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  1. snoo is a snake anyway what do you expect
  2. remove karma and recall home while you are at it
  3. come paly its fun i swear ato god
  4. [18:24:55] Hakameda slain by Stryker, Yess [18:27:08] Stryker slain by Hakameda, Zentil, Pallantide [18:27:28] Zentil slain by Yess, Stryker [18:31:48] Pallantide slain by Yess, Stryker [18:38:52] Zentil slain by Yess
  5. hey, all i am saying is you must be doing a really good job http://wurmonline.com/status-new/
  6. exactly what @Finnnsaid also let me give you a hypothetical lets assume a team member is taking the rules a little bit too serious, or misbehaving in any other way lets just also assume that the player who realized went the proper way of reporting those issues, not just in one case and then lets assume that the answer pretty much was "if you have a problem with it, dont let the door hit you on your way out!" now apart from not getting the right response when reporting issues through the proper channels, arent we allowed to at least make them known? would actually surprise me if it wasnt by the vast majority of people playing this game by now, even though you did a pretty good job of "hiding" it the last few months i think if one or two guys keep posting the same dumb old stuff and complain about certain tactics the moderation team uses, you can be sure its just trolls its more than just 1-2 people, wake up btw what if, and i am only saying IF (pls no ban), you are just sitting there in your australian mansion, sipping fosters out of cocktail glasses and laughing your ass off that you got away with enforcing personal interests in the game you got hired for, while a kangaroo gives you a hot stone massage
  7. if someone would just make a topic about that oh wait....its gonna get removed anyway if nowhere is the right place, how do we go about raising a point then?
  8. its not only that if a post lets the game or a staff member look bad, then also coming from a player you guys personally dont like, its immediately removed the "abuse" you speak of is critic in most cases, just cause you cant take it doesnt mean its abusive i am banned in your very own twitch chat cause i said hello, literally that you dont like me and some other pvp'ers is clear and i couldnt care less, but dont say you are transparent the gallows section was made cause there was a huge outcry about not being transparent enough you caved in at first, posted a little bit in it, acted all good and dandy but where are all the other "missing person" cases? right, just swept under the rug like it or not, and i am pretty sure you know by now and you are just trying to secure some milk in your fridge in the last minute, but you are doing a horrible job the last person that got swept under the rug just a few hours ago was @Gladiator may he rest in pieces... am i next daddy? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. i dont even know why i bother commenting on this thread, since everything i (or a couple of other people say) will get immediately removed and we'll get threatened with a ban RIP gladiator btw but i can do nothing else but agree with @Flubbhere 100% i can merely point out another big thing that the remaining "community" of wurm has to deal with on a day to day basis, while fighting with dwindling player numbers its the random censorship that is being flung into the masses i almost feel like being on an ellen or oprah show, you get a censor, and you get a censor! you cant just silence everyone who is posting something mildly controversial or critic on your game the day will come where you have banned everyone who cares about what direction the game goes and you will be at square one, good luck with that as i said, i dont know why i even posted, probably gonna get a warning or get banned but see this as a legitimate wake up call mass banning people isnt the solution for a healthy game enviroment, especially not if you are close to releasing on steam @Flubbhit it 100% tho
  10. ...? i have VODs from like 7 years ago guess that isnt long to you
  11. greetings individual known as lowborn do you happen to be related to wimble? lemme know bby
  12. @Samoolcongratulations, hoping for a new and exciting front of upcoming changes. @Rolfwhen does retros contract expire btw?
  13. if you stay sub based or severely slow down gains with a f2p account this is gonna be yet another flop either make it buy one time and play, or f2p with cosmetic cash shop a game with such a small community cant hold itself with this outdated monetization system
  14. everyone knows horde is where its at dont join alliance