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  1. Steam is a bit different. Using the Steam launcher, you can have up to 10 character slots, from what I've heard. But someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Beautiful job on those maps Saroman, as always! I'm eyeballing Harmony and there are so many potentially pretty spots to go for! I dunno what I'm gonna do!! I think I'll just have to whip together a rowboat, set sail and see what what's out there. So hyped to live the newbie life after all these years! It'll be so interesting to see how it feels to start fresh now with the knowledge I've accumulated over the years. I can imagine many of you feel the same!
  3. Okey doke guys. If you want a condensed version (even this one is over 5 hours long), you can watch it on YouTube: If you want the full 7½ hour long, unedited, full chat experience, you can watch it on Twitch.
  4. Yup! I've saved it as a "full" stream which lasts 7½ hours. But I'm currently also making a "short and snappy" one with just the important stuff. I'll be able to export those to YouTube once the 24 hours is up (Twitch rules).
  5. How have I never seen this video!!! Absolutely FANTASTIC! Loved the words and phrases used in the script, the story, the footage, the ending. What a shining example of a community working together to achieve great things! I'm gonna be sharing this so much.
  6. Yes I did design and build all of the sets. Thank you for your kind words If you're talking about the sandstone/rendered city - you know - I'm almost tempted to build it for real in Wurm some day. It would take years and years of work no doubt, at least if built alone, but as folks will be able to see in today's stream, the end result is quite special and worth the work.
  7. Just a reminder guys, that today (Tuesday) at 15:00 GMT, we will be going on a grand tour of all of the set locations filmed in the trailer! We'll start off by watching the original storyboard version of the video, upon which everything was based We'll visit each set location, scene by scene. I think you'll especially enjoy seeing the sandstone "kingdom" that's shown a couple times towards the end. I'll describe what kinds of challenges we faced and how they were solved We'll also have a look at the many tools Samool made to make this trailer (and any future footage) possible So please join us on Twitch tonight as we do a very special edition of "Wurm Roulette" on my personal stream (so no, not an official Wurm stream)
  8. It would have been lovely to be able to show off everything, but it's true that there is just so much in the game that you can't possibly fit it all in. Even this trailer is way too long actually. As for the server border text, that's a separate element that I actually added to that scene. What it's meant to do is represent the edge of the server, and how we can simply sail over them to visit other servers. After your comment, I'm now a bit worried and wondering just how many people understood that actually? *rubs chin thoughtfully*
  9. Yeah personally, I would absolutely LOVE to see a full overhaul of the characters and their animations some day!
  10. Many of you have said such lovely things that really tugged at my heart. I've appreciated the kind words so much everyone! But what has moved me even more, is seeing how you guys "got it" "felt it" "understood it" "connected with it". It's almost like our wurmian souls are connecting to another through the trailer, as corny as that sounds. *grins* Let's hope that whatever magical vibe is in that trailer, is not there merely because we old players feel nostalgic and attached, but that it's something more than that, something that captures the imagination of new players as well!
  11. Tonight slithered in and slithered out before anyone could notice! I mean, how could I pass up the opportunity to get some nice screenshots of such an AH-MAZE-ING player event! Absolutely fantastic job VirusMD and the whole team who contributed. More screenies in the spoiler thing-a-ma-jig below!
  12. Personally and from a player perspective, I actually prefer markets over other ways of trading. First off is the convenience of being able to shop without making arrangements with someone. I can just go and see what's out there and buy what I need. I also love to window shop and browse through the merchants. it's fun to see if there are unexpected treasures or cheap deals. I visit Glasshollow Market every few months for this purpose alone and usually buy several things when I do. Another need for markets is for selling animals such as horses, as those can't very easily be mailed. *grins*
  13. Zexos I fully understand where your heart is at with your feedback. I appreciate your best intentions for the game and also think the way you explained your feedback was very clear and considerate. I completely understand the point you're trying to make, but there are a couple of points to consider from the other side: 1) Promotional material for games is always showing the game at it's "best potential" and I think most gamers understand this. 2) Let's stop to consider what this trailer would have been like, without the little extras. If we use the cooking scene as an example: At the end of the day, cooking in Wurm is a character standing in one place in front of an oven, making no sounds, making no animations and with all the items in inventory. All veggies and other food items hidden away in a food bsb versus placed on a table. How could we have communicated and conveyed the theme of "cooking" in a clip like that? Let's say you were directing the trailer: What's your vision on how that should have been implemented visually?
  14. Hey there Zexos! You hit the nail on the head as far as my wanting to show the full potential of Wurm. Sure, there are a couple of little things that are enhanced to be cooler than they are, however I am quite confident in saying that most of what you see in the trailer can or could be done! This includes all of the buildings you see. If you meant an example such as chopping a carrot against a table or grinding nutmeg with the mortar and pestle sitting on the table, no - I believe those types of actions would require you to have those items in your inventory. However since food preparation can often be a very complex process, I don't see why you couldn't at least organize all the ingredients and tools that you will need and lay them out on the table as you make the food step by step. In the video, she's not actually interacting with any of the items on the table, she' merely doing a random crafting animation. So in that sense, the scene could easily depict what I just described. What other spots left you wondering?