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  1. When people have no clue about how business or actual journalism works they should not be posting guesses which turns into FUD. -edited for ranting-
  2. Join Epic. It's not all one sided and been a lot more fun since reset.
  3. +1 Nice to see not one single person in drake/scale either. All the PvP has been a lot of fun without complaining someone has 10 tomes or in drake/scale sets. Yet...
  4. Maybe a cool perk is after the Ele revamp is over in a few months, we get a 1 time bulk or 50% of the skill gains from the time of Ele reset transferred to freedom as a reward. Wouldn't be a full 100% even skill transfer, but it would be something which is better than nothing.
  5. That would be really nice. I like the mini icons idea.
  6. Fun event. Pretty cool taking a tour of Indy. Glad Retro did a walk through as I got stuck after 6th person. The detail on the statuette is cool. Lame party. Thought there would be a feast table with food once I got up there. lol
  7. West coast Xan has literally hundreds of mobs in the deep ocean (okay maybe 90 mobs). Dead Champs all over the place.
  8. I've crossed over to Epic twice recently and my skills have not updated. For example my Fight Skill on Epic is 89, but on Freedom right now it's 93. Went to Epic 2 days ago and my FS is still 89 there. I think it might have been disabled or just not working for me anymore. I will go back and "mouse over' my skills in case of some trickery I didn't realize.
  9. I hope they re-enable skill transfers from freedom to epic when this goes live. At least make it a one time thing after reset.
  10. I thought we getting new shadows today? edit: nevermind, guess it "coming soon".
  11. This might get me away from Odroid. I still like the HC1/HC2 and want a H2 though.
  12. Dragon magically mounted it's head on my wall with other dragon skulls. What insane luck I have.
  13. So where's all this automation in Wurm and demands for sawmills? We have extendo mailboxes where you don't have to travel to sell anything anymore except materials cross server. Wagoneer is the only thing and seems like very limited idea to only have on single server when can drive a large cart to pickup your stuff in 20 minutes (you'll get your stuff much faster than waiting for Wagoneer to do it) vs 2 hours sailing to another server where I'd think the real advantage of the Wagoneer should have been for cross servers in the first place. Try living on Xan spending literally 20 minutes to get to a server border. That's 40 minutes round trip just from home to server border and not even to destination. Turns into a sailing simulator with no options to keep you busy. I'd rather spend my time hunting. And tired of hearing "you shouldn't live on Xan then". After 4+ years of sailing in this game I only want to sail for events like trying to do 100 rifts. I'm played out on sailing for materials. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I'm sailing. She see's me sitting at my computer staring at the screen and asks me why do I play this game, while I try to come up with a good answer. Because it's a unique game? That answer is getting played out too.
  14. I'm always viewing forum through Chrome on my Android phone when bored out and about and haven't had any issues in few years. Just make a bookmark to the "Activity" forums. Then open browser and click bookmark. Or if you really want an app you can use something like Feedly and add Wurm Forums as a newsfeed then can browse it with Feedly app. Browser bookmarks easier unless you doing a lot of rss feeds.
  15. The concept of Wagoneers is pretty cool, but most of the time I buy bulk from someone I end up having to sail to another server, but would rather use a Wagoneer. I propose you add another contract called "Wagoneer Shipping Port". This would be a contract you can purchase that is 4 tiles in size and 2-3 stories tall (shipping dock) and place it right next to a water tile and must be connected to a highway. When you want to ship something to another server, the Wagoneer would check if the pickup is on the same highway as a Shipping Port. Then would allow you to ship to another server. The Wagoneer would pickup your crates, travel to the ship port and load his wagon on a Caravel where you would see the Wagoneer set off sailing to another server. Once it gets to other server it would pick the closest Shipping Port it can find that is connected to a highway near delivery zone, unload the wagon and continue it's journey to your deed for delivery. If for some reason the person's deed is not connected to the same highway as the port, then the Wagoneer would drop off the crates at the shipping port and send you in-game mail stating that there is no clear path to get to you and you have to pickup from port. To make this better, the game should check the other server Shipping Ports to verify if it has a clear path to deed for delivery so you'll know ahead of time if need to pickup at port or if it'll be able to get it delivered all the way to your deed. Then can decide if still want to accept delivery before anything happens. Personally I'd rather travel to a port on Xan to pickup my stuff if Wagoneer can't get complete path to my deed than sail 2+ hours round trip in low wind to other servers.