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  1. Pack Flatting

    Option to 'Flat pack' furniture, they would essentially become sealed small/large crates ready to be shipped via wagoneers. Upon delivery person unpacks and it turns into whatever piece of furniture it was before packing flat.
  2. Add a 'total' section for skill tracker to see the sum of all skills gained per session. With a toggle for all skills or just those being tracked.
  3. Capes ...add capes! Please?

    They don't need real physics, simple animation would suffice. Gentle movement when idle to heroic flowing in motion. It wouldn't be that hard to do with the skills the dev team possess? Or are you saying our devs aren't cape'able?
  4. Sea Guard Towers

    Tower at sea which spawn ship/s with guards on that patrol the waters, twice the range as their land counter parts.
  5. Blow

    'Blow' on things to reduce their temperature.
  6. Human Mobs, Human Blood

    We could pick their pockets too for various loots and even find clues which lead to shiny things, maybe..
  7. Quick Maths

    That limits the distance to the quality of the tool? Also don't you need to have a line of sight on the pole to get readings? What if there is terrain obscuring the view? I was thinking more along the lines of right clicking a border and selecting 'Add' then right clicking the next border and adding and so on for as long as you need to. Nothing too fancy but would be a handy in-game tool instead of having to PM myself slopes values or write them down with a pen each time.
  8. Quick Maths

    Add addition and subtraction operators to tile borders to find the sum of consecutive slopes. You can do it with pen and paper or some other method but something like my suggestion would make life easier.
  9. Preferably with 80+ enchants. Please PM with offers.
  10. Drake/Scale

    I think we should be able to use at least .01kg of hide or scale to change the colour of armour pieces already created. For example I have a RED dragon scale jacket but I want a BLACK one, I activate a black piece of scale of at least .01kg and use it on the RED jacket and viola, I get a Black scale jacket. Exact amounts can be worked out to be fair but numbers given are for example.
  11. Valrei International. 068

    Limit casting power to something like (channelling / 10) - (current power / 10). I'm not great at maths but hopefully you can see where I'm heading and maybe suggest a better formula, the goal would be to reduce casting power as enchant power increases and all is relative to the channelling ability of the priest whom is capped by their channelling level. Failures incur a reduction in power not QL loss and never shatter. It would work kinda like improving items with crafting but with magic, less RNG and instead players are rewarded for effort invested not punished randomly. This would bring priests more inline with how non priests are played as mains and in conjunction with the other priest changes would make playing a priest as a main much more viable.
  12. Wurm skillcheck/skill gain simulator. Wow! Neato!

    Awesome, thank you.
  13. Newspring starter deed voting!

    I wasn't interested in doing all the digging and surface mining, that's all. It's very time consuming and I'm working on another project of my own and didn't want to invest that much time into the starter deed. No one paid me to change my mind Was encouraged by some comments but ultimately just want the glory of designing an actual starter town, bragging rights and all that. Yes, my life is that empty. Retro told me about Lib not being allowed on Freedom (WHY?!) in a PM prior to him posting my entry; he also said I could change it before he posted but I was asleep and he posted before I could update it, hence the *post* edit. Not trying to skirt the rules. The 'updated' version fixed the Lib issue and changed the material theme as per Retro's comments. I re-added a version of the east exit bridge based on a comment in the thread, just wanted to show how it could be changed with little effort. As for everything else it' should be fine as they can already be imported/created on Freedom. If it's not then it should explicitly state this in the rules for future competitions. I'm enjoying the creative side of this process, I actually waited a while for this opportunity. Obviously I'd like to win for making a superior design but also not ignorant that the locals are going to benefit from this more than I am. Still an annoying argument to use in a design competition, makes me wonder if I lose because my design is sub par or whether the 'community' is tighter than my skills.. Win or lose, I had fun and will win the next one; after all, I am only in it for the glory!!