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  1. I haven't been to Scarborough Faire in a couple of decades now, wish I lived closer so I could go again. Hope you enjoy yourself.
  2. Alectrys and Explora, brought back some wonderful memories with the pics and videos, Even got to see them ride by Silvir's and my old deed on the way down the slope, and our nice blue houses. Thank you for bringing this area back to life.
  3. Will try to be there, pending my work schedule.
  4. Hmmm, double up to 4s then for the Axe?
  5. 2s for the rare huge axe blank? If so, CoD to Uisge please. Thank you.
  6. +1....I might use my cave dock if I actually knew I could reasonably prevent my boat from being wedged into the wall.
  7. I haven't ready every post here, but have an ideal solution for the problem. Simply limit any affinity gained on Chaos to just Chaos usable. If you return to Freedom you lose access to those affinities. One might argue that the option to gain affinities should be added to Freedom in a limited aspect and that could be installed with extremely rare chance at perhaps a Rift or such that is a manifestation of Chaos on Freedom. If this were added in of course to be consistent any gains on Freedom would not transfer over to Chaos. I am not talking about skill gain of course, but just the affinities. Before the discussion of it being unfair for wilders to lose the affinities when going to Freedom, consider that a right given to anyone on Freedom regardless of playstyle is the protection of your properties in a deed or house from theft. How would PMK members feel if the suggestion were made that whenever they left Freedom server to go to Chaos that their deed would be open for looting? A good deal of which is transported to Freedom to keep it safe from being raided on the home server. Moreso, how would Freedomers feel if this same restriction were placed on them, opening up their possessions for theft if they sail into Chaos or port to Epic. It would be far simpler to restrict the gains from Chaos harvesting to just when on Chaos. Open for challenge and discussion. PS : I am a Kumbayah singing tree hugging Freedomer, but I do feel the benefits gained through Chaos risk should be gained through the same risk as if one lived on the server every day.
  8. I logged in today to find the champ rat dead, she was fat and sassy and cared for but alas that wasn't enough. I am sorry, but I will be unable to hold up my end of the bargain. I so wish crates would have been available sooner.
  9. Way to help a little buddy out Skipper.
  10. Exceptional job from my point of view, and speaking from experience this is no simple task to undertake. When (no "if" here, yall simply must continue) you choose to hold another Impalong, please make sure to keep me in the loop so I can make the trip to imp again. I cannot say enough about the cave setup, if that is your idea of madness I must go insane. Thank you.
  11. Female would be nice, but I am open to discussion on the matter. Thank you.
  12. Aged Female Champ rat eagerly awaiting a crate to sale across the border from Release. Message here or Uisge in game for contacts. Thank you.
  13. As title states, 90.80 ql black opal for sale, 6s. Reply here or message Uisge in-game. Thank you.
  14. My Hell Hounds ignore building walls in the mine as well, makes for an adventure when doing home improvement. Not sure how other animals will react.