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  1. Domesticating certain animals like Wild Cats. Cooking skill for making treats for your pet. Be able to groom them like we can now, but also pet them and other things to keep them loyal instead of taming them 20 more times to increase loyalty. Ability to create pet feeders (bowls) and toys (part of toy making with these new game boards) to retain loyalty. Have the creatures after being at a certain loyalty get a skill level (with special moves) so we can go out fighting and skill up our new animal partner making it stronger. Need to be able to track it's skill level and how strong it's becoming. Make traits when breeding more valuable for combat. Tame more than 1 creature at a time based on skill level (can tame a second creature after 50 taming skill). I know you can have bears and hell hounds lead your large cart and only seen it done couple of times years ago. Make it easier to control creatures that are tame like always following you unless they are attacking something without having to be lead again. Rework Animal Husbandry at the same time of doing taming since they are related. Would guess taming and AH would work together for certain additions. I've probably posted this same suggestion 4+ years ago.
  2. Make it part of a creature/taming rework.
  3. I'm guessing 20 planks, 6 shafts, 5 small nails and at least 60 in Fine Carpentry.
  4. Should be a 1 or 2 week buff. I know when I started out the most scary thing was to go and explore because you thought I'd get lost and can't make it back to starter deed. With a beam at least have a direction to head back to so not afraid to wonder around looking for a place to deed.
  5. At least the change in source spawns is good news.
  6. They just got rid of a bunch of player Gods. I think the God changes are done.
  7. Hope it also helps you know who you are attacking and who's attacking you at rifts. Would think it'd be the same for PvP.
  8. Default karma options are lacking except "summon corpse" and was hoping for additional ways to spend karma that is not related to sorcery. I like doing missions for karma, but never use it and have a lot. Maybe an alternative way to buy skins? A currency exchange from karma to Wurm shop?
  9. Maybe they'll allow a spirit templar to play with you.
  10. Maybe they'll add a new "game table" next patch?
  11. Woot!!!! Board Games! Thanks Wurm Team. Now for some quality interaction with others that is not mind-numbing. Of course Chess would be a great next game. Who's setting up a gaming house? Getting my knarr ready for travel. Hope this gets expanded like: Implement into Wurm Online. j/k but would be cool though. KING ME!
  12. Don't like this rune change. With all the dragon slayings going on northern and all the bloods people have stocked up, why not only make the change to northern and leave us southerner's alone with our runes we've gotten used to after multiple years? You going to take away my runes and not hook me up with a bunch of dragon events on Southern I don't have to spend 2 hours to get to, to stock up for replacing it? Feels like I'm being stolen from. That gathering rune is a big deal next to speed and size runes. I'd say if you want to do a rift, archeology and all that other extra stuff, then open up the servers and have people sail their ass to a Southern server for a good time.
  13. You can already create islands with the "Wand of the Seas" which I don't know if it's still available. I sold a wand for 1 gold after an award for completing the old school journal goals couples years ago. They used the wand near south east side of Xan. Would like to have another chance at a wand as I'd probably use it this time for my own island.
  14. It's not untouchable and I hope they make more improvements as I've started liking the new system a lot more. Some others don't because of the AFK aspect is removed, but I like the interaction and prep. You use technology and other ideas from people that have passed and they are improved on by others with the memory and recognition of the OG that started it. If was left the same, would get no updates, would no longer be used after awhile and then would be forgotten.
  15. Out hunting as always staring at the same troll, goblin, spider models over and over and over again got me thinking. Something refreshing for Wurm would be having different variations of the same type of each enemy model. Would be almost entirely different and not something rare you don't see much. We have fog spiders (I understand the history), but should have more models like that for when hunting a group of spiders where different clusters have different models. Same with trolls and some should have ripped shirts and different weapon graphic. Maybe some uglier face options or male/female trolls have different models. Same with wildcats, hell hounds, etc. That color changes per mob at the time was okay, but time for something new. Give us some variation when hunting mobs. Or bring all that stuff over from Jackal if not going to do anything with that. Bring over those wood types too. Different mob models from there that can be used. *Give slow troll model a limp instead of being bigger model. lol