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  1. Ritual of the Sun

    Umm, [20:56:34] You explain how Magranon is strong but still needs you to work faithfully so that he may manifest his powers. The favour pool still is not full so I can't see any point in planning this just yet.
  2. Ritual of the Sun

    Count me in! That time works for me. I hope it does for everyone else who posted in this thread too. My Mag is 100 faith, 94 channelling. Going with the highest-stat Mag as caster will probably make the most sense.
  3. I may have read your post too hastily, but the red flag for me is the measuring jug. These take up the volume that they are set at, so if you changed its volume while it was in the satchel or after removing it, etc. this could lead to different results when trying to put it back in or move it to a different satchel.
  4. Close plz sold

  5. Imbue service - 100 power for 17s

    I have recent experience verifying that this does indeed work as it should. Good luck with the service!
  6. Auto-completion problems like these could easily be prevented by making the reward trigger a pop-up window with drop-down (select cluster of choice) or a no-drop token that exists in both Epic and Freedom inventories until consumed in either cluster.
  7. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    This is now the third time I've been excluded from this cast on Xanadu, not by shadowy players, but by friendly ones who, though aware of my desire to participate, do not wait or make any attempt at contact. So sour grapes (of which there are certainly some) aside, I'm a bit confused about what the point of this exercise has been. As I understood it, the plan was to wait for the favour pool to fill, and then agree a time and place so all willing attendees on the list had reasonable notice to make sure they could participate (a few hours is not reasonable, unless we're to give up sleep, quit our jobs, abandon our families, etc. etc. for Wurm). Instead, you've gone and cast the rite immediately and involved only those people who were available at the time; and for that much, I commend you. But there were no PMs, and no waiting. What real difference is there between this and any other group that has 'sniped' the rite in the past, i.e. cast it immediately for fear that someone else would cast it first? Not a whole lot from where I'm standing. Don't get me wrong, I still believe the major fault lies with the devs for contriving such an obviously flawed system that is anathema to fun and cooperation. But I am rather disappointed as I had thought this thread was an attempt to take the high road: plan and organize the rite in advance, and if someone snipes it ahead of time, then that's on them and at least we have some evidence to point to when asking the devs for changes. Instead, we're left with the same desperate grabbiness, the same inevitable acrimony that bubbles out in the aftermath, and no clear answer as to whether cooperation can win out over 'sniping'.