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  1. *cries tears of joy* This is... is... is just beautiful. THANK YOU GUYS!
  2. Just finished laying out the "floor plan" of Trinsic, setting the heights of the ground, adding bridges and terraforming the canals. Next comes the buildings!
  3. Thanks. Just to clarify and make sure I understood: so if a character were to die, they'd respawn at one of those stones. And would they get a dialog like we get in Wurm Online, and instead of offering a list of starter cities to res in, it would offer a list of stones? The dream would be to create a stone at each healer building of each city and name the Stone of Soulfall according. "Healer of Britain", "Healer of Trinsic" etc. Oh and what happens if I make the mistake of destroying all of those stones? Would people not be able to resurrect at all upon dying? Hehe that's a cool idea. Hmmm I'm not sure how moongates worked in the single player Ultimas, but if I remember correctly, in Ultima Online, you'd get a choice of cities you want to travel to (versus ending up at a random location). So for now, what I'll probably do is make some sort of system like the portal hop Lord Dan has made which looks pretty cool since you can just walk right onto the tile and BOOM! Also have some arches and signs describing what city they take you to. Dunno, will have to see. But moongates are an essential part of UO so it would be nice to have something at least!
  4. Thanks guys!! Well I was able to find the spot in the database and successfully modified the old focus zone to be called Trinsic and adjusted the coordinates. Yay!!! After I logged in, I expected the stone/portal to be named accordingly, but it still had the old name, so apparently it is a completely different entity. I decided to just try to destroy it with the ebony wand (it could be pushed and moved around btw!). Then I logged off and logged back on to make sure everything is ok, and all seemed to be fine.
  5. You guys are so adorable :). 1) I agree with Adam, it's gotta be the Oak tree (same reasons). I just wish the texture was a bit nicer. 2) My personal favorite is Xanadu, but for a new player, it would depend what they're looking for and what they're like as a player. For an introvert who prioritises finding their own private nook and enjoys peace and quiet: Xanadu. For sociable people or those who love to trade, one of the smaller servers. Perhaps Indy would be a good middle ground offering benefits of both extremes. 3) Usually a couple month's worth, but I should put more. (logs in to go add more ASAP). 4) Cash shop items: Good idea! But I'm with Brian on the immersion thing. Having things being sold outside of the game itself gives the game a cheap sellout feeling to it. The solution could be to do what many games (especially free to plays) do: Create a so called "hard currency" (like a special gem or token) in addition to the already existing "Soft currency" which are the coins. Have the special gems/token only purchasable from the web store, and have them spendable only on a trader, also have them not tradeable or sellable to other players. Easy peasy! Although it does not cater to Brian's annoyance of having many ways to attain that item, it does at least keep the actual purchasing of the items off traders an in game experience. If I remember right, this is exactly what SWTOR and GW2 do. 5) Rowing boat slower. Larger ships faster!
  6. Yay! Nice that we now have a section devoted to videos. Thus, I shall start this thread where I will post the ongoing saga of building Ultima Nostalgia. The Wurm Unlimited folks probably already know what this is about, but for the rest of you who don't, let me explain: Ultima Nostalgia is my aim to recreate the map and world of Ultima Online in Wurm Unlimited. It has drawn an astounding amount of attention so far, with several sites posting about it (Massively OP, Ultima Codex, New World Notes and even VICE Motherboard). It has also had several of the original creators of UO posting/commenting about it on Twitter etc, Lord British himself included! Honestly, when I started this project, I was never expecting that to happen. It was for my own amusement and I assumed that the only people interested would be a few Wurmians who also happened to play UO back in the day. But holy cow, seems I was wrong! With all that attention, it seems like I will actually have to see this thing through to the end! In addition, I've had a lot of non-wurm UO players ask me more about Wurm and ask if they can come and live on this server. The two games share so many similarities that Wurm is the perfect haven for old UO players who don't want to play UO anymore, but are not satisfied with what modern MMOs have to offer. So although originally (and in my first video) I say that this will only be a server you can visit, but cannot "play" in the full meaning of the term, I am starting to dabble with the idea of whether I might reconsider. But for that to happen, we would need to have a new permission system for tiles so that we can set additional permissions for specific tiles we want to make available for those living on our deeds. See the suggestion I made about it here, and vote it up if you agree that this would be great. And then on to the videos themselves!
  7. A question about portals/stones, actually many questions. So I'm in the process of building Trinsic right now, and there is a portal sitting on it which gives the texts of entering and leaving the area it's named after... I have so many questions since I don't know anything about these portals/stones. If there is info or a tutorial or instructions on what these are and what you can do with them, please share (and in that case feel free to ignore my newbie questions below). But if there is no info available, can someone tell me... Do these have anything to do with the portals being discussed on the wiki portals page? Or is the wiki only talking about the arched type of portals like the epic portals? Are these stones even called "portals" to begin with? Or are they called "stones" or what. I just need to know the correct term to google with to find more information. The reason I called it a portal was because when you right click on the stone with an ebony wand, it says model.structure.portal If they are in fact portals, can they be used to teleport from place to place in? If they are not portals, what are they used for? Or are they spawning points? So if a player dies, are they able to choose one of these stones to resurrect to? Can I safely destroy the stone/portal? Or is it stuck forever in Trinsic? And if I can, what is the correct way to do it. In the game or do I need to edit the database? Can I safely rename it to Trinsic? Can I safely push and pull it around? Can I create/spawn such stones for all my cities, which would be cool because then you could get that green text of entering a city. Speaking of teleporting, when I was trying to find out about this stuff, I stumbled across Lord Dan's mission ruler tutorials showing how to make teleporting tiles. So cool! So that would be a way I guess for me to emulate the moonstone teleport stones of UO.
  8. Welcome to the game! And good luck, I hope you get some business going. :-)
  9. Lately I've been seeing a lot of nice ways "sitting" has been put to use. For instance for a player auction in@Zephyr5torm's new video: And how about these amazing meeting hall shots from Iberis: It's soooooooooooooo nice to see sitting being put to good use! I always felt a little bit guilty about whining about this feature for such a long time, afraid that I was just some wacky roleplayer who wants it and no-one else would "bother". But now I think it's safe to say that if the devs had any doubts about whether it was worth investing time in this, it's now clear that it was totally worth it!.