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  1. New tile - Meadow

    I think it would be better to let grazers and herbivores kill/eat fresh sprouted trees and bushes so open grass plains are created in a more realistic natural way.
  2. That so many people choose one meditation path out of five just shows how incredible unbalanced meditation is. But armour skills dont sound like good solution, it does not make sense.
  3. Valrei International. 050

    The chance to get an affinity by succeeding in pvp gets reduced but instead they give more reward for not accomplishing something. No fix was needed, only rule enforcement. This is realy the opposite of what should happen. You earn affinities because you defeat a player. No need to change that. It was a one of the rewards for taken a risk, getting or losing an affinity. There is no risk in the new pve system. Could have added the affinity gain to a strong creature, but no they opt again for easy mode. Dont fool yourself, WO has no real pve, if so you would have AI deed raiders replacing the enemy players you encounter on Chaos.
  4. Valrei International. 050

    Why does one need to earn affinities during pve? There is already cooking affinities for pve side of the game.
  5. Legion of Anubis [New Chaos BL PMK]

    1.04 best moment of the video.
  6. craftable cave tile collapse

    -1. This is not needed. Otherwise the strongwall cast should be replaced with another usefull spell.
  7. Shocking to see people supporting breaking of rules. I wonder how many of them also advocate breaking the law in their respective countries. Clear lack of game ethics.
  8. If the GMs would enforce the game rules this would not be an issue.
  9. Printing Press and Booklet

    -1 wrong era
  10. hello

    That would work if they just treated metals and rock materials like wood. +1
  11. Clay.......

    Yes I read that but all you are saying is implying that the reader knows what you are talking about and you only complain but dont actualy do a solid suggestion. Besides your perceived problem is not a problem. Not everything needs to be easy and if you dont like clay there is realy lots of places without clay near in Wurm so there is absolutly no reason to complain about clay.
  12. Murkham [Chaos]

    Dear lost soul, The Army of Murkham is looking for extra volunteers to man the forlorn hope while the Navy is looking for fresh vikings to man the oars. The outpost of Murkham wears the tabard of Ebonaura and every volunteer gets one for free. Potential recruits need to be able to resist the smells of the sewers, have a strong and rather small stomache, have a sense of discipline and be able and willing to learn and sacrifice themselves for the great cause. Out of the box thinking is encouraged. Murkham is easily reachable for goodwilling people. Murkham guarantees replacement of combat equipment for the fallen. Utilities and facilities for the newcomers are provided and it is discouraged to bring anything you do not want to lose from Freedom Isles to Chaos. Interested? Contact Maurizio. (All recruits need to be approved by Ebonaura) Signed, Offices of the Duke of Murkem, Ebonaura.
  13. Clay.......

    What is the problem realy? What is even suggested here?
  14. Keep an eye out for lowlife thieves

    I dont think revieling someones identity is allowed, as happened in the op.
  15. Changes to Character Affinities

    I dont understand why my reply got posted so weird. This forum is odd.