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  1. I don't know if this game can do it, but any way to add Ray Tracing for people with Nvidia RTX cards? I saw a video with Minecraft using a mod to enable ray tracing and it looked amazing compared to not using it.
  2. Just wait for Steam release of WO. Then you'll have your 1 server with everyone on it.
  3. [17:21:21] Sorry, but you are not allowed to place that.
  4. Hitching post can be push/pulled, but not turned. Didn't know if this is intended or not.
  5. Probably something with the horses too. The ebony and other dark parts of other horses look totally washed out for me.
  6. Yes please allow 1 time 1:1 character copies to Steam servers if not right away at least after a couple of months. I'm all good with no RMT on Steam servers. Also maybe a good idea so the game doesn't seem dead and new people might see extra low server population and not want to try it out.
  7. I like this HDR update. Added a lot of detail to everything. I've always had Anisotropic Filtering maxed out and can really tell detail in rocks, wood, roads a lot more than before.
  8. Don't know if was this server restart or something else earlier since haven't been on too much, but one of my branded, cared for horses that is in a pen escaped my deed and I found it down the road about 50 tiles away. Horse name is "Ragedog" if it matters. Good thing I went riding around looking at the new HDR changes.
  9. Go off my deed and there's a champ pumpkin spider down the road. You messing with me Retro? Edit: Well got my pumpkin spider statue on deed. [21:14:54] A mature champion huge spider is dead. R.I.P. Edit: My wife walk by the computer and saw it and said it's lame I can't make a mask out of him. lol
  10. Logged in just to see what the fuss is about and it's not even that bad. You are over reacting. It's festive fun. I actually was expecting more than zombies and the same witch hats and troll masks. Already farmed a lot of those last year. Pumpkin spider statue would be cool to have. Edit: Going to have to log back in to see if Oak trees have scary faces again. I liked that the most in the past. Takes you off guard at first.
  11. I figure in 3 months veterans can do that to the economy anyways.
  12. If you do end up having to separate WO and new SteamWO or make too many changes to the SteamWO version of the game where the servers can't be joined in the future then hook us up with a 1 time character and skill transfer. We keep the same name and skill levels without any math conversions since no need for it. We continuing skilling with whatever the new system is going forward. That would be a great answer for us older players that want to try out or move over to Steam without having to start completely over. If not immediately then open transfers after 1-3 months after releasing it. No RMT would probably keep a balance between new PvP/Freedom servers.
  13. Just ranting, I'm bored, but would like to see this game succeed. The biggest issue I've always had with Wurm Online is the direction of the game almost never focuses on community and more on single player. There's no little things that keeps multiple people stay engaged in the game together. The only sponsored community thing Wurm Online has had is yearly Impalongs which I think is great. The Rifts are the only other thing that is recent that keeps people engaged which I think was a good idea, but that's become like a group of the same 10 people now. Killing uniques I don't really put in this category since most of the time you just have a bunch of alts sitting around waiting for rewards from the kill. Sermon groups are just people AFK in a room with nothing else really to do and is usually an alt you leave in the background window. Then there was the rare things like the huge Deed Maze the brothers spent a lot of work on that lasted about a month, but met some new people that I continued to talk to and played in game with after that was done. IMO, PvP has been the only constant form of community and excitement in Wurm Online, but that changes along with player drama and lack of new players to form new PMK's with, also game breaking bugs. So once you know everyone and been around or you're no longer welcomed and stuck with the current player base then that dies off for some people. PvP crowd seem the most passionate about this game IMO regardless of the player base in the entire game. Elevation reset made me upset from player's mentality of still not wanting to lose gear from going into fights all the time taking chances. That's not 100% WO's problem though, so I understand it I guess. Not like everyone likes sitting in front of a forge to play a video game. Always did hope they added mini games you can carry around or set on a table like I've posted in the past (chess, checkers, backgammon, dice, others). It's something to keep constant attention going on even though it's simple when working in a mine together pressing ONE KEY over and over again. Worked well with Ultima Online when I played waaaaaay long time ago. I'd log in just to challenge someone at a game we scheduled in game rooms we made on our tiny house property. Public auctions were a lot of fun too in UO which brought people working together. Simple and cheesy, but hey..something else to do while in game. All in all I see Steam further making this a single player game further splitting everyone up. If it wasn't for the guys that took me in at the beginning when I started years ago that were more advanced than me, but showed me the ropes I wouldn't be playing this game still.......well kind of not playing anymore past couple months.