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  1. This is the stream Goldfinch was mentioning above. To see her beautiful deed, start at 3:42:07. Goldfinch btw, I went to visit Glengarry and Innisfree from your recommendation, and while Glengarry was certainly impressive and beautifully done, it didn't have the same coziness your place had. As for Innisfree, actually in this stream we did visit it briefly as well. I just didn't make the connection until I went there and saw it. Again though, the same comment, that although it was very nice also, there is just something very special about Loch Lomond. Probably three factors: 1) It's built on a steep slope overlooking the sea and enjoying the evening sunshine 2) It's dedication to working with the shape of the land 3) The fact that it is small and compact. This is probably one of the bigger reasons it's so nice, everything feels like it has that human touch and like a real person would live there, because it's "manageable" size wise. Again, beautiful job with that!
  2. Hey there Goldfinch and thank you so much for commenting here! Indeed I did stumble upon it, and quite honestly I haven't been able to stop thinking about it ever since! Congratulations on creating such a paradise for yourself! Thank you for the tips, I shall most certainly go and check those out! Malena is still on Pristine in fact, so I shall be sure to do that before I go back to Xanadu!
  3. Cayce the god rays only show during sunrise and sunset. So wait for that time of day :). I was just on test server a couple of hours ago and shared some screenshots here: PS: The setting to turn them on is on the "Post process" tab in settings: "Volumetric Fog"
  4. If you haven't yet been to the test server to try out the new volumetric lighting... you're missing out! My heart literally ACHES with how beautiful the game is over there!
  5. Man... that volumetric lighting makes such a huge difference! Absolutely stunning! I love the sense of depth, and how it now makes the distant trees feel a little more natural. I literally cannot wait to play the game with this lighting! Also really happy to see the fix for the flickering distant areas! And thank you friends <3. I truly hope that my contributions will help making the steam launch a success. And a huge congrats to Darklords, Astarte and Willow as well!
  6. So this wild dog ran right up to me during my stream. For a moment it actually felt like it wanted to be friends (much like what will happen in Red Dead Redemption 2). Alas, it was merely pure coincidence that I happened to be standing there as it did it's random walking around. However, it got me thinking about how cool it would be if dogs actually had a little bit of AI to give more immersion to the game. Maybe it could work like this: 1) When an untamed unleashed dog notices a player within a 20 tile radius, it runs over (like in the video). 2) It stops 1 tile away, facing the player and uses it's idle standing animation. You get the message in Event: "An aged dog stares at you with large soulful eyes" 3a) If player ignores the dog, it continues it's random sequence of animations that it usually does (that include stopping, running around, sniffling, barking etc) after 60 seconds of being ignored 3b) If player right clicks the dog and chooses option "Scratch" or "Pat", the dog will stand looking at you for 60 more seconds. Each additional pat/scratch extends this time a further 60 seconds. During these scratches, you get a message such as "The aged dog wags it's tail happily and licks your hand" 4) Attempting to tame the dog during this 60 second time frame, gives a higher chance of a successful tame and a lesser chance of dog going aggro 5) Upon patting/scratching a dog 5 times in a row, a new option will show in the menu "Play fetch". If you have a branch in your inventory, you get a message in event such as: "You throw the stick 5 tiles away and the dog runs after it". And the branch is removed from your inventory (like when you throw a snowball) If you don't have a branch in your inventory, you get the message "You will need a branch to throw!" The dog walks 5 tiles away, stops, then returns back to you, dropping the branch back into your inventory In the radius of 20 tiles: If there are multiple dogs + 1 player, only 1 dog will perform this action within a certain time frame. If there are multiple players + 1 dog, the dog will choose someone at random If there are both multiple players and multiple dogs, only 1 dog will choose 1 random player to do this to within a certain time frame
  7. Haha yes, thanks to DueJensen's persistence and patience!
  8. So I really enjoy this podcast called "Battle Bards". In each episode, they choose a particular theme, such as: songs you would hear in "caverns and caves" or in "forests". Sometimes they just listen to a full album from a chosen game. In fact once, they did a whole podcast on Wurm alone, which I think I linked once before many years ago. Anyhow, I was going through their archives looking to see if they had done an episode on "space themed" game soundtracks and sure enough I found one. What really blew me away however, was that they included a Wurm Online song in there as well! Just thought you guys might find that pretty funny! If you want to listen directly from the page, click the little "pod" symbol next to the title of the episode.
  9. Yes Josuha, that teary reaction really took me by surprise. At that point, I was already so touched by the wonderful way in which the memorial had been put together. Then, as I read that sign, the thoughts that started racing through my head was not only just how beautifully and lovingly it was written, but I also wondered in that moment: Do we ever really know how we have impacted others? Did Tich ever realize how she had impacted people in such a wonderful way? And it was also sense of sadness, that Tich wasn't here to see this memorial, to read those words. I do really hope that she's up there somewhere and has seen it. Explora, it sure is. I wouldn't be surprised if they do! And I mean, this reaction was coming from someone who had never even met Tich! I can only imagine for folks who did actually know her. Thank you also for the congratulations It's only for 3 months (for now), but hopefully I'll be able to make a difference :).