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  1. so send it please and thanks
  2. ... and saw w89 shovel w89 stone chisel w88
  3. Also butchering knife 93, if '93' refers to woa, coc, or botd cast power Thanks
  4. carving knife c92w91 pickaxe w90 stone chisel botd77 mallet w47c87 CoD to Gwyn please for 30c each
  5. update

    It'll still be a while yet before I bring the highway that far west, so there's plenty of time for that pesky real life stuff too After this bridge, I'll be cutting a largely fresh roadbed to Esteron, laying the whole stretch with bricks and then catseyes. And that's just the section between Esteron and Q/R24. Not much to brag about yet, the only reason I chimed in was to put minds at rest that work is indeed ongoing.
  6. update

    Yep, I'm making good progress on the Esteron-to-P22 section. Doing it properly, i.e. with gentle grades, takes some time. I've just finished one flat 23-tile bridge and am now working on a second 35-tile one to complete a bit that runs between two mountains. That's a whole lot of bricks and mortar that need to be made and laid.
  7. With those settings, holding SHIFT/ENTER while drag/dropping will take exactly 1 item from standard inventory/container stacks (such as those inside backpacks), just as you describe. Doing the same while drag/dropping from bulk containers will take as many items as can be carried in inventory. So I'm afraid no, the tip doesn't work on bulk containers.
  8. So it's you who shared that tip! Thank you, I read that long ago and used it to good effect when filling pans during my HFC grind. But I don't see how it's relevant to bulk containers, which is what my suggestion is about, And that trick isn't exactly obvious, user friendly or flexible, plus it still involves dragging and dropping between windows, which I think the game could use less of.
  9. Right now, if you want to take anything out of a bulk container (BSB, crate, etc.) you have to open the container, open your inventory, drag and drop, enter the amount you want, and press 'Send' – five separate keyboard/mouse operations. This is needless nuisance, especially when you just want to grab, say, a kindling to light your forge or oven, or dump yet another dozen bricks and mortar into inventory while working on your latest project. I see a few possibilities to make these very frequent actions less burdensome: Add a 'Take' command to the context menu that pops up when r-clicking on items inside a bulk container, just as we get when r-clicking items in regular container or inventory. This command could expand rightwards: Take 1, Take 5, Take 10. Make the 'Take' keybind work on items in bulk containers and ... Add new keybinds that allow for fast specific quantity selection on multi-item stacks or bulks: 'Take 1', 'Take 5', 'Take 10'. With these additions, you would only need to open the container and perform one mouse-click or key press – two operations instead of five, a big reduction in finger work.
  10. Also 'male/female', 'pregnant', and '<days to birth>' tags. And I agree with Griper, effective range and amount of information should scale with AH skill.
  11. Rare iron metal brush, ql 76.14 (75c) Rare iron lantern, ql 84.37 (1s) CoD to Gwyn please
  12. update

    I've begun plotting the route westward from Esteron, starting with the link-up to my deed on the Q/R line at 24. If all goes as planned it should run west/northwest out of Esteron, passing between the large cluster of mountains and the small mountain, then skirting southward down the western edge of the steppe to the old 2-tile highway running through my deed that comes up from the coast. Then I hope to upgrade sections of that road and extend it further west along the ridge and either over or through the small mountain in the centre of the Q/R23 line. The idea will be to keep slopes to a maximum of 10 dirt along the whole stretch (thank you Newspring folks for the inspiration). Progress will be slow, as I've other projects on the go, not to mention RL, but I'll be chipping away at it. What will be really tricky, though, is connecting this highway from Q/R23 to the P22 area. The only options as far as I can see are (a) some very long bridges spanning dirt pillars in the lake, (b) a very long tunnel through the mountain massif, or (c) a massive dump of dirt along the mountain/coast.
  13. ... and mine go to Gwyn, thank you!