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  1. 100% agreed, it's the main reason for this thread. Even not shearing, stopping at 50.00, at some point just breeding the animals will push you to 60+. At that point, you're kinda stuck leveling an alt to 50 or leveling yourself to 90 just for a bit of wiggle room in the traits. Either way, that means a megaherd (or new ways to "groom").
  2. So raising AH is a matter of brushing your animals until they're furless and shiny.... We have the brush, what say ye to adding a hoofpick, sheepskin mitt (should teach those evil sheep their place while at it), and a shedding block (could wogic it and just use the existing whetstone). So Groom (brush), Clean Hooves (pick), preen (mitt), delouse (stone... which is actually to "groom", because a bit more wogic). 4 possible actions per animal instead of 1 = less need to keep so many just to raise AH. 5 actions if you got sheep.
  3. Yeah, shame on us for not using our future-vision 1-5 years ago to predict what the new wood types would look like. Back on topic: Seeing some good ideas revolving around the same concept. If not "change the wood type", add an extra painting step for those who want it. You can either dye right on the wood and get the "blend" result, or first coat it with a "white base" (water, lye, and crushed marble shards?) which'll allow the actual dye's color to stay as such.
  4. By the way, shameless suggestion in the wrong forums' section.. Glim plate black version graphics please, maybe different chest decoration... and.. Moonmetal blue-red-black bardings please? Love the (human) chain armor colors. Right thread that said, this is all clearly about BLING! WO and WU... PvE and PvP ... combat bling with good stats! And... any thoughts of plate barding in the future?
  5. I love how people who use "entitled" a lot are the same people who believe that their opinion is the only right one........ kind of........................................................... ... ...entitled... eh?
  6. Have Genesis spawn the list of traits, so one can choose which ones to kill off, that way one could also do away with neutral traits. I mean, the current system encourages having vast amounts of animals to push the RNG into giving you that smaller portion of good animals, and I thought the whole point of deed ratio was to counter hoarding.
  7. You forgot to say "In the name of love".
  8. Code split: YES. That's needed bigly........ STARTING WITH TAMING heh heh heh Skillset split... hmmmm.... not sure about that one in terms of getting more people in PvP. The potential new recruits may stick around even less if they can't sail off someplace safe to level before trying the gank gauntlet a second time. Just my theory at least.
  9. PvE standpoint, mix of my own and others' in no particular order. Why people don't PvP more: - RL responsibilities. Not everyone can jump into the game the second a twitter alarm goes off, which leads to.... - The part about offline raids that hit a deed with scorched earth policy. - ... and the risk of people joining your kingdom to steal everything.... which leads to.. - The mistrust against new players due to the assumption that we have yet another spy alt. - The forums' drama against each other makes the standard PvP toxicity way WAY more visible (maybe it's not half as dominant as one would think, but one would have to join PvP to find out in the first place, but the chances of appealing to the toxic types in the first place are rather large and visible.) - The constant dumping on suggestions that would make PvP "less unique" mixed with "we don't care about shinies but only we should have them to keep some incentive in PvP" paints the whole thing as lackluster unless you're gaming for a $0.10/hr profit. - The constant dumping on suggestions that would make PvP "less unique" mixed with "we don't care about shinies but only we should have them to keep some incentive in PvP" paints the whole PvP community as rather bratty and entitled. - Knowing that figuring out a non-bug advantage over others will just get the feature whined into nerfdom adds to the sense that PvP doesn't have much going for itself and never will due to the constant resistance against innovation. Someone tamed a champ croc, PvP got taming nerfed instead of seeing it evolved into "3 champ crocs or 2 champ crocs and 2 hell hounds?". Lends itself to cookie cutter playstyle. Heck, PvP had people claiming that multi-story buildings would "ruin the game" at one point. - Wurm's PvE selling points VASTLY outnumber the PvP selling points. WoW-clones and first person shooters are generally WAY more attractive to PvP types than games ppl join because they can permanently modify the map and custom build on it. Those games are waaaaay more combat-oriented than Wurm... WAY more. - Sometimes people just wanna chill, hermit or not. - Seems like most of us prefer functional/pretty/open deeds to living in a fortified position. - Using "carebear" as a slur won't make you any friends by and by. - Did I mention that constantly and publicly asking for things that'll "make PvP more unique to provide incentive" is openly telling the world that there's no real reason to PvP? - People who progressed in a legit way suffering the collective punishment resulting from a few abusers. - "A PvE'er wouldn't last 3 seconds in PvP, they don't even know how to fight properly!". Ok then. - "Git gud!!!!" as a reply to requests for QoL improvements on the PvE side. Won't make you any friends either. - I ain't been keeping track... are kingdoms more balanced now? Because one kingdom having a permanent upper hand like it was (is?) at some point doesn't leave much PvP to join in the first place. ........ and last but not least: - The mockery and backlash that PvE players get when explaining why we ain't biting the WOPvP hook. You guys are shoddy telepaths and psychoanalists to say the least =P Go on then, pour some salt on me.... in the name of love!
  10. 5 more minutes later... ?
  11. Try ........................... decayed meals?
  12. While I can see the madness of managing to burn one's fatigue in the first place.... I agree that the fatigue system needs to go. Pretty sure I'm not the only one who's been worknapped away from the computer for one week too many in a row, and finally scores a long weekend, buys a dozen red bulls, and decides to go for a 20 hour binge. Well, with fatigue, bye bye binge.
  13. What ever happened to splitting the code?
  14. You forgot to pout and hold your breath.