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  1. No! Cat's out of the bag! Iiiiindoooor stalls! Iiiindoooor stalls! (Besides, with buildings in caves it makes even more sense)
  2. As the title says it, once the "beams" are up, it can be fairly pointless to finish certain "scaffolding ladders" since if we're pushing for realism, I'd walk on those beams =P So yeah, if we could plan the above floor/roof on those tiles (we'd still need at least one complete ladder to get to that height for the surrounding tiles) withe just the plans, pretty please? Bit o' QoL for the large high ceiling builders heh heh. (On WU here, using that "show action numbers" mod to bind the "unbindable", it lets me plan above floor plans that way just tried. Means code doesn't break. Consider this suggestion a tip of the hat to the folks on WO who can't use that mod).
  3. Makers mark to fencing and walls ..

    Weren't you the one crying about not receiving a warning when you're about to use the wrong type of woodscrap the other day? Have you sorted them yet, by the way? I suggest you make a bsb for fruit scraps and one for normal wood scraps, that way devs don't have to waste time on your ineptitude.
  4. ReWeathered Landscape

    That's most likely a totally different "marker" in the code. I get all the old deed's data on parts that were never terraformed just as well as in the flat leftovers. While I do love the concept, my one true worry about this isn't "flatten a hill by a single shovel hit", can be fixed with "was deed AND has been terraformed" oversimplifying a bit. What is a bit worrying is the lag spikes that all that terrain polling may cause on some servers.
  5. Cobblestone Texture Change

    Besides, the only low rock fence we have right now are those 10 shard ones.......... Art team, devs who make the pretty images become game objects...... pretty please? I mean, the textures are half-done already and fence code is there.
  6. Cobblestone Texture Change

    +1 to that "new" texture and fences to match bridges'
  7. ReWeathered Landscape

    Preeeetty sure I've seen the "Is terraformed" option in the tile's data when playing on my solo map with a GM-5 toon.
  8. Valrei International. 074

    Dem googly-eyed anvils XD What are the chances of WU having that glorious fishing update pushed to "before Christmas" too? Hopefully the answer is "it will happen" 'cause I happen to know these three spirits..........
  9. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Gonna need wash my keyboard with bleach after typing the following but: I agree with Gladys on this one.
  10. Profanity filter for forum.
  11. Hitching posts

    +1 24-48h offdeed makes sense (and beats the option of carrying a bunch of tents which'd eventually litter the hell out of the landscape). Should be permanent on-deed for decoration's sake.
  12. Doctrines of Wurm

    A new gospel has been added! Praise Murphy!