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  1. Could this not be suggested during testing?
  2. -1. A hota statue is a price, a reward. It stands for team achievement. If you want more statue options, agreed, but do not try to gain something by harming a whole other group of players.
  3. +1. More coherency can only be better in the long run.
  4. +1 Well worked out proposal that could be used as a stepping stone into breaking the coastal bias in game.
  5. The needs of the majority have always priority on the needs of the minority. The availability of snow is currently way too low because of ridiculous winters. What height would the op suggest? +1.
  6. Are you aware the Freedom channel stands for the kingdom and not the server group? There is no point in backing or opposing such a change, it is too barely used to even be considered an issue. Telling people what the channel actualy is would even be easier.
  7. I would limit it to rowboats.
  8. -1. First a say about who is leader, only then powers can be considered.
  9. The fact that the wolf meat would feed a lot more and even good means there needs to be no change to filling of foods. There are enough alternatives for starters, which are even easier than the example. -1
  10. As long as merchants are abused as storage units instead as for trade purposes I will -1 this.
  11. This. It completly breaks the game feel.
  12. This would even damage the medieval feel of wurm more than already is the case now.
  13. -1. As others said it is possible. However maybe persnonal goals should be balanced more so that everyone has one extremely hard and noone has a a relative easy set of personal goals. Another option is to weight reward by difficulty of the needed goals. Easy should not be as rewarding as hard.
  14. Improvements of the local infrastructure now allow for smoother travel and better trade opportunities.