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  1. And you have at least one valid listener present for the sermon?
  2. It appears that your logs confirm, while you were leading Emilsouth it was immune to your attacks, the game mechanics were in control at this time. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Kordeth, please look at your logs, game mechanics will not allow you to damage an animal while you are leading it. The scenario described goes in direct opposition to these mechanics, you might want to report the bug so the team can attempt to replicate(I tried but could not damage the horse while it was still actively being led). You do get "you try to hit" messages but there would have been no contact, until you stopped leading and then your poor horse was fair game for your attack attempts.
  4. I would like to return to the OP if allowed, and interject my sentiments on the matter at hand. Shydow, Sugarfoxx and Shrimpiie have always and will continue to hold my deepest respect as earned by their support and help for the Wurm community. Each has done so in their own distinctive manner be it quick and concise knowledge support, kind and pleasant interractions with the player base, or sacrifice of time and resources through countless Impalong hosting. With or without the titles, this will not change. Thank you and best wishes in your endeavors. I was raised on the old adage that for each negative action, it takes 10 positive actions to counter it. These 3 are still well ahead of the game.
  5. Do not need silver, Didn't really need scale, Entered for giggles. Congrats to Seriphina!
  6. I had this occur recently as well, then realized I was still leading the animal. Could you test this and ensure you are not leading before the cast attempt?
  7. The arrow strikes true, Like a silent assassin.... And then it shatters!
  8. Just let us paint arrows to make them easier to locate. Some might even be willing to glow rune them if the option were available... Once you play with the skill a bit, you will find that with selective targets, you need not worry about minimum range(there is none with short bow as long as the actions are queued prior to melee range) as you can keep the mob oblivious to your presence while you turn it into a porcupine(possible with every type of bow, just not with every type of creature). Just like with everything else, you have to get out there, and trial by error on occasion.
  9. I did it!

    Congrats Ray, we were all rooting for you...
  10. Just a suggestion, when adding more colored maps to an already combined one, can there be an option added to adjust the alignment on the current maps as well as the new one? As far as that goes, an action with the mapmakers table to deconstruct and reconstruct the alignment of a combined map(doesn't necessarily need to be a skill gain benefit here) to fix slight errors in placement.
  11. Just to follow up, after yesterdays maintenance shutdown the fish and clams showed back up in the fish keep on Release. I didn't catch an update on the /support ticket but for now they are no longer missing.
  12. Had this happen for my alt, Korraz, while transporting assorted fish and 34 clams to Xanadu from Release. Left the server with all in the fish keep net on the west server edge around the S range, jumped to Pristine quickly then server hopped again to Xanadu. Upon reaching there I set to prepare for the delivery only to find the keep net empty. No log messages about items crumbling to decay, none of them had decay upon leaving my deed on Release. Returned to the location where I first left Release server and the water is too deep for my squishy alt to swim around too much looking for possible item boxes on the ocean floor. Bakhita requested I add this to the bug reports, and thanks for the assistance on the matter.
  13. We should really slice up that muenster!