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  1. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    Never really paid attention to it either until you posted. lol
  2. [Bug] Reference to stasis spell

    So my 5 pelts in the bank about to start taking damage? Rent a stasis spell?
  3. Can you add the ability to float Skill and Combat tabs like how you can already float Friends tab? Please?
  4. Can you change the "eye" to a number that represents your level of focus? So would say 1-5 instead of just an eye. Keep the eye for the initial none focus part, but also have the "eye" turn "green" when you can start using focus then change to numbers. I'd like to see the numbers green if you could gain focus, red numbers if you lose focus.
  5. Close plz sold

  6. Close Plz

    I'll take the rare sailboat for 10s if you are okay with that?
  7. Valrei Invasions

    I went to Linton and there is a portal to Vrock that has description for the Maze the brothers did few months ago. Took portal and ported me to Vrock and back to Linton.
  8. Valrei Invasions

    Damn no love on Xan? Was waiting all day. Nevermind. Just re-read you said Xan might not get them.
  9. A New Elevation

    Hope to get basic noob gear at least. Unless we can use our hands to cut down a tree to make a mallet.
  10. Someone should make some new dogs variations that maybe the developers would like to adopt into the game like they did the horse colors.
  11. Add click to target in combat log.

    That part makes sense and didn't really think into when posting. Bad idea for local.
  12. Expand upon the bear helm by adding wolf, lion and maybe other animal's.
  13. Add ability to double click on a name in the combat log to target them. Right click on name for attack option would be nice too. EDIT: Add this to clicking within Local also in PvP for target or other actions.
  14. Add basic mirror to traders again

    1s haircut sounds good. Add a barber chair to starter town too and have to travel to starter town for haircut. lol
  15. I'm pretty sure a few years ago you could buy a mirror from a trader for 5s to change appearance at starter town. Then there was talk about a cash shop and larger mirror and they took the basic mirror off the traders. Since it's a long time coming for these new mirrors rumored can you add the basic mirror back to trader for 5s please?