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  1. Fantastic stuff so far guys, thank you all! Keep them coming! Crazy to see how much Wurm has progressed over the years huh?!
  2. Thank you everyone for your screenshots, videos and comments so far! Keep 'em coming! The older footage the better! It's the really old stuff that's hard to find now.
  3. Ha! She looks so disappointed! Even the horse looks shocked!
  4. Hear ye, hear ye fellow Wurmians! 2021 marks the 15th year of Wurm Online! Fifteen years of our beloved Wurmians mining, digging, building, crafting and most importantly: culling the population of those nasty ol' trolls! To celebrate this amazing milestone, we will be creating a video that showcases Wurm's amazing journey over these past fifteen years. We've already got some historical material gathered, however what would really make this video special is for it to include stuff from YOU: the Wurm players! YOUR screenshots! YOUR videos! YOUR memories! YOUR stories! Visual material If you have (or know of) any old screenshots and videos from Wurm's early years, (preferably pre-steam-release) please share! (the higher resolution the better!) In the words of the players Even if you don't have any visual material to share, you can still take part! We'd like to include some player comments in the video that would look something like this template: As you can see, the amount of text should be kept to a minimum to be able to fit! So keep it short! If you'd like to share your stories in further detail, describe those optionally in addition. Tell us: 1. Your Wurm character's name: 2. What year you started playing Wurm: 3. In one or two sentences - What Wurm means to you: 4. In one or two sentences - Your favorite Wurm memory: 5. Please include a screenshot of your character's head: For taking a screenshot of your character: 1. Go into third person view (press minus/plus on your keyboard numpad or press V) 2. Zoom in as close as you can get to see your character’s face (pro tip: You can “move” the camera even closer if you stand next to a steep hill/mountain of some kind that forces the camera to get closer) 3. Turn off the UI: F10 4. Take a screenshot with Wurm’s in game keybind: F11 5. The location of your screenshot will be displayed in the Event window in yellow text 6. Do not worry about cropping it, simply upload it to Imgur or whatever other service you use and share the link here. Alternatively, you can send it to me directly by copy pasting the image into a private chat in Discord to KatsPurr#8213. Optional: One or two sentences of your thoughts not enough? Feel free to share your memories and thoughts in greater detail here. We won't be able to include long paragraphs in the video, but I'm sure we'd all love to read them here regardless! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to take part, respond to this thread by the 30th of October and become a part of Wurm history! We’ll start working on this straight away next month once we’ve got all the materials gathered. To see the end result, keep your eyes peeled for this and many more exciting things to come in Demona's upcoming Valrei International posts! Love, Malena PS: Just a small disclaimer: While we will try to fit as many of your wonderful screenshots, videos and quotes into the video as possible, we may have to choose if there ends up being a huge amount of submissions.
  5. We discovered your bridge during our Wurm Roulette tonight!!
  6. We couldn't be in better hands, congrats Keenan. Feeling extremely positive and hopeful for the future of Wurm!
  7. Thanks!

    Sounds like you've been through a really rough time this past year Samool. So sorry you've had to go through that. What's most important now is to take care of yourself and get better. Thank you for everything that you've done for Wurm. There are too many contributions to even list, but the one that really stands out to me is how Wurm transformed into such a gorgeous game those months before the Steam launch. Wurm has become something we can feel proud to show off thanks to the volumetric lighting, the new UI look and many other things you worked on. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you start to feel better soon!
  8. Yep, I feel exactly the same. The more we improve the rest of the game, the more the characters start to stick out and become mismatched with how the rest of the game is progressing visually. Totally agree there! The monthly skins and the VR development are not actually "competing for the same development resources" so to speak. I understand that from a player perspective it sometimes feels like the dev team are this singular entity and that if "the team" produces one thing, it feels like the "whole team" has been working on it, but that's actually not how it works. In addition, the team sometimes contracts work from outside the team, which further removes the "competition" of dev resources. In a nutshell, what I'm basically saying is that stripping away monthly skins and VR stuff would have very little effect on whether character's are overhauled, as it would most likely be different people or an external company working on those anyhow. As for the team's priorities, that's a question better posed at the management of the team, not me. I'm but a meagre measly volunteer artist hehe. I'm not the one calling the shots, nor would I have an answer for that question. I'd recommend that you pose these same opinions and questions on the roadmap thread, as that'd be a much better place for Demona, Samool, Keenan etc to respond. People who actually have answers :-). Yep, it's so true. In other MMOs, the way my character looks is very important. But like you, I haven't been as fussed in Wurm - probably for the same reasons. I do hope we get the resources some day to fix this.
  9. We have lowered our prices and restocked some new foals into the stalls! Click here to check the full listing of horses + prices
  10. Love this suggestion! How many times I would have needed this for my Wurm Roulette streams!!!!
  11. Amazing designs everyone! Congratulations to the winners!!!
  12. Hello folks! We've reopened our doors! After the animal update, we had closed the market for a while to figure things out and got right to work breeding the new 4-speeds and 4-drafts. Now, we're finally at a good enough point to be able to offer 4-speeds. So as of last night, the horse market has opened back up for business! While we don't yet have draft horses and hellies to sell, we're hoping to be at that point soon! Click here to check the full listing of horses + prices