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Found 11 results

  1. First of all i have problems with binding keys, 1-5 works for tool belt slots but it will not let me bind 6-0 (10) due to it being bound to some much needed things instead of the tool belt. I checked the keyboard mappings in settings and removed the keys affected that i want to rebind, in this case it's the keys 6-0 and the numpad 0-9, after i removed the keys AND saved the file i went back in to the settings and tried setting number 6 to toolbelt6, and got the message that it was already bound to "special_move 1". So then i did bind it in console with Bind 6 toolbelt6 and it worked, for the session i was in, because logout and getting in later had reverted back to the special_move again. So what now, well after looking inside i decided to remove the file and let it recreate a fresh one, this did nothing as it refuses to let me rebind the keys as they are bound to some fighting skills i don't even want to have bound there. And now all of a sudden the file just start duplicating keys, like the same command over and over again. The file have gone from 2.3 KB to at this time 2.6 MB, and it just refuses to let me rebind the keys i want no matter what i do. It just keeps overwriting itself. I have made files with the keys i want to rebind and do the exec keys.txt in console, and placed it in autorun for a while, but this shouldn't be needed. In my online client i can rebind 6-0 and the numpad keys without any problems and the file stays small, this only affects WU and it makes the client really laggy, it stops at the char/server selection screen up to 2 minutes before continuing on, and it makes so the client freezes when you use a key bind you made say G for harvest or F for farm, removing the keybinds.txt and letting it make a new one makes the lag go away, until it has filled up the filed with at least 50 duplicates of keybinds. Is there any way to solve the problem with both not being able to keybinds via settings (i get the message "already bound to X" even though its unbound before trying), and stop it from growing to that huge size thus slowing down the client so bad.
  2. The key-bind 'ACTIVATE' don't work as expected in the window to open containers from inventory as double clicking do. Please make this work consecutive!
  3. Is it possible to mod additional key bindings (to use with console command "bind 1 <keybind>") to Wurm Unlimited? There are several missing keybinds from the base game, like Taunt, Archery Shoots, Riding a horse (there is EMBARK_COMMANDER but only works with carts and ships). Also keybinds for special moves don't work properly, DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work, etc. It would be awesome if those can be modded in without waiting for Devs to do it, if they do it. Moved from Unlimited Questions and Confusions
  4. So far I am loving the unstable. I do not see much difference yet but I have only played a small amount of time. on it. I am running it at 4k max settings and getting 40-65 fps. Now to my suggestion. Please make keybind settings, predictive as well as selective. What I mean is when I had to reset my keybinds for chat and toolbar because I am assuming it was a bug but they were wiped when I ran unstable. I had to scroll through the list and select the key I wanted, when in predictive I would just select the keybind and hit the key I want to assign to it. Making the whole thing faster. (and let us not mention more in line with current applications settings)
  5. Spell Keybind Bugs

    With the new spell keybinds, not all valid targets work for spells. Specifically, ground targetted spells do not work on cave tiles or on building floor tiles. There is no error, just nothing happens. For example: Light of Fo on a cave floor, ceiling, wall or a house floor tile. None of these work, but you can right click to cast these spells.
  6. The current menu status is becoming more and more bothersome, granted the intent is understandable. However, it makes some activities even more of a pain in the wrist... literally. One click-crazy, menu-hopping activity in particular is loading, winching, and firing catapults. Some sort of keybinds would be awesome: Load, Winch, Winch#, and Fire. Current max range of a catapult is fifty tiles, and the minimum number of winches before firing is ten. Adding keybinds shouldn't have a large impact on pvp, since the dmg and accuracy is fairly skill reliant anyways. Not to mention the action timers that already exist. Keybinds will just save some wrists and the tedious-ness.
  7. When you bind flatten to a keybind it does not work on the tile borders it only works on tiles.
  9. Just got a Logitech G700 and was looking for someone who can help guide me through setting up the keybinds. I've gotten it to map to a few of the buttons but having trouble with the others.
  10. A recent update gave us the ability to choose the source of the keybindings.txt and autorun.txt files, either the Profile Folder (..\wurm\configs\[Profile name folder]) or the Player Folder (..\wurm\players\[Player name folder]). The new Player Folder option is nice for making custom key binds because it allows you to separate your game settings profile(s), which for me should be the same for all of my accounts, and have separate key binds for each account. The problem is when using the "Exec" command for more complex key bindings, if the Player Folder option is chosen it still looks in the Profile Folder for the file to execute. This makes the new feature useless because I still need to have all the files called by Exec in every profile folder, so I still need custom game settings profiles for each player since I want different key binds for each player. To put this another way, my ideal set up would be 4 profile folders, default, Low, Medium and High. Each one has increasingly higher graphical settings. Then in each player folder i'd have a custom autorun.txt and the files called by Exec. So, why do I want all my accounts to have different key binds? For one, I just do, for another a vynora priest account has no need for a set of mining key binds, the reasons are many. How do I remember them all? Simple, I have the file being executed send a PM to the account with info on how to use the keybinds that were just executed. Which brings me to a related request. It would be great if there was a command to send custom text to the event tab (or help or some other tab in the event window), using a PM for this info results in it being displayed twice (the message being sent and the message being received after going through the server). TL:DR? Please make Exec calls choose the appropriate folder based on these new "Source" settings. Thank you for you time.
  11. Question About A Keybind (Double Click)

    I wasn't sure if this should go in the maintenance section or not, figure there's no harm in it being here. Does anyone know if there's a key bind for the double click action? I've only just learned that it will perform target_or_examine - which isn't going so well with hell horse breeding. I'd like to change it back to plain old examine.