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  1. Well welcome to Epic PvP. While being new and running around a struggling low population server trying to find PvP we (couple others in BL) decide to go to JK lands and find some fights or deeds to raid or the stuff you normally do in Wurm PvP. Second time around find no one around starter deed and I saw some statues and the area wasn't deeded. Didn't think for a second it was a memorial for a person that played the game. How am I supposed to know what the name was. It's like seeing "paaweelr" for the first time. I just saw trophies that were not deeded and came all this way I'm leaving with something. Honestly if it was something important then it should have been deeded and not just out in the open. While running from guards didn't even try to look at the naming on the hotas. Not until I saw this thread did the message on the hota make sense. Other than that it was free loot. It's wrong for you to assume we (I) knew what was going on and all the long history and every single person that has played this game in the past. If you say you knew who did it then why didn't you message me? Next time make it a better memorial that seems more like a memorial and deed it or lose it (wurm moto). Not trying to be an ######, but sorry and how supposed to know. Do I ask people permission before taking things that are not deeded? Do I ask to raid a deed on Epic? I'm sorry for taking what I didn't know. We'll be returning the statues. We'll be in touch.
  2. Was at JK Epic lands and found what looked like it "used" to be a Volcano. I'm hyped up on volcano's because it's something to do and a way to get moon metal, but seems like there are no active volcano's on Epic at all on any server. Searching forums and see about this Rod of Eruption and be cool to use this. Don't know how to get one, how they cost (if bought by merchant) or even how to get one. Seems maybe it's Wurm Unlimited only. I really wish Epic had some active volcano's to visit. I used to always go to the 2 active volcano's on Chaos when bored. !!! EPIC NEEDS VOLCANOS !!! ----What looks like used to be volcano on Epic Serenity---- Where did it go???
  3. One of the worst parts of being on Chaos or Epic is not being able to just "untame" an animal like a horse. You can on regular Freedom servers. Lose too many tamed horses to random mobs because can't find another animal to untame horse when in a rush. Just honestly seems ridiculous we can't dot his. It actually delays some fights because people are looking for another animal so they can untame their horse or lose it to some random wolf killing your horse while you are PvP'ing someone else only because it's tamed. Let us click on the animal or something on our bodies (like our hand) to allow us to "untame animal". We can on Freedom so please hook us up with single untame animal option. This is a HUGE change for us on Epic (Chaos). Rather see change on Epic.
  4. I'd really like to see changes between skills from Freedom to Epic. I've been grinding away on Epic and also thinking I might be losing out on Freedom. Loving the curve and just wish my skills could go back and forth between to the two and only have curve on Epic so skills in the 70s put you in the middle of the action instead of needing 90 skill.
  5. If they reset Epic can they make active Volcano's again that can't be destroyed? We need things to do on Epic and one thing on Chaos was going to one of the 2 volcano's when bored to find boulders. Maybe get some PvP action from others doing the same. Disappointed there's no volcano's around to explore. Niraja says 2015 for last eruption on Elevation. [Elevation 2015-04-13 07:06 Enkenfyre rumbles intensely.] Missing from Epic (This is on Chaos)
  6. Sounds cool with the spin of showing the person that is asleep in the bed instead of it being empty while slept in and logged off. Another idea is if someone logs off in the woods or a road they will sit down on the ground. No creatures or anything can interact with them. Mainly would just like to see people in beds if keeping people in the world.
  7. I just see challenge servers as you have a year to build and kill and then it resets. I could have it wrong. Never played on one before. To me it seems if PvP map is too long term then it turns into old players and map gets stale. Give us a random 16x16 single map or little bigger every refresh. I honestly would like the stability of the game fixed first. No point in doing PvP when everyone's client is crashing and lagging out and can't battle anyways. Just adding to the idea....even if it's not a good one. lol EDIT: Forgot to mention that this would be the ONLY PvP server. All others would be removed and this would be the new PvP norm.
  8. Turn Epic into a Challenge Server that we can portal in and out of like currently can. Epic is stale and resetting the server every year or few months or whatever on Challenge might be the answer. Keep us busy with missions and other things when no active PvP going on. Missions help get people out and run into others too. Keep the skills and crafting super fast so it's easier to keep rebuilding after server resets. Make sure it's not all about standing in front of a forge like freedom and more about PvP only and defense. Let us portal in from Freedom and do PvP and quick building of deeds. That seems to be what the direction of Epic is going in. No reason to skill on Epic so make is all about battles. Maybe make some random missions that you need to flatten a deed in the Challenge.
  9. I'm new to Epic so will be selfish and say I'm down for a map reset also. Loving this PvP change skill transfer so far. I don't think Elevation is too big. What if more PMK's want to show up...then we'll say the map is not big enough. PMK's only have Elevation.
  11. Can I get a PC on my account please? Time to turn the other cheek and leave Wurm.
  12. Hence why not on PvP server. Thought the same thing. Or could just be randomly put in the water and have a drake spirit kill you. lol
  13. -1 Four hour sailing trips is part of the game.
  14. Bump.... Just on non PvP servers at least.