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Found 5 results

  1. Always found it odd that blue dye is so insane to get made. red - cochinaels are easy to come by and everyone skills butchering green - just mine it, easy white - just mine it, easy black - we can harvest acorns now - You have to scramble around botanising for ages, rarely getting woad, getting lots of random other junk and the chance its good QL is reaallllly slim. Couldn't we allow Woad to be put in planters and use similar code to herbs? Edit for important information - You can no longer botanise high QL woad without the skill. It is literally capped with your skill since 1.3. If you ever want to be able to make 90QL blue dye you need to find a person with 90+ botanising. Does anyone in the whole game have that!? Feb 9th Edit - Today the devs decided that Forestry, Milking and Botanising being actually slightly reasonable to grind for the first time in 10 years needed nerfing, so now it's even harder to get woad.
  2. Been having to use this command a lot lately clearing a mine i'm working on and its great but there's several irksome things i would hope would be easy enough quality of life changes. 1. Add a keybind 2. Make it independent from mind logic (i.e. let us discard 100 at once if we want) 3. Allow it to be done outside inventory on items that are on the ground. 4. Let us do it from horseback/vehicle. The pain of having to stop, pick up piles and right click discard 8 at a time (less for the average player account) and repeat process repeatedly feels needlessly tiresome. Pleases and thank yous.
  3. Was just chatting with a friend who's on freedom who pointed out that "the white hatchling has been found" and we both laughed and quipped, "oh the most useless unique in the game" and it occurred to me that....well why the **** are the uniques drops still so broken and unbalanced. For those who don't know what i'm talking about let me lay it out for you, these are the uniques that exist in Wurmonline (drops based on freedom cluster sorry Epic i don't know enough about yours) The non-dragon uniques each can drop a decent potion that has a use, Mining, Leatherworking, Stonecutting and Woodcutting, a rare/supreme/fantastic bone and a 50% chance to drop a sorcery item with 3 charges. The 5 Hatchlings - Each gives a pathetic....shall we say average of about 0.6kg total of drake hide to the crew slaying it, shared with everyone in local. If you could get everyone to pool it together you would need about 5 hatchling slayings to make ONE goddamn drake set. Note these are weaker and less valuable than scale sets. A rare/supreme/fantastic bone and a 5(?)% chance to drop a sorcery item, which i've never seen happen. Two of them drop potions that are essentially useless, only affecting people who have a sorcery weakness to their effect. As well as having duplicate (read lazy) potions to the adults. Red - Weaponsmithing potion (broken and only works on weaponsmithing subskills btw) - Same as dragon Blue - Fletching potion - Same as dragon Green - Acid potion - Worthless Black - Armorsmithing Potion - Same as dragon White - Frost Salve - Worthless The 5 Dragons - I've seen give between 3kg and 10kg of scale (about 6 needed for a set), meaning you could make a whole scale set, which is worth far more than a drake set, from one kill. A rare/supreme/fantastic bone and 5(?)% chance to drop a sorcery item, which i've never seen happen. Red - Weaponsmithing Potion - same as hatchling Blue - Fletching Potion - same as hatchling Green - Tailoring Potion Black - Armorsmithing Potion - same as hatchling White - Blacksmithing Potion So to sum up, the potions from the dragons are lazily done, with 2 being considered useless by the community almost unanimously and others duplicating the adult/hatchling drop. Dragons never drop sorcery items at all while non-dragons drop them quite regularly. White and Green hatchlings are basically "well at least someone gets a bone i guess?". While hundreds show up for a goblin leaders immensely valuable drops. What i would like to see is some of the, already existing, other potions considered to replace the duplicates and frost/acid potions for more variety and at least consider a slightly better chance for sorcery items ( this one i can live with not changing tbh). Finally for the love of christ increase the drops for hatchlings hide and sort out the RNG with adult dragons which occasionally gives you enough for basically 2 sets and other times not enough for 1. All in all these are simple changes, everything i'm suggesting exists in code.
  4. Title says it all, these items have such a huge size that they cannot fit into even the largest containers in the game and storing any amount of them involves a lot of items dumped on the ground until the decorative item limit is hit on each tile. [10:20:32] The Empire of Mol Rehan tall kingdom banner will not fit in the caravel. - This is silly Would at minimum hope to see them fit into large ships and large storage units.
  5. Lurker in the woods is an enchant for pendulums which currently only works to locate champion creatures at (iirc) cast power/2 tile range. 90 cast = 45 tiles, correct me if i'm wrong. As it stands i don't know a single person who uses them, they're considered a silly waste to bother carrying around so why don't we add a bit more flavour to them? Three idea's came to mind. Creatures currently listed by a mission to kill x amount of: Magranon asks you to slay 40 cave bugs, pendulum locates cave bugs. Creatures on traitor missions, same principle as above. Uniques. On larger servers are insanely hard to find sometimes and frankly a max 50 tile range to find one isn't a big deal when you consider the range on reveal creatures and that most uniques will simply aggro into you at that range anyways. Would also be rather amusing and add a little excitement to your hunt if all 4 of those were active at once. Pendulum finds something and you go "is it a champ? a unique? free karma?"