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  1. How to kill your own game tutorial

    More than people who profit from undercutting the game's own website (since this thread is rife with cans of wurms, may as well commit lol)
  2. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Catering to players who can provide a steady source of income to the game is one way to not kill it... just saying....
  3. Make time of day clientside.

    Screenshotting, planning a terraform without having to wait for daytime (particularly handy for those with limited play time), screen glare, keeping winter daytime at a lovely non-blinding 5am, navigation, tldr fun factor.
  4. How to kill your own game tutorial

    It's more about trying to get the devs to someday finally get that the code split needs to be real. Take the thread about turning dirt layer to rock..... one objection from PvP (which makes a ton of sense, i'm with them on that one) would be how that would create unmineable walls. PvE would allow for more loose restrictions on max slopes, but that takes a code split. Way things are now PvE would ruin PvP badly if it got that suggestion and it were implemented on both sides. In the same way, a PvE explorer who's not that big on combat could level taming and basically bring a strong escort, but it's nerfed because, the "(extra)official" version was that some dude started rocking PvP after mastering the taming of champ crocs, it got branded OP and tamed stuff got the CR nerf since. PvP lost an extra fighting style to play with and against, PvE outright lost a feature's potential. As long as the outright illogical decision to apply the same changes to two entirely different playstyles prevails, there's gonna be friction among its proponents. The times that code IS split on something, you see little to no friction.
  5. Wagoneer Ship Transport For Across Servers

    Shipping used to be profitable... as in making money for being that guy doing an 8 hour sail from Release to Inde. Meh to all of you...
  6. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Un-nerfed taming for one.
  7. How to kill your own game tutorial

    "Click on the floater" may be a better approach than "click somewheeeeere... around there" that said.... Aw heck, let's trigger a few wurmians. WORKED FOR WORLD OF WARCRAFT!
  8. Valrei International. 086

    If you plan to translate that abomination to Unlimited, please do it in such a way that server admins can toggle it off, as (at least on sklotopolis) we don't have silver sellers to cater to, making our slayings public, and the penning is just about keeping it off people's deeds while we pick a date. Xiè xiè
  9. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Dang.... That's WU server figures XD
  10. How to kill your own game tutorial

    But can he explain why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
  11. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Great, now you guys are gonna get me banned =(
  12. How to kill your own game tutorial

    If everyone can do it though, is it still cheating, or just a different playstyle?
  13. How to kill your own game tutorial

    When OP advocates for purging the game of 9 out of 10 players then makes a thread about the death of the game, well......... he really walks into it. Had it been a PvE player who in the recent past had expressed a desire to see everyone who didn't have at least 4 skills at 90 banned, he'd have been equally fired upon. Something about throwing rocks in a glass building.
  14. How to kill your own game tutorial

    Oh, Gladys.. when are you gonna learn to not dish it out if you can't take it?
  15. How to kill your own game tutorial

    You forgot: 10. Keep trying, for some odd reason, to cater to a loud minority who constantly tries to keep you from catering to the other 90% because they need to feel special or something along those lines.
  16. Make Whetstone icon easier to see

    I don't see why not. After all, we don't make them out of slate but noble, generic, gray rock shards. +1 for that simple tweak. (Try boosting your gamma a tiny notch in the meantime? I can see where screen glare can make this kind of thing evil but if it isn't that, your PC may be showing things a bit darker than intended... just curious)
  17. Stuffed Animals & Creatures

    I'll ask them for screenshots, I can confirm that 3 friends have easter bunnies "sleeping" on their beds =P
  18. Stuffed Animals & Creatures

    Oh I'd love it if the Wurm base code came with the lines needed for proper taxidermy. I for one don't keep preserved corpses, would rethink that if they could be preserved in poses. 2 or 3 poses per creature. Say, wolves could have the options: standing, fighting stance, and howling. Trolls could be in a club-swinging pose, standing, or picking nose. etc..
  19. Stuffed Animals & Creatures

    We have a rudimentary version of that on Sklotopolis.... use a wax on a corpse, voila! Decay-proofed corpse (on deed). We recently had food items added to that so that you can keep that rare fruit as decoration for many a Wurm year, months on end to go harvesting a new one for eventually (gotta eventually blackmail the admins to just make them 0 decay, got my sources working overtime). Unique corpses are thus a raffle item too.
  20. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    Only one PvE'er here but for what it's worth, if PvP asks for their prices to be brought down to PvE's range, they got my vote. I mean, making PvP so expensive that they rely on selling to PvE is well.. silly. PvE doesn't get to throw more cash at Wurm for their own shinies, PvP is less appealing to old and new player alike. Maybe it made sense when PvP was slated to have way more features but at this point, way things turned out with the years, it makes none.
  21. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    Why IS PvP more expensive? Never did quite get that.
  22. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    I really don't care if they're happy about it or not. Let's say we ask for alliance BARDING, they'll run in shrieking against it as usual because "PvP is being ignored, we're the ones who DESERVE it!!!!!! WE SUFFER!!!!!!" and even go as far as to spew nonsense like that fellow the other day who was saying that the game would be better if it didn't have the part that only appeals to 90% of the playerbase. Devs: The majority of your playerbase has spoken repeatedly about the idea of alliance regalia, why not oblige and use the extra couple of grand that that would generate while at it? I mean, it's not like the detractors won't find something to complain about anyways, whether it's this suggestion being implemented or demanding that something be nerfed because someone else mastered it as a valid strategy or pretty much 90% of what you guys decide.
  23. PMK Stuff from 1% kingdom influence.

    Man up, snowflake. You guys are constantly trolling threads marked "PvE".