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  1. you fked up stand up to it and stop this ######, dont make it worse
  2. sold
  3. egard get me out of the knee deep ###### i am in i need money papa halp
  4. https://niarja.com/skill_compare/Cyberhusky?cluster=Freedom lvl 8 path of insanity on freedom lvl 12 path of insanity on epic 2 tomes activated on epic - summon skeletons / wraith and summon worg comes with basic items will not be in any kingdom on chaos / eg freedom isles has a deed at the southwest coast of celebration will be in hots on epic have fun making offers
  5. lmao truestrike not a great spell he said okay okay
  6. i am obviously thinking the same as many others in this thread, dont take something away from pvp which could always only be achieved in pvp you arent fixing the problem, you are creating a bigger one, even less intent to look into chaos / epic i posted my stance on stuff like this many times, had to post it in here again just to make sure its not gonna be argued like in recent other changes....."but there was only a handful people who were against it" there obviously are more, but this is getting ridicoulus, and others, me included, dont want to repeat themselves over and over
  7. really nice event, 10/10 this should be officially hosted, by the same host, but with the help of codeclub, seriously https://www.thepetitionsite.com/de-de/takeaction/897/165/721/
  8. thats like really late for me, i'll try to make it tho also, can others watch? like people who arent fighting in a round, can they watch the other fights?
  9. Team Name: The Abusement ParkMain Names: Cyberhusky, Wsrich, KixSub Names: ---Team Leader: KixBest time/timezone: 2-4PM ESTBest day: Jan 6th
  10. had to search for the news, but yeah seems like its an epic only change
  11. yeah just realized its an epic only change
  12. BT is only useful on bows since the last changes to it it literally only is a FB that has to be charged up on melee weapons