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  1. Looking for mayor of Tinker's Square

    Checked token, Tauti is mayor (though they may just be a placeholder alt). Turns out they are on my friend list from ages ago and ... they haven't logged on for 386 days. I've tried PMing their forum account as well as Arjen in game, but no luck so far. According to token, the deed is allied with North Wood. Maybe somebody there knows them? The stretch of highway running through Tinker's Square's perimeter was already there before I came along and is the most direct and sensible westward route out of Esteron. All I've done is upgrade it and extend it further west, so the highway should make pretty much zero difference to the deed/deedholders. I wonder if a GM could assist somehow? I'd really love to get these catseyes down and move on to the next stage of connecting SE Xanadu to the highway network.
  2. Looking for mayor of Tinker's Square

    Still looking Tauti and Arjen, I believe, are citizens and one may be mayor, if that jogs anybody's memory.
  3. Paging the mayor of Tinker's Square, just west of Esteron. It appears I'll need perms to lay catseyes along a stretch of highway that runs through the deed's perimeter. If anyone knows them, please pass this along.
  4. +1 Similarly, it would be great if 'open' distance on vehicles was identical to 'access' distance - very annoying to successfully open a knarr/wagon inventory window, try to drag+drop something and then get this message: [09:01:43] You're too far away from the knarr.
  5. closed

    87ql hatchet, iron (86botd) CoD to Gwyn for 40c please and thanks
  6. +1 have almost lost items to random containers this way
  7. As things stand now, there's little reason to pursue beverages, whether as a producer or consumer. It's far easier to level hot food cooking and far quicker to make high-quality affinity food which will give far more total affinity time than, say, a barrel full of beer. My suggestion is simple: separate temporary food affinities from temporary beverage affinities (meaning, for example, you can get a 10% buff to mining skill-gain from your custom affinity pizza and another 10% buff if you find a beverage that gives the same affinity, for a total of 20%). This will take beverages out of competition with pizzas, etc. – where they are hopelessly outmatched – and create a gameplay reason to make the extra effort that brewing, distilling, and so on requires.
  8. Nothing to see here

    wrong item again and this time I accidentally accepted it without checking first Instead of the steel carver and iron knife, you sent me both carving knives, one steel one iron.
  9. Nothing to see here

    If the full discount still applies (I bought 7 items earlier in the sale) I'll buy supreme carving knife, steel supreme (cooking) knife, iron Thanks and CoD to Gwyn
  10. Nothing to see here

    Hi, thanks for the items but one of them you sent was wrong. It was the supreme saw I asked for, not the rare anvil. I've sent back the anvil, can you send me the saw? Thanks
  11. Nothing to see here

    I'll take: rare spoon rare fork 4x rare iron horseshoes supreme saw with 94botd assuming that counts as 7 items and gets the full 35% discount. CoD to Gwyn thanks
  12. WTS Rift items & runes

    I'll take 81ql Copper lump 96 CoC 50c CoD to Gwyn please and thanks
  13. spring cleaning

    so send it please and thanks
  14. spring cleaning

    ... and saw w89 shovel w89 stone chisel w88
  15. spring cleaning

    Also butchering knife 93, if '93' refers to woa, coc, or botd cast power Thanks