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  1. I think we should all fight it with spears...
  2. Belated happy Birthday Stanlee, what better way to celebrate than making a new friend that likes to throw you around and then plotting to kill it....
  3. Sadly, I will be at work, but thank you for another public slaying!
  4. I think Halas is the only one not walled in, would be a good spot to check for the owner, slight problem there is, most likely an alt deed holder.
  5. Congratulations sir, and good luck on the next one you choose, :). You know we'll be there to revel in your insanity.
  6. Sounds like the message you get when you finish off the tile but have more mining actions queued.
  7. Roughly about noon CST we cast Holy Crop on Release, the timing was ideal where all 7 priests involved got their global journal entry, couldn't have asked for it to work any better. Thank you all for participating and congratulations.
  8. For those individuals in your local that you were concerned about the impact on the "established locals" I would suggest the option of developing individual perm sets for them, would allow you to tighten up the perms for random passersby but still keep the resources available as you originally desired. Just another option, and I applaud your desire to accept the risks inherent with opening access like this.
  9. Sounds oddly familiar to the "Mighty Fine Splinter" title that was achieved at the same time as 2 others, 2 that got forum post recognition yet I still have not seen mention of the 100 FC title.... Ping, guess times were a bit too busy then as well, either that or since you keep breaking things the party(ies) responsible are too preoccupied to handle the situation.
  10. Do we have to type out "Happy Birthday" twice while we wash our hands? Thank you for another public slaying.
  11. Sacrificing Shiny Shards for Lessons of Fo mission : not crediting the mission [12:10:38] You find a Shiny Shard in amongst the dirt. [12:26:05] You drop a Valrei mission item. [12:26:07] You start to sacrifice at the altar of Fo. [12:26:37] A strange sound is emitted from the altar of Fo as Fo gladly accepts your offerings. Net result mission still sitting at 3.78% completed as it was prior to saccing. Thank you for looking into this Alectrys. https://prnt.sc/rn9spf https://prnt.sc/rn9vmq Not from my contributions here, but they are copies of the mission logs of someone who did contribute. Hope it helps.
  12. Thank you for the public slaying, always pleasant to see a resurgence of these.
  13. Congratulations! And a fitting title, hope it is approved.
  14. Hmmm, I'll have to bake up one of Uisge's Snook Pies then. Thank you for the public slay.