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  1. OMG OMG OMG SO GOOD! And like Cecci said, I hope we can use those boxes on the surface as well! THANK YOU! This is something I have suffered with for some time and it's embarrassed me to be showing Wurm on stream because of this issue, so glad to see this improvement! Like Crimson said, I am hoping that we can also toggle this. I for one want to watch the sleep bonus going down while I'm in a rush to make the best use out of it. And I also sometimes forget it's turned on until I notice the white color. Looks like a lot of exciting and great things coming, well done team!
  2. What a nice message. I'm glad you're enjoying this series. And speaking of which... I need to add the latest ones here too!
  3. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    I'm not using it currently due to similar issues.
  4. Add to that, the fact that it's called a hitching post. If they insist on keeping "tie off", at least lose the "off" word and just have "tie" - as a native English speaker, "tie off" doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe it's swenglish. But just to say something positive here as well, which I totally should have done earlier. THANK YOU DEVS for bringing hitching posts! Thank you thank you thank you! So happy about that! Also about the graphical changes, can I just say that I love the fact that I can actually see something inside my buildings now when it's midday. Aaaah so good!
  5. Also a comment about the usability of the hitching post. It took me a while to figure out how to hitch because my eyes were searching for the "hitch" command since that's the term used everywhere else in the game. After a while, I finally realized it's: "Tie off" which is completely inconsistent. It should absolutely be "Hitch". Especially since the option to remove the animal is "Unhitch". No need to get fancy or complicated. Just use the same term.
  6. A question about hitching posts and enchanted grass tiles. Will hitched horses also eat grass or enchanted grass if the hitching post + horses are on grass/enchanted grass tiles? I ask, because I would really like to "decorate" my stable area with a hitching post + some horses without having to stress about filling the trough with food all the time.
  7. So I was just told by someone that upon "planting/securing" the hitching post, you can rotate it and I can confirm it works. But of course, you should also be able to rotate when it's simply dropped to the ground like I had done.
  8. You can push and pull, but there is no option to rotate. Also upon choosing the "place" option, it just says "Sorry, but you are not allowed to place that.".
  9. Yeah it all started many years ago when we just had the legacy ones. I offered to make some additional skins and to my great surprise, they said "Sure!". Rolf said we could put 3 in, so I made the ebony, piebald pinto and blood bay. Then years later, Joelle approached me about making some more. This time it was me who said "Sure!" and then we set that poll up to decide which colors. This time we could put 5 in, so that's how the rest of them came to be :). For both the first 3 and the later 5, I had the same work file and sent over technically the same types of files. They had a full palette and they've looked "like they should" up till this update, but I guess the way they were originally put in by the devs must have had something different from the legacy colors.
  10. Good idea for a thread, will insert the post I made about the horse skin issues here as well: