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  1. can we maybe have a standpoint from a dev?
  2. why didn't anyone think of this earlier? this is genius, it's gonna completely solve the toxic overload this game has being haunted by for years and years
  3. i played for like 11hrs on this, built a whole deed, am body stat capped and got 4 tomes idk but it seems to me that you are overexxagerating
  4. +1 on removing the playercount entirely from /who
  5. got this a few minutes ago again... i mined a sandstone vein, got the bug and couldn't move logged out and in again, just to be stuck again after 10sec of logging in logged out and in again, moved 2 tiles and got bugged again.... for the love of god, why don't you just rollback to the last patch which would 100% fix this cause it was obviously something in the latest big patch that got this bug in. like you could rollback and put changes in ONE by ONE if you can't figure it out another way. please don't let it be another bug that's just not gonna be fixed, get it right from the beginning, after all you should know what the procedure is after a patch introduced a severe bug :/
  6. not sure what this is supposed to mean, but i added that info to my original post...
  7. -1 to tree collision, just another thing we really don't need
  8. How did you get into the mine? - was standing and imping plate set pieces infront of a forge Stable or unstable client? - stable client Did you have 2 clients open at the time? - no Did you minimize your game screen to watch, listen to or play something else either on your desktop or in a brower? - watched a movie on second monitor, but had the wurm screen active Is your mine close to sea level? - it is about 200 slope from sea level were other people around at that time? - no on another note, it seems to happen to everyone in local when it happens and they are inside a mine.
  9. seems like the new embark bug, but you dont need to embark to get hit by it :/ i got it this morning aswell
  10. fatigue is a old system, guessing it was there to prevent botting in the beginning yeah, but i refuse to believe that with running into fatigue issues the GM team has caught people botting consistently. if it is this way, then wow, thats a really bad way of preventing bots lol.... either way, i ran into fatigue 2-3 times over the last 2 years or so. yes it happens very, very rarely...but i can see people quitting over it, after all its paid time as others pointed out before. however, i would absolutely dont see a point in sitting down at a table or in a rocking chair, if you want to RP go ahead, i know there is a community for that somewhere in here... TL;DR +1 to giving players more than 12hrs of fatigue / changing the fatigue system
  11. ...okay? i dont see why really, but hey
  12. if you save the last action done, even on relog, could we also get the saving of the items in inventory already, yes yes? (so you dont have to sort everything again after relogging)
  13. Since you can pretty much locate everyone now even through body nolocate, people dont want to roam at all cause the "powerhouse" of the server just locates people at random, and get hits pretty much every time. (talking bout epic btw, dont know how chaos people feel) So please change it back to what it was, thanks....
  14. you can look through every new wall type, please fix, thanks
  15. +1