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  1. Withholding the distant rendering from WU is a particularly low blow.
  2. New Player: "Hmmmm WO Steam... let's try it out... ohgodtheslowgrind... ooo... 'Unlimited' ... faster, more modded... seems like a good purchOOOOOOOO no longer updated, screw this. What else is in the store?" Edit: Re: "Not as profitable as we wanted".... Wasn't the players' idea to start giving out 25 cent copies all over the place. Congrats on screwing those of us who paid full price. Then again, dollars to donuts that most former WO players on WU left OGWO due to CC's bad decisions. WU didn't cost CC all those players, CC cost CC all those players and once again makes a point of reminding us why.
  3. Are you using Ubuntu's built-in Java? That one's a bit of a pain to say the least. If that's the case, use the Oracle one. Hopefully it's just that.
  4. Sounds like you cringed heavily at the possibility of WO no longer benefiting from WU mod code. Let me flip that around, and cringe as a WU player at CC's decision but using your terms: WO should make the game open source or they'd be shooting themselves in the foot. Just imagine if the game gets really popular and staff quits, dies, gets higher-paying jobs, whatever. They'd be gone and since it's currently obfuscated nobody else can make a fork and continue the work. Good way for Wurm devs to kill their own game's scene in the long run. Naaah, if WU is so unprofitable, CC doesn't need even our mods. If CC really needs our mods to the point where modders obfuscating their code would be bad for WO players, then maybe they should give us our updates as promised in the first place.
  5. Well, modders, time to start obfuscating your code. It's only fair.
  6. What Amadee said. Ty, saved me a lot of typing :3
  7. Tldr, regarding WO Steam, in my book it's not something that can be trusted since it could "suffer the same fate as WU". In other words, I subscribe, pay for a deed, play a certain amount of time the suddenly "heeeeey so it's not as profitable as we thought, we're gonna shut it down kthxbai". Granted, CC is fully invested in WO so it's not a LIKELY scenario, but I know that as an old WO player... new players however, seeing WU's fate, won't be so easy to convince. Meh, their grave not mine.
  8. I bought it (full price) under the premise that was advertised which was that WU would receive WO's core updates, albeit not some features like rifts. It was not advertised as "will be updated for <x> years at which time we will evaluate whether to continue updating it or not". Nice try, though.
  9. If CodeClub is serious about abandoning updates to WU, the same will apply to them =P
  10. Eh running simultaneous alts on WU has been done for a while, takes me about 20 seconds + steam reload time to fire one up, and I hear there's a .bat file to do it one-shot version though I ain't looked into it.
  11. By the way, upgraded GPU recently. It runs FFXIV on full high no problem, yet struggles with Wurm and I haven't even blasted all the settings to their highest. The ideas, the skilling system, the trials and errors, all that is there. Jagex gave up on Java for a reason. I think a rewrite IS in order at this point. Hell, a rewrite BEFORE launching on Steam imho.
  12. A product is a product is a product. Not particularly beating myself up over it, but a small part of me regrets paying full price "to support CC" when buying WU instead of waiting for the $1 version to happen. I repeat my earlier statement that I kinda hope that modders start finding ways to obfuscate their code so that CC has to "code its own".
  13. Let's, once again, run the numbers. I'll let people decide which one benefits the game more in the long run. With RMT 50s get sold by CC to Player A... CC gets its $75. CC has $75. Player buys 50k bricks from player B. CC has $75. Player B sells the the 50s to player C for $50. CC has $75, player B has $50. Player C buys 50k dirt from player D. CC has $75. Player D sells the 50s to player E for $50. CC has $75, Players B and D have $50 each. Player E buys 50s worth of tools from player F. CC has $75. Player F sells the 50s for $50 to player G. CC has $75, Players B, D, and F have $50 each. The same 50s circulate through a limited number of hands, CC only made money off those silvers once for development and advertising. In short, CC has $75 to develop the game and advertise. Yes, some of that silver may go into upkeep instead, in which case CC would STILL have $75 and BDF would have $40 each. Same---friggin---difference. Without RMT 50s get sold by CC to Player A... CC gets its $75. CC has $75. Player A buys 50k bricks from player B. CC has $75. Player B sells the the 50s to player C for $50 has 50s to expand/buy ingame goods. CC has $75, player B has more stuff. Player C buys 50s off CC to buy 50k dirt from player D. CC has $150 Player D sells the 50s to player E for $50 spends 50s like B. CC has $150, Players B and D more stuff. Player E buys 50s off CC to buy 50s worth of tools from player F. CC has $225 Player F sells the 50s for $50 to player G also uses his silver on stuff. CC has $225, Players B, D, and F 50s of stuff/land each. Players B, D, and F have used their ingame earnings to expand their deeds (more upkeep income for CC, more bling for them) and/or purchased stuff from other players not listed here which means cash *flowing* in the *economy*, CC now has $225 instead of $75 to spend on development and advertising. At this point, players could even get to a point where they can try to coax CC into lowering 50s to $50, and CC would still have twice the amount of money from this fictitious example than it would have had with RMT (That is to say $150 vs $75). Sooooooooo the benefit of a few silver re-sellers vs the benefit of the company that runs and develops the whole game for the whole player population. I say swive RMT. "It would ruin wurm because with-RMT BDF would leave!!!!!!!!" .... mmmmmmmeeh, they weren't generating income for CC and ACEG would find someone else to buy their bricks, dirts, and tools from anyways, namely non-RMT BDF's.
  14. Translation: "I don't like Steam, refuse to use it, and anyone who says otherwise is a doodyhead" XD Probably an antivaxxer too
  15. On Steam AND standalone? FFXIV.
  16. Okey dokey, then, let's go there. Besides, you're clearly desperate to get a shot at the new servers and are just throwing a tantrum because you don't like the conditions to do so. Now I can't help but hope that if the merge does happen, it means all servers becoming Steam-only.
  17. "Slurp-slurp"? XD And thus endeth any attempt to take thee seriously. Back on topic: I strongly recommend hand-sculpting those Steam maps (And/or having a community contest. There are different tools to edit heightmaps and some pretty glorious stuff can be made before seeding them with mapgen. If said contest were held I'd gladly share a few tricks learned the hard way there to get cool stuff like mixed forests that feel natural). Reason to hand sculpt the maps: More coast, demand will be massive and rather key to player retention. Ditto on islands, but also proper valleys and hidden glens to cater to the smaller but still existent amount of hermits and inlanders. Also mountain paths to reach the tops of SOME (not all!) peaks. The new maps have to outright SHINE to be successful. Think I still got one buried in old backups that I'm particularly proud of, inde-sized one. There also has to be a mix of smoothed and roughed out areas, too much of either a boring or frustrating map doth make. On that note, PvP maps should have a ***relative*** "symmetry" and intentional choke points if you want some form of strategy to matter (and would also be conductive to developing new forms of gameplay). No offense, dev team, but tap into the community brain pool for those. We're better at map making that Code Club =P
  18. Don't mind the guy, Samool. You'll always have a small group of people who REFUSE to use evil Steam, because Steam steals your data, hijacks your soul, changes your beer brand, indoctrinates your children into the Flat Earth Society, and turns your pets against you. And they'll make sure to make their voice loudly heard from Chrome/Chrome-based browsers while Googling stuff on a separate tab @Patreus: I'll simplify it for you. Why Steam? Because having your game on Steam is the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars of advertisement by simply having it there. If you want access to the new servers, install Steam. Your beers won't be changed in the middle of the night and your pets will still love you.
  19. Bullet points? BULLET POINTS! People like the wilderness feel. Unless you go into deep Xanadu, ain't no such thing. Old terraforms, fences, roads all over. People like coastal. Good luck on an old server, specially if you wanted a blank slate. Clean rock layer. If the surface is a wasteland of old deeds, it's no better underground and newbies don't know the first thing about mining warnings. Don't wanna lose them on day 2. New players can be DESTRUCTIVE in their innocence, which would lead to: Old players hating their guts and making no small secret of it as new players start digging up their perimeters not knowing what a perimeter is. Let them create their own market. At least with a fresh server, the ones who catch on to mechanics faster will have a shred of a chance at a market spot before the veterans take over. It'll give CC time to figure out how to keep the RMT out of the Steam version and not risk running afoul of Steam policies. QoL which would make loud purists shriek to the heavens can be applied without "ruining" OGWO. Gives time to figure out how to handle that for when the merge finally happens. If SteW (what I just decided to call Steam Wurm), with the extra QoL and new maps became popular enough, there'd be the option of keeping it separate and calling OGWO "Wurm Classic", a place where the Doctrines of Wurm are followed to the letter while SteW'ers have all the fun.
  20. Trudat, would be sad but not unexpected if modders started to find ways to mask their code so that CC can't use it. That aside, new mods would be for the old code, making them gradually harder and harder to include into WO's code.
  21. ^ Not getting rifts and Challenge, that was expected as it was part of <the promise> so to speak. And another thing to consider, CC.... WU will eventually be far behind enough to become "Wurm Classic" *hint nudge*.
  22. Not even selling the materials, I'd prefer making use of existing currently "useless" materials. Say for example: Trimming armor (sorry art team). Use gold and silver which aren't THAT used, slap some jewels into the trimming, make them require emerald/diamond/ruby/opal. Could use the same art asset with some modification and sell a second recipe for trimming armor but with STAR gems which don't see that much use beyond sorcery. Down the same line, have armors made with the "meta" materials (iron, steel, moonmetal) but in "ornate" versions to involve some brass and such into the mix. Same concept can go for weapons, as well as craftable shoulderpads and masks. And need I say barding? (If someone likes the idea, suggestions' forums could use a revival of this topic with more detailed thoughts).
  23. Re: Cash shop, methinks the solution would be blueprints. Would keep all things player-crafted.
  24. Some WU players still have a foot in WO. Either way, I'm not worried. We got rifts on WU without CC, bet at least one server mods jackal into it. But I've said it before and I'll say it again: What mostly keeps me away from WO are the Doctriners. Try not to scare the new players away.