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  1. Valrei International. 072

    Wonderful to hear that you guys will continue Tich's hard work with the fishing stuff. I've always wanted an excuse to get more into fishing in Wurm and now I will (some day). The halloween update was a blast. Died a lot but also had tons of fun. And got my witches hat in the end! Maybe next year a broom that we can hold in our character's hand to go with that hat? As if I wasn't already completely in love with the new hedges, then Saroman blows my mind with this new one. It's soooo pretty! Absolutely mind blowing to see how excited and active everyone was with the horse color poll. Thanks again to Joelle for making this happen! I'll start work on these soon! I've never been to an impalong in Wurm. So you might just see me swinging around to Dracaa's Lunalong. It's close to where I live as well. All the best of luck with the event in any case Dracaa!
  2. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    This poll is about horse colors only, not horse breeds - which I think some people might confuse. But yeah, it would be awesome if we could have say three different horse meshes in the game some day as well representing breeds from the varying levels of hot/warm/cold blooded breeds. But yeah, that's a completely different topic.
  3. Lead animals never unlead

    Yeah that's probably the reason. It's a tricky thing to solve for sure. What I'm thinking is that if you happened to have a lead slot "open" upon the moment that you dismount, it would automatically assign it to the horse you dismounted from. And in the case that all your lead slots were already full, you'd get a passive notification in the event window saying something like. "Since you are already leading 4 animals, you cannot lead the animal you were riding" or something like that.
  4. Lead animals never unlead

    +1 Yes please! And while we're at it, it would be nice if the horse you were leading before you mounted it, would not lose it's lead once you dismount (just like ships and carts these days).
  5. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    I LOVE the look of that Nocturnes! And rest assured, the actual polished version will in fact look a little more like this. And just to be clear guys, the image with all the colors is super duper unpolished and rough and does not represent the final versions, which of course will be much more polished and beautiful. You see, that image was originally from a reply I made to butterflygirl25's suggestion thread. She had made a suggestion to get more horse colors and I totally agreed, so instead of just leaving a "+1", I wanted to help her get the suggestion through by giving a visual idea of what they might look like. Since I was merely responding to someone else's suggestion thread, in that moment I wasn't putting very much time or effort into it. Just very quick n' dirty. Little did I know at the time what all would follow. And here we are now! So please keep this in mind guys, the end results will look much nicer than what you see there.
  6. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    I am so very sad to hear this news. Although I never met Tich personally, I was impacted greatly by the contributions Tich gave to this wonderful world we live in called Wurm - as were all of us. All of those things Retro listed have been massive improvements to the game and to our lives. Countless good-feel moments! What a huge loss for all of us. The statue is absolutely wonderful.
  7. First of all, I'm so happy it's been useful Joneya! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you're designs BLOW THE MIND! Wood pulp! Wow I didn't know that existed, I'll be sure to add it! Oh and FYI for everyone, I added the empty bookshelves, the archaelogy journal and empty books to the list. I've also started the process of adding the wood types, but it's still ongoing:
  8. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    Thalius it's not too late! The poll should still be open until the Valrei International Edition 72, so you still have time. As Joelle instructed, choose your top 3 choices.
  9. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    And as if deciding wasn't already challenging enough, here's the real life references for these colors. Among my personal favorites are the appaloosas. My auntie Desmie bred them in England back in the day and I'll never forget the magical moment visiting her appaloosa farm. Speckled horses all over the place! For a little girl who loves horses, it was like I'd entered a magic kingdom! Please note: The graphical style we have in Wurm is not "shiny". So when you look at these RL references please realize that they will look roughly the same as in the first image you saw. Very matte.
  10. Valrei International. 071

    When I saw the waves on Drongo's stream, I literally lost my mind. My heart was bursting. My brain was melting. My eyes were twinkling. Aaaah how very atmospheric it will be to sail and to gaze upon sea! The hedges are great too! Especially the camelia! Great work team!
  11. The Great Horse Color Poll of 2018

    Awww this is so great in so many ways! All this time I've just been so thankful that they even let us put in more colors back 3 years ago. I didn't even DARE dream for more of them! Thank you so much for working your magic Joelle! I'm absolutely "chomping at the bit" to get started on these skins and for us to get them into the game. ;-D Judging from all the conversation and voting going on, people seem to be sharing the excitement as well! More horsies!
  12. The Screenshots Thread

    Joneya, everything I've seen from you just blows me away. Absolutely amazing how you've been able to take wurm items and make it all look so beautiful! You're a furnishing genius!
  13. Crowbar? Love it! And yes, very much agreed that we don't want to create a new problem here. So I really like your idea of having a special tool for this that has full intention for the action! Oh yes! Very good point about the minimal strength thing is as well! Forgot about that actually! So even more reason to look at this issue.
  14. It certainly sounds much more convenient for you. But like you say, this is not going to be the experience for everyone. For folks who are completely new to the game and making their first deed, they will be making lots of mistakes when they first start out. Imagine the demotivation for players like that - the very people we would want to keep motivated during that crucial "honeymoon" period. And then players like me, people are have already been in the game for years. I for instance have very high masonary and carpenting skills, so I happen to build high QL walls and fences. However I have crap skills in weaponsmithing or blacksmithy in general because those were things I just did not happen to get into much. So the only way for me to get a tool like what you describe is to seeks out someone who would sell one to me, and I'm sure they would not come cheap either. Again I have to wonder, how can it be possible or realistic for me to demolish an entire stone, multilevel castle in a single second and yet taking down 1 wall is pure torture?
  15. I did a little search to see whether this exact suggestion had been made in recent times, but the last post like this was in 2015, so I'll make a new one. Basically, I feel that it is completely illogical for me to spend half an hour, slowly bashing away a single high QL stone wall on my OWN deed, when I could actually demolish the entire house in one go through the house management tools. Surely this cannot be right that to make large alterations to my house, I'm actually better off demolishing the whole thing and starting from scratch? As if that was not already painful, add to that, the toils of ruining my tools and having to keep on repairing and improving them, just to get that one wall down. Surely one of the perks of owning a deed should be the ability to instantly take down walls, roofs, floors and fences if we so wish? From what I've understood, it is already faster than non-deeded houses, however it's not enough. That scenario above was what I just experienced trying to take down a couple of stone walls. It left me frustrated and very discouraged to modify my buildings. This means that once my deed is fully built, I will not be motivated to make any changes and things will get stagnant. Surely we want people paying for the game to feel the joys and freedoms of being creative on their deed and continuing to do so, even after everything is built up. Imagine how much more motivated people would also be to actually pay for a deed vs being a free player if they knew that they could instantly destroy stuff as well.