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  1. Place feature on chaos

    then you shouldnt be able to push / pull em either tho right? come on, at this point move is the same, -1 it was able for years
  2. Place feature on chaos

    place one guy at your boats, jesus thats LITERALLY all it takes
  3. Place feature on chaos

  4. rework the bonus for meditating

    i dont know if you can speak about priorities when a change would take less than 1 minute but yes, if i would know that a med rework is coming, i wouldnt even bother however as i stated above, it was supposed to be worked on with the priest rework but nothing has been done so far bridges anyone?
  5. i just realized, with the feature that you only get to wait half of the time for the next meditating question if your level is lower than level of meditating times 15, a guy with 90 meditating only takes off 15 days in total, which in the case of reaching level 11 in any path would change the total time from 118 Days and 12 hours to 103 Days and 12 hours apart from the fact that only a few people have that high meditating, for a normal person like me who has 73 meditating it would take off 4 days, resulting in 114 Days total to reach level 11 instead of 118 Days how is that a good system? at that point it's basically non existant i switched long ago and am almost at level 11 again so it doesnt matter for me, but this system just seems like it needs some rework inb4 people will say, just wait for the med rework, but the med rework was supposed to start development right when the priest rework started it, now we are here and nothign has been done i dont hold my breath anymore cause i know a med rework is basically not coming at all unless sindusk is allowed to take it, but this change would literally just involve changing ONE number, just multiply the level of your meditation path by 10 instead of 15, means that a guy with 73 meditating, like me, would save me 23 days off the timer, which would mean that i still need 95 days, but hey, thats at least a bonus opposed to the 4 days it saves me now, right? a guy with 90 meditating would get the benefit of just needing 77 days for a full switch from one path lvl11 to another path lvl11 thank you
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    uhm, well TL;DR is, BT is gonna be a dead spell i dont care much about it, but might aswell remove it completely tbh
  7. Karma spell True Strike

    if you keep your eye on whats casted, its easy to avoid truestrike damage by just dispelling people -1 get gud
  8. Tanks2D

    I am posting this on behalf of my Friend, @Army. He made this game on his own and is finally done with the backend so it's in open beta now. Feel free to join the Discord or just make an Account on the website and start to play, graphical things are in the works, but it's a fully working game at the moment. The game is basically gonna be a 2D version of World of Tanks, at the moment the only gamemode is up to 7 versus 7 players, king of the hill. Many other gamemodes, graphical overhauls and a ranking system will follow, just come by and take a look. It is Browser based, so you can start it without downloading anything.
  9. Valrei International. 069

    its a square with 100x100 amphoras, i just counted it
  10. taming

    fix taming please, an account with 70-80 taming shouldn't take 100 mixed grass / seeds / whatever to get a hell horse above submissive, RNG or not, that is ridiculous
  11. wtb toon 50s

  12. wtb toon 50s

  13. wtb toon 50s

    have 50s to spare, get me logs i get you your money oh boi so much money, 50s think about it, could get 10 sleep powder from any trader what a deal.... OR something else idk
  14. Valrei International. 067

    another time barrier for entry level pvp, rip