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  1. How can I make a shortcut to preview client without having to choose each time?
  2. Best feature is the searching. Not a pain to look for skill level anymore and I like the filtering for inventory too. Hope there will be a few theme options for new UI to chose from later on besides light/dark or have the ability to create a custom theme and changing fonts, colors, shapes of menus, etc.
  3. Ya forgot about this gem. I'd would have used it more if it showed the ping time to each server.
  4. Can we get an option to have 3 different sizes for tool belt? We have super small and big. Would be nice to have option for medium size between the two.
  5. Agreed. My main issue with it is the huge buttons (aggressive/normal/defensive) that make the target window stick out more like a sore thumb than before when not in combat. Maybe make it show up when you mouse over it and it rolls up into the target window. Or just make the buttons smaller. Be nice to make the target window a little smaller too. Edit: I guess that's part of the "fight window" that you can hide which doesn't hide the target. But once you fight something it doesn't auto hide again so stays in the way. Edit: I do like the new fight interface. Shows level of focus and much better to work with.
  6. I'd like to see something like this too. Run past a mob on a horse and 1000 tiles later you still targeting the mob.
  7. Tracking skill would just let those that can play this game 12+ hours a day have an advantage. Then you'll have alts all over the server just for checking locals like they do now with stealth. I think all PvP skill focus should be from core actions that mean something FS and weapon skills and then the others like body stats you gain from deed building. Being pretty much forced into having to skill crap like meditation to get SOTG is retarded and one sided. Would like to see 4 meditation paths that are PvP focused and then PvE can have 4 non-PvP focused paths. Give us some kind of balance between different PvP path skills for some special abilities or stat boosters. Other MMOs can balance this type of stuff so don't know why Wurm can't.
  8. Going with an idea like visual timers in combat to make it more interactive should get a visual of where the mob is blocking so you have to change stance and same with the player. So during combat with a troll, if you aim for the head and the troll changes stance to block high, then you'll not really do any damage to him even if successfully hitting him until you change stance to where he's not blocking. Then maybe 3 swings later the troll changes stance and an indicator would show this. The same would work for the player also where you can see an indicator of where the troll is aiming so you can try to block. If fighting in PvP you should be able to easily see direction of people trying to block or target so can try to counter. Just an idea, haven't thought it through.
  9. I've recommended adding board games like chess, checkers, backgammon and dice a few times to introduce more social things to do with others. Hope one day this will be added. Want to travel to different servers challenging people at chess. Chair usage would go up for sure.
  10. Can use trash bin or sac them for now. Discard be nice though.
  11. I'd like to see something added to where if there is an empty chair on a tile and you haven't moved in a few minutes (afk 5 minutes) it will auto sit your character in the empty chair on that tile. Then when you move you just stand up and go like normal without having to press a hotkey to get up. Be a good addition along with sheathing weapons and shields.
  12. I do this a lot and sail around all the servers. It's boring sitting on deed. It's called my "nomad" set. Have a knarr loaded with: large cart animal cage forge oven smelter bunch of large crates bed (if I make a small shack somewhere to camp out for a few days) whatever else I can fit in there like a large chest or couple rafts which can hold a lot of bags and large items (All highest QL I can get them) Sleeping bag with tents completes the experience. Park your boat on someones deed when offline for awhile to help lessen decay ticks of boat and items in boat. Be careful though not to unload stuff while on someone's deed. I've lost a large cart this way in the past. Wouldn't let me load, move, etc so left it. Was awhile ago so maybe it's old issue. All your materials, food items, etc will be stored in crates. Another reason to park on someone's deed when offline for awhile to prevent decay of items in crates. For quick meals that will fill your ccfp while traveling you need a pottery bowl and at least 7 different chopped veggies and 1 meat. Put in campfire or oven and makes good sized meal. Hunt for meat and forage for veggies or keep a supply stored in crate on knarr.
  13. I too have found night to not be as dark as it used to. Also don't know if its just me, but going into a mine without lights is much darker now.
  14. A common discussion in the past and would be great change for Steam PvP. Should put a delay on /who and death tab to update every hour or some other time limit. Nice features, but shouldn't be something that we rely on for PvP. Remove local or limit it severely. Too much PvP is planned on local tab and knowing who is there or how many. Also hard to run away from a mob of enemies when it's easy for them to know if you are in range or not. Also know how defended a deed is based on local. Local is just a cheap give-a-way where you could have planned better tactics. My ideas for local would be 2 options. Only allow you to pop up in local if seen by tower guards and there is a new option to "spot" people which would make them show their name in local. Both of these options would be limited to a timeout. If you or a guard "spots" you in local it only lasts for up to something like 2 minutes, then have to "spot" them again. Edit: Or I guess you can just target a bunch of people to have them pop up in local for awhile instead of "spotting". Or just remove local entirely or have it 10 tile range.
  15. By far one of the best idea's for Wurm combat I've ever seen. Wouldn't have to focus on combat tab as much. Wondering if we should see a timer of attackers and what they trying to do to you in combat or just a timer for our own combat actions?