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  1. That's... it's... There are no words!
  2. April Events

    I guess for the purpose of dying, the cedar would be the best one as it has the most desaturated and light color as a "clean canvas" for the dye, right?
  3. April Events

    What really interests me are those last two that look like burgundy red and dark green. Man those look fiiiiiine!
  4. April Events

    Exaaaaaaaaactly! I was already applying the skin to a cedar chest and then cancelled it, remembering to myself: "Hold yer horses Malena, didn't you see an image somewhere with all the different colors".
  5. April Events

    Absolutely fantastic update! This chest skin is SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys tweeted the different looks, which I guess are based on the type of wood the chest is made of? Retro could you let us know which wood types are which in this picture so we can make the right choice for the color we want?
  6. Yes CreZ, I totally understand and have thought about the fact that there are players such as yourself that feel like that. Heck, I am partially that way myself. Even though anyone is free to travel to my island and explore it, I still choose to keep it disconnected from the rest of the world. Which is why I have refused to connect it with a bridge to the mainland or have it connected to the highway system. So I totally get it. What makes Wurm so wonderful, is that it gives us the option to secure our deed privacy if we so wish. And since privacy is important you, I'm assuming you have already safeguarded it from prying eyes. So even if I were to stumble upon it by mistake some day, you're probably safe. As for the shots in the collection, none of them were blocked off from the view of the public. Obviously I would have respected that had there been a deed that clearly wanted it's privacy.
  7. So I've gotten some people sending me private messages about those screenshots and the messages seem to have a common theme. Some people are wondering why their deeds were not chosen or else they're asking me to go and take screenshots of their deed. So before anyone else sends me a message, let me just explain a few things to save everyone's time :). People seem to be under the impression that deeds or designers were chosen to be showcased. This is absolutely not the case, and quite frankly it is not the purpose of the screenshots either. The purpose is to show what a pretty and diverse game Wurm can be through random pictures of the game regardless of whether or not they have deeds or houses in them. I did not go out seeking "the most beautiful deeds of Wurm". Absolutely not. If I saw an interesting deed during my explorations, sometimes I used it as a prop for the pictures, sometimes I didn't. Whether or not it was "huge and glorious" or "simple and cozy" had little to do with whether it was "picture worthy". As we can see in some of those shots, there are some very basic simple houses in some of them, but they still make a beautiful shot. I explored the lands completely randomly without any plan and I only stopped if I spotted a pretty scenery (regardless of whether it had a deed in it). I have no idea who owns those deeds, nor do I know who designed them The owners of these deeds probably have no idea that their beautiful places are being even shown in the screenshots, but I guess one of these days they will find out! Let's face it, most folks feel very proud of their accomplishments in Wurm including myself, and I'm sure everyone would love for their deed to be showcased on the Steam page. But to have singled out particular deeds would have been unfair to others. Which is why I didn't include any shots of my own things either and felt that the fairest way to go about this is to just explore randomly and take shots of whatever I stumble upon. I hope people can understand this. My task for the Wurm team has ended for now. But I might make more screenshots another time and if that does happen, I will be using the same approach.
  8. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments. I'm very happy that YOU guys are happy. Let's hope that these screenshots inspire many many people to try out Wurm with the Steam launch
  9. Aw thanks Finn Yes Steam was the original reason for those screenshots, together with making better ones for the loading screens. So you'll be surely seeing some of the shots for loading screens later on. And the Wurm guys picked their favorites out of this batch to add to Steam, they will probably be adding more of them later.
  10. As some of you might have seen, Retro announced the steam page last night/today and revealed that I had been making some screenshots for that purpose. To make my task easier, Retro and Samool helped get me set up with the tools I need to be able to make them, and so over the past couple of weeks I have been traveling around the various servers admiring your guys amazing creations and taking screenshots of the ones that felt especially picturesque. Retro already revealed some of them in the Steam page, but I thought y'all would be interested in seeing the rest of the final ones I came up with, together with what was the name of the deed and what server it was on. Below, are just a few samples. There were 41 in total. Here are a few samples, but if you want to check out all the rest, you can do so from this link:
  11. Currently merchants can be placed in underground dwellings but traders cannot. Apparently this was to protect against misuse from the old days? Now after the recent changes to traders, would it now be possible to also be able to place them underground. I'm hoping to create an underground shopping mall and would like to have a trader there too, now that we can have them on Xanadu. So I thought I'd suggest this.