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  1. I found the Java 8 131 update 64bit at this site. Uninstalled the new version then installed this one. Wurm is working fine again.
  2. I've tried the instructions from the included link from years ago deleting everything in the Java settings and still not working. For testing (probably dumb idea now) I updated java on another computer and now it can't load Wurm Online on 2nd PC now either.
  3. Same here. Java update now can't launch Wurm stable/unstable.
  4. +1 bugged out font fix then.
  5. +1 Only common reason to get a rare is either it's shiny or decrease decay of enchantments. Seeing a purpose for all rare items except for materials would make a lot of sense and be what is expected anyways when you get a rare.
  6. Only thing about basing the cast range on a skill level like channeling is that most large kingdoms will have a high level priest giving them an advantage over lower level kingdoms which makes changing it no point. As long as locate range is not based on a skill I'm cool with that. Everyone triangulates locates everywhere and that's the biggest disadvantage to small groups right now.
  7. I agree and local should be changed along with nolo. Make it harder to locate someone that is further away and easier when they are closer. Not all of us are priest though so..... An idea for local list is make us use pendulums to get a local reading. There is no local list, but if you pendulum then it can start building a list of people in local. Or maybe a pendulum is the only way to see who is in local. Then we'll need to make teams for our own group since we can't see each other in local. Or make local really small like 10-20 tiles. Don't know an answer, but Chaos happens how McLovin said it. Not many people roam around except for noobs since they don't realize the power of locate and it being the end of your life if you are all alone.
  8. I'll be there. Thanks for public invite on blood.
  9. Next blue screen get your phone out and take a picture. There will be a code after the STOP error that will help you find the issue. It sounds like a hardware or driver issue so far. Most blue screens are from this. Take the first part of the STOP error where the code is like 0x000000F8 and look that up in Google. Don't need the stuff in the (0x030x00x0x)
  10. My deed looks so much nicer now. This an old video. Just realized this thread is old too. lol
  11. Wow that's cool never knew about these? They random drops you have to find like other Valrei items but much more rare? Good luck on your auction.
  12. Great fixes for unstable client. I can now run through deeds that used to lock up the game when I got close to them. Now can run through these large deeds with barely an issue.
  13. From my understanding tree collisions have been in the game since day one. Once they brought bridges into Wurm they had a lot of issues and decided to turn it off which I guess fixed the bridge issue for the time being while they figured out how to fix it. Maybe if they didn't turn it off we would still not have bridges from an issue they needed more time on. So it appears it's only been 2-3 years with tree collision off and the rest of the 7 years it's been on (Wurm 10+ years old).
  14. Rather see there be a check or variable set for your character that only allows you to wear the tabard of the Chaos alliance you are part of. Prevent people representing when they are not part of the Chaos alliance.