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  1. I know some deeds that have way more normal horses than this, but it's a long ride to go get a screenshot of them.
  2. Would be another fun option instead of Rift's. On Xan can have wagoner transport high value of items (something fake and have wagon model look like it's overloaded with chests and coins) from one starter town to another and have to protect it. Have a time limit of 24 hours and if not enough people helping the wagoner dies and mobs take the loot. Other servers with single starter town could go from starter town to ocean to meet up with a trade ship. Make a server buff or small percentage of sleep powder if wagoner is able to complete their mission which would be some kind of incentive. Each time is a random destination and know one knows where.
  3. Jackal is a re-themed Wurm pretty much with focus on cleansing the map from Rift creatures. All of the trees, creatures and some other stuff are different models. You can get a bug mount (Reminds me of UO beetles). Different trees/woods to craft items from that are not in Original Wurm. Always wanted some of the wood from Jackal to come to Original Wurm from using Jackal points. Skins and Woods are decent rewards for being over there. Was more than a test server. Was something fresh to do. I'm a broken record on Jackal.
  4. Thank you and glad you included board games (Checkers) we can play with others. Was hoping we could get something more advanced like chess? Let us make generic chess pieces you can get by crafting different wood or stones and advanced looking pieces from archeology. Don't need to build in game logic and just have pieces snap to a squares on the board with a side area to put pieces not on the board anymore. Would open up other possibilities for different games too since no logic. Kind of wish Checkers didn't have the logic so could do other things with game, but hey it works well though.
  5. Where you get the Captain Caveman shirt?
  6. You know why no one rides a unicorn or hell horse? Because everything in the game is trying to kill it and if you're riding it while fighting a mob, the mob kills your mount. We have gear for unicorns and guessing maybe can put on hell horses, but there's no point since you can't keep your mount alive. Out in the middle of the woods with a bunch of mobs and no horses to ride, but bunch of wild unicorns. I spent a lot of time on taming skill to 50 so lets tame and ride a unicorn since walking in full gear in grass is slow. Tame first unicorn and troll and bear come out of freakin no where and start attacking it. Kill them off while they killed the unicorn so I tame 2nd unicorn. Lets go ride up to a troll and fight it. Well unicorn wants to be part of the fight so troll kills it while I'm bashing the troll. Tame 3rd unicorn for the hell of it. No mobs so good to go and don't have to run around naked to get speed. I go to the bathroom AFK for a few minutes and come back and my unicorn I was riding is dead and I find I killed troll while AFK. WTF! Wild horse wouldn't have died if that was an option to ride at the time. Can you change mounts being tamed not aggro everything in game so we can use them as actual mounts? Can't hitch a unicorn to a cart so they are completely useless except butchering.
  7. I like it. It does seem to be a bit short though.
  8. Bring back Jackal to NFI and SFI so they can play together. Opens up new ways to play and new lands to explore without affecting anything between NFI and SFI servers. Be cool to have Jackal server be PvE for 6 months then have it change to Jackal being reset and PvP next 6 months. Keep resetting and changing them out every 6 months. I think that would bring a great rotation to Wurm for everyone (NFI/SFI) and not going stale.
  9. Yes different poses. I remember when they did this back in Ultima Online 20+ years ago.
  10. I'm fine with just 1:1 with no types of gains. The Jackal server itself is incentive enough to play with the different environment, scenery and reason (the goal) to be there. As long as all the grinding skill I did on Jackal is 1:1 back to freedom I'm happy. Hunting over there and earn Jackal Points to get some Jackal type wood or skins back on Freedom. Even if no rewards I'd still do Jackal for the fun of it. Just want something else to do. That's why don't want to start over at zero. Then I'm just mining for 2 days straight to get my base skills up. Boring. I don't remember if they allowed enchanting, but If they do this with no skill reset, they shouldn't allow enchants on anything or I feel it would turn into some advantage and others just doing Jackal to make money. Instead of a grind it would be waiting for others to sell advanced gear/weapons. I think it would ruin any type of balance to Jackal mobs since they have to account for some people not having an advantage with enchants and others to that have LT and other enchants. They should let NFI and SFI both do Jackal together. Be the only way to meet up with others and have some fun and meet new people .
  11. Any way to get different death models of creatures so they don't all look the same?
  12. Be nice if /balances showed all currency that can could be possibly spent like rift point, karma, bank, whatever else there is. Might have currency in something you didn't realize you could spend.