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  1. Animal Crates ETA?

    Oh great.... a MAJOR bug! Pardon me.... An Honorable Major Bug of the Arthropoda Phylum.
  2. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Maybe because the other 90% is not only more profitable but also less likely to freak out about every change made. "We're 10%! Do things our way and to hell with the bulk of your customers!" riiiiight. There's really just no pleasing you guys. And before someone cues the vitriol for my comments, just remember that when someone made a thread asking why more people don't PvP, non-PvP replies answering the question were shot down which honestly... HONESTLY... was just a rampant show of idiocy right there. You should be on your knees thanking the devs for even bothering with the PvP community at this point =P
  3. Animal Crates ETA?

    Can't expect much from Wurm code when even some players are bugs..........
  4. Animal Crates ETA?

    Wait for it... .... .... .... waaaaaait.... .... .... .... Soon™
  5. Out of slots but I can make an alt to "Care for.." you O.o
  6. Unprofitable for many, sure, but it's working just fine on WU servers. Clarification edit: Everyone's a priest, but you still gotta find a proper channeler for a lot of things.
  7. That's why my spell ideas' effects are all skill dependent. An half-made priest alt will give you 1% boosts while a full-fledged priest will be passing the 5% mark easily.
  8. Name and Shame: Consolidated

    Uh spamming useless items by the million is how you intentionally make rares. Just saying....
  9. That's the idea too yep, create civilian and combat markets so to speak =D
  10. On that note here's one for PvE AND PvP..... High-end alchemist mixing overly complicated high level recipes for a few poisons that work REALLY nicely with arrows to debuff and/or erode hp on targets. Those same alchemists gleefully selling people the antidotes and if the devs get bored, even buffing potions to give the priests a bit of competition. Edit: And arrow enchants just to watch the alchemists rage
  11. On a totally separate note.... "Endgames" that would rock: Make taming and dominating great again.... tame a faster spider, dominate a slower scorp, use them to finally go up that mountain. Make taming spiders limited to a recipe-type food off say, trolls, so that it takes some cooking to even set that up. Make riding a bear reduce your aggro radius. Make livestock avoid wolves so you can plant them strategically around your fields to keep your livestock from bunching up at the corners and fences =P On that note: Give fo/vyn/mag more day-to-day buff spells. 40-80 Faith range but with low favor costs. Say, mags give you a 5-10% ore QL bonus for 30-60 minutes, depending on the priest's levels... have other similar diff/favorcost spells for mining speed and chance of gems, "can only have one buff at once unless you're the actual priest casting on yourself"... Fo same thing but for naturey outdoorsey crittery stuff... Vyn for exp and imping results and paving because for some reason she loves roads... In other words, give priests something to sell for 10-50c as they wander around and run into random heathens. Pimping, which ain't easy. Give high-end jewelers recipes (with some process to find or hunt, i say rifts and uniques) to make trimming kits for ships, carts, and wagons. High level stuff of course, and can only be added successfully by high end ship builders and fine carpenters, AND they need high base carpentry. Something along the lines of making your own hota statues and obelisque-ish builds with really really high masonry/stone cutting, except they're neither the hota statues or the actual mission structures. Once again, could be tied to rift recipe drops and such. On that note, tweak the score rewards per kill down and just quadruple the amount of mobs already. Bring the laughter back to the slaughter. Hell, tier out the rifts a bit. Have lower level and endgame rifts as separate events. More events is NEVER bad. On that same note and then I /rantoff for now: Give uniques the ability to spawn waves of ads like in any self-respecting MMO ffs <3 /rantoff
  12. This. What if... for creation.... you use the old success chance equation (tldr: skill vs ql) but as a simple "can" and "can't". For "can" results, make the success chance a relatively draconian timer modifier. So making nails at 80BS will be the same million per hour speed, but trying to create a wagon just grazing that 1% chance is gonna be a 2 minute timer (balanced so a 60FS/60QL combo will still give a classical 2-5s timer deal). As for imping, once again, use success chance as a modifier for a flat figure of how much it's gonna be imped by that action, with some effect on the timer as well (not as draconian as creating, naturally, but a 1% imp would still be a solid 30 seconds-ish). No fails, just ql increase per imp asymptotically nearing 0. Well, my 2 copper with full disclosure on my bias which is that Wurm's biggest flaw is the excessive use of RNG. More new players would stick around with my "no-RNG" idea as it's only slow timers they start off on, not fail after fail after fail after fail WITH long timers. Old players can quickly explain that "it gets better with time" without the added "then you start imping past 70 and it's hell all over again"...... AND.... .... to stay on topic, doing stuff past q90 wouldn't be a bad experience, that's a good start for "endgame" to me.
  13. Pvp recruiters / entrepreneurs

    Empanadas... .crunchy corn shell, ropa vieja filling....
  14. For me endgame is (as in top of my wishlist)... 10k cloth squares... 3k string 3k hull planks 10k pegs 5k tenons 5k planks 10k large nails 10k small nails 1k charcoal .... you get the idea... ZEPPELIN with a 3-story 7x15 cabin