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  1. Please tell me it's "String Theorist" =P
  2. Get stung and bitten by dozens of scorpions and spiders resulting in cuts and puncture wounds..... then getting poisoned by a shark while fishing
  4. +1 and another shameless bump
  5. Missions: Good idea, speed things up. It's a game, not a long-term multiple PhD life goal. 3-6 month cooldown: Added bonus if you can find a way for us to find the douchier ninjaers' screams. Good idea for sure. The idea is for hundreds of people to want to join and stay in the game because there's a hope of experiencing endgame within realistic time frames, thus improving the chances of the game having a healthy population in the 4 digits, creating different levels of markets and more community events in the long run.... . Not trying to troll here, just being direct: What's with you CCAB staff and coming up with ways to alienate as many people as possible except a handful of veterans and a few resold account holders? Face it, the 1%ers don't have the best interests of the game in mind. Think of the other 99%. Try and have an "elite" 20-30% of the population, that way the other 70% has something to realistically look forward to instead of setting the goals further and further away from them. If the current 1%ers do their usual shriek and whine, call a whambulance and carry on with making the game fun, not a chore to please a monarchy.
  6. Maybe if we try sarcasm? OOOoooOOOOooo making a goal unattainable for the 99% of the population that wants to play fair will SURELY boost numbers in both short and long term! Ok but seriously.... Replace "cast it" with "do the post-ritual prayer thing 20times" and if code allows it, have being part of the cast count as the 20 times. Still takes ages to prevent trivializing, still gives a reason to be part of the actual cast (since people who openly antagonize entire segments of the community are sooooo important heh heh heh heh heh).
  7. (No trolling whatsoever intended but , absolutely has to be linked:)
  8. I'll chime in re: account selling aka Recycling of Accountosaurs. It doesn't just hurt the market, it hurts the community dynamic. Wurm is a huge world which shrinks as you gain veteranship. (In my case Release was a place I'd get lost in, by the end of my WO days I could successfully navigate Xanadu on foot). Back in my newbie days, we had this alliance where it it was a bit of an event when "Cirianna travelled to the area" (which I later came to know as a "quick hop" from that area to my deed), maaaaan that was THE SMITH visiting ... got our stuff imped to i think it was FIFTY QUALITY! Over time we grew, I was quite the badass blacksmith and even THE TRAVELLER, the one who'd do most of the off-server trips when Xanadu connected. Could get tools to Q70! CARPENTRY TOO! And each of us had their own area of badassery around those levels. We invited this dude, cool fellow really. Loaded fellow too. Next thing you know, he buys 4 or 5 strong accounts. Our dynamic went to hell, he could 90 it all. I was no longer the smith or the carpenter (at least I had my wanderer role which lasted for ages, glad I wasn't around when "plot course" was added). The mason was no longer the mason. The farmer was no longer the source of all that is gourmet.. etc... Great guy, but he made our game boring in many ways. Had we been a market-oriented alliance that would have pretty much been our cue to quit. Tldr; account selling basically neutralizes the growth curve and negates the existence of the midbie. It creates a world of "veterans and newbies", no mid range. Midbie times can be the best times in wurm, you're still new enough but you still got goals. Now you're either a brick cutter or you need silver to get it all to level 90 at q90.
  9. It's spread beyond fields btw.... seen it on a few WO livemaps in the past and also on WU servers now:
  10. Leave iron alone.... Steel could use a buff that said, apart from what it has. Something like a 2.5% buff in places where moon metals have 10% kind of deal (oversimplified tldr that is)
  11. 3D mines may be more realistic codewise.... my guess at least. Flowing water, ain't even seen the voxel-based "wurms" figure that one out yet.
  12. From the PvE perspective, this is a great moment to practice code splitting. Carry on, then.
  13. I got some alt deeds that can be played with, would it help with the general expansion of keybinding if I PM'ed any weirdness I find over time from using that mod? Haven't found anything out of the ordinary so far but haven't been trying either.