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  1. I won't comment on the actual speed/strength mechanics, however from the visual standpoint, what you describe is pretty much exactly what the above already is, only simplified :). (so instead of having all the world's breeds, arabs and other nimble breeds have been packaged into the "hot blooded" body type, morgan's, clysedales, shires etc have been packaged into "cold blooded" etc) If you look closely, you will see that the hot blooded model is pretty much an Arabian. The cold blooded is meant to be a draft horse shape etc.
  2. On the topic of new horse shapes: For anyone interested in the background of how this came about, anyone remember that suggestion I made many years ago about having different horse shapes? My thinking was that with a few tweaks of the mesh, we could literally triple the amount of horse variations in the game. And since we were now working on the animal update, I figured I'd show the team this old suggestion and to my surprise and delight, they really were enthusiastic to actually put this into motion! Now these old files I worked on were only done in the standing pose, so although I've handed the files over to to the team, it might be that slight alterations are needed to make them work with animations. However I do hope we can get as close as possible to these shapes. If anyone wants to see these suggested shapes in all the various horse colors, you can check them out here:
  3. Breezzy I believe you meant to put this message here instead of into our private messages, so I'll just add it here on your behalf. Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm glad that it all worked out in the end *smiles*. Thanks again for your business!
  4. Hey Breezzy! My deepest apologies that this happened! I'll send you a PM and get this sorted out for you ASAP, with compensation of course as well. Nothing worse than coming all the way over from Cadence to have this happen!!! I do try to be very careful with the keys to make sure they work and regularly do a check with my non-citizen alt to check and make sure she can open all the gates, but looks like I missed this one this time. * blush *
  5. Lots of new horsies restocked! Check the listing here:
  6. Hey everyone! We NOW HAVE 5-SPEED EBONY BLACKS! Woohoo! I've been waiting so very long to get to this point in the breeding process! Today as stocked the first breeding couple, they were sold within 7 minutes! So seems people really really want those ebony blacks. And no wonder! Not only are they the most elegant and mysterious horse color (the Black Stallion anyone?) but they also have 2.5% extra speed that no other horse color has! So come and get'em! Check out the full listing of horses + prices
  7. Sounds fantastic! The best of luck for your grand opening!
  8. Lots of new horses restocked. And I know many of you have been patiently waiting for the 5-speed ebonies. They're coming soon! Check out the full listing of horses + prices
  9. Lots of new horsies restocked! Check the listing here: