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  1. Thanks bdew! So I guess I've been doing it right up till now. But I'll probably start doing it via the wand in-game just to be on the safe side, just in case it was the shut down process that muddled my map. It goes without saying that it was a shocking and terrifying thing to see after all the work!
  2. Woah.... *mind blown* I'll have to start doing it like that then too. I never knew! Thanks for sharing!
  3. So let me get this straight... the "proper way" is not through pressing the "Shutdown server" button on the launcher window? That's how I've always done it, and even shortened the time from 10 to 1 seconds because I didn't want to wait. (I assumed the 10 seconds is just meant for players on the server to get enough of a shut down warning) with the "reason for shutdown" message. So if that's not the normal way then, what is the correct way to do it? Somehow when you're still in the game?
  4. Ooooooohhh that could actually be it then! Because when I'm replacing the textures in the graphics.jar (zip) I hardly ever bother to shut the server itself, only the client. So that may just be the culprit then! Thanks for sharing that!
  5. Thanks for the info bdew! And thank goodness you've often reminded me to make sure to make backups of the server. It's really thanks to you that I do that so often and that I didn't lose my work!
  6. Aaaah you're right! The terrain textures don't seem to move either. Just buildings and any other items placed on the land!
  7. Hey guys, As some of you might know, I've been working on the Ultima Nostalgia server for a few years now, and everything has been going fine with the map. Then this happened... THANK HEAVENS I had just taken a copy of the server which was absolutely fine. And thankfully I had not lost very much work, however this has left me very unnerved as I do not understand what I might have done to make this happen. Does anyone have any idea what the heck happened?
  8. So tonight I was streaming as I was working on moonglow, and I saved the stream to YouTube as well. In the stream you see me battling with the fact that I need to be able to build a hedge fence inside a building (moonglow zoo) Me realizing I can't build a hedge fence inside a building... Sooooooo a friendly member of the Wurm community who had watched the video later on, sent me a private message and was trying to help me figure out how to solve this issue. And in that conversation we realized that hey, I could replace a normal fence type (say for instance the crude fence) with the hedge assets. So I copied over the hedge wom file and texture from the hedges folder to the one that holds the fences (yes they're in completely different locations), then renamed the wom file to that of the crude fence and voila! It worked like a charm! Of course, when the server opens up, 99.99% people are not going to change their graphics to the ultima nostalgia pack and will just see crude fences, but at least these are pretty for the video! Now I'm just wondering how dangerous this kind of business is. Can it mess up my server?
  9. The "Ultima Nostalgia" Project

    Oh and PS. I upgraded my video editor to a more modern version and the videos will be super nice HD from now on. From the video viewing settings you can choose up to 1080p HD!
  10. It's been months since the last episode, but the new one is finally here! The town of Yew is complete, with faux log cabins to boot!
  11. The "Ultima Nostalgia" Project

    Have you ever wanted to see log cabins in Wurm? Well, the town of Yew is full of them!
  12. Valrei International. 067

    Ah! Thanks for the info Retro
  13. Valrei International. 067

    Nice update! And since we're on the topic of foals, am I imagining things or have the horse foals become much larger? They were just the perfect size before and usability-wise it helped to differentiate the foals from the mares. Now it's harder to tell them apart, and well they just don't look as adorable anymore.
  14. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Thanks for the info bdew, and actually I now realize that the main problem I was having was not related to the mod whatsoever to be honest, it was more just about missing some steps/doing things incorrectly with updating everything to get the game work overall. Once I had that solved, all the mods started to function again. That said, it is true that the Custom NPC mod is a bit broken right now. In my stream a couple of days ago I was struggling to get the walking within a certain perimeter working (house wandering working just fine though). And in today's stream I was going to start dressing the NPCs and customizing them in in Yew. Face and hair customization is working beautifully, but couldn't seem to drag clothing pieces into the equipment. But no worries at all! You take care of the things you need to and come back to this when it's the right time to do so. To be honest, I'm just thrilled we have it in general, as at least having different looking NPCs that house wander is so much more than using taxidermy to have static npcs that are all male and look identical! Again, prioritize your time as needed!