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  1. c96 sickle to Gwyn please and thank you
  2. Stock updated, shingles added
  3. The irony is that banning the sale of accounts, rather than help the game, might actually bang the final nail in its coffin – Code Club AB would have to give notice before implementing the ban, and in that time window you'd likely see a lot of players rushing to sell their accounts, knowing it's their last opportunity to do so. It could actually end up pushing people to leave the game prematurely.
  4. Hear, hear
  5. QL68 saw - CoC54, WoA77 - 15c to Gwyn please and thank you
  6. 28
  7. +1
  8. +1 This would bring digging in line with mining and woodcutting. If ores, trees/logs drop to a pile automatically, it's hard to see why the same can't happen with dirt/sand/clay/tar/etc.
  9. No worries, it did seem too good to be true
  10. +1 Much-needed improvement to control access to different parts of a building
  11. If pickaxe 1 does in fact have a 10% speed boost rune (Libila glimmersteel) on it, cod it to Gwyn for 75c please.
  12. Some numbers up, some down. Catseyes added
  13. 5. Rare Rake, Blank - 4s Cod to Gwyn please
  14. Updated stock, full range of mine doors now available
  15. 6. Great Helm, Seryl (a98) - 7s Cod to Gwyn please