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  1. *sigh* just got home from work, oh well, should be able to make the one next week.
  2. I assume you mean Coffeeeater?
  3. At the tip of the peninsula Y43, X12 you can add in Silvir Bluff if you wish Pandalet. Thank you.
  4. Should have seen Olive Lake Resort in its prime. Likewise, the Magnus deeds in the North east, contact Nesgamepro.
  5. I looked back and the only previous mention of this was back in 2009, but I recently brought my tamed champ wild cat into the mine structures and placed it into a pen. Within moments of un-taming the silly thing warped through a wall and has taken to residing inside the commons building. I have put it back in the pen 3 times now, and it continues to move back into the main building, this is not an inconvenience, but could become one if the guard hell hounds figure out the cat's trick. Any suggestions?
  6. +1
  7. I honestly don't play enough to support either side on this subject, but I have to comment that you are winning no argument with me by using Autism as an insult towards anyone. As is stated a plethora of times in the forums when disagreements about land usage erupt....if you don't have it deeded, you cannot control it. I hope yall can come to a reasonable and peaceful solution to the issue.
  8. I think you misspelled something there Miss C. Should be "Silvirwolfe, mistress of pain/games , Excels in proper whip Uisge. You know I'll gladly be there to help out however I can work schedule allowing of course. Might can find a suit of chain or 2 that needs some work.
  9. Grats on the crown, thanks for organizing and putting up with the bloodthirsty mob.
  10. Lucky me, I'm off work Tuesday.....Uisge Beatha's axe is at your service, sorry, no sword for the leader to fall on here. As well, Silvirmoon is coming along with me, Fo priestess.
  11. Turning my boat around now.
  12. Sigh, I'll be at work, and I so like seeing cows. Good luck on the fight.
  13. I'll do my best to make it.