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  1. what about the equipment scaling/curve? is it gonna be on the pvp server? @Darklords
  2. everything is lost having a conversation with this guy but hey, bring foals back, he knows best
  3. what are you even talking about moonmetal was directly put into weapons and armor as soon as you had enough drake and scale drops were way lower and yet, also those were worn where do you have that info from?
  4. wise words from the bringer of death nonetheless, it all sounds reasonable if you read this when you didn't pvp much in the past but the reality is different and i think darklords will understand this point cause he himself was in those situations i am sure there is no "working around" not having horses to pvp with other than sitting on deed and waiting a week until they are rideable / breedable i'd like to see you guys competing with cows and bulls tho hell, there could even be a foal stage but rideable like he said in an earlier post, but then it would ruin your immersion i guess
  5. cause pvp... there is gonna be hundreds of horses laying dead on the floor the first couple of days need to get backups quick, and fast ones aswell either way, taking away the foal stage won't force every group to wait for their real commitment it gives us breeder pairs early on, or earlier than normal rather
  6. that's called using the games mechanics let's be real here tho you can't come up with a scenario that isn't "exploitable", you just need to be creative and can find solutions for any problem don't overthink it, imo we have a good system on our hands any more extension of the raid window and it's basically redundant
  7. sounds sick dude, except....it doesn't it would mean that you at some point have a whole gearset you can't lose apart from that, why would you get these "pvp points" for not actually pvp'ing lol
  8. can't say that i dislike something i am reading in the changes really don't understand why people won't want the raid windows, finally putting an end to offline raids, long overdue the safe zone change is nice aswell, but maybe even put limited QL ressources in those spots like suggested, doesn't have to be too crazy but there should be some more incentive leaving the safe zone minehops offdeed would also be a good addition to this iteration can be limited to like 40QL like hemz said, cause that sounds more reasonable but with the change that offdeed reinforcements are really easy to disintegrate into, offdeed hops should be back (meaning that they don't just open if you go through while an enemy is in local, but it keeps being locked) just overlooked the first time i read through it, but why wouldn't meditating cross to PvE? it's one of the most time consuming skills and you want us to grind it 2 times? all in all nice changes
  9. Would be neat to have a Market / WTS Section just for steam, I think it only has been overlooked so just a reminder here... I think it would be a bad idea to let it all post into Freedom Isle Market with [STEAM] tags EDIT: just saw this post can close the thread, sorry
  10. So after I saw this Thread I had an idea how to make combat visually easier to understand. How about having a new timer bar that is by default somewhere in the middle of the screen and only appears when you go into combat. It would show a "swing timer" which is already running in the background, just not visible. Here is an example of how it could look... Seeing the actual timer it needs you to swing a weapon and hit OR miss, and not only looking in the combat tab helps new players understand the system easier imo.
  11. the fact that they say "oh we might merge em, we might not" is really stupid makes it a gamble if its worth to invest time or not if the servers will be merged at any point, the economy will just be stale again like it is now and people flood the markets kinda lame that they let us in the dark for that, but whatelse did we expect
  12. @Retrograde Is the map gonna be made by ausimus?
  13. so uh... why all this silence? is the release of "mid summer 2020" gonna be scrapped?
  14. just don't allow hellhorses to be hitched on chaos, it's really that simple that being said, what plat said is okay too