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  1. Aww Retro nice to hear! Thank you on behalf of our whole team :). It's certainly been one of the funnest, wackiest and most challenging projects I've ever worked on. But the team is just packed full of great gals and guys and really are the kind of people you want to work side by side with through the thick and the thin. So far the game seems to be doing really well, so exciting times! As for the tome of knowledge, well this just skims the surface of what I've had to work on, I've been making art for all sorts of things. A set of hairy balls, dildos, poop nuggets and lots of other tasty treats. Needless to say, with a project like this, there are lots of laughs on a daily basis :-D.
  2. (and yes, invented, named, designed and painted by yours truly) *cackles*
  3. "Knowledge" did you say? You ask, I deliver:
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Adams halloween idea about trick-or-treating to various starter towns or deeds! It would be amazing to have both ways implemented, starter towns could have a ghostly NPC that grants a little bit of sleep bonus, whilst deed tokens could give "candies" - a form of non-perishable food that you could take on excursions. And if there were no way to create candies like that through cooking, it would balance things out. PS: Oh my gosh, the game is just looking achingly beautiful! Aaahhhhhh!
  5. Aww, tugged at the strings of me heart, those comments did @JackBinimbuland @Andrexea! It's been a while since I've worked on this project because I was having some bad luck IRL. First my computer broke and during the weeks I was trying all sorts of things to fix it, I then got a nasty infection that had me bedridden and taking two different antibiotics, one in IV form and the other orally. So I wasn't really properly up on my feet until a month after that, and then back to trying to fix the computer. Eventually had to take it to a repair shop and decided to upgrade my graphics card while I was at it. Once I got (what I like to call) "my precious" back, I was of course super curious to see how all my old games looked with the new graphics card and got distracted for a while playing GTA San Andreas among other things. Also been working on my deed in Wurm, since Wurm Online had not been getting any loving from me for the entire time I was working on this project. Right now I'm constructing a pylon in Wurm Online, and once that's done I'll get back to continuing this. I also noticed that Richard Garriott subscribed to my YouTube channel, and I'm guessing it is to follow this project, so that gives additional incentive to get back to work haha!
  6. Alrighty guys. We've launched WORLD WIDE TODAY! So exciting! And here's the new WW trailer:
  7. Yup, and don't get me wrong - I have absolutely nothing against folks requesting help or providing it for that matter. What I do have an issue with is helpers who are too pushy with their help.
  8. About videos vs pure audio podcasts: I don't know how others feel, but at least for me it's the videos I want. Your guys "podcasts" are so much more than that. Even though there would be nothing else to see visually in the video other than you walking around in a mine or staring at a wall as you build it, the VALUE in your video is the comforting cozy feeling of you guys PLAYING the game while you chit chat. Because you have to remember, that for most of us - we are playing wurm on one computer screen while we "watch" your videos on another screen. So it feels like you're playing along side us, even though we know logically that it was filmed at a different time and that you're not actually there right this minute. This cozyness factor is especially precious to someone like me who lives their life pretty much a hermit in Wurm. I live on the far stretches of Xanadu where I see another name in local perhaps once a day as someone sails by. And don't get me wrong, this is exactly the way I like it. I want my solitude and peace. But at the same time, I really enjoy the "company" that your guys videos give me. It makes me feel cozy and warm to play Wurm knowing that there is someone out there, just as passionate about the game, working on their own grand schemes. That's the best way to describe it really. And besides, even in the videos where you're not so much teaching as just chattering, I usually still learn something new from the visuals I see. So, I hope you never switch to mere audio podcasts. However if you were to take the audio footage and in ADDITION make audio podcasts from them, sure, why not.
  9. Should the skill system be changed? Except for meditation (which I totally agree on), no. I enjoy the game -exactly- the way it is now, and here is why: The push and pull of emotion with each action: Sometimes you get "stuck in a rut" where there is hardly any skill gain, but oh so rewarding when it picks up again. If I were guaranteed skill each and every time, I'd actually just stop watching the skill window altogether Usability and satisfaction: If skill gain were guaranteed each time but only the numerical AMOUNT varied, this would force the player to read the amount each time to gain that satisfaction. The way it is now, you don't really need to care about the amount (although you stare at it when you're just about to reach a milestone), all you need is to see the new line of green text appear in the window. Seeing a whole sentance appear vs watching for number changes is so much more satisfying and less tedious. Should high level tools yield higher amounts of skill? I agree with you guys, of course a low level duller rustier item is going to make you work harder and thus get more skilled. More realistic: Like you guys say, it's how it works in the real world as well Balancing game play: Wurm is already hard enough as it is for a new player! A lot of people give up from the start because it's so hard. Imagine if they tried to get anything done with low level tools? Impossible! It needs to be easy and fast for a new player to "get started" in the game and to quickly get some sense of accomplishment. Exactly how the first levels of other MMOs are super easy so that by the time you're level 10 for instance in WoW, you've already INVESTED enough to keep on going. Imagine if new WoW players were plonked straight into a level 50 zone. Nope. Challenge for veterans: While on the surface, it would seem that we should reward hard work with things getting easier, the joy in that would be short lived. In the end, veterans who have no challenge left at all. Like any good game, the farther you get, the harder it should get. Ruining prestige: If things get easier the more you progress, there would be absolutely no prestige in becoming a grand master smith or carpenter. You'd have grand masters a dime a dozen. No, we need to keep it hard so there is something to actually be proud of when you accomplish those hard challenges in the "end game".
  10. Oh my gosh, bulk movement sounds like a godsend! And the wagoneer thing sounds exciting!
  11. Great questions and very interesting and informative answers guys! I was absolutely delighted to hear that putting items on tables is "on the list". I'm not fussy about the "when", just super happy that it's coming at some point! As for "helping players too much". Oh my gosh, I couldn't agree more!! This is one of my pet peeves. When I first started Wurm, "too helpful people" was one of my problems actually. I'm very much a "I want to discover/learn/do this myself" kinda gal and for someone to help or to explain things, completely defeats the purpose of the game for me. This is EXACTLY why I don't live near other people and why I've never wanted to be part of a village. Don't get me wrong, of course I appreciate the good intentions of people who want to help. Of course it warms a newbies heart and makes one feel welcome! But guys! Think about what Wurm is at it's very core: all about setting goals for yourself, learning how to achieve those goals, failing a few times along the way and then FINALLY becoming victorious, with your own sweat, blood and tears! If you are helped along the way, it completely waters down the feeling of achievement! Sometimes people wanting to help are also doing so out of selfish reasons without even realizing it themselves. For example, when I first started the game, I built a little 1x1 house on the first day after walking around for 7 hours trying to find the perfect spot (little did I understand at that point that you can terraform anything to be anything *grins*). A month later, I had built my first boat and was ready to go out to find the perfect spot to create my first deed. I found an island with an abandoned area and made my first deed there. Before long I realized I had some neighbors living on the other side of the island. A very friendly couple who had lived on the island for years and had already fully built their deed to completion ages ago. So when I arrived, it was exciting for them to have a neighbor they could get to know and help. They graciously offered their help and wanted to give me all sorts of knick knacks to make my life easier, tools, food, armor etc. I thanked them for being so nice, but also firmly told them that the best way they could help me is by not helping me. That I want to do everything from scratch, the hard way, by myself. At first they seemed to understand and respect this, but the closer we became as neighbors and friends - and the more affection they started feeling for me, the less they obeyed my wishes and would do things like drop by when I wasn't around and leave chests full of goodies, or help in other ways, then later say "Oops, I must have dropped it there". Being cute about it. And as endearing as it was in one way, it was at the same time highly, highly annoying. I had to keep reminding them why I don't want help of any kind. In the end, the endearment turned to full time annoyance as I started to ponder their behavior. I realized that I had become their new project. Their new purpose. A fresh reason to use all of those high skills they had and craft things for me, They had already completed everything they wanted to do in the game, so they were bored out of their skulls by the time I arrived at the island. And I realized that what at first seemed like selfless acts, were in fact selfish acts. I was their "entertainment", whether I liked it or not. And how I was feeling was of less importance. In the end, I decided to move away and sought out the most remote and empty place I could find. It was such a relief when I got away, it felt like I could finally start playing the game for real. So for all of you wurmians out there who want to help newbies: when you feel compelled to help new players, make sure it's for the right reasons. If you truly want to "help" newbies, instead of slathering them with free stuff, explaining everything to them or assisting them, how about instead offering them work via small tasks and missions that give a sensible reward that will help them get started, but will not steal away from their sense of discovery, learning and conquering challenges.
  12. Nice work everyone and good luck!
  13. Yayyyyyyyy it works! Thank you so much. Bdew to the rescue! And this is perfect, it was only the popup that was ever bothering me. And would I be right in assuming that if someone visits the server, any mods will impact them as well? That it's only replaced textures etc that they won't see (unless they replace them)? Also, is there any way to tell what is a server mod and what is a client mod? This time of course, I knew this would be for the server, but was just wondering if it's up to just using plain common sense or whether there is some certain way to see this. And as for multiple GM characters, right! I had no idea I could make more than one! If I were to do it that way, this server would probably end up needing at least 50 GMs then, as there will not only be cities but also dungeons, points of interest etc. Well, I'll have to think about how to handle this.
  14. Not at all Bdew! This sort of "reality check" is exactly why I was asking. I have been hesitant to push for or promote that idea too much because I was afraid of something like this. So this is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to hear - whether it's realistic or not. Good to know now that it isn't. Thank you for that. As for deeding various towns, I was under the assumption that I can only have 1 deed though. That's why I deeded the entire server. Or am I able as a GM to have many? *scratches head* Oh thank you! I tried to dig around in the database files to find something about it, but didn't manage to find anything.