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  1. Valrei International. 060

    Ah that sucks. Maybe they can give you a special hat you can wear around the game. Mad Hatter style.
  2. Valrei International. 060

    Can we get a teaser on how the animal crates will work? 1.) What kinds of boats can we use for loading animal crates? 2.) Is it the same requirement as normal crates or are they bigger (Fit in a large cart, wagon or knarr)? 3.) Is there a limit to the type of animal that can be transported? 4.) Can we transport multiple animals or only 1 crate per boat? 5.) Assuming only animals and can't transport trolls (humanoids), dragons and other large creatures? 6.) Can't transport water creatures (whales, squid, *minus well ask since maybe possible). 7.) Is this limited to only tamable creatures? Does taming have to be involved? *I hope not. 8.) Skill requirement for making animal crates? 9.) Skill requirement for putting animal in crate? Do we need a certain Animal Handling skill? 10.) Can transport champ animals/creatures? 11.) Can transport a rat is seems in pic so can be transport anything or limited to only non-aggressive creatures. *redundant
  3. Valrei International. 060

    That sounds like a lot fun. I've repaired 20 walls in the 4 years I've been playing.
  4. Valrei International. 060

    You guys keeping or maybe reducing the "Repair 6000 fences, floors or walls" personal goal? Seems a bit excessive unless you being raided every day.
  5. Valrei International. 060

    Dude you don't know the code to cheat in Wurm? up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A #konamicode
  6. If skills went back and forth between Epic and Chaos(Freedom) then we probably wouldn't have this conversation. #redundant
  7. PVP updates eta? Epic plans? 1 server?

    Thanks for the response Keenan. Finally a real answer and I'll be the first to stop complaining, for now. At least now know it'll be awhile (going to guess a year or two) for anything pvp related.
  8. No-Use Inventory Group

    You can create sub-groups and rename them within your inventory to organize everything. Open your inventory and "right click" the name "inventory" and can then chose "Add group". I have: +Tools2-Imp +Tools1 +Rares +Horse +Healing +Combat-Armor rest of inventory stuff
  9. The fights we had past couple days on Chaos, the enemy was able to drain our token while having 2 champs a king and others attacking the person draining. We could get no interruptions, no hits, no bashes, nothing on them while draining. This seems like a bug and not a feature. If a feature then doesn't make sense to me and really bad mechanic.
  10. Fun Idea For Epic Portals And Travel

    I was thinking about that right after I posted too. Was in middle of brainstorming when wrote it, but your point is correct. Maybe can add 1 or 2 epic portals in woods or something? Fun idea though, but would need some work. lol I get these little ideas on how to get people to Epic and go from there even if they don't make sense.
  11. Time to support one PVP server

    I only port over to Epic about every 2 weeks just to copy my skills over in case they change something without me knowing. I'd skill on Epic if my skills would transfer back and forth. But for now will skill on Freedom (xan/chaos) and come to Epic just for 5 minutes a month.
  12. Fun Idea For Epic Portals And Travel

    Wow didn't even realize this was kind of mentioned here.
  13. Just an idea I was toying with in my head I figured I'd post. Nothing serious so don't troll like it's something being added to game tomorrow. Link FREEDOM portals to various EPIC portals. If I took an Epic portal from a starter town in Linton on Xan, it would take me to Epic Lands and port me to a dedicated Epic portal on Epic like a starter town on a home server or Elevation. If I ran around Epic to other end of the map to another "game made epic portal" like how starter towns are, you would be ported to another starter town on Xan or maybe even another starter town on another Freedom Server. This would make Epic like an underground transport system that might bring some people to Epic just to travel. Would only work for the Huge Epic Portals and not player made ones. Player made portals would work the same as they always have. So for example I would enter Epic Portal from Linton on Xan which would port me to Epic Portal on Elevation starter town. If I ran the map to another starter town on Epic and took it's portal, it would teleport me to Deli Starter Town on Freedom. Gives an option to explore other servers and something besides sailing. Like instead of a 3 hour sail, I might want to take my chances starting from Freedom starter town portal then running through Epic servers to get to another Freedom portal to get to Indi back on Freedom. Take a chance on being trapped and some random battles. Bridging some kind of relationship between Epic and Freedom would be great instead of just Valrei fights. Change the lore to get people to want to fight in the God Lands on Epic.
  14. Special Moves For Weaponless Fighting

    I want a "Bruce Lee" title.
  15. Epic, Complete 180°

    Make Elevation a challenge server or at least reset the damn thing every year or so to keep things fresh. Keep HOTA since it's the only thing that has a focus and reward in the game. It's something to do instead of just raw pvp all the time and raiding deeds. If you are'll want to keep HOTA even if you can't do it right now. It's a goal.