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  1. Absolutely loved your post, so beautifully compiled. It was heartwarming to see someone with the same love and passion for Wurm. And I never knew that you could make the sea monster laugh! What the heck! That would have been great to add to the "crazy things you can do in wurm" list hehe.
  2. My limited knowledge is exactly why I wanted to make this post, since I knew a lot of you have tried MMOs that I never have and vica versa. I was hoping that together we could make this list. So CountZero, you said that most of these features are available in other games. (and by games I assume you mean MMOs, since that's what we're talking about here). It would help a lot, if you could mention which MMOs have which identical features so that I can add the names of those MMOs to the list.
  3. Thank you so much for your input everyone! So many great descriptions of what draws you to Wurm. The nature of the video, will however be a simple "list" of things, so I won't go into any deep descriptions in this one, I will in some future videos however, so your lovely descriptions have not gone to waste! I've added some things you said and also modified which other games have some of the same things. Some of you were mentioning sandbox survival games such as Ark and Rust. From what I know, these are not MMOs but merely multiplayer games. Just as a reminder, like it says in the title - we're only talking about MMOs in this thread. And btw Warlander, this includes MMOs outside of the sandbox genre as well by the way in case you have more of your awesome notes! The whole point of this video will be to target MMO players out there who are tired of the "same-old, same-old" of their regular MMOs (which will mostly be theme parks). So I want to blow their minds with what you can do in Wurm. I will include anything that is unique to Wurm but also things that are very uncommon to find in any other MMO. Hence, keeping the uncommon things up there.
  4. Starting a Wurm stream right now where we can all discuss these matters if anyone would like to come and chat!
  5. GOOD ONE Muse! Added that, linking to your post under a new sub section called "Game mechanics". Also added our beloved CA help channel there too. Don't know of any other MMO that has something like that!
  6. Thank you SO much guys, great great additions! I've added or else fused most of the stuff and now organized it into categories, also adding other MMOs we may know of that can do the same thing. Let's keep this going!
  7. Hello friends! As we know, Wurm is pretty darned special, allowing us to do things that most other MMOs don't. I would like to make a video showing these miracles to the world! Here's where I would love your input: What things can YOU think of that we can do in Wurm (but can't in most other MMOs)? Personally, I can only compare to the MMOs I've played in the past, but I'm sure there are many of you out there that have played other MMOs I've never tried myself, so with your own experiences put together we can get a broader perspective! Here's what I have in my list so far. Feel free to add more! Also, if there are things that you feel are quite common in other MMOs, please point that out as well so I can remove them! For instance beekeeping? Maybe you can actually do that in many other MMOs, I don't know! Leaving your mark in the world - Terraform the shape of the land (Life is Feudal) - Build bridges - Build underground cities - Persistent player affected world. Something someone made/shaped 10 years ago may still be around - Player made kingdoms that get their own custom designs for wagons, banners etc which remain even after the kingdoms are gone - Permanency: Items/houses may take months or even years to decay (vs instantly or in a few hours) (seen in few other sandbox MMO's) - Players can change the biomes of the land (dirt to sand etc) (Haven and Hearth) - Players can modify the land to change improve (or hinder) accessibility (making a tunnel through a mountain or digging into the water to create a canal) World & Environment - Everything ages: animals, plants, trees, guards, items (decay) - Incorporates all of the following changes: Time of day, Type of weather, Seasons, Direction of wind Land ownership - Own as much or as little land as you want (few sandbox MMO's have similar terrain ownership system to Wurm) - Have endless amounts of storage space (few sandbox MMO's have similar storage system) Player Housing - Build a house wall by wall, floor by floor (Ultima Online) Furniture / Appliances / Devices etc - Build a chicken coop and keep chickens (Haven and Hearth) Agriculture - Plant forests and harvest them for their fruits, nuts and lumber (seen in few other sandbox MMO's) - Keep bees and collect honey - Plant and harvest crops (Albion Online) (seen in few other sandbox MMO's) - Breed and raise animals (Albion Online) (seen in few other sandbox MMO's) - Bred animal "DNA" with various traits that pass on to offspring Mounts / Vehicles / Travel / Exploration - "If you can see it, you can explore it" - no artificial boundaries (Salem) - Travel to other servers by sailing to them - An ever-changing world that can be explored and discovered again and again - Build and sail ships (Black Desert Online) (Archeage) - Carts, wagons and other transportation vehicles with inventory that animals can be attached to (Few sandbox MMO's have similar system but with much less freedom of choice) - Transportation devices (cages, carriers etc) - Players can create highways, creating a vast network of player deeds throughout the world - The world is so vast and changes, so even if you've played the game for 10 years you can still have the experience of becoming lost Cool skills / abilities / functions - No artificial skill boundaries (except the priest stuff) - become a master of them all! (Albion Online) - Discover who lived on an area of land before through archaeology - Discover sources of water hidden deep in the ground through water divination, make a well and drink from the water that surfaces into the well (Haven and Hearth) (Salem) - Create your own paper from wood pulp and bind a book - Make a large variety of different kinds of alcoholic beverages, some of which give you skill affinities. - Gather snow from the ground, make a snowball and hit someone with it - Bury corpses with a headstone - Give names to pretty much anything (houses, animals, items) - Incredibly deep cooking system (Haven and Hearth) (Salem) - Incredibly deep fishing system (some other games have pretty deep fishing systems as well) - Hunt for and loot player's old decayed houses and belongings (Ultima Online) (seen in most other sandbox MMO's) - Forage the grass finding seeds, food and long lost coins worth actual real life money - Exchanging game money for real life money and vica versa / buying selling items for real money - all legit and allowed to do (unlike most other MMOs) - The experience of setting out to do one thing leads you down various paths and adventures before you actually reach your goal. This keeps things fresh and exciting because you never know how things will go down. Weapons and Gear - Decide exactly which stats and enhancements they have (very common) - Have the crafters signature on the item (Ultima Online) (seen in few other MMO's) - Lifelong items: Improve, enchant, repair and maintain your gear eternally and building sentimental value (vs replacing them with better and newer versions as you progress) Game mechanics - Community Assistance chat tab devoted to helping players around the clock (thank you all you CA volunteers <3) - Extremely versatile ways to die, resurrect and handle our corpses (see Muses post) - Goals are not set by the game, instead players are free to choose their own goals and use the game mechanics to reach them - No "end game" - no-one could possibly reach "max level" in Wurm
  8. Yep, it's something that has taken me some time to digest as well. I think most people actually are not aware of this.
  9. I really like this idea a lot! It would also give us something to look forward to after each month of premium is up. "Oh goody, now I get to "care for" XXX item". As for all the other reasons you mentioned. LOVE IT!
  10. Griper just to be clear about what Retro says when he says "decoration items", it means ONLY these items: So most items that are "decoration items" are actually just furniture, tapestries etc. Stuff that you wouldn't even put on top of other furniture in the first place. The only items I can see in that list which would normally be desirable to put on top of a table or book shelf etc are: bowl fork spoon This is obviously not so helpful to us. You just sounded so excited and happy that I thought I should point this out in case you might have thought that when Retro said "decorative items" that he would have meant "things we can decorate with". Here's the actual problem we are dealing with: If I wanted to... put a set of armor and maybe some leather working tools in my leatherworking shop, to make it look like leatherworking has been done.... set a table with wooden plates, forks, knives, spoons, a pottery flask, skull cups or beer steins... put some tools and sword blades on top of the forge to make it look like someone has been making swords... put an almanac and some other books on a bookshelf... set down some horse shoes, bridles and saddles on some tables near a merchant stall to show I'm selling stable wears... ...I could not because everything would decay (except for the fork and the spoon on the dining table)
  11. FYI: I've now updated the item list with all the stuff you see here: So: Fishing related stuff Chicken coop White cloth armor pieces Witch's hat Puzzle King's crystal ball Some fish which were missing from the food section Drinking boot Snowman statue Other new statues Happy item browsing!
  12. Actually I'm glad you said that, because it's similar to something I said in that conversation as well. I said if item count is a problem, then perhaps we could lessen the amount of items allowed to be placed on top of the item. I assume that most wurmians would be happy to sacrifice the "high amount" for having items not decay in exchange. Of course with some items like book shelves and dining tables, we would want more so we could set a table with dishes etc. Not sure how the rest of you feel? Point being: Players would probably be happy to make sacrifices to make this happen?
  13. Just FYI guys. Had a little discussion on Discord with some people and it's not as easy as we might think. So the way that items work when put on surfaces is that they are technically placed in the "container" of that piece of furniture (even though visually they are on the surface). We wanted items on tables and this was a way they could do that. Thus, anything that decays in a container such as a chest, would decay exactly the same way when placed on top of a table. Basically anything that would cause a "Pile of items" on the ground, is something that is vulnerable to decay. The amount of items you can put on that piece of furniture depends on how many items it's container allows. Now the biggest problem if they made a way for items to stop taking decay on tables and such, would be that the world would start to fill with more and more items cluttering up the database and eventually this would cause lag since nothing would be naturally decaying away anymore. In Ultima Online, they had a gardening system where you grew plants and could either keep them "alive" and producing seeds and other resources, or you could convert them into decorative items. That system worked in UO without causing database overload because every house plot had an upper limit to how many items you could "lock down" in it. Something we don't have in Wurm (thank god). But the luxuries that we enjoy in regards to endless inventory need to be controlled in other ways by the devs, so the game doesn't become slow for us. So, although we as players may often think "Oh that should be easy to do" or "devs are lazy" - the truth of the matter is that neither of those facts are true. We just don't know or understand the inner workings and restrictions that the devs need to deal with to make our game as wonderful as it is.
  14. Oh and like I already said elsewhere, really impressive deed!
  15. What a great idea for a thread. Love it! Now I'm inspired to make a "deed video" as well!