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  1. Yaayyyyy! Will test it out tonight! Thank you bdew
  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done!
  3. Oh my gosh bdew! It actually pains me to think that someone like you has to have a day job they hate. If you ever consider getting into the game industry as a programmer (if you already aren't), just know that there is a screeching need for good programmers and at least at our studio they're treated like royalty because good ones are so hard to find. The industry has it's own downfalls of course, but "not being fun" is certainly not one of them!
  4. Thank you very much, that did the trick!
  5. Try pushing/pulling/rotating. Then the change should show
  6. And is there any way to rotate, push and pull them while they are in static mode? And I really feel greedy asking about this, but any possibility to make them sit on chairs and benches? Again though, even at the level that this mod is already now, it's absolutely wonderful and more than we could dream of!
  7. Oh and by the way do these summoned NPCs have life spans and eventually die?
  8. As mentioned in my other post....'re a life saver bdew. Thank you SO MUCH for this!!!
  9. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is something I've DREAMT of since my early days of Wurm. And as you might have noticed, I already gave a lengthy response over here: So, I dove right in to test this baby out of course and came up with the first problem: I had always assumed that the NPCs you could spawn could be dressed by Look > Equipment, like you would dress a horse with a saddle and bridle. But I wasn't able to. It said "You are not allowed to do that": So for me, this would be the first thing I'd love we could do. The movement options are amazing btw, absolutely love the way you set that up! Edit: Oh one thing does come to mind, if it's not too hard to do. But would it be possible to add an option so they are only restricted to a room as well? I guess by setting that they should not walk through doors or arches. I have a tavern that has the kitchen section and the actual bar itself. I would love Christopher the cook to walk around only in the kitchen and keep the bartenders in the bar section. The stuff you have planned all sounds wonderful as well! Out of those, the ability to set their face and hair will be awesome. Until then I'm happy to keep spawning different npcs until I get the right look. Also being able to choose their animation will be great. It will really enhance the LIFE aspect I talk about in my other post! Great work bdew! I'm truly thankful as always!
  10. I woke up this saturday morning all set and prepared to continue work. (Nujel'm is almost completed btw) Then I read this and my jaw dropped on the floor :-o. Do you have any idea Bdew how much this no damage mod will help me and others wishing to decorate their servers? By the time we reach April, I will have worked on this project for already a year. This means countless hours of work and thousands upon thousands of decorations and items that I've lovingly placed within the world to get everything just right. I knew that "decay" was a looming problem that was inevitable to face at some point, and so I've been pondering how I will handle it. Would I have to go through each place I created and hand repair everything? Or would I find a way to go into the database and set decay values to 0.0 somehow, but even that would be a horrendous, time consuming, daunting task and something that would have to be done repeatedly over time. It was an issue I preferred to not even think about yet... With this one mod, do you realize just how much worry and stress you've dropped off my shoulders, how much of the work I've already done will be salvaged and how much time you've saved me for the future? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! As for the NPC mod, YEEEESSSSSS!!! Believe it or not, but this mod could have a much more impactful effect on Wurm than you know. Rewinding way way way back to the days where I had played Wurm Online only a few months and had set up my first little home and first deed and built my first boat, acquired enough skill to ride a horse etc. It was at this point that I set out to truly go exploring for the first time. I encountered so many amazing towns and villages, so many cute little farms and so many grand castles. But there was one thing missing from all of these places, and the game in general: LIFE Sure, I'd sometimes see a name or two in the local chat or even bump into some people, but even then, within the space of a huge town filled with smithy shops, cookeries, taverns etc, I'd only find the owner puttering around crafting something. The penned horses, pigs and cows brought "some" life to a village, but even they would "moo silently". All the animals were completely silent. So this really made a negative impact on me as a new player. I loved the game, I loved the landscape and I loved the building possibilities, but the game lacked LIFE. So I thought feverishly about this issue and how to solve it. Of course I understood that in "the perfect world", Wurm would just have hoardes of players, in fact so many players that villages were literally overflowing with inhabitants. But we all know that with a sandbox MMO of this size, that is just never going to happen. So what could be the SECOND BEST thing? NPCs. Give the players the possibility to "populate" their deeds with NPCs. Plant a blacksmith standing in front a forge, place a bartender in the tavern, put a cook into the kitchen. I even made a suggestion about this back in March of 2014: The response was mixed. Some were all for it, others strongly against it and I understand their reasons. But being a realist, I knew that we would never reach "the perfect world" they were striving for: populating villages with real players instead. So, since those times, this has been something that has bothered me, and it breaks my heart every time I read or hear about someone who "tried wurm" but "there was no-one around". So bdew! Do you realize that with this mod, I will be able to finally TEST my THEORY on giving some life to Wurm. With your mod I will populate these towns in Ultima Nostalgia and as we explore these places in my videos, we will see the vast difference! And what if it actually works? What if it actually gives a completely different impression of the game? What if we could convince the devs and the players that we need this? I mean, we already have merchants and traders.... And if we could convince them and the world of Wurm started to have some more life to it, complete with the impression you get in videos on YouTube as well as player's first impressions.... what impact that could have on Wurm as a whole. Probably not a drastic one, but every little bit helps! You're a life changer bdew! Do you realize this?
  11. What an amazing year, yet again. Well done Wurm team! <3 <3 <3
  12. From what I've heard, the devs are actually working on something like this slowly but surely for wurm. I hope they implement it in as a sophisticated manner as bdew did. I really like how this works usability wise!
  13. Well good news. From what I've heard, the Wurm devs are working on something like this. I really hope they implement it similarly to how Bdew did it. I really like the way this works. (activate the item you want to put on the table > right click table and choose "place" > move and rotate the item around like you would any item > If you move the table, the stuff you already carefully positioned stays "attached" (which is soooooo nice!) > removing an item from the table is like picking up any item from the floor)
  14. As far as I know, you can in fact eat the food straight from the table. The mod with which those dishes were placed allows you to place any item on a table. So I could easily have placed food stuffs on those plates as well if I'd have wanted to. See the earlier screenies showing the butcher's shop for instance. So to eat, all you'd have to do is right click that item and choose "eat".
  15. Ok good to know. For now I've been putting the No destroy/Bash checkmark in "Manage Item Restrictions" for the foods, potted plants, preserved corpses, dishes and candles - just to be on the safe side. But having that feature you will be adding at some point will truly solve all those worries and problems. I hope you're taking time to just chill and enjoy your weekend as well bdew! <3