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  1. Postdata: I still think CodeClub should run a couple of WU servers, kind of a 2x thing knowing you guys' tastes, and a sprinkling of mods like the priests crafting one. Bet you'd get a good set of subscribers from all those 3 player servers who don't trust player runs.
  2. Duuuuuuuude let the modders do their thing. Besides, there'll be stuff you can always adopt from there. You guys are already adopting some tweaks from mods without compromising the game's balance on WO which I applaud. More programmers have more ideas than less programmers after all, no?
  3. Just add champion hell hounds and may no one have mercy on us all.
  4. Wurm's finally evolving.... QoL was always a weak point. Just gonna throw this out there, taming should be added to the crafting screen, so to speak. Things like that. That bulk queue thing ... bravo. Bravo.
  5. Epic didn't "give Freedom" the tomes or any of that. Freedom got code recycled from Epic because it's way more convenient and time-efficient, while at the same time reducing the amount of ree'ing that would have ensued from Epic/Chaos if the devs had sat down and coded different tomes and such for PvE on accout of "wasting dev time when PvP is dying and needs changes which we'll hate!!!". Be honest at least =)
  6. Rolf can't discuss his plans much for legal reasons, but I do have a friend or three in his area and they got me the following information: Apparently he got into some trouble for digging up his street's sidewalks to "fix the slope", the judge didn't agree with "deed it or lose it". Also some trespassing charges after being spotted in several neighbors' yards brushing their dogs, judge didn't seem to agree with "It was wasted AH exp and they should have set their roles right". Making matters worse, however, seemed to be his third time in court. Sources say that he built a small (unlicensed) sailing boat, which so far was just a misdemeanor. However, at a point he sailed right into a Swedish Navy base, moored at a random point, ignored the guards as he walked toward the exit only replying "I need an on-deed spot to avoid decay!". He then proceded to tear down one of the perimeter fences after finding himself locked in, once again saying to the authorities "deed it or lose it". A fourth set of reports has Rolf illegally cutting down trees and hunting in a protected area. When the authorities finally caught up to him in his illegally built cabin in the middle of a national park, his defense allegedly was "I needed furs for my bed and this is unclaimed land. Deed it or lose it." The remains of three bears, five wolves, and a short bignosed ugly guy were dug up from behind his cabin. When confronted in court about those he said: "Stupid RNG, takes a while to get a good fur. As for the short guy, stupid goblin aggro'ed me and the templars hadn't spawned yet". Will update on that verdict once it's out.
  7. There's just no pleasing epic... ever.... *chuckles*
  8. Worse.... he's using a..... CodeClub!!
  9. And how... 1.4 download = 594mega.... 1.5 is 1.3gig
  10. Aaaaah I got mixed up. mappings.txt in /graphics does nothing, musta gotten mixed up while testing. Gonna restore it to "factory version", more details in a moment. There we go, edited the post above thanks for that pointer. Seeing a loooot of repeated files and folders in that graphics.jar inside the /graphics folder, but they're inconsistent, the main directory and what's inside that folder. I'd recommend that the art folks do some cleaning up of that file to remove duplicates and consolidate the mappings.txt. The two versions in the .jar are also somewhat inconsistent. (Or is that a beta branch thing? Hadn't really delved until now).
  11. There's a couple of missing textures..
  12. The graphics are there. Did this using WinRar, I believe 7zip does the job too for this. In the packs folder of your Wurm client sits graphics.jar. Open it with winrar or 7zip. ((Lazy version at the end which also fixes addy and glimmer veins' graphics)) *for devs* In the graphics.jar are a bunch of folders, many of them with repeated folders and some repeated graphics in the /graphics folder in there, leads to some confusion including this one. Extract mappings.txt (if you can't find the lines mentioned below, in the .jar, open the graphics folder and get the mappings.txt from in THERE, lost track of which one I was using for a moment there). Go to (ctrl+f in notepad at least) model.container.rack.crate.empty = models/Crates/crateRack_empty.wom model.container.rack.crate.full = models/Crates/crateRack_full.wom model.container.rack.crate.unfinished = models/Racks/shelfUnfinished.wom and replace with model.container.rack.crate.empty = graphics/models/Crates/crateRack_empty.wom model.container.rack.crate.full = graphics/models/Crates/crateRack_full.wom model.container.rack.crate.unfinished = graphics/models/Racks/shelfUnfinished.wom In that same file, go to model.container.rack.bsb.full = structures/Hoppers/bsbRack_full.wom model.container.rack.bsb.empty = structures/Hoppers/bsbRack_empty.wom model.container.rack.bsb.unfinished = structures/Hoppers/bsbRack_unf.wom model.container.bulk.unit = structures/Hoppers/bsbUnit.wom model.container.bulk.unit.empty = structures/Hoppers/bsbUnit_empty.wom model.container.bulk.unit.unfinished = structures/Hoppers/bsbUnit_unf.wom and replace with model.container.rack.bsb.full = graphics/structures/Hoppers/bsbRack_full.wom model.container.rack.bsb.empty = graphics/structures/Hoppers/bsbRack_empty.wom model.container.rack.bsb.unfinished = graphics/structures/Hoppers/bsbRack_unf.wom model.container.bulk.unit = graphics/structures/Hoppers/bsbUnit.wom model.container.bulk.unit.empty = graphics/structures/Hoppers/bsbUnit_empty.wom model.container.bulk.unit.unfinished = graphics/structures/Hoppers/bsbUnit_unf.wom Once done, you save, and replace the mappings.txt in the graphics.jar with the new one *in the main directory, not in /graphics that mappings.txt does nothing. --------------------------------------------- Easy mode!!!!!!! Download Go to your WU folder, packs folder, open graphics.jar with WinRar/7zip. For caution's sake, extract mappings.txt from the main directory in there. Back it up somewhere. Then drag that mappings.txt file you downloaded into that main directory of the graphics.jar. Bonus: That linked file includes the fix referenced in this thread: NOTE: IF YOU'VE ADDED ANY GRAPHICS' MODS TO YOUR CLIENT THIS MAY VERY WELL WRECK IT, IN WHICH CASE I RECOMMEND USING "HARD" MODE DESCRIBED ABOVE. I ain't added graphic mods to my client so not sure how it goes but why risk it eh.
  13. Working: betterdig boatmod bulktransportmod cropmod harvesthelper meditatemod spellmod Had to disable moonmetalminingmod, crashed me. Hope this is useful.... somehow.... I demand a cookie... no raisins!
  14. Will have a peek. And found the snafu with WGenerator. When seeding grass, if you leave "random" on for flowers, it'll set the data from 0-15, when flowers are only up to .. 8 was it, so above that is gonna be "unknown grass".
  15. Ah, that's why. Thing is I seed my biomes (except flowers!) manually, takes much longer but it lets me add really sparse forests then overlap them with similar seeds of different species. Real purty for sure. What algorithm is that? I see like 4 different generators all from the same time frame as WGen, aka a bit old.