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  1. It's been a while actually. And it's usually when they're: a) Not being civil (I have much stronger terms for that but I'll leave it there) b) Shooting down suggestions that would improve the game for hundreds for the benefit of a couple of dozens. c) Acting like they speak for staff. Many of those times, I answer those people because of A and C, not even paying attention to whether they're PvP'ers of not. BTW, remember that thread about "Why don't more people from PvE come to PvP"? Full of textbook examples of the three reasons I just gave. "You are an ignorant fool! You know nothing! We are majority! Without us there would be no game!" style replies all over.
  2. "Spoken like a blind fool": Theeeeere's that attitude that's bound to bring in thousands of undecided players over. "As for this "majority" you speak of...": The numbers seem to agree and have been doing so for yeeeeeeeears.
  3. Wurmians: We need more players! The grind and fails and high difficulty is gonna make the Steam launch fail! Also wurmians: You're making it less grindy!? Removing fails on certain item creations? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! IT'S BEING DUMBED DOWN! We don't want no filthy casuals! Keep wurm niche and elites-only!! *Sigh*
  4. Silver sellers were costing Wurm money, plain and simple. (I'll use $1 for 1s for simplicity's sake) With P2P RMT: A needs 10k bricks, buys 10 silver to buy the bricks off B. CC has $10 C needs 10s to buy 10k mortar, buys the 10s for it off B at half the price. CC has $10, B has $5. C buys mortar off D. CC has $10, B has $5. D sells his 10s to E (who needs bricks) for $5. CC has $10, B has $5, D has $5. E buys 10k bricks off B who's been running a few free alts to cut them. CC has $10, B has $5, D has $5. B goes off and sells those same 10s to someone else. CC has $10, B has $10, D has $5. Without P2P RMT: A needs 10k bricks, buys 10 silver to buy the bricks off B. CC has $10 C needs 10s to buy 10k mortar, buys the 10s for it off B at half the price buys 10s for it off the website. CC has $20, B used his silver on ingame stuff. C buys mortar off D. CC has $20, B has more ingame bling, D has 10s. D sells his 10s to E (who needs bricks) for $5. E needs 10s for bricks, buys them off website CC has $30, B and D have more ingame stuff. E buys 10k bricks off B who's been running a few free alts to cut them. CC has $30, B (who now has even more silver) and D are off making more stuff to sell for silver. B goes off and sells those same 10s to someone else. Someone else needs 10s and buys off the website CC has $40 for development and servers So let's say this change made poor B and D quit..... A, C, E and "Someonelse" still need their bricks and mortar and whatnot and there are plenty of non-RMTers out there willing to make the mats and sell them so they'll get their stuff anyways. Meanwhile, CC got more than B and D's subscriptions made them just in silver sales. So yeah, tell us more about how this change is what will finally kill Wurm
  5. Methinks they're trying to find loopholes or ways to convince CC to revert the RMT ruling (with a couple in the mix having legitimate concerns). I mean, Wurm is the only game in the entire industry where not all the players have static IP's
  6. The way that player to player RMT is still a thing makes one wonder at times....
  7. Funny how it went from "it's basically the same code" to "code is soooo different!!!!".
  8. The gaming industry's never gonna become more honest or more customer-oriented as long as there are shills whiteknighting them and saying exactly what they want to hear. I mean, Nahjos were obviously imbalanced from the beginning, glaringly so. Did CC address it right there on the spot? Nope. Did they have the decency of saying "don't get too attached, this is gonna be nerfed when we get a chance"? Nope. They cashed out on it for ages and are now sticking it to the people who trusted them and gambling on a new customer sucker base. It's a good thing that CC can't outright pull WU from our hard drives because I'm pretty sure that they would if they could. "Let's gamble on this decision, if it backfires, it's the players' loss, not ours... and best part is we won't have to answer for it, there'll always be a white knight or two willing to silence disgruntled clients for us".
  9. Withholding the distant rendering from WU is a particularly low blow.
  10. New Player: "Hmmmm WO Steam... let's try it out... ohgodtheslowgrind... ooo... 'Unlimited' ... faster, more modded... seems like a good purchOOOOOOOO no longer updated, screw this. What else is in the store?" Edit: Re: "Not as profitable as we wanted".... Wasn't the players' idea to start giving out 25 cent copies all over the place. Congrats on screwing those of us who paid full price. Then again, dollars to donuts that most former WO players on WU left OGWO due to CC's bad decisions. WU didn't cost CC all those players, CC cost CC all those players and once again makes a point of reminding us why.
  11. Are you using Ubuntu's built-in Java? That one's a bit of a pain to say the least. If that's the case, use the Oracle one. Hopefully it's just that.
  12. Sounds like you cringed heavily at the possibility of WO no longer benefiting from WU mod code. Let me flip that around, and cringe as a WU player at CC's decision but using your terms: WO should make the game open source or they'd be shooting themselves in the foot. Just imagine if the game gets really popular and staff quits, dies, gets higher-paying jobs, whatever. They'd be gone and since it's currently obfuscated nobody else can make a fork and continue the work. Good way for Wurm devs to kill their own game's scene in the long run. Naaah, if WU is so unprofitable, CC doesn't need even our mods. If CC really needs our mods to the point where modders obfuscating their code would be bad for WO players, then maybe they should give us our updates as promised in the first place.
  13. Well, modders, time to start obfuscating your code. It's only fair.
  14. What Amadee said. Ty, saved me a lot of typing :3