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  1. Yeah I'm sure that must have caused quite a fright! I'm so happy to hear the horsies are settling in their new home and serving you well.
  2. New horses have been stocked into some of the stalls! For more info, check out the list:
  3. Aaaahh thank you Jaz. So it was only about the creature cage itself, not about the horse (Fleamax) contained within. *whew*!
  4. Oh thank goodness it all worked out! Just for the future if I have a customer with the same issue, could you just explain how you solved this? And PS: Thank ye kindly for yer purchase!
  5. Aww thank you so much Tilda. Knowing how slow the market is, I've tried to make this as streamlined and simple for me to do to make it worth the effort. Hence all horses have the same trait set and I'm not documenting ages in the listing (too much hassle to update). Instead will only sell horses between young > aged and pull the old & venerable off the market once they get to that stage. Hopefully with this system it won't get me burned out and I can just do this in a chill relaxed way. And good luck with whatever you decide to do next in Wurm!
  6. For the past 5 months I have been SLAVING AWAY at a new horse market castle on the same island as before. It's finally finished and this post marks that we are open for business! Check all the details in the original post!
  7. Yep, Yaga. Your research has been very convincing! Thank you so much for fighting the good fight for candelabras! I just thought I should add that little bit in so it doesn't lead anyone to investigate paths that are not worth investigating (if we can get a dev to look at this mind you).
  8. I've been noticing this issue for some time now but didn't get around to bringing it up. However today I'm opening the horse market I've been working on for 5 months and as I was checking through the horses I have up for sale, I noticed one of the white horses was especially badly overlapping the wall. So just to clarify, this is a horse I led into the middle of the stall days ago, but which has "wandered" into the edge of the wall. Can you spot the horse? Now try to imagine when customers come to buy the keys and go to pick up their horse but don't notice it's actually inside the wall. I can only imagine how many complaints I will get and possibly lose business as some customers may never ask about this and assume they've been swindled. It would be nice if we could finally get this fixed, as it's been around for a while.
  9. So just to add some information. Now some of my candelabras inside of buildings on deed have used up their candles. So just to clarify that it was fluke chance with the inside/outside thing before and this issue has nothing to do with whether it's inside or outside of a building.
  10. You know how female animals need a little resting time after giving birth? How they refuse to breed for a few days? I was thinking it would be really nice if you could have an additional bit of information when you examine such a post-birthing female that is not ready to breed yet. It would improve usability and also add to the immersion factor. [10:59:38] Horses like this one have many uses. [10:59:38] It has been branded by and belongs to the settlement of Misty Rock Mountain. [10:59:38] She is very strong and has a good reserve of fat. [10:59:38] This creature could use some grooming. [10:59:38] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has a strong body. It has lightning movement. It can carry more than average. It has very strong leg muscles. It has a certain spark in its eyes. [10:59:38] Its colour is black silver. [10:59:38] She has recently given birth.
  11. Animal Breeding - Rare Horses

    +1 I love the idea of randomly getting a super rare color that cannot be bred forward. Like you say, as nice as it is to get new colors, soon everyone has them once they've bred a herd, so it would be kind of cool if there were some "mutated" horses that could not procreate.
  12. Just a heads up for everyone that I'm in the process of moving my website to a cheaper web hotel and the item list will most likely be down for some time. It might still appear to work in your cache memories, but if the site seems broken in the coming weeks, that's why. I will notify when it's back up like it should be.
  13. Summarized: Select bar keeps item selected during pull, gentle pull, rotation. But LOSES the item while pushing. It should always keep the item. Let's say you need to push a sign or lamp up against a wall. As we know, often times we push too much and they go inside the wall and cannot be retrieved. What helps, is clicking the item so that it is active in the "select bar". This creates a "Take" button, which is great because then you can simply use it to grab the sign or lamp if it does go inside the wall by mistake. There is just one problem: Whilst the select bar happy keeps the selected item active while: Pulling Gently pulling Rotating clockwise Rotating counter clockwise It LOSES the item upon: Pushing Gently pushing As soon as you start to "push" or "gentle push", it is removed from the select bar and defaults to "Nothing selected". Ironically (and sadly), it is mostly the pushing action where the select bar would come in handy so much. Here is the live stream where we discovered this happening last night. Starting from 3:57:05
  14. +1 I was going to make a suggestion about this, but did a search first and found this thread. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!!! It has been absolutely wonderful that we've now got the option to put stuff on surfaces, but what good does it do if they just decay away? It makes absolutely no sense that the same item that did not take damage on the floor/ground of a deed magically starts taking damage as soon as you put it on a surface. The same rules should apply! I just finished my horse market and last night I placed a horse bridle onto a bar table for display. Today the bridle is not there anymore and must have decayed overnight. Now I don't want to do ANY decorating because I'm scared I'll just lose everything to decay :(.
  15. Wow, thank you so much for linking these and for your efforts to figure this out. Very interesting to hear that it's based on zone. Something that was still a bit unclear to me in your tests on whether there were spirit guards involved or not in those zones and whether that had any effect? As for my candelabras, what I found interesting was that the ones INSIDE the houses stayed burning, but the ones OUTSIDE the houses burned out. I really wish we'd get more information on how they are meant to be working from the devs. In any case, it seems like most of us feel that candelabras should behave like other lamps do: Whilst on deed, they never have to be refueled. However I also STRONGLY agree with Eobersig on that "Candelabras on Deed" thread that they should not be married to the day/night thing. Like Eobersig said, we definitely need lamp sources that stay turned on 24/7. In fact the horse market I'm building now DEPENDS on it, as it's a very big shadowy building and if someone is to come there during the daytime to buy horses, they'd just be in the darkness. So I have placed candelabras throughout the building so customers can at least see something.