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  1. Best I can think of is, with apologies to the person(s) responsible for updating the list, would be to make the list publicly VISIBLE, but only editable by a select few people (staff and/or players). People can then reply a specific thread or PM those responsible to have themselves added, organizers can send the list of names that can be removed in the same fashion.
  2. Man does have a point.... caffeine tends to be a diuretic and well, can even leave one a drop thirsty. Maybe have it lower one's water bar according to the caffeine drink's strength. (Then create a recipe that involves coffee, electrum, lemon, sugar, and glands, and totally not call it Red Bull because of copyright issues)
  3. Different guards from different kingdoms have different weapon specializations if I remember correctly ................... that said............. Discovered as a newbie when Q30 was EPIC STUFF RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH and decided to wield a q45 troll club and my FS eventually grew my character into a, back then, WO tough dude............ Find dead troll... or cause dead troll (heh heh!) ................. open corpse as container, take troll club...... go to random tower guard..... Look-> Equipment ..... Drag troll club to right hand, in other words, equip the darned thing on guard....... ever see 4 armed guards take down a troll? You feel sorry for the troll for half a moment then cackle evilly! Cheers, people who didn't know this, you just turned your tower-guarded deed into a bit of a power house.
  4. You shall hear from my lawyer.... and a hell hound!
  5. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all that the Inn/Bar/Tavern name "The Barfing Bear" and all derivatives have been copyrighted by yours truly. Legal action will be taken in cases of infringement if due royalties are not paid in gold and Red Bull. Cheers
  6. Hope devs and their bosses are reading this..... the Rising World reference wasn't a diss, that game has the loveliest terraforming. Lost the map, but had a cool house half on land half on water, a basement, my farms were a tunnel that peeked out the cliff face to artificial platforms with the crops on them. 3D mines, real 3D mines... All it was missing was the skills' system and (can't believe imma say this), some timers to not make it so minecrafty. Y'all should download a copy or even better, talk the creators into some form of joint venture to branch RW into Wurm 2.0.
  7. Wurm 2.0.... Check out Rising World.... engine-wise it's definitely doable. Pity RW doesn't have the skilling and QL system or it WOULD be an absolute wurm killer.
  8. 100% is too much and would lead to the over-paving of servers, imho... That said, 10-25% increase WOULD be cool, and end of the day, historically accurate as empires didn't invest tons of resources on roadworks for no reason. Could push it a step further and give mounts/vehicles a certain increase on pavement with an extra increase on tiles that are "highway" status. Devs, listen to Drogo on this one, it'd bring a nice chunk of good will from your playerbase back.
  9. random number generator (RNG,factor in many modern games. RNG .................. on what's supposed to be genetics'-based, AKA breeding................................ just read it. Sucked bigly on the old system., where having 60 or over AH was penalized. As an old-time breeder myself, this is one update i'm GLAD that WU isn't getting, considering the constant foal-slaying that old system 70AH brings when it comes to breeding 7-trait classic 5spd hell horses.. Who said that broken promises are all bad, eh? This current RNG is a friggin nightmare compared to the old AH RNG we all hated so much. As a WU player, if devs decide to bring WU up to speed with WO, bring in the new lighting and such but FFS DO NOT BRING IN THIS NEW BREEDING SYSTEM. Any self-respecting server admin would focus on undoing this mess for their server. There are good ideas in there, but the RNG for the offspring is anything BUT that. @Sklo:Dshould be able to tell you more.
  10. Shortsword + shield... OP defence (block and parry), lots of hits for quick skilling, quite accurate. (Edit: aggressive stance ftw)
  11. Devs: We're nerfing this. Players: But we like this. Devs: But this is not the direction we want for the game.... "organic growth" (wtf?) Then people vote with their wallets eh. Oh well.
  12. It'll make you better gnomes in the end... Strength through Suffering!
  13. can close

    *Votes for Crusader using Dominion systems*
  14. PvE thieves are the kind of people who'd break into your car then try to blame you for not installing bullet-proof windows. Of course, that kind of crap wouldn't fly in court and there'd be consequences so they don't do it and instead stick to doing it in games' PvE settings where they're mostly shielded from consequences (and thus far from PvP servers). Proper lowest common denominator.