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    Since no one stepped in, here y'all go.
  2. And this is why we buy Wurm Unlimited instead
  3. - Pay for a $#/%&ton of batteries to beat the curve: fair game. - Not wanting players to make a $#/%&ton of batteries to beat the curve: fair game. - Launching the server with that method restricted and said restriction announced with the reason explained: fair game... and not done. - Somehow not realizing that this was going to happen, then socking it to a bunch of people who already coughed up the cash for the batteries because a handful was abusing a bug: [mocking expletives deleted]
  4. My first "deed" was a 5x5 hedged area that I lucked upon ... had a forge and a bed!!!! Still took me a couple of days to find iron near my spot that wasn't a death trap to access. And a bit over a week to realize that that was NOT "my deed" at all and that "deeding" involved a process (buying the deed paper back then) and certain mechanics. If in that first couple of days someone had expelled me with a leeter-than-thou "deed it or lose it", odds are 50-50 regarding whether i'd have found a new spot or a new game altogether. Time to shine, Wurm community. Or rather, time to decide: - Be decent about it, if you REALLY want the spot, talk to the newbie first. Or alternatively, deed over it, but help the guy find an equally good spot. Or alternatively, be damn cool about it and let the newbie hang around 'til it can cart up and explore more safely. Edit: Either way, a quick 2-minute standard "Why deeding is beneficial" explanation is definitely worth doing. OR - Be the elite! Pour all your elite scorn upon the non-elite scum who were not born knowing everything about Wurm, expel their lowly hides from the lands of the elite! Then start another thread about how Wurm is dying and the population is so low and spread thin that it feels like a one player game.
  5. Problem is it spooked off a yuge amount of those new players from what I'm reading. Shot themselves in the foot epicly.
  6. You're talking as if the company were selling its product to a wholly different subset of customers, and that "players" are just there to make things difficult. Pro tip: In the gaming industry, "players" ARE the customers.
  7. I love how the $1 copies of WU keep being brought up like the players had broken into the warehouse where the WU's are kept and sold on the black WUarket. Details, eh.
  8. Embed wasn't working so i just left the link to the tweet... or that ain't showing?
  9. Though it can really apply to any non-pandemic times too.... A bit of constructive trolling: Challenge here (a tweet) Donate blood, film "the moment", bring terror unto your friends who are afraid of needles. We all win. Enjoy!
  10. A fair point re: black market. As for your second line.... check out the rest of the replies i'm getting, all ad hominem, zero any form of points. It's kind of adorable but also makes it impossible to have any form of respect for 'em.
  11. Oh it's pretty on-topic. This isn't the first one of these threads, and history repeats itself. If those items truly weren't for "freedumbers" (another inconsistency, dishing it out but not being able to take it), y'all would do the ethical thing and say "not for sale, it's our stuff for our pride whatever thing" or at very least make it very clear, specially if it isn't an old timer buying it, that "You may log in one day to ownership of something other than what you paid for". And one last inconsistency.... "It's not for the money! We don't need the silver!" ....... reeeheeeheeeaally..... then why the sales? "Give me the money for it but you don't own it". "How dare you dislike us?" ... stupid question. Cheerio.
  12. I just noticed a certain inconsistency and pointed it out.
  13. I wish the defenders of color changes who keep chanting the "to hell with buyers" line were consistent when they didn't like a change made by the devs. At the end of the day, the choice belongs to the people who risked money to start the game and keep it alive, not a few bucks for a subscription, eh?
  14. If the missing rest of the log is a wogic rant, then it must have been an /ignore storm, given that staff says it wasn't abuse..... a fluke. Hard to tell from ONE MINUTE of logs XD