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  1. Meditation Path Change Proposition

    +1 i'd prefer having PoK on freedom and PoI on chaos tho, as a mechanic, like have different paths on different servers if you choose to
  2. SOLD

    ^ hasn't arrived in reality yet free bump
  3. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    thats the point tho, why would you want more effort to be spent for being pvp ready, but i guess most commenting here just dont understand, seeing most here dont even play on chaos anyway, thought it would be an obvious, easy change to bridge between now and the real med rework, rip
  4. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    ofc, that would be way better if you ALSO remove sotg, but that would be a bigger change, isnt it? while reducing the damage and leaving sotg, it would mean that sotg is even more OP tho, wouldnt it?
  5. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    well, just saying this in here again... i know this change would only be a bandaid, but this bandaid would have no negative effect at all. while this fixes a fair bit of the problem and could be a good temporary change, i fully agree that the whole system has to be reworked. however, changes to balance the whole system or rework it will take a long time, and this can technically be in tomorrow, so please, see it as a temporary change that doesnt have a negative side, cause that is what it is.
  6. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    hate is worth 15 favor (or 20?) exactly one dispel, good luck
  7. Change SotG to be default on Chaos

    this change literally has no bad side, i dont know how you could say no to this. it fixes people having to spend 6 months to get sotg, fixes newer accounts having to catch up in other words. it fixes literally EVERYONE on chaos having path of insanity and make other paths "viable". it fixes the 2 hits that happen with new players, and then quit cause it reasonably looks way too much hassle to get into the pvp part. please overthink before commenting here, i honestly dont know what would be bad with this change...
  8. Quick, easy and good change is, change the SotG effect to base DR of every player, and remove the requirement of meditating for it, by either removing path of insanity as a whole or just add a different effect to it. This change would mean that not only EVERY player would have the entrance pvp DR that is needed to be effective, but also that 2 hits wouldn't be a thing anymore, since everybody has kthe SotG effect. Please change asap, thanks.
  9. Updates the current pvp community want

    apart from the mindless craptalk this has evolved into, just think about it, all you have done is calling people in this thread "epic kiddos" and kept rambling if you would explain how it would be better in your opinion, or giving actual criticism, then yeah, go right for it, cause thats whats this thread is for we invited the current active pvp community to discuss about these points in the OP, we had 100% agreement on all of those points, however, if you think something is wrong just write what is wrong and dont go and point your dirty fingers at those "epic kiddos" can thank me later
  10. Updates the current pvp community want

    by now i am guessing he is one of wimbles forum alts, either way, people that took part in this discussion thread are actively playing on chaos, do you? right... so what makes more sense, taking suggestions from people who are involved in current game mechanic problems and play the game with passion, or from a guy whos house got stolen and now he rambles about everything cause he had to load stuff into his boat for the first time in years and get off to freedom? xoxo
  11. Updates the current pvp community want

    sindusk for president!
  12. Updates the current pvp community want

    thats a start, dont really know if the second point you have there is good, i am tired....but first sounds good to me
  13. Updates the current pvp community want

    well, the mapsize is a big problem and i think many people tried to tell you guys we need a new map #pleasedontstartthatdiscussionagainiwasjusttrollingshhhhhhhhh thts why i said, if not removing locate soul, nerf it in a way where its time restricted or stuff like that, cause a range reduction like on epic wont cut it at all
  14. Updates the current pvp community want

    as locate soul is right now on epic, it may aswell be disabled just like mondain said... so a reduction of the range is rather pointless you could put a 20hr cooldown on the locate soul spell or w/e, or imo just remove it and buff pendulums, again as mondain said maybe give the information minister a role again, like locating one player every few hours, there are many things that would be way better than locate soul works right now
  15. Updates the current pvp community want

    +1 to all of this might want to add the SotG effect idea @Mclavin remove sotg effect in path of insanity, instead give everyone the sotg effect as a base DR