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  1. I believe the light from is transferring between servers (Cad > Def). My two alts cross with no light when they spawn on Defiance and my main which has the runed jewelry spawns with light even though not wearing the item on Defiance. I have a powerful light everywhere I go but my character emits no light to others around them. Leaving the cave changes nothing but leaving the world will reset it.
  2. Amazing!! This is going to be so much better, can't wait for the fully featured version. Great job!
  3. Twp separate instances, both whilst on my horse, both while going up slopes too steep to walk up on foot.
  4. Has 'Hexd' signature on all pieces. Price: 5G
  5. Name: Hexd Gender: Female Path: POK 11 Religion: Nathan Titles: 193 Karma: 52966 Money: 0 Tomes: Smoke from Sol Red Tome Blood of the Angels Green Cherry Green Tome of Magic Black Tome Blue Tome Scroll of Binding Libram of the Night Slime of Uttacha Tome of Incineration [20:14:44] You have premium time until 9 Dec 2019 07:49:42 GMT **NOTE** The account comes with no items as part of the sale. However, I may throw in some basic items to help relocate. The dump: https://niarja.com/universes/Online/clusters/freedom/skills/PayPig Payment will be accepted through PayPal as a goods or services payment. Price: €800 Don't post your opinions, they're yours, please keep them to yourself.
  6. Simulacrum

    So I was being my usual amazing self when I noticed an odd marking on my rock face, exhibit A; At first I was sure vandals had broken in and graffitied my rock face but then, whilst trying to capture a photo for evidence, the markings moved! All became clear! It was a sign from Libila, she has chosen me! I am the one!! Unless science wants to say otherwise?
  7. Nexus Gates

    Making them far away from everything and hard to get too, kind of defeats the purpose. Not sure what you're imagining but the events wouldn't alter starter towns terrain or trees or anything that drastic like an actual rift does. Instead some passive mobs will be floating around, a few nodes placed in convenient places and a couple wells/altars. They could even be persistent things placed by dev team and just used as needed, rather than randomly spawned each event. I say 10000 because I think, too low of a number and having players recharge them too often would become a chore and players would resent it. Although, your idea about the gates requiring a charged token would solve that. Tokens requiring a special energy infused by priests would be good. I definitely think the energy sources should be at starter towns though, that's very important. It brings players to the starter town creating activity. New players will spawn in, probably speak to a player in local, see a veteran looking shiny and become inspired and so on. Back when I started, Newtown local was packed, any issues, I just asked in local. Now days we have a global server help chat and even that's bit dead sometimes so bringing life back to starter towns is very important, giving players a reason to be at starter towns is a great way to do it. A combination of both works too, 1000 uses on the gate but players are still required to have a token, token being the steering wheel on the network and the gate being the wheels.
  8. Nexus Gates

    So I was talking with someone again and it was brought to my attention that maybe people wouldn't want to charge a gate because there's nothing init for them, my answer to this was, share the prize pool of rifts. For participating you get moon metals and all that other jewellery and stuff. @OdynnThe gates wouldn't be so quickly drained. Maybe with 10000 uses before needing a recharge. @FlubbI do like the idea of people just being able to go a gate and actively charge it without an event. I switched to the event idea as to bring activity to the game for the community but yeah, I like either idea. People could grind their priests there, newbs could get some skills toiling away on the nodes and players looking for a tougher monster to fight it'd also create activity at starter towns, making the world feel less dead. Perhaps making an event out of a boss monster that spawns after killing so many smaller ones, something to bring people together. Physically activating gates before use is a good idea too. Yeah Vessel makes sense, I thought Altar because it doesn't really have much of a use.
  9. Nexus Gates

    The event spawns the nodes, monsters and the wells, much like a rift event would. Players collect energy from the various sources and have it consumed via the wells where it contributes to charging the gate. The mechanics are very similar to current rifts, only the manner in which they are used is different. Crafters would gather energy from the nodes, fighters would hunt the monsters which are passive until attacked but are quite tough and priests can funnel favor into the wells to supply energy, perhaps priests need to funnel their favor and need to use the energy gathered from nodes and monsters as saccables to replenish their favor. Was talking to someone and we discussed there needing to be an element of danger/complexity. The energy could come in multiple forms, like red, green and blue for arguments sake. The event will randomly require a specific colour that changes throughout and if you harvest the wrong colour, you get zapped. The more you get zapped the more damage you receive, so maybe on your third zap you'll die. The gates would be a network between all starter towns on freedom. I like the idea of the monsters being of the spirit world, like ethereal beings hovering around. As for the technological aspect, the gates would be magical, simple rune circles on the ground or stone arches, nothing too crazy.
  10. Freedom cluster starter town gate network for fast travel that has to be maintained by players community events. Gates will use power every time they are used and when they are low, a message will announce a charging event will trigger soon and another message on the final use announcing the gate has powered down and a charging event has triggered. Once powered down the area around the spawns some sort of energy nodes, energy monsters and some energy wells. These three things are the sources of energy for the gate and each one suits a different player type. Nodes: Are harvest able nodes that use a random skill, mining, digging, woodcutting, that sort of thing, that provide energy crystals Monsters: Killed and life force collected. Wells: Used to sacrifice energy crystals, life force and also has a ability to channel favor from priests directly, using the 'Altar' spell or something. All I got for now, seems I got distracted during this idea.
  11. A bind for 'Retrieve'. Retrieve will empty a corpse of arrows without the need to open it. Maybe, have 'Retrieve to' option that will allow defining the location of where a retrieve action will placed retrieved arrows. For instance, to an equipped back/hip slot container or just straight to inventory.
  12. And if combined with Killroth's suggestion it would even create a market for useless rares too, since players could buy/sell them for vanity point saccables.