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  1. -1 This is not an issue. Freedom has a thick layer of dirt, the area to find dirt is massive and there are priest that can make dirt from thin air. Leaving ugly scares in the terrain could simply be considered griefing and be dealt with accordingly. You can always fix the landscape after you are done, just a matter of good manners towards your neighbours.
  2. League of Anubis launched a major offensive into Murkia against Ebonaura, so there is stuff to do. There are a lot more options to join now, so make sure you looked at all of them before making a committed application to one of them. It is a completly different world since MR fell. From your application it does not look like you realy want to come back to Wurm.
  3. Congrats, doesnt look like bl tabards
  4. nice
  5. Ebonaura is doing partialy successfull.
  6. They need to remove the limits of metals and make them behave as wood types and give them specific bonuses. If they would do it for everything there ad hoc changes would make some sense.
  7. Well done! Spreading a known malfunctioning feature to all servers, you truly are a bunch of smart guys over there.
  8. Dont even need to increase population to attend these events. The lag would be unbearable. Once portals to impalongs are in, the unique slay portals will come followed by deed-to-deed travel portals to ultimatly end in the option on your body teleport to grid x/y, cooldown 30 min.
  9. +1 the current model is crap. The axe used to look good, how an axe is supposed to look. This thing is nothing near a realistic medieval weapon, it falls in the same category as horned helmets.
  10. -1. Servers are already reachable with existing features.
  11. +1 for reasons already mentioned. Wurm would be in a better state if account sales were banned from the beginning, most game developpers understand such basic principles.
  12. Current arrangement definitly is not fair. It needs to be changed to count for both sides and with both having a recalculation set for characteristics and skills if one side truly has easier gains.
  13. +1
  14. Hold on, this is serious?
  15. Now connected to the Exodus Highway Network.