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  1. Well, congrats? I think?
  2. Will be scarce over the weekend, but can try to attend. Thank you once again for a public slaying.
  3. You have to kill all of the mobs at the beacon, this will trigger a message that "you have earned ... jackal points" for clearing the beacon. At this point, you can harvest any of the nodes around it, also takes 20 rift hearts burned at the beacon to close it completely. Hope this helps.
  4. Fair enough, I have a healthy stock of rift materials. Thank you for clarification.
  5. I'm sorry, doesn't really explain much. Are these lodestones intended to be exist at the rift site for an extended period of time where those unable to attend the rift can harvest, or do we have to barter or trade for some if we hope to go to Frontier upon it's opening? There are alot of things that appear after the close of a rift, and we can all attest that they don't normally last very long after that last heart is burned.
  6. How about those of us who work weekends?
  7. Thank you for the public event, I'll try my best to be there.
  8. I believe the 100 FC title is "Mighty Fine Splinter", I will leave it up to the recipient to announce for certain if he so chooses though.
  9. I'll state again, this is a suggestion post, if you'd like to consider following further on this witty banter start another post and we can look at the humor of "poor Wurm investments" or "poor Wurm assumptions". Otherwise, glad to discuss the suggestion at hand or let it die again in the pile of suggestions for another 5 years. Thank you.
  10. +1, sadly awaiting the decay of the champ warmaster heart over my Fo altar
  11. Sold

    Congrats on the sale, hope my new neighbor is just as pleasant to have around as you have been.
  12. Posted this as a re-approach to a suggestion made years ago following a rash of dragon drama, but if you care to bring up who hunts/hunted with whom, I bet I can find a fair share of slayings hosted by the same group that were attended by selected meme creators here. Difference is, you did it to enjoy the profit from the slaying, whereas you will never see me attending to gain for profit. Don't judge me by your actions, judge me by mine. If you have issues with me as a person, I am all ears to hear it, no thin skin here, just be careful in the glass houses. Thank you. Karma would not necessarily need to be the exchange item, merely a suggestion, as sitting on over 120k karma that has limited use it was what came to my mind. Just cannot make it too easy to manage as they should be unique for a reason. Open to other suggestions.
  13. Named recipes are server specific, you will notice they change as you travel, our alliance on Release is working together to get the recipes shared, send me a tell sometime and we may can work together as well to help each other along. Currently at 78%. I am happy to print off recipes to help you along regardless. Just need to find the time in my work schedule(come on vacation in 2 weeks).
  14. You are gonna have plenty with your current project too.