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  1. oh, so now that epic has been inactive a few months, we all skilled on a dead server, assuming you mean from the beginning here, i got you... yeah that makes sense, totally really i think yeah... yes
  2. i hope you are trolling dude, cause if you are serious, you are basically saying the character i have played on for 2 years which has 55 body strength, would end up with 33. on the other hand i played 2 months on freedom and have 32 body strength... can someone just remove this guys posts? it's obvious he just wants to derail the thread, doesn't stop saying we don't deserve this, we don't deserve that, "I HAVE TEH PERFECT FORMULAR FOR TIS! TEHEE" just suck it up
  3. i dont even know why we are discussing this further. any person who can think rationally, would see that we spent years on a server, and now it is being changed severly... prior to the transfer and skilling system announcement it was even worse, the feeling of being second class players, the feeling of "your time isnt worth anything". and now people want to tell us all we have worked for, the stuff we are emotionally and ofc practically attached to is worth nothing, and our skills should be cut in half is just blatant wrong...
  4. you are the one assuming here niki :/ baffles me that you dont see it yourself lol
  5. whykillme is just a joke, ignore him and that's that saying that we don't deserve skills we spent time on just as much as a freedom player commited time to skilling up something is just utter ###### utilizing the double skillgain on freedom is way faster than skilling on epic, i tried it and hit 70 blacksmithing in 3 days of grinding yes it was 3x 12hrs days, but that being said, on epic it took me almost a week back then the sheer fact you can get materials to skill with in a matter of seconds after posting in trade chat is just another point but no, whykillme just comes around the corner and posts some ###### about actions taken to reach a certain point.... take that amount of actions taken on freedom and divide it by 2 buddy, cause that's what you are going to end up with when you efficiently grind
  6. as for myself, i am really excited for these changes, cause it means i can pasue from grinding my freedom account. epic will have a boost in activity, and i really love the idea. however, other than epic gaining a sudden boost, you kind of have to take these changes with a grain of salt. freedomers can, without having grinded on epic at all, just come over and have a 1:1 copy....i don't blame the people here that said it's a huge "###### you!" for us epic players. i would have been forced to buy a freedom account for like 400-500€ or start to grind a new one and stay behind for 2 years. don't get me wrong, i am excited as ###### for these changes, but it's not gonna be enough. i will always have the thought of "what happens if people want to start grinding on freedom again?" epic won't be anything else than a sandbox after this update, and i am not allowed to play with the big boys on freedom :/
  7. rewrite that please then....
  8. soooo...today? or next week?
  9. the person capturing can be in combat, but after he had a certain damage threshold dealt to him, it will cancel the conquer action. normally you would have a guy with sotg conquer, since the damage threshold is usually higher then. the person conquering should also be able to communicate in case a wave of guards spawning target him. then the other guys not conquering can taunt the guards. focusing one guard at a time, but always the ones first that are attacking the conquerer as fast as possible. just realized this topic is old as ###### :/
  10. it is indeed L I T lel [20:56:46] Sindusk slain by Iammyowngrandpa Redneckgranny Gramps [21:02:53] Gramps slain by Sindusk Elshar Behemoth Meelis [21:14:34] Elshar slain by Iammyowngrandpa Redneckgranny
  11. can we maybe have a standpoint from a dev?
  12. why didn't anyone think of this earlier? this is genius, it's gonna completely solve the toxic overload this game has being haunted by for years and years
  13. i played for like 11hrs on this, built a whole deed, am body stat capped and got 4 tomes idk but it seems to me that you are overexxagerating
  14. +1 on removing the playercount entirely from /who
  15. got this a few minutes ago again... i mined a sandstone vein, got the bug and couldn't move logged out and in again, just to be stuck again after 10sec of logging in logged out and in again, moved 2 tiles and got bugged again.... for the love of god, why don't you just rollback to the last patch which would 100% fix this cause it was obviously something in the latest big patch that got this bug in. like you could rollback and put changes in ONE by ONE if you can't figure it out another way. please don't let it be another bug that's just not gonna be fixed, get it right from the beginning, after all you should know what the procedure is after a patch introduced a severe bug :/