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  1. Nice work everyone and good luck!
  2. Yayyyyyyyy it works! Thank you so much. Bdew to the rescue! And this is perfect, it was only the popup that was ever bothering me. And would I be right in assuming that if someone visits the server, any mods will impact them as well? That it's only replaced textures etc that they won't see (unless they replace them)? Also, is there any way to tell what is a server mod and what is a client mod? This time of course, I knew this would be for the server, but was just wondering if it's up to just using plain common sense or whether there is some certain way to see this. And as for multiple GM characters, right! I had no idea I could make more than one! If I were to do it that way, this server would probably end up needing at least 50 GMs then, as there will not only be cities but also dungeons, points of interest etc. Well, I'll have to think about how to handle this.
  3. Not at all Bdew! This sort of "reality check" is exactly why I was asking. I have been hesitant to push for or promote that idea too much because I was afraid of something like this. So this is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to hear - whether it's realistic or not. Good to know now that it isn't. Thank you for that. As for deeding various towns, I was under the assumption that I can only have 1 deed though. That's why I deeded the entire server. Or am I able as a GM to have many? *scratches head* Oh thank you! I tried to dig around in the database files to find something about it, but didn't manage to find anything.
  4. +1 Yes please! I've always wanted this!
  5. Wow-ah-wee-wah! You guys! I never ever noticed the hidden teasers! Gonna have to start paying more attention from now on! Retro you smart cookie!
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! The new outline system is beauuuutiful! Just goes to show that the wurm team can come up with solutions that cater to everyone's needs. By the way, I remember seeing people complain about those highway thingies being too distracting and breaking immersion. Now I can see what they mean! They look way too modern for the game. Favorite thing for me about the update is the fences for sure!
  7. New problem: So little did I know when I made the server map, that I should leave enough "breathing space" along the server edges. And thus, for both Dagger Isle and Fire Isle, I get spammed by these popups over and over: Sooooooo... is there any way for me to set that server border "buffer zone" to be thinner?
  8. Aw thank ye kindly Retro! And well, not my work really, as I just mimicked the method wurm guys did for the stone parapet. I'm assuming that when we get the real parapets in the game, they will be identical (other than the color changes I did). Hmmm, all I know is that I've set my character's level to 5 in the server settings. I guess that's the highest level right? Perhaps the same thing as "implementor"? Wow! Thank you so so much for all of these instructions. This will certainly make life easier and I can hardly wait to log onto one of my test "throw away" servers to test all those commands out! Aw thanks. Well I'm still having as much fun as before. The actual building bit is the most fun, the most work is actually making the videos and it's those I find myself getting a bit burned out on. They are so much work, it's insane. But I just need to keep it real and go at a comfortable pace without putting too much pressure on myself I guess. By the way, I've gotten a TON of people (mostly UO players) who would like to come and live on the server once it's done and would be willing to buy WU if it's possible to live there, but for that to happen at this point, I would really need this thing: And of course for any new feature of wurm, it should be something that is useful for a large majority of the players, and not merely cater to the needs of a few. Thus, I'd love to share this thread with anyone wanting to make this happen, but at the same time if this is a full out utter impossibility, I don't want to waste anyone's time either. So what I'm trying to say here is: would you mind prodding around to see if this is even technically feasible? If it is, then it would be worth my time to seriously consider making this a proper server where people can live and play on. I would probably then making a video for the Ultima Nostalgia series to pose the question just how many would be interested in living there and whether they would like to contribute to campaigning for this tile permission suggestion. If however it is technically completely impossible, then I will gracefully accept that reality and alter my mindset back to the original plan, which was the "look but don't touch" idea. At least then, I could tell those inquirers a straight answer and instead of directing them to that tile thread, direct them to the first video I made
  9. Ooooooohhhhhh! Well now! That sounds great! I remember you mentioning this mod before and I did try to add it but just didn't understand how to use it at the time, and well, I didn't want to be a bother as you've helped me already so much. Now that I have a little bit more understanding of things, I should have a new look-see, as I'm starting to have so many textures that doing ye olde zip drag and drop thing is getting annoying, even for myself. And before you and Retro mentioned the focus zone thing here, I had no idea. Great! Well that will certainly make things easier! Thanks again
  10. Trellises. Brian you asked whether we were aware of the whole trellis ordeal. Nope! I was just like you, just thought of trellises as pretty wall decorations. I had absolutely no idea about the whole growing and harvesting / almanac thing. But so great that you guys made this video as I'm pretty sure there are a lot of us who didn't know either - and well now we do! PS: I really love it when you guys ponder these types of things out aloud, as I think for a lot of us, we are "alone" in our wurm fandom and can never chit chat with any of our MMO friends about these things, so watching you guys talk about it is almost like being able to be part of that conversation.
  11. Thanks Jaz! Yes they really give a cozy atmosphere! I hope some day they could make something like that for WO.
  12. And Trinsic is up. I think it really showcases just how beautiful Wurm is!
  13. *pant pant pant* *wipes sweat off brow* Just finished editing the Trinsic video and it's up online. Another BEAST of a video. In the video I show the edits I did to some of the textures like the sandstone (which I've mentioned before actually as well), but I forgot to mention the changes I did to the rendered walls, converting them into creamy white washed walls, as well as how I darkened the wooden bridges. I would looooooove if we could have white walls like that in WO. *sniff*
  14. As you guys know, I'm a complete noob with this "making your own server" stuff. So I need some feedback on whether this particular paragraph is described correctly. I'm going to be explaining this is my next video as I'll be showing how I change textures. "Something to make clear is that when dealing with Wurm Unlimited, the client and the server files are different and located in different folders. They also have their own sets of mods. The client is the main meat and gravy of the game, and any changes you make to it - for instance changing the textures - affect any server you log into, regardless of whether it's your own server or someone else's. The server files however, control only the stuff directly related to that particular server. For instance the files that affect the shape of the land, or settings that control how skills are balanced. In this case we're talking about the Ultima Nostalgia server, but I have other private servers as well that I do experiments on. And while you can have an endless amount of servers, you can only be logged on and run one server at a time."