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  1. Fix

    Thank you. Hopefully this doesn't quit working and/or the other one is fixed.
  2. LMAO and I thought it was just 90s slang back in the days.
  3. Fix

    Ever sail between servers in PvE with no wind? Try sailing through Xan with a light breeze.
  4. Fix

    I just want to see the "wind" status out of game. This was a very useful feature and was simple to check on a cell phone.
  5. WTS skillers CoC 90-100+ New stock Juli 29th!

    Send to nicedreams if you still have please. Will take the next step down if don't have 99coc. 99coc carving knife, iron 99coc metal brush, iron 99coc small anvil, iron 99coc file, iron 99coc mallot, oakenwood
  6. Fix

    Doesn't show the wind though. The other one does...or used to.
  7. I used to go here to check the wind without logging into the game if I'm waiting to sail somewhere. For past week or so this site hasn't been working. The CSS was already screwed to where was hard to see, but now doesn't work at all.
  8. This is great for PvP. Someone builds a house on PvP deed and leaves the game. Never changed ownership so now can't resize deed and other issues. When you plan a house a window should pop up a message saying (deed owner has full access to your house for management reasons). They still can't unlock your stuff inside though like chests and what not.
  9. I sold 9k of 32ql iron lumps to someone after grinding on my first iron vein removal in my deed mine when I was pretty new. Made 9s.
  10. Wurm University - Chaos Kingdom

    Come join us. We have cookies and milk.
  11. WTS Source Liquid (SOLD can close)

    You sell all of it? Hit me up.
  12. Any Interest?

    +1 It's all about the rush you get when competing and satisfaction or depression that comes after a fight. About getting that gear to drop from a kill, not a raid. Working with others for an end goal and getting hyped with others on discord.
  13. Any Interest?

    Raiding a deed should be hard to do. PvP shouldn't be hard to do. Make it a pain in the arss to raid a deed. You are raiding homes and hundreds of hours of work. Why let you bash into my deed in a short time if it takes 100 hours to try to secure it. TC doesn't have an issue bashing through deeds. They seem pretty efficient at. I like the long term planning and time it takes to raid. It's satisfying like an old school board game. The real problem is there isn't enough population in this game (pvp) to have good raids. That's all there is to it. Nothing to fix or change, but more people on at the same time in certain time zones. PvP seems more active in Europe than in North American time zones making it pretty dull for us since I'm sleeping when population is up to where I haven't been on Chaos for about a month. No matter what is changed or updated in this game there will still be no one to play with for now. It's cool that there are priest changes coming and others, but who you going to fight against? The same 10-15 accounts you always fighting against? The worst part is if population does start climbing in Wurm PvP it will take the noobs multiple years to even be worth PvPing against......meaning you still fighting the same 15 accounts that are passed around like hookers from different ownership of people. That's pretty much Wurm PvP right there. Pick the top 10 accounts and there's your set of toons that matter in the game. Of course people will say "It doesn't take long to get pvp ready and your just lazy. Just spend 500 hours grinding on boring horses and you'll still have crap body from no crafting." I bet all the new people know exactly how to skill up quickly for pvp too. This game is so easy to learn. So easy to just jump into Chaos and start PvPing. Happens all the time right? Only thing I see is closing Chaos and having Epic for PvP to get people into it quickly....but so far Wurm Online doesn't run with that idea probably because it makes the most sense. Wasn't that the point of Epic in the first place? Get people into the game and mostly PvP faster?