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  1. This sounds great for an expansion as I've stopped playing Wurm. Thought Steam Wurm would be fun, but got tired of low skill grind when I've already spent enough time on regular Freedom with other characters. I like the idea of skills transferring back and forth 1:1 and not some wonky formula that has issues later on. The incentive is doing something new at an advanced level in a foreign environment. Always wanted a hunting server.
  2. If you have an issue with tents vs deeds then you don't understand Wurm PvP. Unless you build a deed like the starter village and can defend it, a deed is pointless and will get flattened. The tent people might just want to grind and skill up to join a group which is part of a larger plan. I'm not living out of a tent, but a small side of a mountain near starter for now until time to join a serious deed. I'm hoping someone doesn't deed over me in my temp spot, but I don't mind finding somewhere else if someone really wants the area. It's a community game so try working with people since you'll probably need to work together later in the game. Unless they the other faction, then of course set fire to their cotton tents.
  3. I've been moving "skills" tab into it's own window all the time and the issue I've had is that "skills" has a local to the right side of it that hold old information. It's tripped me out a few times thinking there are 10 people around, then in "event" tab I'm the only one around. Even docking "skills" back to other tabs won't update the local on the right. Solution - Only have local show up on the right for "event" tab and none of the other tabs.
  4. Removed the game from Steam and reinstalled and working now.
  5. I can't play either. Haven't tried to login in since the discussion about opening Melody server yesterday. Then today it says can't update client and to check internet connection. Internet working fine. Restarted computer and same issue.
  6. kk...I misunderstood then. Thanks.
  7. Do we use our Steam password when using the normal client? Don't need a password using the Steam client. I'd rather use the normal client if don't have to use Steam.
  8. Couldn't sleep. Tried again. Got in and could use portal this time with no errors.
  9. 12 hours later I'm able to get in, but when I click on the portal to get out of starter I keep getting "[22:14:08] This portal is only available to new players currently.". edit: Keep reconnecting too and can't use portal so I'm out for the night.
  10. Go to post-process in settings and disable "Ambient Occlusion". I had the same issue when weather update happened and was killing my Nvidia 2070. I played with some other settings too though, but I think that's the one that made card not stress out.
  11. Epic Fail

    Damn I think I was finally able to get to the login server just to get "Character already exists and not linked to this steam account". /cry Trying another name for a few hours.
  12. Still hard to figure out how to register for some.
  13. To confirm, when clicking on register from Steam version of Wurm launcher (which they really need to make easier to find) it redirects to which is for creating Steam character?
  14. I'm really glad Steam PvP is going to be like Epic with skill transfers back and forth to PvE.
  15. Did "count items" on Xan on accident from right click menu while sailing and then I lagged out hard where I had to re-log from getting kicked off boat far away. I asked in Freedom and others said they just lagged at same time too. Didn't do any testing since don't want to cause pain for others, but this seems like an issue.