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  1. Shimmering Sands Citadel 300, 1110 Thanks to all who contribute to making and updating these wonderful community maps!
  2. About sounds and Granger. So in Granger when you smile/examine horses and the little notification slides up in the lower right corner. For the most part, it's simply let's you know that the info has been updated. So this leads to me never really paying attention to it. Especially since I have a large monitor, so it's kind of "work" to keep moving my eyes to the lower right corner. Sometimes however, something might have changed in the horse, leading to an error about mismatched parents or something like that, and since I never really follow those, I miss them. Is it, or would it be possible to create a sound trigger upon getting a Wurm assistant notification with an error? So instead of setting a trigger for an in-game log, instead a Wurm Assistant one?
  3. I was telling people about how my horses have been mysteriously "escaping their pens" lately and someone pointed me to this post. I've had 2 horses escape (and there may be more that I'm not aware of). The horses were hitched to hitching posts and inside locked pens. Then I later find them wandering freely around my deed. This bug sounds very much like it could be related. PS: I now experienced the horses going invisible for the first time as well!
  4. Hear ye, hear ye! The Factional Fight brothers have opened up a merchant for selling horse goods such as saddles, horse shoes etc. You'll find their merchant inside the rendered workshop to the east. Also, we've updated our stock with some new horses and hell horses including some super fast 5-speeds! Check out the full listing of horses + prices
  5. And in case anyone missed the Factional Fight stream of the whole thing, here's the VOD link.
  6. Thanks again for this amazing event Cista and everyone else who took part! I had an absolute blast! And Kindra, I'm so sorry I didn't see your message, I was AFK sailing heheh. Here's a shot of Saphireena for you:
  7. Thanks for the heads up and for your business folks! I hope the horsies serve ye well!
  8. Hear ye, hear ye! Horse market restocked with lots of new beautiful 5-speed + Spark babies. There are some cool names in the mix as well! Check the listing here:
  9. After seven years of playing Wurm, I got my very first strange bone! That's how scarce these things are! And so what do strange bones do you might ask? Well according to Wurmpedia, with a rare strange bone, you can turn a single finished item in your inventory, RARE! Guaranteed! How cool is that!!? An opportunity like this doesn't come along every day, so get bidding folks! Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 1s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted
  10. Lots of new 4-Speed Skewbald females and Ebony Black males added! Happy holidays everyone! Check out the full listing of horses + prices