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  1. Can we get a change with how the "Armour Stand" displays armour that is stored? Changed it to only hold 1 set of armour and show the armour on the rack with the items stored within? Be nice to display different sets of armour since can make out of about any material and color each piece. Would look really nice on different displays.
  2. I hope Jackal wasn't designed for new players. New player best experience would be normal Freedom. I just don't see why a noob would want to have a decision between Freedom and Jackal when most of their progress from Jackal wouldn't transfer to Freedom anyways so it would screw over a noob player. Then they'd be on Freedom lost with lower skills than Jackal and probably leave the game. Fighting in Rifts is a goal where you want to skill up your fight/weapon skills on Freedom to be able to do Rifts. Then being able to do a Rift and open a portal to Jackal to me is an "expansion" to Wurm where you get to progress even further and explore new lands to continue the experience with a common goal. I like the concept of Jackal, just not the fresh start. The way you clean the lands and the tone of the map changes is pretty cool. Like in other MMO's you don't just jump into the game being a noob and do Lvl80 dungeons or raids. It's a big goal being new to want to level up to be able to contend and do the elite content. The Elevation reset was fun at first since you jump in at current Freedom skills and fighting within a few days or a week after creating gear/weapons. Only way I can see a skill reset for a challenge server would be for PvP and not for PvE. This is where I see Steam WO being a good fresh start and if I joined it I'd focus everything I do towards PvP. Gloria Victis has taken me away from Wurm for now since it's mostly geared towards PvP and I like that I have to use some kind of mouse and keyboard timing to fight rather than waiting around for RNG based on the numbers of skill that was grinded. So might not give Steam a try if GV continues to fill the void.
  3. Put all that stuff on Wurmpedia and make link mostly to Wurmpedia since that's the main 99% resource that is used when playing this game. Should have a bunch of linked Youtube videos on the front page of Wurmpedia also for new people.
  4. Please next round make skills on Jackal not start a zero. Let us start with current Freedom skills and transfer back and forth between Freedom and Jackal then don't need any transfer math and prevents complaints. Make skill gains the same as Freedom. Make items not transfer between Freedom and Jackal like they don't know so will have to start naked at the beginning. The entire skill reset makes this frustrating and not appealing. For me at least. Be a great advanced challenging server in different atmosphear with different goals instead of the same old hunting on Freedom. Let some rewards be you can buy logs with Jackal points from the trees and plants of Jackal to use on Freedom which would make some nice rare materials to build furniture with.
  5. Having same type of issues. I bought a laptop with Ryzen 3200U and when I try to play with default graphics profile the game crashes right before loading at 100%. I've put all graphic settings down to low and games loads for few seconds with missing textures all over the place then get Windows BSOD. Tried without GLSL and same thing. Was using the video drivers that came with the laptop at first and I've upgraded to the newest AMD drivers which were released in November 2019 and same issue. Played Apex Legends with no issues to eliminate if issue was with laptop. Game works fine on my older laptop with Intel UHD 620 and desktop with Nvidia 2060. Wurm doesn't like AMD Ryzen/Radeon graphics I guess.
  6. Agreed and surprised they haven't removed this mandatory PvP ability with all the other PvP changes like priest and gear update they've made in the past. Also should change weaponsmithing on par with other gear smithing. Without knowing someone you can trust to imp your high valued enchanted weapons you're pretty much screwed unless you want to go through the insane grind of what WS is currently.
  7. Can you add option to make kindling using any sharp tool/weapon on a branch as a priest? Please. I have a huge axe and knife and can't make kindling out here in the middle of nowhere to make campfire.
  8. I don't know if this game can do it, but any way to add Ray Tracing for people with Nvidia RTX cards? I saw a video with Minecraft using a mod to enable ray tracing and it looked amazing compared to not using it.
  9. Just wait for Steam release of WO. Then you'll have your 1 server with everyone on it.
  10. [17:21:21] Sorry, but you are not allowed to place that.
  11. Hitching post can be push/pulled, but not turned. Didn't know if this is intended or not.
  12. Probably something with the horses too. The ebony and other dark parts of other horses look totally washed out for me.
  13. Yes please allow 1 time 1:1 character copies to Steam servers if not right away at least after a couple of months. I'm all good with no RMT on Steam servers. Also maybe a good idea so the game doesn't seem dead and new people might see extra low server population and not want to try it out.