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  1. Can you open up NFI to be able to portal to Epic? We need more bodies to kill all these unique's running around and just be more fun in general with some fresh players. Maybe the people from NFI that have never played on SFI would have fun on Epic from time to time. Keep the one way skill transfers going for now so they are battle ready until you figure out how to get cross server skill transfers working properly.
  2. While using the Modern Render with graphic pretty high I don't see fog, rain or rainbows. When I play on my laptop with Legacy Render then I can see everything just fine and actually enjoy it more. Forgot this game had rainbows for awhile. I do miss seeing the rain using Modern Render.
  3. You can get away with an older laptop Intel Graphics with good FPS using Legacy Renderer. I use a 6 year old laptop at times and works well with most graphics turned low and legacy renderer. They fixed it to where you see rare effects and can place items too. Used to be only able to do those with Modern Renderer. I've noticed weather effects look better too for some reason.
  4. Love these points by Mowglia. Just moved to Epic full time and having a lot of fun so far even with limited population. Tons of dragons to kill and found 3 on accident already in less than a week. 1) Volcanoes should be active like on Chaos. Went to 2 volcanoes and just....nothing. 2) Let northern freedom teleport to Epic. Give them the same chance to play on Epic that the rest of freedom has. Some people might find out they like Epic more or at least get groups for big fights to portal over to. 3) I like the idea of not draining tokens on home servers, but Elevation should stay the way it is to bring a different type of PvP when you go there. Quicker action timers should help building deeds faster if have a good group. I personally like how Elevation PvP is different rules than the home servers. Gives some options. 4) Skill transfers for sure is the "biggest" limit to people wanting to come to Epic. I thought Devs were using Elevation has a playground to keep changing things to see what works best with players. I was expecting changes at least once a month to Elevation when the reset happened. Let (just spaced out his name) that dude that helped with gear and other PvP changes have free rights to make changes to Epic. No one else is doing anything. That would be fun as hell having an excited dedicated Dev that is constantly updating Epic no matter if good or bad changes. It's something to keep excitement going and not like it screws with freedom at all.....yet. I'd like Epic missions to affect with Freedom. That would be cool. Get one of these Wurm Unlimited modding people to change Epic up.
  5. Let Northern Freedom Isle teleport to Epic if they can't already. Get some fresh blood going on.
  6. Please bring back Volcanoes. They all dried up on Epic.
  7. Should have missions and battles from Epic affect some things on Freedom, like weather, priest casts, etc. Seems to be Godlands (Valre) => Epic => Freedom so let it all trickle down. Bring some people to Epic to force some changes on Freedom and get some PvP action at the same time.
  8. Can't you get a priest to "mend" those items? Dunno never tried before, but that's my guess.
  9. Give chance at rare coin rolls like the change to burying corpses couple years ago.
  10. Just open Jackal server again with 1:1 skill transfer with no skill resets. That's your exploration update right there.
  11. I've been having some fun with this new idle game.
  12. I thought about this mainly because of "random teleport" and "recall home". Would be nice to travel to a starter town on another server, right click the token and join the starter village with no permissions. Then can use "recall home" back to starter deed. The branding a single horse was an extra, but not my focus as I use a tent or large cart to manage my horses on multiple server. Used to manage being a member of multiple deeds on different servers, but didn't work as communication wasn't on point since I'm not always on that server/deed. Some times I'd have some horses and later find out the deed was disbanded and I lost my horses. This is why was thinking about branding 1 single horse. Just want something for those who like to travel a lot and not stay on 1 deed on 1 server a little easier.
  13. Can we get the ability to join a starter deed with some limitations like only being able to brand 1 horse. Be helpful for us that travel between multiple servers all the time.
  14. Get increased bank slot completing a journal entry, one or more slots you can purchase from premium rewards, age of account being premium reward, etc.