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  1. Aaaannnnnnd SOLD! Congratulations to whoever was the one who purchased this beautiful beast! May this little filly live a long life and serve you well on your journeys!
  2. Imagine yourself galloping across the desert on a majestic Ebony Black hot blooded 5-speed horse... It's mane whipping you in the face... it's tail flowing in the wind... only the sound of your heartbeat and the pounding of hooves beating down on the ground. Perhaps the occasional snort from your trusty steed. This dream can be yours, with this gorgeous black little filly named "Wildrain". She's got the 4 standard speed traits + the elusive and much sought after "It is unbelievably fast" trait. You can buy her at the Shimmering Sands Citadel horse market at M9 on Melody for exactly 1.5 gold. First come, first serve! (no reservations or special deals) Our full listing + prices Click here to check the full listing of horses + prices
  3. Thank ye kindly for the purchase. May this speedy horse carry you swiftly across the deserts!
  4. Hello Wurmians! Here is a rare opportunity to acquire your very own 4-speed + unbelievably fast horse. Imagine galloping through the forests, faster than the wind as your neighbors stare in utter awe and amazement! Up for sale on our merchant for 80 silver. No reservations or special deals - first come, first serve from T12 on Xanadu! Map below! It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It is unbelievably fast.
  5. And SOLD! This thread can be closed. Congratulations to the party that came over and purchased this fine filly!
  6. We've got a new arrival at Shimmering Sands Citadel! An adorable female Skewbald Pinto 4-SPEED filly with the ULTRA RARE "It is unbelievably fast" trait. This does not happen often! Since I don't have time for auctions, I'm putting this lovely little lady up for sale on our merchant (called "Stalls 01-24") for 40 silver. You can fetch the foal yourself from stall 20. which is in the northern side of the horse market. I will not be accepting reservations or special deals. First come, first serve. The key has been double checked by my alt to make sure it works as intended. You can find us at M9 on the server of Melody. If you buy the key and have any problems what so ever, please contact me either here, in a PM or on Discord: KatsPurr#8213
  7. Thank you Hugh! I can't guarantee that I'll be including every video and every screenshot that people shared, but good to know that the option is available. I appreciate it
  8. Aw thanks so much for the kind words Boa. I can't thank you enough for how kind and supportive you've been towards me and my projects for a long time now. It makes it all worth it to put time and effort into things when you get that feedback that it's being appreciated. And hey! Welcome to Wurm! I hope you're enjoying yourself so far!
  9. Thank you for the purchase Validate! May the horsies live long and serve you well! Yeah the city is coming along slowly but surely!
  10. Thank you for your ideas, support and kind words everyone. ❤️ Hehe, this is too true. Hehe, yeah the scope definitely got out of hand. *sheepish grin* Thank you Cayce ❤️ An interesting idea, but I worry that knowing myself - I'd end up being in an eternal loop of stress with each video. For someone who is able to be much more chill about it, that could work though! Thank you BrokenSanity, good to know! Aww shucks. Thank you Dale.
  11. Aw thank you very much for the wonderful words of support Etherdrifter, Spolmit, Ltnicolas, Jas and Nirav. ❤️ Opening up about what's been going on helped. When you've got a daunting task with a lot of people expecting results, the passage of time is like a pressure cooker. The more time passes, the more the pressure builds up because in your own mind you're imagining that everyone is getting impatient with you (although the reality is that everyone is actually focused on their own lives and not really thinking about you and your task) and you feel like the longer time you take, the more glorious the end result will have to be, which makes things even worse. So by telling you guys what's been going on, it's exactly like finally taking the lid off that pressure cooker and letting the steam out before it blows hehe.