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  1. WTB Panfilling Services

    Looking for about 15k panfills, all mats provided. I can come to you or provide about 1.3k pans for you to fill, empty and refill at my deed (bed, etc. would be available).
  2. Rare Small Amphora, Clay [CLOSED]

    On its way Auction closed
  3. Unfired, 50ql, can be imped to 90+ql for extra charge. Starting Bid: 1s Min Increment: 25c Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper protection: 1 hour
  4. WTS random woa/coc items/tools

    sickle 79coc - 10c butchering knife 77coc - 10c CoD to Gwyn please and thanks
  5. WTS encahnted tools 5c

    saw botd71 - 10c small anvil botd77 - 10c stone chisel coc81 - 10c hatchet botd79 - 10c studded leather set - 30c CoD to Gwyn please and thank you
  6. Highway protection work -Xanadu

    @Benie – sure, here is an old map I had used for planning purposes. Disregard the different coloured segments. I have a placeholder deed at each of the two X's. There are undeeded inns at the points marked along the route. The highway is finalized and catseyed west of Esteron as far the black X deed, paved and passable to the white X deed, where I am currently surface mining down a steep hillside. Once I've bridged over to the kidney-shaped island, I intend to set up a final, semi-permanent deed there as a base to build the series of bridges from, probably with a wagoneer to make moving materials easier.
  7. Suggestion: Docks

    +1 And the functionality for this is already in game. You can r-click on any tile within a certain radius and if you select 'disembark' you will teleport directly to that tile. Works from any vehicle or mount as far as I know.
  8. Drink from Ship

    +1 Makes sense to me. I have used the barrel in the boat workaround for a long time, but it ought not be necessary since all Wurm water is fresh. Not sure how the mechanics could work in terms of programming, but since there is already some kind of check performed to see if the ship can sail (vs be stuck in the shallows or on land), the result of this check might then form the basis of drinking. That is, if boat is sailable, water is near, ergo it is drinkable.
  9. Five highest-ql weaponsmithing potions to Gwyn please and thank you
  10. WTS Bunch of Rares

    #24 to Gwyn please
  11. Back Up Alert

  12. WTA 2700 blue grape

    Just realized I'm not seeing any timer on this auction. Might want to fix that
  13. WTA 2700 blue grape

  14. Xanadian Inn Megathread

    Name: Tunnel Overlook Inn Map Ref: Q/R23 Nearest Settlement: ??? (several hundred tiles west of Glarnfadryn) Owner: Gwyn Classification : Active