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  1. Friya's Cinematics (client mod)

    Hey Friya! I was showing some people this cinematic test I did for an upcoming Wurm Unlimited project. My "dolly" was a dirt ramp I'd constructed, then I rode a cow with autorun haha! So after seeing this, Retro immediately pointed out your project and gave me the link to this thread. I didn't know about your cinematics mod before, SO COOL! Just what I need! Seeing this thread, I honestly couldn't believe why there aren't more comments and discussion here! Crazy! So as you can tell, I'm super excited about it at least and will definitely try it. I'm guessing that as long as I can figure out editing the waypoints and timings of the scripts, I don't need to understand the code other than that? Because I don't have ANY coding experience. By the way, something you might want to address is an issue on the website. So the fancy fade you have going on in the code boxes acts a bit weird on my main monitor (which is a wacom cintiq drawing table 2560 x 1440 - if that's of any significance). So when I look on my normal side monitor 1920 x 1080, the fade behaves the way I'm assuming you want, so that it fades in the code quite quickly. However on the cintiq monitor the fade doesn't go away until you scroll the page up enough. I've made a video for you to demonstrate. The first half is on my normal monitor, then you see me start scrolling the page in the second half on my cintiq where you see the problem. Might be worth removing the fade completely since it's only purpose seems to be visual polish? In any case I hope the video helps figure out what the issue is!
  2. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Since we're all horse fans in this thread, let me just share a little test I did for an upcoming project:
  3. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Thanks for reporting your results Muse!
  4. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Ok here's something weird. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this now. But I'm getting a HUGE amount of Blood Bay foals now. Anyone else?
  5. Ok I've been following the births closely now and it almost feels the problem has gone away? It feels it's returned to the normal amount of greys. How is it for the rest of you?
  6. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Oh my gosh! How did I not notice this thread! Thanks for linking it elsewhere Muse! And a huge congrats to everyone on their lovely babies. I ran out hearts for all the posts (daily limit it seems!). IMPORTANT! If you are experiencing getting more GREY foals than usual (I saw several of you mentioning that), please please respond to this thread so the dev team will look into this more. I know they've already tried, but there are just too many of this noticing this for it to be a fluke or coincidence.
  7. Thanks for that link Wulf. So this seems to be for everyone then.
  8. WSA: New horse colours turning grey

    Wow somehow comforting to see I'm not the only one brattygirl and rhianna. Look at the bug report I filed. To make things worse, not only am I getting much more grey foals than before, but now the 5 rare horses I got as a special gift turned grey again.
  9. I wonder if these is an issue specific to my account or something. Because look what I just discovered. All my 5 rare horses with special names that Retro had spawned for me have all turned grey. And I just finished breeding these 5 with all my mares. I wonder if I'm just going to get hundreds of grey foals next round of births. They still looked like this, only last night:
  10. After the whole mess that happened with the new colors turning grey etc, I'm noticing a dramatic difference in what kinds of foals are being born from my old mares. I have a very large herd of horses on my island so it's enough to see a pattern emerging. Before the new colors: If you consistently bred say a black stallion with a black mare, 8 times out of 10, you'd get a black foal. Sometimes you'd get foals of a completely different random color. And within that pool of random colors, sometimes you'd get a grey foal. This resulted in getting a grey foal "once in a while", perhaps one in a RL month. After the new colors: Almost half of the new foals are grey
  11. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Had to leave the impalong early, but just wanted to thank Shrimpiie and everyone who helped him put this together. The event was amazing! Everything was so well organized and well planned out. Got a nice bit of imping done, even turning one of the bows rare, as well as getting many of my trusty tools pimped up. Thank you everyone who put your love and care into improving them! The best of luck with the rest of the impalong and I'll be sure to be back next year! BTW Shrimpiie you can give my room to Kiralie if she hasn't already contacted you. I know she was looking for a room.
  12. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Thank you very much for the help Flubb!
  13. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Firstly, holy smokes what an amazing presentation of all the info and rules! Little icons and everything. Magnificent work! If that says anything about how well the actual impalong will be organized, this seems like a cannot-miss event! I'm getting my stuff packed and will be on my way soon. Some newbie questions from an inexperienced impalonger: 1) Do I use my own tools to help with imping or are some provided? 2) If I'm meant to use my own tools to imp, should I bring my very best tools or my worst ones? 3) If the item I brought to be imped gets destroyed during the enchantment process, am I allowed to put a -new- item of the -same type- "into the cycle of improvement and enchantment"? Just wondering because we are not allowed duplicates. But what if I really really need a good hammer for instance. 4) Could someone remind me of how sermons work? I've only been to one once and can't remember. 5) Lastly, could I get a room please!
  14. The Screenshots Thread

    It's weird. I can see the image on mobile, just not on my PC for some reason. In any case congrats!