a house on a cliff wich will hang over a bit. maybe the ql of the pillars and the material used manage how much u can build on top so u might not be able to build a stone house on wooden pillars and maybe the maximum height is lowerd to a certain amount u can go up in the house u build on top. Diagonal building: I know this might be too much to ask since its very diffrent to the way wurm is build now but it would be cool to build walls diagonal as well making it posible to build a "round" tower or a circle of houses. Containers: I like to sort my ... everything ... so i need containers even though we already have a lot of containers it would be cool to have more models and more containers wich will stop decay (like bsb) Skills and Mechanics: Fishing Baits: Like mentioned before Fishing Baits would be cool to increase successchance and fishweight , other than worms ,wich i introduced before it would be possible to use small fish or even some vegetables (who likes that stinky vitamin stuff anyway? XD ). Bookwriting: Also mentioned before I would love to have books ingame and make them aswell, this will increase RP-Mechanics of the hole game. Other than that it might be able to implement scrolls wich may have a magical effect like replenishing stamina/food/water or do some attackspells on enemies (one time use?) it might be able to do a other subskill called cartographics wich makes it able to draw maps ingame and use them . A higher skill in it makes the map more accurate and the ql of the map decided what size it will be. Cartographics: Look one above Scrollmaking: Look two above Door-/Pen-/Roomrenting: As for now making an Inn has just a low use since people might use ur oven but not pai for sleeping, if u could rent a room to someone this would change , the door would be unlocked for that person for eg 1 day afterwards he will be kicked out of the room. If u examin the door u will see what tools are in them eg. oven and forge or floorloom or whatever and what ql and dmg it has - this will give the costumer the oportunity to decide weather he wants to rent the room or not knowing what is in the room. same thing would be needed for pens since u might want to lock ur horse away or the horses u just found and lead with a rope without risk of loosing them when u come back. This will make an Inn far more intresting for people wandering arround. Merchants: Merchants should be able to buy certain (Player managed) Items for a certain price or just in exchange for items the player is selling. and Merchants should be able to be placed anywhere so u could have a merchant placed in ur inn selling food and drinks and asking for pelts and meat (for instance) Trader: It would be nice to be able to toggle weather people from another deed can sell items to a trader or just buy items from him (if the trader is on deed) this will make a trader a nice little income opportunity and might make them even more popular (so more people will buy traders => more coins are bought => more profits for u ) Big Items to cart: Since it is a pain in the ... back ... to push a statue or a camin or similar to a further distance it would be nice to be able to load big objects directly in ur cart or boat - depending on the size u might be able to put 1 statue in a small cart or 3 in a big cart , or a small or even big cart in a ship so u dont have to build a new cart everytime if u want to trade goods. or u could put a rowing boat in a cart and a sailing boat in a big cart making it possible for people living landinvards to build their boat at home and drag it to water. In combination with that it would be nice to be able to drop all items in the cart directly to ground or unload directly into a container and to load a pile directly in the cart. Digging: I would like dirt to pile on ground while digging so digging can be done more efficiently Pets: Since i like pets i would like to have more than one - might depend on taming skill how many u can have or maybe if u would be able to tame a pet fully loyal with ur taming skill now , it would be halfed with a second pet and third with a third one and so on , so u might be able to tame 4 dogs fully loyal but just 1 dragon (for instance) Greater changes: Since the Freedom-cluster is pretty well filled how about having an other server added? I would have 3 Typs of servers in mind: Sandbox-Island: people build strange houses to try out what is possible why not making an little island wich has no deeds but plenty of room (flatish island) to build and test what ever structures u might want to build one day or just to train a bit the island could be pve with a resettimer of one month so there will allways be room to build more next time Epic-Style-Server: Why not add another server with the same laws like epic servers but the same skillsystem like freedom-cluster ? this way people could decide later wether or not they want to go real brutal pvp with no skillloss by using an epic portal (dont want to start all over again) normal Freedom-Server: an other freedom server style for more room for more people I know prisine has just been released but we cant go there and have new lands to go I want to be one of the first to settle on some island as well and as mentioned before I dont like starting all wover again ^^ Thats all changes i would love to see (and play ^^) for now (At least the ones i know now ^^). i will ofcause update this list if i know more or if something has been implemented I know it is a lot on this list , and nothing wich can be done overnight or maybe some things will never be able to be implemented cause of too much work for little effect or some might be tried out but will be bad afterall since u will never know how game-mechanics feel if u dont try ^^ After all im not planing to stop playing any time soon so u have alot of time and wurm teaches patients and so i will be Thank u guys for this great game, have fun debugging Greetings, Phyko PS: Of cause I am open to all discussions related to my suggestions with anyone who wants too I know that many of these might Suggestions might have been suggested by others as well - thought if i'd post all I'd like there should be some new stuff as well ^^ if u find any misspelling please forgive me since im not native english and its ... 4 am over here XD