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  1. All Gone!

    Seryl pendulum Rare small metal shield 80ql fireworks CoD to Gwyn @ 25c each pls
  2. As in the subject line, amount depends on price. PM offers.
  3. 29000 ql in gems

    Hmm, is there a sniper extension on this auction? Without either minimum increment or sniper extension, this could end badly (1c raise in the last millisecond).
  4. This is a great idea if path-finding issues make a better solution impossible. Losing an animal is extremely pertinent information, unlike the presence of beehives that hardly anyone gives a toss about by this point.
  5. 29000 ql in gems

  6. WTA Grade-A Rare Steak ***CLOSE***

    sizzle, sizzle
  7. Dipping my toes in the account trading waters to see if toons with decent characteristics really can be got on the cheap. My only requirements are 23 body strength, 23 mind logic, 21 body control, no warnings, no silly/obscene names. My budget is very low (less than the time/silver req'd to prem a toon and grind these characteristics myself). Can pay in silver, goods, or arrange PayPal through a third party (I give them silver, they pay you EUR/USD). PM dumps and asking prices.
  8. For those who like their beef a little bit bloody — a 99ql rare steak. Sac it, savour it, revel in its punnery — the possibilities are endless. Opening Bid: 1c Increment: Whatever Sniper Protection: 1hr Buyout: Offer
  9. WTA 130+ Gems

    Thank you, will PM to arrange collection
  10. WTA 130+ Gems

  11. WTA 130+ Gems