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  1. Can drag pretty much anything to the toolbelt and use it.
  2. I'm asking for it! I like to think I have a good PvP account... But when I go to Chaos everyone says I'm still not near powerful enough and my account isn't worth crap. Now I can go to Epic and finish off this slow grind and get leveled up. Get body stats up faster will be really nice. Ccan go HAM on Epic and not care about losing some stats. Epic PvP seems a ton more fun anyways... Chaos pretty small and will be cool to check out a large Epic.
  3. Make some new creatures for hunting that you can only find by using traps. Rabbit meat, squirrel meat, etc... Brings back the idea of Earth Worms from gardening. Using worms for bait gives you chance at rare fish instead of being on the tile...
  4. rant Why the hell is everyone on Epic talking about transferring to freedom? Doesn't make sense to me. Epic seems like the place where REAL PVP happens. Chaos is kind of ###### when it comes to PVP. Lose your drake set and just buy another if you have real life money to spend from someone on PVE server. I went to Epic a year ago and was planning on being on Epic full time. After logging in for a week and no one around I left and considered Epic as pretty useless. I had fun solo though. Then went to Chaos for PVP. Population on Chaos sucks too depending on where you are in the world. Right now 6 people logged into Chaos this Thursday morning. I would miss some awesome PVP battles because it was 3AM where I live and I have to work in the morning. Epic PVP keeps it all in one place. Changes hopefully will get more people on Epic and all I hear is complaining. Pretty sad. To me it comes down to competition and people in this game seem to not like competition. The only competition is "I grinded my skill longer than you so I should be better than you". If it was up to me I'd make the curve get you to 100 max skill in a month or less and even the PVP playing field. Make gear, weapons and bonuses the only thing that gives an edge over someone else in PvP. Then you have to work together as an alliance to get that edge above an other alliance, but minus the bonus a little if 100 person alliance if fighting a 20 person alliance. Damn balance. I'm glad they doing this transfer from Freedom to Epic. I'll be moving their full time when change comes. Freedom makes me want to quit Wurm and been hanging on these PvP updates for awhile now. Chaos no fun because I need 6 more years to be equal with others. Getting this shield skill up if freakin insane on Freedom. /rant
  5. Just thinking about it....Build it into Wurm to show a picture flash on the screen to help while imping or something like that. The icons on the screen in IMP part of inventory are pretty small and bigger information to help with imping would be nice instead of using 3rd party tool like Wurm Assistant. Staring at the event log for an hour while imping and trying to watch TV or focus on 2 things is hard. *Have a new feature like an IMP BOX that shows your current item you are imping and what's next to imp it. Then can resize the box like the character view. Then I don't have to bump my fonts up in game to 18-20 anymore to read the event log every imp. Just something to make it more noticeable since not much interaction while imping. Edit: Make a new window in the new GUI coming out soon just for Imping. It would show the information and pictures in one nice organized place that can be moved around.
  6. Like Evilreaper was saying; this page can help make imping easier. I personally would stay away from imping if it wasn't for this setup. Then can keep left hand on keybinds for toolbelt slots and right hand for keybinds for improve and repair. Keep mouse hovered over item you want to imp. Watch movie on other monitor or TV in the house. I've setup my keyboard 1-5 to have toolbelt slots 1-5 for imp tools. Then I keybind U and I keys for imp/repair. Lay 2 hands on keyboard and good to go. Just look at icon that changes in the imp column so you don't have to read the Event Log. Pictures quicker to look at. I know Wurm Assistant has an imp feature also to just tell you want you need to imp with instead of reading Event Log. Little work to setup, but worth it in the end.
  7. Have HOTA be randomized like rift. Give a day or two to spawn to let people travel and prepare for battle.
  8. If they can fairly transfer skills from Epic to Freedom then there is no issue. Then it's not a waste of time going forward with any change. Last I heard Epic's on induced coma life support.....
  9. Epic server reset. Fresh start on Epic and all maps. If this works out, I'm hoping this brings all of Chaos over (not by force) to Epic and ends up making Epic the main PvP.
  10. Same here near west coast couldn't login to wurmpedia, forums or game, but now works.
  11. Well that works then. Haven't died or been on chaos in few months so forgot about the x3. Very excited for this update. Lots of new things coming.
  12. If only fight skill lost when dying then that's an awesome change. People don't want to fight more than once a day sometimes because they don't want to chance losing body strength which is a pain to gain. Upper accounts don't die as much so they don't lose body strength as much as weaker accounts.
  13. Thanks a lot for staying on top of these rifts on Indi past few months. Helps a lot for us travelers.
  14. Never thought I'd buy Wurm Unlimited, but just did. Thanks for heads up on this deal.
  15. Thanks for the explanation Retro. Didn't think cooking timers helped and was hoping they would be changed back to what they used to, but guess not since it's helping the lag. Haven't noticed it any better, but not like I have a back-end server monitor to tell the difference.