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  1. The asking price obviously doesn't factor in the sunk costs of landscaping, construction, etc. It is based mainly on a hugely discounted assessment of the high-ql rare and enchanted items, ships, vehicles, bulk goods, the caretaker accounts, etc. (maybe take a closer look through what's included ). And yes, also the upkeep and livestock. Suitable buyers might include: established or aspiring bulk traders or merchants who want to retail the items / bulk goods over the long term when prices inevitably rebound and stabilise (a sound investment at this price); a group of friends who want to hit the ground running with an already established, well-stocked base; or a returning veteran player who appreciates the value here and the difficulty of acquiring all of this from scratch. Of course it may not interest everyone, and probably won't interest most. In the end, it may not even interest anyone – and that's fine. Value, as ever, is in the eye of the beholder. But at the risk of stating the obvious: offers based only on the silver in upkeep make no sense for me, the seller, to accept. I can just as easily disband, sell the silver, and still retain ownership of all the rest. Logistically, in fact, that would be even easier. All other reasonable offers welcome!
  2. Unfortunately I can't (spyglasses are no-drop items, same as the contracts). PMing you
  3. Can deliver to any starter town on Xanadu. 3x Personal Merchant Contracts – 7s ***6s*** ea 3x Spyglasses – 2s ea
  4. The best offer so far on Eoin is 200 EUR. Looking for more than that.
  5. Pics updated, sold stock removed. Now 50% off listed prices or buy all remaining stock at one-quarter of combined listed prices.
  6. Auction closed - congratulations to the winner Brattygirl! PMing to arrange collection
  7. Gwyn has now been sold – I am now Aogan in game.