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  1. For starters they should change the /who to show population of each server also. Sucks to not know which server to go to for finding a fight. I understand it means if a raid or something is happening, but already same thing on Chaos. Population rises then something is going down.
  2. How do I get the batch file to use the Relative Directory? Only works if I keep using the launcher. Use the batch file and goes back to localappdata. It's okay if can't and I'll change how I launch program from now on if not possible.
  3. I was using the batch file. That's why I was missing it. Thanks a lot.
  4. I was reading about the "use relative data directory" in previous posts, but I can't find that option. I've looked about everywhere so I must be over looking it somewhere. Where exactly is this option? I've been through all the Options and don't see it. I deleted all the data in %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData and relaunched WA thinking option only comes after first database initialization, but still not seeing it. Watch the option be in the middle of the screen and I'm not seeing it. Great program by the way. Thanks for making it.
  5. Any way you can add the option to choose where the data files are located? I would just rather not have to sync %localappdata%\AldursLab\WurmAssistantData and keep the database in the same folder as \WurmOnline\WurmAssistant. Easier sync, backup and management since WurmOnline is portable already.
  6. Be good for those low end laptops some people play on.
  7. PvP is all community. There is no solo PvP (realistically). You grind up your skills helping to fortify your alliance deed while talking and having fun with others on Discord or just text chat in game. Without the community PvP is really boring, no planning. To compare it's hard to find a freedom alliance that stays active. Most of the time they build a bridge then nothing to do together for another few months. I've met some online friends through PvP and what draws me and others I know to PvP more. Get exciting at times to know you've planned your deed and your attack groups to always be prepared for a fight and while at work or through the day being bored in real life you wait for the jump on some pvp to get on boat and sail out super quick. It's about planning and being there for your team. Being part of a group that is organized with a leader makes it better. If you are into community and want something to do all the time in the game then PvP is where it's at. This is my opionion and only reason I see Wurm PvP being any fun since fighting is all RNG and based on skills meaning you have ZERO control over the battle on that fact no matter how good you might be. So group planning goes a long way.
  8. That's why Kaneka (I know I'm screwing up her name) said she wouldn't PvP on her smith. I was looking at my logs in WA and it looks to double up on my when I die and maybe where I'm seeing the 8 lost on death. From couple months ago. [19:46:05] Fighting decreased by 0.2500 to 88.1617 [19:46:06] Firemaking has decreased to rank 0 affinity [19:46:06] Body strength decreased by 0.0099 to 44.2159 [19:46:06] Body decreased by 0.0093 to 48.5243 [19:46:06] Fighting decreased by 0.2500 to 88.1617 [19:46:07] Body strength decreased by 0.0099 to 44.2159 [19:46:07] Body decreased by 0.0093 to 48.5243
  9. Which ones do you lose then? I don't remember each time I see me losing 8 skills at death. I just go on with it and complain. lol
  10. Bad example using strength but same if you have 90 weapon smithing and get jacked to 89 which takes forever to grind then sucks. This example is from someone I know with 90+ weapon smithing and amazing body stats that won't PvP. I've been focusing on nothing but smithing related crafting for now to get my body stats higher to get back into PvP. Sucks to lose, but that's part of it. Don't get killed... Last few times on Epic I end up getting jacked by 5 people and stand there for a full minute waiting to die.
  11. Losing 8 skills after death in PvP is pretty crappy though. Spend 5 days getting body strength and lose it in 1 fight. I see that being why lots of PvE'ers don't like PvP. Nice thing about Epic is you can port and get your skills back, but not much PvP on Epic.
  12. I like doing this too and a good way I've found to make it more interesting is using "random teleport" from path of insanity. Then you are at a random location and have to figure out where you are and if you can make it back home or until the next hour when random tele is off cool down. I've been ALL over Xan this way. I feel like I know where I am most the time now when I random tele. Good way to find hunting too.
  13. The way I see it and I'm guessing here, is that there are 2 developers that work on Wurm Online and there are a lot of great ideas to put into Wurm to please the player base. They can't and won't do anything with Epic because they lose all resources for the new game client and other additions they trying to make the game better as a whole and stop lag and other stuff that we all need. I don't see anything happening to Epic since there is no team and never will be a team to focus on PvP. The PvP population is so low right now it probably doesn't matter to them. I think there are 2600 active subscriptions and maybe 400 of them are all about PvP? Again I'm just guessing on all this, but how I feel it is. They just need a bigger staff and a 100% focused team on PvP even if it's 1 developer. Epic is a Beta battle ground where they can change whatever they want and work with the community without screwing with freedom and making that player base unhappy, but they not taking advantage of it. Was hoping they would when talk was going on in November. I don't think the Dev's respond because maybe this is the answer and not like they can just come out and say "Hey sorry guys.....we don't have the resources to care for PvP right now, but will keep you hoping so you keep playing the game". No disrespect to the Devs at all and no attacks and understand if that's the case. Making sure this isn't taken the wrong way... This is also why pretty much PvP needs to be focus on either Chaos or Epic and mainly Epic since it is it's own thing that is full PvP with no PvE issues.
  14. There is already a random teleport and a once a day teleport home with meditation paths and can use karma to teleport home. Going from what Flubb was saying and something I've thought about. Maybe wouldn't mind seeing how we could hitch a ride on a wagoneer for transportation. Don't make it faster than if you ran there yourself so not really abused or makes us get too lazy. Not sure how to handle mobs near the road unless they would ignore you. Could have message like "[00:00:00] You hide inside the wagon as a mob approaches to avoid being seen" and the wagoneer keeps going down the road. Have it to where you cannot jump out at any time and have to go all the way to destination. Have a minimum destination you can use a wagoneer for. OR...... Can only use passenger wagoneer from starter town to starter town. Would only really work for Xan though, but Xan is big enough to make this a cool exclusive feature. Give some new life to starter towns after remodels.
  15. Another thing I want to get off my chest is apologizing to the PvP community for defending Rolandt (you know who I'm talking about) in the past. I should have listened to others on how much of an a**hole this guy really was, but didn't realize until he went after someone verbally on Epic kingdom and saw his true colors. I having fun with him (just because he would be active and do more random stuff that most others) all the time and went blind of not caring and being selfish. Anyways since it's name and shame I'm putting that out there so I can sleep in Wurm better. I might have posted this in January but don't remember. Took a 2 month break from Wurm after that crap.