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  1. Do we have to type out "Happy Birthday" twice while we wash our hands? Thank you for another public slaying.
  2. Sacrificing Shiny Shards for Lessons of Fo mission : not crediting the mission [12:10:38] You find a Shiny Shard in amongst the dirt. [12:26:05] You drop a Valrei mission item. [12:26:07] You start to sacrifice at the altar of Fo. [12:26:37] A strange sound is emitted from the altar of Fo as Fo gladly accepts your offerings. Net result mission still sitting at 3.78% completed as it was prior to saccing. Thank you for looking into this Alectrys. https://prnt.sc/rn9spf https://prnt.sc/rn9vmq Not from my contributions here, but they are copies of the mission logs of someone who did contribute. Hope it helps.
  3. Thank you for the public slaying, always pleasant to see a resurgence of these.
  4. Congratulations! And a fitting title, hope it is approved.
  5. Hmmm, I'll have to bake up one of Uisge's Snook Pies then. Thank you for the public slay.
  6. The rift casters and summoners do hold onto the last health bar you had while fighting them if they port to safety, when you re-engage them you have to clear the target bar.
  7. Map from 2012

    Sometimes consider recreating Misty Harbor, those were some fun times in the game.
  8. Sounds like fun, wish I were off this weekend...
  9. You have always gone out of your way to help other people Tria, it bothers me to see someone take advantage of that though sad to say it doesn't surprise me as eventually human nature and greed go hand in hand. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
  10. I like the concept, when will Heiro's Dairy Farm open for customers?
  11. Thank you for yet another public slaying, I will do my best to attend.
  12. Congrats on the find, and kudos for the public slay. Will try to attend, thank you.
  13. Explora, the Warmaster summons turrets at half health. Sad to say, those were targeted first despite repeated requests to hold off from them if at all possible(in the end all of the original turrets had to be destroyed to advance the wave). You should get a chance to complete and hopefully the timetable on the opening better fits your play schedule.