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  1. I'd like to see some cross server treasure hunts for us that like to travel and take a week or so to do.
  2. You can take me off the list. I think I'll hit 500 before I get the opportunity. Using recipes found online in Google Docs.
  3. I don't see the reason for tamed animals to draw aggro from every other aggressive mob around. Riding a tamed unicorn after making high QL silver/gold horse shoes makes it not worth it. Go attack a bear and mount gets killed by a troll.
  4. Got this working in Linux (Kubuntu) installing wine64 and wineticks. Use winetricks to install DotNet 4.8 and Visual C++ 2010. Has some display and function issues, but granger is working.
  5. Logged off to get some breakfast and tried to log back in and getting the same issue and can't play again. Edit: Now let me back in after trying 3 more times. I guess Wurm having connection issues.
  6. Maybe it was down for awhile. Just tried for the 5th time in about an hour and working now.
  7. Trying to get into the game this morning and keep getting "Error opening connection to patch server.", but I see there are people in game from stats page. Internet at home working fine so far.
  8. Can you have the body icon tool tip show "total weight" along with the other info it already has? Add inventory weight too. Don't want to keep opening the paper doll to see weight.
  9. If going to have cross server wagoner, then should have to build a port where the wagoner would bring your stuff to, load up your stuff in a Caravel and that would travel across server to another port where it would continue it's wagon trails.
  10. When a bunch of animals (horses, sheep, etc) are in a large pen together, there should be a very rare chance that a male would mate with a random female in the pen. Would only work if more than maybe 5 animals with at least 1 male in a pen. This way dedicated breeders in small pens won't be affected, but then let nature do it's thing if there's a small group/herd. Would hope rare chance would not make a pen over crowded, but you never know so should be a limit in case too many creatures are in a pen then animals won't try to mate from "Too nervous to get it on" or something like that. Have there be a rare chance check once a day. Use the same system for "food bowls", but would be for a male to find a mate inside a pen if gets the rare chance to mate. This would be something that is very rare and wouldn't make sense to plan a pen just to get random breeding.
  11. Fo demands you sac 100 *type* fish. There should be some mission fishing pools you have to find that change each mission. Then try to catch a certain amount of mission fish in total with the server. Use fishing pendulum to help find these pools. Add a new graphic for the mission spot in the water. Maybe make the mission tile have fishing jumping out of it or have a strange glow. There would be certain amount of different special fishing tiles and not require high fishing skill do to mission. Can be along the shoreline or middle of lake/ocean. Have to sacrifice the fish for the mission which means you need a keep net or a way to keep the mission fish alive until you can sac them. Add a random bait needed during the mission to catch the mission fish to make it a little more interesting. Maybe have the tile be used up and have to hunt for another mission tile to fish. Might be a little too much work though at this point. Or just have (insert your God here) demand you sac a random amount of a specific fish. I'd like to hunt for a mission fish tile though. I like how World of Warcraft did their random fishing pools and weekend quests. Should do something fun like that.
  12. Let us enchant pottery planters to pause growth for display of herbs and other plants. Some of these like coffee and tea look cool, but a pain to keep picking just to keep them looking good. I use planter racks for the herbs I really want picked.
  13. I'm in (nicedreams). Only have 128 recipes right now and was just thinking about how to get this done few days ago.
  14. If the focus on VR means focus on fixing the performance of the game engine, lag, animations, upgraded textures, better sounds, etc then I'm all for VR even though I'll never use it. To me I don't see the point of VR for Wurm. Who is going to enjoy mining a tunnel wearing a VR headset pressing the same key for hours? You stand in front of a forge for 2 hours alt tabbing between web browser, another game or whatever. I just see VR being "free look mode". There is not enough immersion in Wurm for it to go VR. If going to take VR serious you need to go the Valheim route which has such beautiful flow about everything you do in the game be it actions, combat, beautiful environment, sounds, physics engine. You're not attracting new players to Wurm without rebuilding it from the ground up so you should focus on retaining players. Just rewrite the damn game already and stop trying to bandage it.