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  1. I'm gonna counter this new rule with an old old old rule. People are responsible for their reputation, and as was mentioned in this thread, there are more than a few jokers who find nothing more amusing than griefing perimeters which has a way of ending with a ruling against the deed owner for some reason (including one known repeat offender given CA rank and whatnot, don't PM me about it unless you're someone in staff willing to properly look into it for a change). You wanna use a certain highway? Don't piss off people in the area. Wrongly KoS'ed? You had no plans to stay in the area to do bad stuff anyways and anyone can outrun a templar.
  2. Congrats dude. Now to talk the devs into making the avatar something like:
  3. So just caught this thread: We've mentioned buoys before, but I suppose I can see where coding a non-rideable boat to anchor in the water may turn out strange.... would still rock if it's in the plan that said. But for the meantime, how 'bout lamps that work up to 30 deep water and DON'T work on land, cost more materials..... a separate graphic would rock but I'm sure we'd all also be more than happy with the regular iron lantern graphic. Heck, let's make them physics-friendly... ish.... with... magic.... they need courier cast on them, colors depend on where you enchanted, same as turrets. Blue, green, and red for fancier canal entrance and actual canal decorating, marking paths through shallows without raising silly islands...... Pleeeeease?
  4. Any plans for sleeping on ships.. maybe even wagons? Now that horses can be carried on ships, it's really the only missing step for the subscribed deedless wanderers to peddle their trades around the world.
  5. Now make mobs breed randomly in the wild and we can re-seed the mob-desolate areas of Xanadu..... starting with hell hounds because they DO have a fuzzy tummy and a shiny button nose!
  6. Problem: "People keep too many breeding pairs, skewing the spawn figures and lagging the servers" Wogical solution: "Make traits even more random so that you need twice as many horses for the same amount of 5-speed foals" .... lovely.
  7. What about the tiles that become unenchanted even without any animals on them? It became a pain on my Nezumi pens to the point where I was making no headway on a new deed.
  8. One doesn't negate the other....
  9. On the full contrary, if you limit designs to half a dozen, they'll be all over the place and not be unique at all, whereas if there is more creative liberty, many will suck and go ignored as you say while a handful will truly stand out. There are a million types of wristwatches out there, yet Rolex stands out (to oversimplify a bit). What I see here is Chaos demanding its monopoly and Freedom requesting a free market economy regarding kingdom paraphernalia. tip: Free market economies are way more with the spirit of sandboxing.
  10. +1 And to those saying "muh incumz!" .. two things: 1) What about Freedomers' incomes? (If your reply is "they can sell bulk mats!", well, there's the solution to YOUR incomes). 2) Get a job. If you have one and are still worried about Wurm incomes, better yourself and aim higher in life.
  11. comic relief

    Nothing like a stroll up a hill covered in firs......
  12. Small tunnels again? Yay!
  13. Though come to think of it, my favorite one of your antics was calling yourself the "head engineer" or some such nonsense for the Tarawick Canal (because no one else had thought of making a canal there, of course), sitting down to make a million healing covers "to raise alchemy for concrete", then vanishing off while leaving the whole affair to Tarator and anyone willing to help. Anyhoo, off to work. You know, that thing people do to afford more than 1s a month if they want to control more than 33x33?
  14. Projection doesn't suit you, mon ami. Or referring to a lady as a "horsef---er". As for roads, they've been modified over time but the original highway connection past Equine Outlet was The Retreat and myself mostly. Besides, I state again, you were the one "giving people permission" to deed before they found out you had no right to decide that, and demanding that we only have maples on our deeds, a small house, and the two horses needed for our (pre-wagon) carts, point clearly proven by your complaints about "horse factories". There was quite the celebration in the area after you left for Xanadu, and that's when I gleefully took an axe to your maples for hours.. which by the way didn't really dent them at all. *Edit: And if not catering to the whims of an androgynous-sounding kid who wants me to pay for a game and only be allowed to play how said kid demands makes me a megalomaniac.... GUILTY AS CHARGED!
  15. Ooooooooo nice victim whine there Ether...... Let's stroll down memory lane, shall we? The case of my deed: - Since I didn't know better, I got your "permission" to deed with your whole blather about conditions like "1 maple on every tile", so I deeded past the limits of "your" forest. I explicitly said I wanted mine mixed forest, hence the reason to move a bit further back from the shore. - At a point I even remember accepting your help in spreading my trees to help you level forestry, only to wind up having a goddamned maple on every empty tile. This before the days when you could get grass from tree tiles, by and by. - You start reeeeee'ing about my deed and The Retreat, and start instructing newbies to build hugging my perimeter which resulted in constant repairing of roads and removal of fences when said newbies left. Then you went after The Retreat when I wouldn't budge: - At one point you went as far as to encourage people to bash (back then) protected enclosures, having more newbies build shacks around The Retreat too so that they couldn't complete their expansion plans, and when that didn't work, you degenerated into insulting someone's wife while her husband was away a couple of weeks. All that megalomania over an area dozens of times the size of your min-sized deed. Pay 1s a month, control about 1g a month through misrepresentation of game mechanics and rules, deceiving newbies as far as to making them do the griefing for you, and utter lack of basic gentlemanly behaviour when that failed. I'm glad your neighbors have at least 15 mins' distance from you.