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  1. cod to Gwyn please: b79 saw - 20c b83 spoon - 20c b81 groom brush - 30c b71 groom brush - 15c b83 pickaxe - 30c b85 pickaxe - 30c b79 hatchet - 20c b87 hammer - 30c b89 fork - 40c b80 clay shaper - 30c b82 spatula - 30c b88 knife - 40c b97 grindstone - 1s
  2. Thanks a million
  3. ... and these for 40c each: botd85 mortar and pestle b83 horseshoe w80 horseshoe w83 horseshoe w84 horseshoe b85 small bucket b84 stone chisel
  4. cod for 20c each to Gwyn please: b74 horseshoe w74 horseshoe c78 leggat c70 oakenwood mallet w79w45 pickaxe, iron w77 rake iron botd76 oakwenwood rope tool w76 small anvil b76 stone chisel b71 steel and flint b79 scissors c79 grindstone
  5. Cod to Gwyn please: 99coc file 95botd pickaxe 94botd pickaxe 98woa 87coc pickaxe 96woa 81coc hatchet 95botd carving knife 98 horsehoe 96 horseshoe 95 horseshoe
  6. General +1 to any changes that incentivize raising animals. The way things are now (at least where I am), if I want meat and animal parts, it's much faster and easier to just go on a short hunting trip around my deed than to raise the animals myself.
  7. +1 Can't see any reason why this shouldn't be possible
  8. +1 to any change that will save us from dying of carbon monoxide poisoning in our smithies Another idea that may be easier to program: craftable chimney extensions that can be added to forges, ovens, etc. to allow the chimney to rise up through as many storeys as necessary and poke out of the roof instead of whatever floor happens to be above where the forge is placed.
  9. + 1 to a serverless mail system. No clear benefit/logic to the current system in terms of game play, so let's get rid of it if the coding side of things permits.
  10. I'll take the two rare black cloth sleeves for 1s each (cod to Gwyn)
  11. I was aiming for a touch of comedy actually, oops. Anyway, if there's any need for carp, fine carp, blacksmithing, stonecutting, or masonry imps I might be around a the end of December 2018 ... I mean ... 2017
  12. The date is objectively wrong. 'December 22-31, 2018' is 15ish months from now, 'December 22-31, 2017' is 3ish months from now. For the love of clarity, just change it to '2017' or even '2017-18' as Talohan suggests. Why maintain the error? Have T-shirts already been printed or something?
  13. Because it would fit with how quality generally works in Wurm, where higher quality = higher durability in almost every, if not every, case. And antique Chinese ceramics aren't valuable because they're somehow objectively better than anything we can produce today. They're prized because they were a technological feat for their time and because, being antiques, they are rare.
  14. +1 I made a similar suggestion a couple of months ago: