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  1. wow, demona sure was right... the devs have been working on a whole lot! keep the great work up thanks
  2. be careful guys, just a tad bit more and the censorship fly swatter will hit 90% of the thread
  3. i think they just forgot they are running a game honestly just forgot give em some slack
  4. +1 for like the 100th time outdated system has to go already
  5. -1 the sole reason 90% of the playerbase quit defiance
  6. been requested like 100 times seems like this is a hard one for the devs, since they never answer on it nor seem they be able to do it shame +1 obviously
  7. holy ###### best idea since release +1 please add asap
  8. who are you again?
  9. so, no challenge server? @Samool
  10. if a character that almost has 100 mining (2 weeks of grind away) only gets 0.8 bonus to what he is mining with a supreme pickaxe, i smell a hotfix coming in