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  1. WTS WU Kingdom Flag

  2. WTS WU Kingdom Flag

  3. Epic, Complete 180°

    to say "oh what if we change it and you get bored of it yet again" and just do nothing is not a good solution @Keenan you just cant deny the fact that all of the pvp community thats left wants something new, something better, and yes maybe we dont even know exactly what, but we know many other things we have stated that havent been tackled at all. for example the fact that changes like minedoors being able to go through while an enemy is in local makes it so you have to have a safety net / deed every few locals, hence making it so people rarely leave deeds. locate soul only being changed on epic, where it doesnt even make sense after you decided to do a 1 time transfer, who would play on there if there is literally no way to improve your skills without wasitng time, since as soon as you go onto freedom you essentially start at zero again. the huge gap between players / accounts that have been around for years and years, that new players / accounts couldnt even make a dent in their armour without spending 2 years on grinding themselves. or, the biggest problem yet, that there are 5 pvp servers with about 50 players across all of them combined. you can keep saying "you will get bored if we do this, will get bored if we do that", but fact is, the longer you wait, the less people you will have to "get bored"
  4. Epic, Complete 180°

    make minedoors on 180 work like they used to....no shitty ass "open if enemy in local" i dont want a fkin wardeed everywhere also, didnt really read your whole post keenan, but +1 for passing it along
  5. WTS WU Kingdom Flag

    wts this, make your offers
  6. WTS rare satchel

  7. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    as i said, just ask sindusk or armynator
  8. [No Bug] Can't attack someone draining deed (chaos)

    on this note, make it so you cant put more than 5 items on the token tile, cause stacking 50 troll statues, fountains and crates is a "really bad mechanic"
  9. WTS rare satchel

  10. WTS rare satchel

    trade embargo man cant sell to WU
  11. WTS rare satchel

    bump, get your glowing satchel
  12. Block local of less than 50FS alts on Chaos

    yes, cause so many people do that, right
  13. WTS rare satchel

    bump, may consider 1s after a few days if thats still up then
  14. It is about time, get the epic changes over to Chaos, at least the armour changes...