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  1. Fix Stealth

    Be nice if can't be seen unless within a certain range of tiles instead of someone having higher stats then you. Would help PvP be a little more even.
  2. Mini Games

    bump for toymaking
  3. Team Map (in-game)

  4. Right click stops working for sub menus

    I play in full windowed mode (can see taskbar) all the time and never full screen, so thinking not the issue, but if happens again will play around with alt+tab just in case it works.
  5. Haven't had this happen in a while, but happened twice while pvping yesterday. The right click bugs out where you can't get sub-menus to open. For instance was trying to cast spells and then couldn't get the right click sub-menu for spells to open or any other. Had to relog. Happened twice within 3 hours. The initial right click works, but no other sub-menus open. Was in combat each time this happened.
  6. Edit: Actually no reason to get into an argument with people I don't care about.
  7. I also pvp a lot on Creeperthemob since Nicedreams is too busy crafting replacement gear all the time. I don't want to champ Nicedreams and take hit to stats as I've been a champ on Creeperthemob in the past, but...might change my mind in the future. Global casting is not pvp. What does tower capping have to do with it? It's a strategy where usually the same person will cap all the towers and then they are the location guy we need to keep tabs on their rings. I usually don't have good nolo rings since lose them all the time to death so I don't cap. I capped 3 towers last night on Creeperthemob before getting killed by TC and only used nolo spell. Never had a kingdom title because I don't ask and I don't care about the titles unless you friends with the king of the PMK as most people stingy with titles. Titles is not a must to pvp. I will never construct a mission item as I don't feel like making the mats and completing it. I only care about mats for deed buildings and walls. Most of this is PvE anyways except for towers and champ. Never see you on death tabs. I'm on there plenty. Every time I try to do Hota I get killed and I'm pretty sure I've capped some pillars because Ciray killed me last Hota I went to when I capped some pillars while on Nicedreams. Didn't know you were in MR since you always complaining about people and when I talk about it you say nothing making me think you don't pvp. I don't look online for peoples stats as I don't care. I will only look people up in RL if they wrong me and I need to take care of it.
  8. New Server / Islands / Region?

    -1 to new home server Maybe a challenge server for PvE would be cool. Something to explore and hunt that gets reset every year or two the same size as Xan. Has some hunting missions or really hard missions.
  9. The Flip Side: What do you LOVE about Wurm?

    Terraforming. No other game can do it like Wurm Online. Forgot to mention no cookie cutter housing.
  10. For someone that doesn't PvP has seen this numerous times? These massive one way God spawns just make PvP stop in it's place and makes it one sided within an instant. Go into an even battle 5v5 then a god spawn happens and pvp is done. We got a Champ (might have been king) kill this way too. Eva from Panda was trying to rescue someone that random teleported on accident. We figured it out from massive locates and went looking for them. We only won because of the god spawn drake spirits on both of them and we were a boat full of noobs at the time. (I think I remembered this correctly.) I like the concept of the god spawns, but should be maybe 1 champ OR a couple of mobs and not an entire group of 8-10 mobs plus a champ at the same time.
  11. Zombies aint counting for zombies

    Go to a rift and you'll probably finish your zombie goal at attending only one. Spawned rift mobs are considered zombies.
  12. +1 Increase the missions chance from small to medium chance? Used to be a good way to try to get moon metals also. Since armour changes it would be nice to have more options at moon metals again. -1 to the long lines of drake spirits in water with champs though. -1 to the gods spawning creatures on you while pvping in groups.
  13. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    LMAO. That's some crafty stuff there switching the doors like that before the stairs part. I went through with my alt and was like WTF, then went back through and noticed the sign was different from last night. Good job.
  14. Like title says. Make it to where we can plant and/or secure this item.
  15. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    About 3-4 hours later I finally finished. Thanks for the event. This labyrinth was mean. Amazing work on it.