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  1. Lets tell a story...

    ... bandage, resulting in a rare roll bandaging a light wound.
  2. Valrei International. 065

    I like what I just read...... Now it MUST be asked, guessing there's a dev betting pool for it and all... Any plans for kawaii hell horse foals? *grin*
  3. The State of Raiding

    Sounds kinda unlikely though, due to RMT. Anything that'll drop the paypal value of stuff on Wurm gets summarily shot down every single time.
  4. The State of Raiding

    I have to ask at this point.... What's the obsession with destroying people's deeds? What makes OP and supporters so intent on being able to bust into a deed and wantonly destroy/steal everything? More importantly: What logic dictates that making deeds easier to raze will make new players join and stay and old ones want to stay? How will flattening someone's homebase lead to them coming afield more often for PvP (as opposed to Player vs Deed) instead of finding a new game? Before someone says "Wurm is about building, rebuilding counts as building", what would keep deedholders who became easier targets from switching to PvE servers assuming they stick around Wurm to begin with? My ***assumption*** here is that those wanting easier "raids" are after loot, not PvP action. I may be wrong, but it's really hard to bypass that conclusion.
  5. Skill Points

    Becket [Tryhard] Becket [Unemployed] (Ok done trolling, sorry, I just had to). Becket [The Long Gone] would work imho =P
  6. Hey is the house of rares yours?? I am asking because while i was hill stomping through your neighborhood i noticed alot of nice stuff thrown around with your sig on it.. are u still active?? I assumed b4 today u had left the game by the way u signed your quote on forums. just checking if you are going to let everything wrot??  maybe we can make a deal as i am moving into your neighborhood  and u seem like a decent guy on forums... take care...

  7. Thanks devs.

    No one yet? Seriously? Fine, I'll do it....
  8. Datamining The Next WO God

    Gotta time it just right to be the thirteenth god that devours all 12.
  9. The penguin did, oddly enough, suggest the "simplest" solution. Someone figure out land crossings across servers already then splitting Xanadu should be simple-ish .. except for whoever found the center of the server and deeded there ^o^
  10. Naaaah, but it's an old conversation already lol. Now you're caught up with everyone on that topic heh heh heh
  11. Most of the server code is in there are decompiles quite cleanly. The server's free once you got the client if i remember correctly.
  12. Grab a copy of WU.... it's on sale for a buck somewhere half the time heh heh.
  13. Thing is the way Wurm works there HAS to be water between servers, so splitting Xanadu in 4 would be problematic to begin with as some said, until someone figures out a way to code land crossing among servers which I doubt hasn't been tried yet. To split Xanadu, even if someone took the time to split it into 4 databases by quadrant AND managing to get it into 4 new servers AND load, THEN terraformed the "+" among the server (guessing a few thousand man hours of GM wand action), THEN took the map file and managed to properly cut it into 4 functional files..... well there are just too many moving parts for it to not blow up. May be faster to redesign the engine from the ground up and just start a new MMO which brings us back to the mythical and debunked Wurm II. I'm partial toward trying on some serious RAID action but I think the code's still the biggest factor. Streamlining the database could be the worthwhile huge project but once again, sounds like a Wurm II size job. The beta tag on Xan may be the best bet to give new players a fair warning. I do agree, as someone who left Xanadu, that it's rather not worth the price tag vs stability. That server you either love it or you don't live there. For those willing to put up with some quirkyness, the map itself is rather gorgeous.