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  1. wow, demona sure was right... the devs have been working on a whole lot! keep the great work up thanks
  2. be careful guys, just a tad bit more and the censorship fly swatter will hit 90% of the thread
  3. i think they just forgot they are running a game honestly just forgot give em some slack
  4. +1 for like the 100th time outdated system has to go already
  5. -1 the sole reason 90% of the playerbase quit defiance
  6. been requested like 100 times seems like this is a hard one for the devs, since they never answer on it nor seem they be able to do it shame +1 obviously
  7. holy ###### best idea since release +1 please add asap
  8. who are you again?
  9. so, no challenge server? @Samool
  10. if a character that almost has 100 mining (2 weeks of grind away) only gets 0.8 bonus to what he is mining with a supreme pickaxe, i smell a hotfix coming in
  11. seriously, obviously salty we had to watch the ass of zekes shiny horse and didnt manage to hit but can you please, for the love of god, remove the RNG on speedtraits on normal horses? at least on pvp? @Darklords