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  1. Pelts...into storage places. PLEASE?

    Pro tip: pelts do fit into +5% size runed backpacks. So will tents.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Nahjo losing favour bonus from sacrificing healing cover ingredients.
  3. When the priest overhaul goes live, these portals would pretty much be made obsolete by Summon Soul (new teleportation spell cast on any willing player). As such, I'm not really seeing it as a necessary addition.
  4. Selling All items

    Still waiting on delivery of rare cart, promised after I wasted a trip to Rivendell to collect it. Update would be appreciated
  5. [CLOSE] WTS steel CoC items

    Hatchet (coc93) to Gwyn pls
  6. Short auction on a high-quality, never-used, CoC-enchanted rare whetstone. Make a bid and it could be yours! Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increment: 25c Sniper Protection: 1 hour Buyout: 5s
  7. WTB metallic liquid

    Still looking
  8. Subject lines pretty much says it all. I'm probably not the only one who's not crazy about the backpack model, but still appreciates the functionality of having a back-equipped container. Enter, knapsacks! Only problem is the Riddleresque question mark on them. Not every Wurmian wants to walk around looking like a Batman villain. If the question mark isn't going to be removed any time soon (maybe it could be?), please at least let us dye the knapsacks to make it less visible.
  9. WTS Character

    See my post where I specify for the average casual player. Strongly disagree about the characteristics, unless you mean a single characteristic at close to 45. It is highly unlikely to have even a couple characteristics at 45+ after 6 months of even intense grinding – unless maybe you are grinding them specifically at the expense of skills.
  10. WTB metallic liquid

    As in the subject line, PM me if you've got any to sell.
  11. WTS Character

    Definitely worth 50+s to the right buyer, given it would be difficult to grind all those skills/characteristics to those levels within 6 months prem time (= approx. 50s) - for the average casual player - to say nothing of the real life time they save by buying the toon ready to go. Only questions are: are there actually any buyers out there who are looking for that skill set and/or who are in that low-med segment of the market? and is the market already heavy on toons with comparable stats at a lower price? I can't speak to those points.
  12. Rare Cloth set, other rares, moonmetal

    Troll king blood Rare oakenwood rope tool Rare huge axe CoD to Gwyn please and thank you
  13. Fraggle Rock Canal -- Grand Opening!

    Great work! And thank you! Yours, A south-eastern Xanadian