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  1. +1 Leave it if you want, can be tweaked down the line, but it's a bad idea as default the way it is right now. OP's right, our eyes naturally keep the view steady except under extreme/unusual circumstances. To achieve that "head bob" effect rl would imply gluing ones eyes to a fixed position.
  2. Woad Planters

    Need more blue!
  3. Post your best memes

  4. Post your best memes

    When you need to grind archaeology.
  5. Post your best memes

  6. Post your best memes

    My 2018 collection. For more Mordy shenanigans, join Sklotopolis server on WU. You owe me an LMC for advertising, Sklo =P
  7. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    I love it when people's phrasing comes out juuuust right =P
  8. Farewell to the greatest Dev <<---?
  9. lowering ceiling with concrete

    Heh..... actually had to dig on the surface to expose rock to concrete it up a bit .. and slopes were juuuust right that i had to dig a 10x2 trench for that one corner XD
  10. lowering ceiling with concrete

    Thing is you gotta count juuust right. Best way to do it is lower the floor to where you want it first, build a 1x1 wood plank building.... Mine ONCE then "level", try planning opening, repeat until you can plan the opening... then level the rest of the ceiling. For multiple stories, you just need one plank wall and one plank opening per floor you're adding so it's tedious but effective. Scaffolding. That said, +1. One bad keypress could have ruined the whole chamber. Concrete would have been a handy option.
  11. Puny Forge Graphic suggestion

    Imma +1 that and if I may suggest an addition.... Same as you can trim/untrim stone walls, extend/retract the chimney length on ovens and forges from normal to 1 story high (30 dirts that is) and back.
  12. Cooking affinity QoL

    The International Federation of Mords endorses this message.
  13. Tweak for 50-100 players: CRITICAL Tweak for the other 800-1200 players: "Dev efforts should not be wasted on something so insignificant" Then people wonder why I can't help cheapshotting certain folks