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  1. Thx Finndar for putting in game map cords.
  2. Looked past Davih's post. 5.10s then on merchant contract.
  3. Hmmm....doing this or rift tomorrow morning.
  4. 4.60s - merchant contract
  5. Is 4.0 unstable client now the new 4.0 stable client? Just wondering in case I miss understood the news.
  6. 20c merchant contract
  7. +1 Always thinking about kingdom logo on shield.
  8. So far since 45 meditation skill a regular meditation 1ql rug has done best for me. I get the biggest ticks that way and I'm over 50 skill now. Be nice if verified, but putting it out there for you if no updated post.
  9. I have literally put hundreds if not more of hours into hunting and my only focus as been getting all PvP skills up and nothing else. All my PvP skills are over 80 and its such a slow grind after 80 and seems like not enough creatures to kill. Mobs don't spawn fast enough in this game in all the servers. After about 3 years of hunting I'd like to be at an even ground like I would be in other games. Don't tell me to "get gud" when I can't afford drake or scale like others can. Why doesn't everyone PvP in plate instead of making plate suck and being the main 1st target in every battle? Or why don't you send me over a drake set so I can "get gud"? How do I get drake without 80s? Fill me in...
  10. Thanks Retro. I'll stop venting (suggestions) until new balance updates come.
  11. True. But I need a edge on these 10 year old accounts though. lol Going smeagain. A month of Paaweelr sermons down the drain.
  12. True. But I need a edge on these 10 year old accounts though. lol
  13. Very good points Middi. The death tab for one is a big thing that should be changed and is exactly like you said. Be nice if local wasn't as large either. Maybe have a scheduled restart like every 72 hours or every week for changes related to the beta testing. --more fun with idea.--- Seems like everyone on Chaos is going either Smeagain or Nathan for the 20% damage buff. (Not a verified fact, but what I notice) That leaves Lib and Paaweelr useless. Make all PvP priest have 20% damage buff or something. I want to stay a Paaweelr priest on my alt, but probably going to have to go Smeagain to match up with everyone else. Smeagain has 20% damage buff and massive heals. Why would anyone want to be any other priest in PvP. Was thinking of going with Nathan since he can mine, but can only cure single wounds so eh...Smeagan it is. I was a Lib Champ and was sucky experience compared to what Smeagain can do. Lib really is pretty useless in PvP except for rebirth and archery. I used to cast spells like crazy on people while I was Champ and was pretty weak experience. Lib and Paaweelr supposed to be PvP Gods, but now they some really weak Gods in terms of Chaos and useless. Why not have all PvP Gods with damage bonus?
  14. Yep. That was my point. It's for balance of PvP and probably not much feed back from the test servers so thinking "live beta" type thing would get more people already on Chaos involved and keep them interested. It's all about balance. Not trying to bring new people in. Just having fun with the idea.