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  1. Shortsword + shield... OP defence (block and parry), lots of hits for quick skilling, quite accurate. (Edit: aggressive stance ftw)
  2. Devs: We're nerfing this. Players: But we like this. Devs: But this is not the direction we want for the game.... "organic growth" (wtf?) Then people vote with their wallets eh. Oh well.
  3. It'll make you better gnomes in the end... Strength through Suffering!
  4. *Votes for Crusader using Dominion systems*
  5. PvE thieves are the kind of people who'd break into your car then try to blame you for not installing bullet-proof windows. Of course, that kind of crap wouldn't fly in court and there'd be consequences so they don't do it and instead stick to doing it in games' PvE settings where they're mostly shielded from consequences (and thus far from PvP servers). Proper lowest common denominator.
  6. While some say that he's going on a pilgrimage to finally learn what "the" means.....
  7. Just don't forget for the terraforming bit to be very very very very specific about: - A tile has 4 digging points, one at each corner. - When you mouseover the borders with a shovel activated, the "3 slope up" "1 slope down" is the inclination away from you based on what corner you're nearest to, the surefire way to be sure is to just stand directly on the corner. - "Flatten" will try to average out the corners and will likely make a mess unless you know exactly what you're doing, better to stand on corners digging/dropping dirt until the tile is flat THEN rely on "level". Having that rather crucial bit explained and demonstrated, I'd address another typical newbie blunder: - Count about 100 slopes from water (Which is height "0" and is the same height throughout the entire server) before thinking of digging down to open a mine. - Throw in a little demonstration re: clearing a 3x3 to even out the rock before tunneling so the tunnel points where you want it to, so "2 flat parallel borders and sloping up toward where you want the tunnel to go".

    Since no one stepped in, here y'all go.
  9. And this is why we buy Wurm Unlimited instead
  10. - Pay for a $#/%&ton of batteries to beat the curve: fair game. - Not wanting players to make a $#/%&ton of batteries to beat the curve: fair game. - Launching the server with that method restricted and said restriction announced with the reason explained: fair game... and not done. - Somehow not realizing that this was going to happen, then socking it to a bunch of people who already coughed up the cash for the batteries because a handful was abusing a bug: [mocking expletives deleted]
  11. My first "deed" was a 5x5 hedged area that I lucked upon ... had a forge and a bed!!!! Still took me a couple of days to find iron near my spot that wasn't a death trap to access. And a bit over a week to realize that that was NOT "my deed" at all and that "deeding" involved a process (buying the deed paper back then) and certain mechanics. If in that first couple of days someone had expelled me with a leeter-than-thou "deed it or lose it", odds are 50-50 regarding whether i'd have found a new spot or a new game altogether. Time to shine, Wurm community. Or rather, time to decide: - Be decent about it, if you REALLY want the spot, talk to the newbie first. Or alternatively, deed over it, but help the guy find an equally good spot. Or alternatively, be damn cool about it and let the newbie hang around 'til it can cart up and explore more safely. Edit: Either way, a quick 2-minute standard "Why deeding is beneficial" explanation is definitely worth doing. OR - Be the elite! Pour all your elite scorn upon the non-elite scum who were not born knowing everything about Wurm, expel their lowly hides from the lands of the elite! Then start another thread about how Wurm is dying and the population is so low and spread thin that it feels like a one player game.
  12. Problem is it spooked off a yuge amount of those new players from what I'm reading. Shot themselves in the foot epicly.
  13. You're talking as if the company were selling its product to a wholly different subset of customers, and that "players" are just there to make things difficult. Pro tip: In the gaming industry, "players" ARE the customers.