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  1. Should be able to change their gear/clothing/colors so they don't all look the same.
  2. Having to get geared and maintain getting gear in PvP is enough of a penalty instead of losing skill (even if fight skill) you have to spend hours on later just to PvP at your best again. This game is tedious enough as it is. Should create some kind of debuff where if you die to many times within a time period, you can't attack targets anymore. Debuff so people aren't dying too much in a short period just running into fights being stupid. Spending 4+ hours or even days to imp a full set of gear, weapons, horse gear, other tools for roaming, wait for others to help enchant/imp stuff you can't is enough of a burden I think. Encourage more PvP.
  3. I like the challenge and chance of getting your horse killed and you along with it, but I have a feeling that people are going to not want to try battling these camps with having skill loss on death.
  4. This is intended for group combat so could get someone with archery skill in your group and still have fun doing what you can.
  5. I was thinking kind of same thing, but open world multi groups/teams. I don't remember how Jackal worked, but my idea: Multiple rifts happening throughout the map and starts out where you can solo mobs within rift area. After awhile (I dunno, hours/days/weeks, some kind of counter like 1000) of killing mobs the rift hits wave 2 where you need to organize a small group/team of people. Then 3rd wave you need to organize more people. Basically like rifts are now. This is in addition to the normal mobs you can solo hunt and should be able to just do that if don't want to participate those mini rifts. Thinking those mini rifts should take up to a week to progress and server saves your participation even if logged out or not on Jackal. Have 3 or more active mini rifts randomly at start and then once closed it would random respawn a week later. Other rifts would be closed by other players trying to make it to where not all the mini rifts are at the same rift level. Figuring that would just work itself out as people would probably try to organize to close one rift at a time. Was thinking of not making the entire map deedable. Different areas on the map you can make a max 18x18 deed, but not everywhere. Make you have to run out to hunt and fight. Make sure you bring a tent. Have high spawn rates of horses and skinable animals for pelts. You don't have to have a deed to have fun on Jackal just like rest of Wurm, but has it's advantages. Can make a locked large cart and find a mine near the rifts instead. You know what, maybe don't allow any deeds at all. Just starter towns that have good services. I dunno, might be hard to keep cotton farm though. Have other things like traps, random treasure chests (not the same as the new treasure hunting chests) that have rare coins. Rare chance to get treasure map to random freedom server as reward for closing mini rift. The mini rifts would not damage any part of the world except it's area like normal. After 5 months of closing a bunch of mini rifts you have huge Warmaster or some other dude's rift (Beastmaster?) that ruins the land by spreading corruption everyone has to defeat (well him and his massive mobs protecting him). Sixth month they close the server and there's a one month break. After one month new Jackal map...repeat. Bring back dark nights and some other old school stuff to Jackal. Any other ideas.......
  6. Took a few months break and completely forgot they mentioned Jackal wasn't coming back. Eh....minus well delete this.
  7. Sad all the Jackal textures, trees, new mobs, etc not available anymore. Jackal was a breath of fresh air (except for the skill reset). Why not turn Jackal into a hunting, challenge and/or exploration server that we can port to and back. We already have Lodestones to get there. Bring it back and have 1:1 skill transfers. No equipment transfers like before. No enchanted items/gear. It's a challenge server after all. Priest can wear armor and fight just like non-priest. Allow NFI/SFI servers to travel via lodestones. Be cool to run with people from other servers. Meet new friends. Can place deeds, but limited in tile size. Enough for a safe house, some horses and farm for cotton/food. Reset server map every 6 - 12 months. A different map each reset would be ideal. Starter town would have public forge, smelter and other tools available for starting out. 1 hour minimum Lodestone cool down both ways. I'm not sure about rewards if any. Maybe get some Jackal special wood to use on Freedom servers at reset. Seems Jackal skins are now bought at token with rewards. Other ideas...
  8. Can you make changes to allow us to load a small crate on a sailboat? Or make changes so can rune a sailboat to fit a small crate? I can't find my old post from years ago, but bringing this up again.
  9. +1 for darkening the game again with some changes though. I'd like to see moon phases and lighting at night be variable with some kind of weather update if they darken the game again. I really love the update to the day/night cycle, but game still could use a weather update so it's not only viable for sailing.
  10. Took a few months break (actually tried to quit Wurm) and came back to spend an hour or so repairing a bunch of stuff on my deed and inside multiple containers. Also found out magic chest is not so magical. Deeds should reduce decay on most items and items inside of storage to almost nothing. I have months of upkeep and still paying premium for 2 accounts even though not actively playing. I hate decorating my deed because everything decays and have to run around doing repair maintenance all the time. Looks cool having a half made cart next to my warehouse, but it takes huge hits of decay all the time. Have a rare anchor sitting around my shipping area for decor and it takes massive decay ticks on deed. Don't want to show it off anymore afraid its going to go poof one day if I forget about it. Or make some options if you paid for 30 days you get normal deed decay. If have 3 or 6 months or more upkeep then decay for most items should almost stop. I don't like how I don't play for a few months even though I paid for a year of premium and deed still has months of upkeep that I come back to this crap. Get penalized for not logging in doing stuff that's not fun. Only true storage option is an mule alt you've paid at least a month for already so doesn't get deleted. Magic Chests only worth it for food items.
  11. I think you missed the point of my post. Give us more things to purchase with karma.
  12. I don't know what to do with all this karma. Can I purchase some sleep bonus time with karma? Maybe pay for single use meditation abilities like random teleport. I like doing missions since keeps me active, but have a ton of karma and not motivated to get anymore since nothing to really do with it. I have meditation "recall home" so only thing karma is good for is getting corpse back which I can't remember last time I needed that.
  13. Was just thinking about this last night. Ended up on other side of Xan and wished I could pay the wagoner to send me a horse from deed. If no route to my deed I can keep running and find another highway/wagoner to try it's routes.
  14. They need to focus PvP on Epic and make continual drastic changes every other month. Let us have fun playing with the mechanics, ###### in forums about changes, then have Devs make actual changes and let us try it out all over again. So what if they are bad ideas/changes, at least something to try out for a few months and change it up some more. The main issue is they try to get involved and make changes then everything else falls on deaf ears for another few years. I'm focused on Epic PvP because Elevation was supposed to be a playground of changes and they just stopped after the big update. These are changes you wouldn't just change on the fly with Chaos or Defiance. I was expecting continual updates every other month or even weeks. I say Epic for PvP because it's where anyone can go without fear of losing Freedom Gear or Freedom Skills. Gets a lot more people involved without the risks. I've said many times, they should have let Sindusk have 100% control of Epic (or at least Elevation) and do whatever he wanted making constant changes keeping people involved. Elevation is the "Real" sandbox. Let him break Elevation. Who cares at least someone is trying.
  15. I should have made an edit, but just make it to where if "you" target a mob, then it won't un-target later. If you're running around and get targeted by a mob you didn't target yourself, then should be smart enough to stop targeting. Pressing the X on the target portrait 30 times while running through a highway on horse full of mobs is not a good option.